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curran robert brown makes someinterestingpoints i note that he
in the nineteenth it isinterestingto note from boslit that
are reserved but it isinterestingto note how soon after
the kingis quair it isinterestingto note how the narrator
this paper 38 it isinterestingto note however the following
to pull out it isinterestingto note that according to
bird and beast it isinterestingto note that at this
could be added it isinterestingto note that despite there
is our representative it isinterestingto note that on the
motte s story it isinterestingto note that rev fergusson
borders yesterday i found itinterestingto note that some young
labour members it is alsointerestingto note that the figure
help prevent wars it isinterestingto note that the latest
down by 740 it isinterestingto note that the new
on devolved matters it isinterestingto note that the second
major s government it isinterestingto note the remarkable similarity
for their decadence it isinterestingto note the repetition of
it quite f746: mm f745: interestingbut the things about hue
f746: oh that s reallyinteresting[cough] oh mm f978: so
f947: yeah yeah f746: reallyinterestingf947: mmhm f1159: yep m1161:
same as f746: it isinterestingit s interesting how you
yeah f746: oh that sinterestingmm yeah i don t
[inaudible] that would be aninterestingone to pursue f746: told
so f746: that s quiteinterestingthough that the teenagers would
one f746: might be quiteinterestingyeah aye i think i
f746: but oh it sinterestingyou say about the f978:
the studies like really quiteinterestingas well do- f745: yeah
yeah f1037: that s quiteinterestingcause we re selling our
bad things that was quiteinterestingcoming from dennis we have
was quite it was quiteinterestingehm so i enjoyed my
the response was was quiteinterestingerm apparently [laugh] apparently scots
actually fine it s quiteinterestingf745: right i didn t
that s f963: it wasinterestingf965: quite ideal f963: mmhm
haired man had quite aninterestingface curious features unusual colouring
glaswegian which would be quiteinterestinghopefully i ll look a
i thought would be quiteinterestingi found that american universities
s q- it s quiteinterestingi haven t quite worked
in she- that s quiteinterestingi mean do people in
[audience laugh] m954: which was quiteinterestingin itself i took my
find i find that quiteinterestingit s strange though cause
it sounds quite sounds quiteinterestinglike it definitely wasn t
ve often found that quiteinterestingm1008: mm m1007: an i
m741: mm that s quiteinterestingm605: so the concept of
but f1037: that s quiteinterestingmm but no yeah f1038:
well lerwick is quite aninterestingplace too you know because
and eh it s quiteinterestingthat some people and she
eh but it s quiteinterestingthere are so many different
that must make it quiteinterestingthough [inaudible] f745: yeah yeah
b- it would be quiteinterestingto actually look at swear
the tutorial it is quiteinterestingto take a look at
and and i f1037: quiteinterestingyeah f1038: got the absolute
words makes the clusters doublyinteresting3 the 89 occurrences of
rather than local makes aninterestingcontrast with the small village
it just makes them moreinterestingi think damaged f606: mm
donald gorrie makes a veryinterestingpoint but perhaps we should
published in 2000 it makesinterestingreading but friends i live
1981 makes crathie a veryinterestingstudy during an interview her
which makes it a particularlyinterestingtopic of study george graham
er i found that veryinterestingbecause that was so distinctive
factual recount are i foundinterestingfor several reasons i found
selection of what i foundinterestingit was david murison fae
i found it was moreinterestingthat i d kinda done
music which i found veryinterestingthat particularly kind of the
classes i found it veryinterestingwell that seems to be
very similar and provides aninterestingaccount of how the inclusion
elliot that is a veryinterestinganalogy the air traffic continues
still the guide was veryinterestingand the cellar does apparently
said oh that s veryinterestingand the concordance could show
they thought it was veryinterestingbut they didn t really
skills and are in veryinterestingcareers it s not just
s s- that s veryinterestingcause it leads it gives
family has had a veryinterestingconfiguration f606: mmhm m1036: it
arrangements i had a veryinterestingdiscussion about that issue last
which i think was veryinterestingdonald gorrie on all visits
bill gill as a veryinterestingexample of a lost town
recess i had a veryinterestingexperience a helpful clerk pointed
very literary writer eh veryinterestingexperimental eh science fiction in
their meaning is really veryinterestingf1009: yes m1055: mmhm mmhm
