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fetched 255 this sum wasinvestedin shares and subsequently in
be sold and the proceedsinvestedthe property fetched 255 this
has truly arrived i veinvestedin a pair of ultra
in 1988 and the proceedsinvestedin the church of scotland
that is why we haveinvested1 6 billion in housing
3 2 billion to beinvestedover the next five years
ma rose wi muckle prideinvestedthat wis wi greenfly thick
removed in 1995 the amountinvestedby local authorities in improvements
sum of 100 to beinvestedby the kirk session in
that the said sum isinvestedin the british war loan
executive how much has beeninvestedin local authority housing stock
the stock was redeemed andinvestedin the church of scotland
all the above bequests wasinvestedas follows 1 treasury
industry was or will beinvestedin scotland answered by henry
closure unless new money isinvestedas a result there is
45 million that has beeninvestedin that scheme is money
so much public money isinvestedin that sector underlines the
of money announced to beinvestedin the programme was exaggerated
of the mearns folk whoinvestedtheir money with a will
increased resources that have beeninvestedin it but that is
smith and bisset should beinvestedand administered in a similar
executive how much has beeninvestedby communities scotland and its
boost although funding has beeninvestedin the gaelic language there
made sacrifices taken risks andinvestedsavings in the venture this

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