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in scotland wales and northernireland5 memorandum of understanding joint
on the visit to northernireland6 housing scotland bill the
england and wales or northernirelanda in subsection 1 a
and wales or in northernirelanda in subsection 1 i
very widely in in northernirelanda- at the present moment
to recognise irish in northernirelandand activists in northern ireland
two scots speaking areas northernirelandand eh and and and
with england wales and northernirelandand i believe that to
of great britain and northernirelandand other realms and territories
wales taking in ireland northernirelandand scotland to the northern
a75 corridor in linking northernirelandand scotland with the rest
a75 corridor in linking northernirelandand scotland with the rest
their counterparts in wales northernirelandand the republic of ireland
with its counterparts in northernirelandand the republic of ireland
of scotland wales and northernirelandand the whitehall departments to
mutual understanding programme in northernirelandand what plans it has
and wales or in northernirelandany of the channel islands
and ii as respects northernirelandany of the channel islands
a driving conviction in northernirelandare not banned from driving
or suspected criminals from northernirelandare prevented from continuing illegal
ireland and activists in northernirelandare very eager to have
assembly for wales and northernirelandassembly a statement of funding
assembly for wales and northernirelandassembly a statement of funding
assembly for wales and northernirelandassembly a statement of funding
assembly for wales and northernirelandassembly a statement of funding
assembly for wales and northernirelandassembly a statement of funding
assembly for wales or northernirelandassembly any member of the
1 mr brian monteith northernirelandassembly as an amendment to
for wales or the northernirelandassembly in relation to any
all members of the northernirelandassembly in this historic week
the constituent parts the northernirelandassembly is not even functioning
robin harper s1m 343 northernirelandassembly lodged on 1 december
374 joint working with northernirelandassembly lodged on 9 december
assembly for wales and northernirelandassembly or otherwise is sufficient
working committee with the northernirelandassembly supported by alex neil
stone joint working with northernirelandassembly that the parliament agrees
s1m 343 george lyon northernirelandassembly that the parliament sends
relation to that the northernirelandassembly would have similar powers
english why bother unlike northernirelandat least and happily what
the same side in northernirelandbefore the m608: mm m078:
linguistically ah than in northernirelandbut much poorer in no-
in england wales and northernirelandbut not yet in scotland
attorney general or in northernirelandby or with the consent
and lasting settlement in northernirelandcan bring to communities on
apparently a person in northernirelandcan come to the uk
a rural area in northernirelanddemonstrated what can happen when
scotland and in in northernirelandeh and i think eh
users of scots in northernirelandelsewhere and to foster mutual
has had with the northernirelandexecutive concerning sectarianism in the
has had with the northernirelandexecutive concerning the education programme
has had with the northernirelandexecutive concerning the feasibility of
has had with the northernirelandexecutive concerning the implementation of
has had with the northernirelandexecutive concerning the lessons to
and obtained from the northernirelandexecutive on any ways and
sic a prottick in northernirelandin aa the eers o
of brian nelson in northernirelandin which the handlers were
a language policy for northernirelandincluding a bill of rights
service the scotland to northernirelandinterconnector supported by ben wallace
is a stewartry and northernirelandis another stewartry so ye
legislation in scotland and northernirelandis different to that in
wales and one from northernirelandit will consider projects against
to somebody in bbc northernirelandjust a couple of days
corrymeela peace centre in northernirelandjust a few months beforehand
deputy prime minister of northernirelandmajor j m sinclair and
to or returning from northernirelandmany other sites were built
employment and learning in northernirelandmichael russell perhaps the minister
imperative present peace in northernirelandmust work in our individual
some set in eh northernirelandne- in ballycastle mainly but
needs to watch as northernirelandneeds to watch it there
do not again unlike northernirelandnor is scots socially divisive