know it s all veryinterestinghow it s you know
m608: mm m078: the veryinterestingi think passage north to
to study speedwords shorthand veryinterestinginte 24 tuesday opening our
snp the amendments are veryinterestingit is obvious that ben
like this that s veryinterestingmm f950: i [exhale] i
it has been a veryinterestingmorning the committee deals with
i came across a veryinterestingnotebook in edinburgh it had
f1054: barm that s aninterestingone that s very scottish
been giving us a veryinterestingreport concerning the life of
stooks this is a veryinterestingsurvival of an old technique
yeah no it was veryinterestingthat m1021: [laugh] m1022: yeah
its results will be veryinterestingthe study will give us
such families would be veryinterestingto follow up as one
th- that s all veryinterestingto me you know and
was very f963: yeah f965: interestingto the men it was
to two fellow pupils oninterestingtopics with very little researcher
years and that was veryinterestingwhen i went there i
started off it s veryinterestingyou re starting off with
m1008: yes yes it sinterestingactually ehm you know looking
the outside erm it sinterestingactually i ve just been
stuff is r- is reallyinterestingand his scottish stuff is
glasgow herald cutting it sinterestingbut 1000 would really only
i find it really reallyinterestingbut it s really annoying
actually it was really reallyinterestingf745: yeah i mean i
f1054: mm mmhm that sinterestingi actually say tuimin that
services overseas they were reallyinterestingit opens up your eyes
the courses outlined sound reallyinterestingit s a slim possibility
s some really good andinterestingjobs if you re qualified
er and it s reallyinterestinglike hearin him kind of
with nine pupils er [inaudible]interestingmodel that we could actually
halt there that was reallyinterestingso [?]it was[/?] m078: [laugh] [laugh]
f809: i heard a reallyinterestingthing the other night actually
s f950: different dialect m865,: interestingthough because many people actually
f606: [cough] f1067: not reallyinterestingto an older generation but
it is it s reallyinterestingto see i thought it
brought appreciative public comments reallyinterestingwork it s good to
f1054: mm that s reallyinterestingyou d use that m1022:
convener that would be aninterestingadditional point to pursue but
maureen macmillan s point isinterestingand important over the past
his scottish stuff is isinterestingfrom a linguistic point of
in a certain village isinterestingonly up to a point
barrie the petition raises aninterestingpoint but i am not
the convener that is aninterestingpoint douglas hamilton barnardo s
u1028: [inaudible] m865: it sinterestingpoint ehm i started out
response dr simpson the mostinterestingpoint is perhaps that the
aitken that intervention raises aninterestingpoint that was dealt with
to preserve the language aninterestingpoint was made comparing gaelic
are not enough books aninterestingpoint was made that educating
need that would be aninterestingstarting point for james boyle
called her the duchess f1054: interestingand eh what about grandfather
it easily m1146: mmhm f1054: interestingehm unattractive f1145: well if
doggies [laugh] f1054: that isinterestingehm what about a kit
f1040: mmhm f1043: mm f1054: interestingf1041: now we got into
yeah f1054: [laugh] i wasinterestingin glasgow and i spoke
well er f1054: it sinterestingit might might be a
swells f1054: mm that sinterestingnever heard that one before
to the nana idea f1054: interestingwhat about grandfather f1023: i
think yeah f1054: that sinterestingyeah f1018: or they would
t know f1027: mmhm f1054: interestingyeah the folk over in
mcgugan for initiating this mostinterestingdebate i hope that the
proved to be a mostinterestingdisplay on india covering many
all again and what sinterestingis that most people begin
historical metrology perhaps the mostinterestingof these is a complex
common to both the mostinterestingone perhaps is the word
the person with the mostinterestingor amusing sentence in each
the player with the mostinterestingor amusing sentence in each
but one of the mostinterestingparts for names is the
showed by far the mostinterestingresults in such cases it
pushkin one of the mostinterestingthings was the reaction of
find the committee s workinterestingi ask him whether he
will find it informative andinterestingin relation to rehabilitation access
members will find the committeeinterestingit is certainly important not
river do you find anythinginterestingor unusual about these phrases
yeah that might be aninterestingresearch topic [laugh] to find
but i i find thatinterestingthat they make that distinction
bill allows us to dointerestingand innovative things is an
that s in it isinterestingone of the things that
