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ettle tae identifie wi anintegratehirsel intil the local indigenous
wur sauvage desires for taeintegrateintae societie tae jyne the
and islands transport authority tointegratedifferent modes of transport support
deliver the changes which willintegrategovernment exploit the benefits of
be taken to welcome andintegrateasylum seekers and refugees to
voluntary sectors to welcome andintegrateasylum seekers and refugees to
supports developments to modernise andintegrategovernment at all levels in
happen next and the authorsintegrateone or more of these
agencies it is important tointegratestatutory agencies and the voluntary
or one which tries tointegratethe two but there will
sometimes or s- maybe evenintegrateit into the school curriculum
provide a lead to andintegratethe policies of existing land
we will go further andintegrateenterprise into the education system

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