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invited to declare any relevantinterests2 choice of convener the
invited to declare any relevantinterests2 convener the committee will
stone to declare any relevantinterests2 convention rights compliance scotland
msp to declare any relevantinterests2 csg inquiry the committee
invited to declare any relevantinterests2 item in private the
committee to declare any relevantinterests2 item in private the
members to declare any relevantinterests2 new petitions consideration of
new members to declare anyinterests3 lifelong learning inquiry the
mackay to declare any relevantinterestsangus mackay edinburgh south lab
that i should declare twointerestsi am a board member
members to declare any relevantinterestsjanis hughes glasgow rutherglen lab
angus mackay to declare anyintereststhat are relevant to the
think that i have anyintereststo declare deputy convener the
legal profession i have nointereststo declare in this matter
required to formally declare anyinterestswhich they may have relating
will make a declaration ofinterests2 convener the committee will
make a declaration of theirinterests3 choice of deputy convener
will make a declaration ofinterests3 taking stock disability issues
to make any declaration ofinterests3 the national health service
alex neil msp declaration ofinterestsby committee witnesses pr 99
agreed to 3 declaration ofinterestsdr richard simpson msp declared
take a late declaration ofinterestsfrom robin harper robin harper
agenda concerns a declaration ofinterestsi invite angus mackay to
room 4 1 declaration ofinterestsmembers of the committee will
01 pm 1 declaration ofinterestsno member had any relevant
room 1 1 declaration ofintereststhe committee will invite new
mound edinburgh 1 declaration ofintereststhe convener will invite jamie
in private 2 declaration ofintereststhe convener will invite new
room 2 1 declaration ofintereststhe convener will invite susan
room 1 1 declaration ofintereststhe deputy convener will invite
castlehill edinburgh 1 declaration ofintereststhe new member of the
room 2 1 declaration ofintereststhe new member of the
in private 2 declaration ofintereststhe new member of the
he has a declaration ofintereststo make mr gil paterson
can individuals representing private sectorinterestsbe members of the board
when he is representing thoseinterestsespecially in matters that touch
representing rod and line fishinginterestsmeant that interests of salmon
been made in representing theinterestsof the accused a solicitor
professional judgement in representing theinterestsof the accused and may
representing his constituents and theinterestsof the borders and to
scotland act 2000 register ofinterestsamendment regulations 2003 ssi 2003
in the register of membersinterestsas soon as possible i
on register of members staffinterestsfollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
in the register of membersinterestsi welcome des mcnulty to
entry in the register ofinterestsin relation to my membership
party groups 3 register ofinterestsof staff of members of
creation of a register ofinterestsof the scottish judiciary pe520
whether the register of membersinterestson the scottish parliament web
scotland act 2000 register ofinterestsregulations 2003 ssi 2003 135
scotland act 2000 register ofinterestsregulations 2003 ssi 2003 135
scotland act 2000 register ofinterestsregulations 2003 ssi 2003 135
scotland act 2000 register ofinterestsregulations 2003 ssi 2003 135
in the register of membersinterestsrobin harper lothians green can
in the register of membersintereststhe voluntary sector plays an
for the register of membersintereststhey are reminded that relevant
on the register of membersintereststo be taken without debate
of the register of membersinterestswhich appears on the scottish
in the register of membersinterestswhich lists my membership of
various groups that represent anglinginterestsin the list of five
position to represent their owninterestsin the same way as
overarching organisation to represent theirinterestsmr mcgrigor fishery boards are
am here to represent theinterestsof registrars and i welcome
body will represent the collectiveinterestsof sectors skills councils s1w
the fishery boards represent theinterestsof such local authorities but
so appointed shall represent theinterestsof the accused in proceedings
our interests and in theinterestsof the people we represent
we represent were putting theinterestsof the pupils first mr
scottish parliament to represent theinterestsof the scottish fishing industry
in recognition of the nationalintereststhey represent some of this
made to represent scotland sintereststo united kingdom and european
hunt mink to protect conservationinterestsbrown hare the brown hare
efforts to protect scotland sinterestsfollowing the establishment of a