protestant writing one of theinterestingthings about john knox obviously
they had a lot ofinterestingthings about the place not
[inhale] now one of theinterestingthings about this kind of
subtitles and one of theinterestingthings is that the people
resources to do the manyinterestingthings that people wish to
they decide what they needinterestingthings to do and opportunities
cromarty so one of theinterestingthings to do would be
steering group report had severalinterestingthings to say on the
things and presenting them ininterestingways they are less good
i thought well that sinterestingbecause i naïvely thought that
s far more exciting andinterestingthan i thought it was
moisture now there s aninterestingthought dedicated to the late
i look forward to aninterestingand challenging debate on the
yeah m762: it is aninterestingdebate i c- i certainly
yeah but it s aninterestingdebate [inaudible] between the two
has been a good andinterestingdebate particularly for members who
ld this has been aninterestingdebate there is a clear
more privately there is aninterestingdebate to be had in
the debate a number ofinterestingfacts emerged i will cite
final item today is theinterestingmembers business debate on motion
con the debate has beeninterestingto say the least john
try it ll be aninterestingchallenge anyway one nice thing
the hopkins thing is isinterestingi m er i suppose
icelandic subtitles [inhale] and theinterestingthing about icelandic for us
in arthur street and theinterestingthing about it for me
s kind of nonsensical theinterestingthing about this nonsense is
i think that s aninterestingthing because south asians were
in the north east anotherinterestingthing is that in perthshire
it s it s aninterestingthing that you get particularly
were being strained into theinterestingthing was that the wee
cash [click] [inhale] er anotherinterestingtrivial thing about icelandic well
are needed such recurrence isinterestinga more extended analysis of
however it is much moreinterestingand often more pedagogically successful
mental picture of the moreinterestingaspects of koo stark ye
flu is a much moreinterestingdisease than influenza to pander
think complex people are moreinterestingerm if you ve got
mm m954: people are moreinterestingi think complex people are
be expanded and made moreinterestingin response to the questions
the ones mentioned here moreinterestingin terms of style and
to produce more meaningful andinterestingintonation exercises in the afternoon
t see that s moreinterestingnot f631: [laugh] f634: what
a more explicit and moreinterestingnoun phrase is used incidentally
common element yielded far moreinterestingresults altogether 281 instances of
think is a bit moreinterestingthan just saying everybody who
they were a bit moreinterestingthan the just the whole
metaphors were so much moreinterestingthan the proofs and progress
content is becoming slightly moreinterestingthe language is fairly free
more examples it will beinterestingto see whether this kind
she says are much moreinterestingto talk to than the
a psychiatrist so that wasinterestingbecause f963: oh right yeah
and everything but it sinterestingf963: mm yeah uh huh
i suppose it would beinteresting[laugh] move around yeah f965:
s interesting that s aninterestingstatement yeah do do you
s got those resonances erminterestingthat basil bunting m608: yeah
exactly mm yeah that sinterestingthat s an interesting statement
people tell me it sinterestingyeah f948: an we had
huh oh yeah that sinterestingyeah f950: they ve kept
f965: indian sunburn f963: indianinterestingyeah f965: we call that
religious divi- lines m608: beinterestingyeah m078: erm the guy
m608: mmhm it s beeninterestingyeah m1163: e-e- enjoyed s
this before yeah must beinterestingyou know reading them [laugh]
mm that s that sinterestingdoes that mean do- has
and i think this isinterestingf963: mm mm m762: you
the whole school m827: mminterestingthat d be on account
and erm erm it sinterestingthat the kind of the
that must be kind ofinterestingthat was before m642: i
this kind of speculation isinterestingwhen examining a particular period
ehm did you do anythinginterestingat nursery yesterday i know
f643: and ehm that wasinterestingbecause i i mean thinking
a holiday ehm but ehinterestingenough highland people who live
to the men it wasinterestingbut erm they showed us
that it s not asinterestingerm f606: mmhm m954: i
erm but it would beinterestingnot to i mean i
well erm and it sinterestingto look at that erm
that s that s aninterestingnovel isn t it f963:
needs to be fun andinterestingedinburgh and something unlike westminster
t you think gor blimeyinterestinghairpiece that saw something similar
taught martial arts or somethinginterestingi would have enjoyed it
thegither if i see somethinginterestingin the newspaper or i