coast through wales taking inirelandnorthern ireland and scotland to
scotland office and the northernirelandoffice to work together to
in england wales and northernirelandon 8 january 2001 will
complex than those of northernirelandor england many more factors
4 of the adoption northernirelandorder 1987 from that society
kosovo stalemate in the northernirelandpeace talks tension in the
to scotland wales and northernirelandpreparation of the uk nap
scotland and irish in northernirelandratification commits the scottish executive
to have scots in northernirelandrecognised under part three of
matches against wales and northernirelands1m 290 mr nick johnston
scots eh scotland and northernirelandsandy fenton s book on
syndrome nevertheless still unlike northernirelandscotland stands more happily in
matches against wales and northernirelandsupported by mr kenneth gibson
more in scotland and northernirelandthan in england post office
to extend them to northernirelandthe aim of the provisions
affect england wales and northernirelandthe commonsense approach of a
off politically than in northernirelandthe good friday agreement has
the unstoppable momentum in northernirelandthe recent review of the
for their visit to northernirelandthe royal train consisted of
fae awards for all northernirelandto help promote the accordion
and subsequent legislation commits northernirelandto revival whether you like
education programme operating in northernirelandto tackle sectarianism amongst schoolchildren
to a laboratory in northernirelandto the centre for environment
ve got this in northernirelandtoo jonathan bell and mervyn
manager for scotland and northernirelandvodafone jim davies assistant director
secretary of state for northernirelandwere under some form of
the attorney general for northernirelandwhat provision is there for
on irish on bbc northernirelandyears ago but i ve
kingdom and the republic ofirelandand in developing priority trans
kingdom and the republic ofirelandand in developing priority trans
from marches visits to nirelandand irish republic dates to
that in the republic ofirelandthere are differences of scale
ireland and the republic ofirelandto examine the feasibility of
ireland and the republic ofirelandto examine the feasibility of
laboratory in the republic ofirelandwe conduct tests on the
laboratories in the republic ofirelandwe send samples out to
kingdoms of england france andirelandand of the dominions thereunto
government of this realme andirelandand the dominions thereunto belonging
government of this realm andirelandand the dominions thereunto belonging
realms of england france andirelandwith the dominions and territories
[laugh] put in wales anirelandi might say better for
with the emblems of scotlandirelandwales and england from the
as holland denmark sweden norwayirelandand switzerland s1w 8760 christine
danish resolution is supported byirelandiceland and norway and in
overseas students from mexico englandirelandnorway the virgin islands unb
as norway belgium france andirelandthe ban supports a reduction
1 usa 2 germany 3ireland4 canada 5 france 6
austria belgium finland france germanyirelandnetherlands spain united kingdom czech
as far afield as middleirelandmiddle england m608: mmhm m642:
you f010: scotland england andirelandno we didn t f122:
so much where s iri-irelandscotland and england u1028: [inaudible]
in particular scotland england andirelandtak note ye official billies
scotland with the situation inirelandirish editions of uk newspapers
resurgence in the north ofirelandof irish as well so
of links between scotland andirelandby the university of aberdeen
we have closer links withirelandi don t know but
the north were links withirelandso f606: mmhm f1067: ehm
ehm in the north ofirelandto try to recreate links
that the united kingdom andirelandare in a different position
the islands of britain andirelandand believes that closer political
islands we could trade withirelandf606: yeah [inaudible] f1067: so
parts of the north ofirelandas well though they would
choice in the north ofirelandbut not the word of
support from the north ofirelandehm [tut] i think it
interest in the north ofirelandf606: mmhm [throat] [cough] f1067:
unobtainable in the north ofirelandin the school with the
cutting in the north ofirelandnot the method of f606:
part of the north ofirelandthe glens of antrim and
union the eu island nationsirelandand the uk are particularly
appropriate for the uk andirelandto be given additional time
competitors i am thinking ofirelandin particular the same as
are detailed provisions that allowirelandin particular to rejoin if
came over to scotland fromirelandf1077: yes my f718: cause