protect their agricultural or otherinterestsif licensing is to be
plans to protect scottish agriculturalinterestsin europe s1o 6394 23
ensure that we protect scottishinterestsin terms of the cod
it would also protect theirinterestsit is important that we
protect falconry and rough shootinginterestsit seems that the overall
to fight to protect theinterestsof all fishing communities we
measures and to protect theinterestsof scotland s fishermen 2
measures and to protect theinterestsof scotland s fishermen s1m
will take to protect theinterestsof those that would be
as to protect the particularinterestssection 47 john scott 112
landowners to protect their legitimateintereststhose activities are provided for
to protect and promote customerintereststhrough licensing of the postal
do we feel that proprietorialinterestsare adequately represented by the
we have decided that proprietorialinterestsare adequately represented through the
established so that scotland sinterestsare directly represented on cross
it will ensure that itsinterestsare represented at the eu
year in the uk scottishinterestsare represented on the committee
just listed reflects the coreinterestsas represented in the responses
to make regulations in theinterestsof salmon conservation 4 would
to make regulations in theinterestsof salmon conservation regulations made
might be introduced in theinterestsof salmon conservation such as
to make regulations in theinterestsof salmon conservation this paper
to make regulations in theinterestsof salmon conservation under subsection
to make regulations in theinterestsof salmon conservation what the
frequently of concern to conservationintereststhey have been associated with
of english which in theinterestsof himself and his patients
of english which in theinterestsof himself and his patients
modernisation and change in theinterestsof patients 3 ministerial statement
modernisation and change in theinterestsof patients after debate the
services is not in theinterestsof patients and is committed
services is not in theinterestsof patients and is committed
health service to put theinterestsof patients and their families
patients clinicians to put theinterestsof patients and their families
quickly which was in theinterestsof the patients he was
with rsls and other relevantinterestsin an area at the
they are reminded that relevantinterestsmust be declared in any
is to pull together theinterestsof other relevant organisations a
richard simpson msp declared hisinterestsrelevant to the remit of
interest rhona brankin declared herinterestsrelevant to the remit of
we were putting our narrowinterestsahead of the interests of
any interests or conflicts ofinterestsand if so what the
is going on in ourinterestsand in the interests of
rights of privacy and theinterestsincluding the security interests of
line fishing interests meant thatinterestsof salmon netsmen might not
narrow interests ahead of theinterestsof the pupils we said
the interests including the securityinterestsof the wider community if
appropriate local authority of anyinterestsor conflicts of interests and
of group- a range ofinterestsand a range of experiences
bring in a range ofinterestsand expertise and draw upon
evidence from a range ofinterestsand from the scottish executive
that the full range ofinterestsin the national park will
huge and diverse range ofinterestsincluding economic and community development
the full range of ruralinterestsit is a worthwhile piece
there s a range ofintereststhere and a range of
together a wide range ofintereststo contribute to strategic thinking
community to suit their bestinterestsbrian adam i readily acknowledge
up management plans with localinterestsfully involved develop best practice
others to regard the bestinterestsof children and young people
commissioner should regard the bestinterestsof children and young people
to the views and bestinterestsof children and young people
and is in the bestinterestsof children we should never
to have regard to bestinterestsof dependent children the 1987
because it is in theinterestsof good government and best
police acted in the bestinterestsof public safety the immediate
interest and in the bestinterestsof scotland s citizens in
be detrimental to the bestinterestsof the child concerned in
it is in the bestinterestsof the child mr adam
regulator acts in the bestinterestsof the consumer believes that
one must consider the bestinterestsof the dogs if a
try to determine the bestinterestsof the good citizen and
that is in the bestinterestsof the people of scotland
it is in the bestinterestsof the young people at
to ensure that the bestinterestsof young people are served
in pursuit of their membersinterestsand therefore resolves to oppose
the scottish executive what outsideinterestsare held by members of
for scotland working for ourinterestsat westminster unlike snp members
will hear any declarations ofinterestsby new members of the