valued if they have somethinginterestingto contribute that is the
around for something healthy andinterestingto do like following the
chocolate f810: i had somethinginterestingto tell you about today
local poet what is sointerestingabout little is that like
the beat your family isinterestingalba said she was contemplating
believe that the amendment isinterestingand i feel that ben
life however it is theinterestingand largely unknown association between
questions arise this is aninterestingarea as iain mcmillan said
that carefully it is aninterestingarea that will have to
in ll 310 412 isinterestingas is the fact that
to joanna s love storyinterestingas the book is it
english models it is neverthelessinterestingas the first explicit statement
may or is appropriate isinterestingbecause neither is a terribly
adam that is an extremelyinterestingconcept the endowment is almost
as braemar is a particularlyinterestingdeeside parish which still retained
she herself is therefore aninterestingexample of a transitional figure
there is no enforcement aninterestingexample was given at the
publishing and editorial work aninterestingexercise is the comparison of
right f1038: which is aninterestingexper- f1037: [laugh] okay [laugh]
adam currently there is aninterestingexperiment under way in the
is professor onions f010: howinterestingf122: if you re a
which is in itself aninterestingfacet non statutory and autonomous
of scotland it is aninterestingfeature of the scots grammar
feeding one of the otherinterestingfeatures of the town is
o the leal is especiallyinterestingfor the way in which
and her work is particularlyinterestingfor the way in which
wealthy farming community with someinterestingfrench catholic churches which is
and communications technology which isinterestinggiven the committee s earlier
it is interesting it sinterestinghow you can trace people
scotland ld the report isinterestingi congratulate the people behind
referred andrew wilson that isinterestingi have not yet received
27 stevenson s reply isinterestingi have to thank you
by alexander gillies is especiallyinterestingin relation to this early
that our thesaurus contains sociologicallyinterestinginformation this is often even
department on glaswegian is sointerestingm741: uh huh m605: is
characteristically but it is fascinatinglyinterestingnearly all of it is
gap mr hamilton that isinterestingon that basis the liberal
this word mean what isinterestingor unusual about that word
one but it is aninterestingquestion section 13 sets out
helpful folk there is aninterestingreference to hellery in the
fsa which takes us intointerestingterrain it is worth remembering
much wider tapestry it isinterestingthat both opposition parties desire
but the story is sointerestingthat he forgets to keep
clyde susan deacon it isinterestingthat lloyd quinan refers to
citizens with disabilities it isinterestingthat many groups at the
guidelines susan deacon it isinterestingthat many of the same
with legislative competence it isinterestingthat that group is made
that we import it isinterestingthat the action plan published
introduced in scotland it isinterestingthat the conservatives had 18
to the market it isinterestingthat the east lothian schools
25 per cent it isinterestingthat the minister raised the
has been said it isinterestingthat the response to the
be a gardener it isinterestingthat they did not want
maine graham s family isinterestingthe ones who aren t
few and their distribution isinterestingthey are generally lower hills
of his poetry it isinterestingto discover if one accepts
this dedication however it isinterestingto look at the details
on the level it isinterestingto look at those developments
language as well is sointerestingto me that you know
her songs is that sinterestingto me years after i
aitken 1979 145 it isinterestingto reflect that modern scots
in this respect it isinterestingto remember that kurt wittig
when you do it sinterestingto see what urquhart is
such metaphors exist it isinterestingto speculate on their effect
poetry there is also aninterestingturning of the class tables
deer now cockerty is aninterestingword meaning rocky unsteady and
been abolished fees is aninterestingword they could be regarded
that s what [laugh] m865: interestingconversations eh well i mean
been anything other than aninterestingcosmopolitan feel about aboyne i
about it was exciting andinterestinghe felt that adsl was
fashion she did have someinterestingobservations to make about the
his match you made twointerestingpoints about price mrs warrington
its historical evolution that raiseinterestingproblems about the contemporary naming
required again it would beinterestingto know about that the
about that the documents wereinterestingto read and contained all
