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genre into another some teachersinvolvechildren in producing a genre
a witch s spell wouldinvolvethe genre of instructions this
talking about texts can alsoinvolvethe introduction of model genre
the executive s plans toinvolvestakeholders in carrying forward these
has made several efforts toinvolvestakeholders including the organisation of
suggestion and shall seek toinvolvethe key stakeholders the executive
meaningful contexts and tasks whichinvolveconsulting sources of written information
union 20 the petersberg tasksinvolvehumanitarian and rescue tasks peacekeeping
possible the issue does notinvolvesimply geography but other exclusion
understand that challenging exclusion mustinvolveuncovering issues that agencies do
years challenging social exclusion mustinvolveuncovering issues that interested agencies
for the primary curriculum wouldinvolvesubstantial changes to initial teacher
for the initial assessment wouldinvolvethe teacher lecturer and student
treaty provisions should this distinctioninvolveseparating the texts could this
with fictional texts which mainlyinvolvethe 5 14 strands of
the relevant agencies to helpinvolveall interested parties in the
projects language projects or investigationsinvolvepupils in investigating an aspect
in use materials which emergedinvolvepupils in investigations into a
of text centred exploration willinvolvepupils in learning about how
quickly at the start toinvolvepupils in the day s
paragraph such as this willinvolvepupils not only in re
a particularly fruitful opportunity toinvolvethe pupils in identifying and
simply financing ppps it willinvolveall the other professional skills
school careers we seek toinvolveparents more constructively in the
projects underway but seek toinvolvethe private sector where this
be asked simply and couldinvolvethe ticking of a box
the management board it shouldinvolvetraining people to manage staff
training that should not justinvolvetraining people to sit on
partnerships this year that willinvolvecommunities ensure that all the
scottish executive how it willinvolvelocal communities in the decision
that the executive proposes willinvolvepilot work in rural communities
community councils group designed toinvolvethe 26 communities in the
and infrastructure improvements and toinvolveitself fully in the ongoing
but the teaching itself willinvolveother strategies including questioning that
does not part of thatinvolvedoing things in new ways
in promoting better ways toinvolvefathers in their children s
and it does it doesinvolveeverybody participating it s like
white parliament that does notinvolvemembers of the minority ethnic
of english and that doesinvolvesome phonetics so i was
an activity that does notinvolvethe participation of any person
society that does not necessarilyinvolvethe price of a minister
two previous examples does notinvolvethe utilization of any additional
areas we will look toinvolveall sectors of society but
seeking like the first toinvolvewider society after ten years
the process of adjustment caninvolvemoving staff around the country
want to ensure that weinvolvepatients and front line staff
the greatest labour market problemsinvolve16 year olds who come
problems we would of courseinvolveministers address how to inform
the priority need test willinvolvea complex set of issues
issues around priority need willinvolvesignificantly more many millions of
boards the consultation process willinvolvea number of focus groups
agree that the study willinvolveconsultation with local authorities in
hope that the launch willinvolvechildren and young people but
the purpose of activities thatinvolvesexual harm to children we
a number of activities toinvolvethe children in thinking about
to ensure that local authoritiesinvolveservice users in the setting
this particular example would mainlyinvolveconverting past into present tense
in particular how to betterinvolvethe voluntary sector local government
legislation the first step wouldinvolveprimary legislation to detail the
the legislation it proposes wouldinvolveviolation of any convention right
there are local initiatives thatinvolvegiving people welfare benefits advice
the extent to which theyinvolvelocal people if necessary we
m1174: yeah m608: attempt toinvolvelocal writers in in home
and backcourt continue events toinvolveresidents in their local community
also heard that implementation mightinvolveincreased rationing of the existing
can be preserved these mightinvolveintroducing regulations to reduce by
is suggested that regulations mightinvolverestricting the types of baits
burns supper haggis etc mightinvolvesinging reciting dramatizing working for
behalf of that committee wouldinvolvea major change to standing
duties the new system wouldinvolvea rationalisation of existing boundaries
in the scale it wouldinvolvea real change of method
made and it would primarilyinvolveintelligence gathering operational work would
be enjoyable meaningful which wouldinvolvenew methodologies and we thought
to organic farming would notinvolvetaking much out of that
if not identical they wouldinvolvethe committee calling on the
sea management plan would stillinvolvethe danes for example who
theme or topic this wouldinvolvethe student in showing awareness
record of achievement this wouldinvolvewhole class work developing from
between relatively minor leaks thatinvolvecarelessness people saying more than
in which the dwp caninvolvepeople with direct experience of
out it is important toinvolvesuch knowledgeable people in the
of departments but they alsoinvolvethe people who ultimately benefit
internet for young people toinvolvethem in this exercise on
almost in place it willinvolvethose young people and others
making fine decorative cloth bothinvolvehard physical activity toe bones
two complaints because both itemsinvolvenamed individuals i suggest that
january i believe that willinvolvea representative of each committee
health alone the system willinvolveaudit scotland the mental welfare
up doing that it willinvolvelanguage you know if if
section of fencing this willinvolvesome erecting of scaffolding to
in education and it willinvolvesubstantial expenditure while it is
rational way and we willinvolvethe finance committee in line
10 per cent we willinvolvethe finance committee in that
and typography it will alsoinvolvethem in a variety of
that the lesson did notinvolvediscussing in english about what
is that the lesson didnainvolveony bletherin in english aboot
the idea that development mustinvolvethe eventual supremacy of one
in the countryside these particularlyinvolvethe use of dogs to
equestrian sports which do notinvolvefox hunting such as eventing
conference igc was held toinvolveother parties such as national
a life that didn tinvolveme being at the at
efforts are being made toinvolvethe industry in developing an
against older persons but mayinvolvethem being patronised through ignorance
every project decision whether toinvolvepartnerships uk is made on
stages 3 and 4 whichinvolvethe committee and the whole
more worthwhile jobs that stillinvolvenursing rather than paper shuffling
to be broadly based andinvolveall citizens a forum should
m017: that this ought toinvolvethe teaching of scots at
linguistic interest many of theminvolvea transfer of meaning from
it on that day toinvolvethem in the press conference
for instance when they couldinvolveeverything from planning to education
on the commission gradually toinvolvethe candidate countries in the
in uncompromising scots and ofteninvolvethe hard man image or
parliament can amend ssis theyinvolveyes or no questions the
a good model because theyinvolvea full range of departments
the range of initiatives thatinvolveemployees employers and customers raising
of the millennium threat thatinvolvethe uk i believe that
excellent f1038: cause it dinvolvethe politics sides of f1037:
cases or cases where offencesinvolvea significant sexual element the
the recipient without having toinvolvethe courts but concern has

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