ordinates views of the tradeinterestsin the tourism industry members
transitory and transitional provisions membersinterestsorder 1999 as members will
point states that the membersinterestsorder allows the parliament to
work on lobbying the membersinterestsorder and confidentiality we will
to revisit the whole membersinterestsorder and go through a
the introduction to the membersinterestsorder are there any comments
items in private lobbying membersinterestsorder confidentiality work programme annual
committee bill for the membersinterestsorder had been done it
scratch and review the membersinterestsorder in its entirety including
direction 2 replacing the membersinterestsorder in private the committee
the requirements of the membersinterestsorder or a criminal offence
the introduction to the membersinterestsorder refers to what is
point states that the membersinterestsorder restricts a member s
committee bill on the membersinterestsorder should be ready for
to contravention of the membersinterestsorder strictly speaking it should
some areas of the membersinterestsorder that have proved problematic
replace parts of the membersinterestsorder that we do so
conduct 5 replacing the membersinterestsorder the committee will consider
that course of action membersinterestsorder the convener agenda item
the introduction to the membersinterestsorder the text is a
from scratch the whole membersinterestsorder to take account of
of existing rules on membersinterestssubsequent sections for consideration at
taken to ensure that theinterestsof the fishing industry are
we might also consider theinterestsof the fishing proprietors who
hear from anglers or fishingintereststhat are opposed to the
in the preservation of fishinginterestswill be a member of
point of order in theinterestsof democracy in the chamber
an order would damage forestryinterestswhether the roads maintenance budget
raised issues on behalf ofinterestsin their communities or on
the slc to consider theinterestsof a local communities b
the economic environmental and socialinterestsof communities that are close
have stood up for theinterestsof rural communities in public
competence to act in theinterestsof their communities supported by
10th meeting 2002 session 1interestsdeputy convener items in private
1st meeting 2001 session 1interestsdeputy convener items in private
15th meeting 2001 session 1interestsitem in private reporters civic
31st meeting 2001 session 1interestsconvener aquaculture inquiry petitions public
i have received no apologiesintereststhe convener i ask angus
received apologies from cathy peattieintereststhe convener i welcome gil
the total scottish executive budgetintereststhe convener the first agenda
convenient and profitable for commercialintereststhe convener to pick up
part of our aquaculture inquiryintereststhe deputy convener item 1
has always defended the commercialinterestsof member states however international
has regard to the rightsinterestsand views of children in
scotland which cover children sinterestschildren s commissioners in the
include measures to safeguard theinterestsof both children s hospitals
of persons to safeguard theinterestsof children scotland regulations 2001
of persons to safeguard theinterestsof children scotland regulations 2001
these affect the national parkinterestsif agreement cannot be reached
contract between national and localinterestsin practice this would mean
need for representation of localinterestslocal authorities national appointees and
national appointees and land managementinterestsmust be considered snh also
a democratic society in theinterestsof national security public safety
a democratic society in theinterestsof national security territorial integrity
the intertwining of the nationalinterestsof the welsh english scots
consultation between local and nationalintereststo agree objectives and the
agreement between local and nationalinterestswhich may be inappropriate for
to ensure representation of keyinterestsand priorities as referred to
us to ensure that scottishinterestsare properly served i wish
that will ensure that thoseinterestsare safeguarded my understanding is
to prejudice substantially the commercialinterestsof any person if such
looking at our own particularinterestsand very early on we
own she worked her owninterestsdetective stories by agatha christie
make flexible in their owninterestsevery voluntary agreement that has
their employees and their owninterestsin the longer term it
according to their needs andinterests44 in its publication a
accordin tae their needs aninterests44 in its publication a
union shy about protecting theirinterestsand i do not expect
protecting their persons or theirinterestsand without prejudice to the
plans if it suits theirinterestsbut will not allow others
one might consider that theirinterestsconflict but we the workers