know and f1009: mmhm m1007: interestingyou should say that about
that struck me as aninterestingand curious title because it
you know it s beeninterestingand i d like to
lowlands and it s beeninterestingand that has made me
among the first it wasinterestingbut hardly spectacular inside we
christen the maggie that wasinterestingbut it was my second
s biographical writing and theinterestingconflict it demonstrates between her
described it as slang aninterestingdifference in language labels and
hear it yes it sinterestingdo you like speaking in
say that [?]margaret[/?] it sinterestingf1006: a stream or a
of us are it wasinterestingfor the social justice committee
kinna it s it sinterestinghow a meaning a a
it contains a number ofinterestingideas the big idea was
fergus ewing it would beinterestingif we could receive rather
scotland act 1985 which wasinterestingit has to do with
procurator fiscal s office wasinterestingit would also be interesting
and it was eh definitelyinteresting[laugh] f631: [laugh] f634: and
teeth it would be aninterestinglife and i m sure
as it had happened extremelyinterestingmaterial from tibet the north
tome but i noted someinterestingparts of it in summing
bacon lard it was aninterestingperiod piece and it came
some outside enquiries make itinterestingradiator holding out thursday 6
with the sqa the secondinterestingresponse was that it was
sure enough after turning aninterestingshade of yellow it s
are so that was aninterestingstory now isn t it
fiction and films it wasinterestingtalking to [censored: forename] he comes
way ahead and it wasinterestingthat all of the groups
also learned that it wasinterestingthat finally as you can
kins o fish it sinterestingthat the men did not
cocaine but these are certainlyinterestingtimes in america it s
2 ch ix it sinterestingto compare cohen s and
m afraid [laugh] it wasinterestingto do a get a
lifelong learning it will beinterestingto examine how far universities
that s true it wasinterestingto have a dig through
brian adam it would beinterestingto hear whether communities scotland
takes over it would beinterestingto know how often that
those points it would beinterestingto know how the executive
research basis it will beinterestingto learn the outcome of
the process it will beinterestingto see at next year
as i said it sinterestingto see how he s
superbly engraved vignettes it wasinterestingto see how many exhibitions
3 would apply it wasinterestingto see jim wallace rise
to deliver courses it wasinterestingto see that two universities
every jurisdiction it would beinterestingto see whether that could
saxon text [click] it sinterestingto take a look at
oh yes it s alwaysinterestingto to go back to
interesting it would also beinterestingto visit the crown office
the time and it wasinterestingto watch the body language
wright it could be aninterestingtransformation on his part as
gorbachov it s been aninterestingweekend on friday i got
or arabic m608: oh rightinterestingand how did you manage
huggins kindly gave us aninterestingexplanation of how the debt
that er your name sinteresting[censored: italian surname] and er you obviously
you you know were aninterestingraconteur er but the other
convener thank you that wasinterestingand helpful dermot and liz
to have seen so muchinterestingand rare material this was
discussed was fellowships which althoughinterestingare not urgent why did
was worth waiting for someinterestingbut rather vulgar silver and
formal training in gaelic ehinterestingenough gaelic was certainly the
are answered that was aninterestingexample of complete flexibility dr
so h- he was aninterestingman part of the united
haulage association put forward someinterestingpoints which was advantageous to
ms white that was aninterestingresponse may i pick up
attitudes to online learning wasinterestingrobert gordon university s online
entering this bag however wasinterestingsandra withdrew a dark green
he was beginning to getinterestingso i let him continue
call our trip was extremelyinterestingthe ferry from wemyss bay
sugar being made that wasinterestingthe sap s collected from
an that was that wasinterestingweel for me i don
scotland act 1985 which wasinterestingwhat impact would there be
has left us with aninterestingand humorous account of life
and providing us with aninterestingsubject for conversation and speculation
separately m608: that that sinterestingbecause you do incorporate some
have helped make scott lookinterestingagain with initiatives such as
5 14 language attainment providesinterestingfeedback to teachers on the
use language in a creativeinterestinghumorous and entertaining fashion creative
have been one or twointerestingmisuses of language this afternoon
of warning there are manyinterestingpaths winding their way through