over they came over fromirelandf718: so they came over
an they re made inireland[laugh] aye they came two
scotland before gaelic came fromirelandmost place names even in
communities of scotland and ofirelandand commends the work of
size to scotland such asirelandand denmark and other regions
scotland as a whole forirelandand the south east of
the languages o scotland anirelandsymposium tae be hauden in
adds scotland too [inhale] andirelandto the marginal note [inhale]
union with scotland and withirelandwould also have to be
bad karma m642: one inirelandagain it was from a
workshops involved people from americairelandand elsewhere who could be
brought a good many fromirelandand they remained and increased
we still have swarms fromirelandbut i ve sent back
roman catholics particularly those fromirelandhad come in a state
mum s mum was fromirelandi can t remember her
i would be back fromirelandin a few days with
approximately the same distance fromirelandin an interval between squalls
can see roughly from ehirelandright acr- right round tae
s somethin about guinness inirelandthat s entirely different from
o these sites were inirelandeh there d be somebody
know he had eh leftirelandon the way to iona
uh huh f832: so doirelandbut but ehm f833: yeah
been with his regiment inirelandand india on the outbreak
comparison was also made withirelandand the provision made for
tanith muller the problem withirelandas an example is that
comparison with countries such asirelandin respect of the high
aroon a stag an inirelanda buik o poems aboot
tae uphaud the leid inirelandae submission pointit oot there
haes settilt in ingland anirelandan that they re sweir
are ubiquitous in britain andirelandand pre myxomatosis were the
that m815: in over inirelandand stuff like they have
a fortnicht s camp inirelandawa back in fifty fower
leprachaun fitiver there wis inirelandda wisna lettin on it
has been in force inirelandfor a couple of year
said to be happening inirelandhe has a lot of
expressed today being realised inirelandi have not heard of
to attend a funeral inirelandian macdonald a railway clerk
the adair family returned toirelandin 1608 stranraer was left
is available for sale inirelandis caught by the restrictions
have been introduced relatively recentlyirelandis just putting in place
royal institute of architects inirelandkirsty wark john gibbons chief
prize in er already inirelandm608: uh huh m078: as
of voting in the councilirelandmay have reservations about it
to support the language inirelandone submission pointed out that
it is made not inirelandor hollywood but in our
i was on holiday inirelandso i had to kind
my mother was born inirelandso there was her grand-
mm m762: the situation thatirelandwas in f963: mmhm yeah
be effective for example inirelandwhere the largest circulation is
have a weekend home inirelandwhile another fourteen had fortunately
around e- elsewhere in inirelandyou know what i mean
throughout the country and intoirelandand there was even a
climes i am going toirelandparagraph 4 12 states that
to the atlantic arc ofirelandand portugal east to the
years and i have watchedirelandapproach the negotiations for the
states austria finland sweden andirelandhave agreed to contribute to
and arran kintyre n wirelandlooking really magnificent then i
agatha wanted the fields ofirelandonly and a man to
85 comparison wis made wiirelandan the provision alloued for
knots towards the coast ofirelandjust before midday it had
cultural centres based on theirelandmodel of heritage centres which
look to the experience ofirelandto see whether such concerns
her pal s movin toirelandso f809: uh huh f810:
dem bere an kale faeirelands strippit rigs or bigton
changing course to head forirelandcaptain ferguson seems to have
bill would bring about becauseirelanddoes not have that yet
an for oor trip taeirelandas wis the great tune
ingland donalbain it wul beirelandfor me it wadna be
out into the storm forirelandsome support for this theory
west corner to head forirelandthey stay close inshore to
well you were closer toirelandoriginally presumably the the settlers
m816: when we go toirelandwe go cycling m815: yeah
the hotel bar i saidirelandsaturday at lunchtime m815: yeah
days tae gae aa roonirelandmy best friens war gaun
up fae the sooth oirelandtae be we s an
speired mystifeed naebody gaes taeirelandthere s naethin there bit
gaun tae europe thon yearirelandthey speired mystifeed naebody gaes
bannockburn burn s cottage anirelandthe first rower war fur
lok o dm guid tirelanda braa lot dt wiz
fyew tinnies meat efter aairelands jist a lowp ower
a small state dermot scottirelands view was that qualified

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