and some wi their aininterestsin the plantations upheld his
by the breadth of theirinterestsjackie kay who has written
as covert deliverers of theirintereststhe parliament has done well
it was not in theirintereststo have stressed teachers i
of them dr murray theirinterestswill be reflected by the
community and to put localinterestsfirst however such agencies find
industry community and service userinterestsin addressing alcohol problems as
that involvement of local communityinterestsin the management of the
public services while protecting theinterestsof the community as indicated
health and safety and theinterestsof the farming community we
them to incorporate wider communityinterestssuch as shops and services
we will not serve theinterestsof vulnerable young people at
the following a promoting theinterestsof young persons resident or
to take account of theinterestsof landowners crofters and local
important that committee has theinterestsof local government at heart
continue to consult with localinterestsover the development of a
secure local jobs and businessintereststhat have previously received european
hindsight but perhaps in theinterestsof justice even to an
that is not in theinterestsof justice i do not
accepted that in the overallinterestsof justice it is correct
bridge toll regime in theinterestsof justice supported by mr
england and wales in theinterestsof justice they should apply
are interested in protecting theinterestsof the scottish justice system
are saying there are personalinterestsahint our new proposal beaumont
legitimate reasons without compromising theinterestsof new tenants in the
to be balanced against theinterestsof other new tenants in
possible new categories of registrableintereststransport and the environment committee
the bridge of allan publicinterestsassociation it is about the
the public and in theinterestsof air safety throughout scotland
done nothing to address theinterestsof public safety that arose
in mind the public healthintereststhat affect everyone in our
pupils of all abilities andinterestsaccess and intermediate courses provide
no leaflets dedicated to tenantsinterestsalthough the whole purpose of
lice representatives of wild fishinterestsand fish farmers we discussed
bill to transfer certain rightsinterestsand functions of the forestry
groups of people with conflictinginterestsand our role will be
with a wide variety ofinterestsand the extensive consultation in
roles a large number ofinterestsare concerned as to the
right mmhm yeah m762: myinterestsare kind of legion and
respect those policies reflect scottishinterestsas well as those of
of all ages abilities andinterestsboth types of course are
on the basis of partyinterestsbut genuinely to co operate
of the delay on farminginterestsbut i do not apologise
heritage the environment and otherinterestsdependent on the integrity of
the person who represents scottishinterestshas the clout of the
inquiry because of my commercialinterestsi will leave the meeting
regulatory bodies reflect those scottishinterestsin respect of uk broadcasting
regulatory bodies reflect those scottishinterestsin respect of uk broadcasting
and the views of keyinterestsin the debate current situation
the value of its propertyinterestsis s1w 34768 stewart stevenson
wording of the bill alwaysinterestsme more than the wording
conference of european ministers theinterestsof all parts of the
of money and in theinterestsof balance big wedges of
issues at hand in theinterestsof combating serious financial crime
production there but in theinterestsof complying with the conditions
a satisfactory balance between theinterestsof creditors and debtors the
re route traffic in theinterestsof cutting pollution we will
and mutual understanding in theinterestsof effective deer management notes
is in governing in theinterestsof everyone in scotland the
s submission and in theinterestsof fairness jack mcconnell s
that the parliament in theinterestsof good financial management and
way that has served theinterestsof good legislation and good
decide what happens in theinterestsof older people in scotland
adam ingram i understand theinterestsof opencast companies i am
and other matters in theinterestsof openness and honesty we
and confirm that in theinterestsof openness and transparency all
questions lodged and in theinterestsof openness transparency and professionalism
i think that in theinterestsof parliament and speaking as
detrimental to the long terminterestsof passengers as demonstrated by
she has discarded in theinterestsof personal growth right and
attack on iraq in theinterestsof promoting greater world peace
the borders and in theinterestsof reducing casualties improving communication
vigorously as being against theinterestsof scotland s flockmasters s1m
conducting the negotiations in theinterestsof scotland we said weeks