experience hundreds of boats someinterestingbirds to be seen not
report to the committee someinterestingcomments made by prisoners an
a japanese teaset and someinterestingnew b c vocabulary the
you you have raised someinterestingpoints as michael mcmahon has
the text m608: would beinterestingm1174: that we we have
modest rooms that were neverthelessinterestingand adequately supplied with clean
time that the solutions areinterestingand do not necessarily flow
the meeting and of theinterestingand searching questions that were
so that that s aninterestingargument and i ve seen
norwich subjects and made theinterestingdiscovery that 29 of women
of recess we had aninterestingdiscussion on that issue fiona
simply that the courses areinterestingenough but the standards here
uh huh that must beinterestingf1149: and the school there
they do oh that sinterestingfor fun uh huh oh
s comments in that respectinterestinghe did not have the
and stage 2 will beinterestingi reiterate that the scottish
m1008: oh right that sinterestingm1055: [?]fiann[/?] m1007: och well
fairly routine description with theinterestingrule that in a line
be provided one of theinterestingstatistics that i have read
or a sofa mmhm m1007: interestingwhere that word came from
in the land made locallyinterestingname once heard never forgotten
giving the others such aninterestingevening next meeting thursday 18th
giving the others such aninterestingevening next meeting thursday 25th
giving the others such aninterestingevening the diversity of subjects
develop issues raised by severalinterestingfemale character sketches such as
africans and i had aninterestingafternoon in four hours of
fiona hyslop has drawn aninterestingand valuable distinction if the
draw members attention to aninterestingarticle in the sunday times
population he also gave aninterestingassessment of the population changeover
cherrie and the slae aninterestingbefore and after 1603 comparison
mirror s song offers aninterestingcontrast with silvia plath s
scouts thanks for providing aninterestingentertaining educative interlude 27 saturday
i ve looked at aninterestingexample comes in the sestet
work in those areas aninterestingfeature emerged from the issue
haircuts now there s aninterestingidea trim your box hedging
aye f1009: mmhm m1008: aninterestingphenomena as well i think
the main thesaurus and aninterestingproject in its own right
key issues we had aninterestingsession on charity law reform
stockholm seems to offer aninterestingsolution he proposes replacing irregular
college of agriculture gave aninterestingtalk on poultry 1931 at
but we live in aninterestingtime in the eu s
and its monitoring officer aninterestingtitle mr smith will speak
the service can have aninterestingvaried and valuable career the
this time so had aninterestingview of the orchestra as
s new tv these areinterestingdays gorbachov has called a
gordon jackson s comments wereinterestingin the case of brian
delighted the company vyith theirinterestingand entertaining speeches we also
metaphorical meaning of protection anotherinterestingset of words showing well
to have far mair [laugh]interestingcultural ideas when ye think
think the subject will beinterestingworthwhile if i can do
know whether you saw theinterestingstory in one of the
learners and make the activityinterestingand meaningful second various approaches
the two texts make forinterestingcomparisons in their treatment of
a child murderer both wereinterestingcuriosities oh of course i
previous incarnation when we hadinterestingtimes in carrying out european
ethnic clothes her views wereinterestingintelligent obviously sincere but at
my area i heard twointerestingresponses which i will put
aitken the process has beeninterestingand a lot has been
bargaining process a lot ofinterestingwork has been produced on
there should be as personallyinterestingas a lump of dough
term scottish population trends areinterestingand we need to investigate
mearns leader in 1915 areinterestingin illustrating the issues of
lived abroad and they wereinterestingto listen to with their
the british council may offerinterestingapproaches to the scottish parliament
by having a long andinterestingconversation with the sergeant maybe
the local radio station likeinterestingor hame knitted maybe you
name we will have enteredinterestingconstitutional territory the only other
searches have revealed three potentiallyinterestingkinds of metaphors a those
the conference a number ofinterestingand unexpected issues arose in
cromar local trials can yieldinterestingmaterial in the search for
dragged in all manner ofinterestingreptilia like lazarus the tattooed
the clay landscape into allegedlyinterestingshapes the interest value of

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