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why is this form usedinventedtheme rheme functional sentence perspective
although saussure seems to haveinventedit he was a member
some newly written and newlyinventedand others coming out of
beaumont huh when printing wasinventeda wheen o scribes went
7 1980 names have beeninventedweel i never forgot dat
make it up so iinventedf606: yeah m954: the term
wow [laugh] [audience laugh] m954: iinventedthat and erm and in
cow as death had beeninventedhathor was worshipped from at
familiar to the obscure andinventedgerman italian spanish dutch basque
research has shown that heinventedvery little but he certainly
those words in his dictionaryinventedby rabelais and as a
on the draw bud neillinventedlobey dosser rank bajin too
word sook might have beeninventedfor john leslie bishop of
drookit or sangfroid or aninventedword that is the word
he thought that icecream wasinventedthere but this idea was
it be better if weinventednew swear words i might
trivial is m762: was eveninventedpeople have been making up
when for example the scotsinventedenglish as a subject of
before scaffolding was in factinventedbut then what about like
d hondt system which wasinventedby a belgian we have
was that before games wereinventedm1078: marbles [sniff] or jauries
a lot of it isinventedm734: yeah maybe it is

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