attention is needed in theinterestsof society and democracy it
trust to look after theinterestsof society as a whole
bill are contrary to theinterestsof that sector and fail
bill are contrary to theinterestsof that sector and fail
has been withdrawn in theinterestsof the chamber i am
uk that is in theinterestsof the development of good
aitken and the long terminterestsof the dictionary however the
as presiding officer in theinterestsof the electors of banff
rural roads is in theinterestsof the forestry industry s1w
the right balance between theinterestsof the form filler in
by what is in theinterestsof the health needs of
the real life needs andinterestsof the learners the identification
not really concerned with theinterestsof the media and whether
was happening that engaged theinterestsof the minister for health
a direct effect on theinterestsof the other body or
it is not in theinterestsof the parliament or the
european union should have theinterestsof the people of europe
a complete disregard for theinterestsof the residents and staff
if they are against theinterestsof the scottish people but
and appropriate and in theinterestsof the scottish people we
external action how should theinterestsof the union be defined
provide urgent funding in theinterestsof those who are our
councils persons representative of theinterestsof those who live work
and proper regard to theinterestsof tourists and the tourist
all disposals of land riparianinterestsor buildings since vesting date
vague and could encompass manyinterestssome uses of the phrase
to promote its worldwide economicintereststhe second part of the
theory many reflecting staff researchintereststhe work of several research
language of similar age andintereststhis could be achieved in
were partly conducted by scottishintereststhrough the convention of scottish
on the question of sportinginterestsversus legitimate pest control i
the work of narrow sectionalinterestsvoices hear hear rowland it
consider perhaps separately from theinterestsexpressed by the five groups
the remit to reflect ourinterestsin rights and responsibilities we
earth and damaged our aininterestsin the burgh beaumont the
they match you up whatinterestsf1037: yeah f1038: people in
today people s priorities andinterestsmight change as they grow
who and what are legalinterestsand professionals close to but
and production believes that theseinterestsare enhanced by diversity in
and production believes that theseinterestsare enhanced by diversity in
journalists who have secondary lobbyinginterestsdes mcnulty we are getting
three obligatory sections are leisureinterestsfrom the lifestyles theme career
both shellfish and farmed fishintereststhere are probably several more
report as it affects scottishinterestswe are keen to hear
parliament because there are conflictinginterestswith respect to the hospital
will certainly ignore scotland sinterestsif it does not maximise
mps to defend scotland sinterestsin the third standing committee
scotland we have taken ruralinterestsinto account in deciding spending
interest an in the brawestinterestso scotland s citizens in
the argument that scotland sinterestswould be served as a
in point 9 by legalinterestsand whether that means the
it is in everyone sinterestsfor enlargement to succeed i
is in the executive sinterestsi am slightly concerned that
to consult bodies with particularinterestsin equality issues so i
to shoot them game keepinginterestsin particular have expressed concern
it combines urquhart s passionateinterestsin sex astronomy the construction
the coast lilian have youinterestsin this steamship trade beaumont
not in the executive sintereststhe executive seems to be
about self family pets andintereststransactional situations e g in
grammar the section on leisureinterestswould be written mainly in
used words such as sportinginterestsas against pest control and
april 2002 whether the registrableinterestsfor social inclusion partnership board
got the sayings which ofteninterestsme i couldn t say
watersheds mink also damage economicinterestsparticularly game birds and the
the organisation that protects lawyersinterestss1m 2064 brian adam auchmill
standard life to focus itsinterestssolely on the long term
override opposing sectoral or geographicintereststhe john muir trust jmt
the organisation that represents ferryinterestswas hosted by south ayrshire
including environmental and socio economicinterestsimplement a crofting reform bill
with international experience and internationalintereststhere was always a danger
social inclusion partnership board haveintereststhat would be declarable if
my two er main musicintereststogether er not with a
shows burns stressing his unionistinterestsfurthermore burns supported a tory
increasingly sophisticated but erm itinterestsme that sometimes when there

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