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kirk because of its corrugatedironconstruction fiddes district church was
beertins irregular pieces of corrugatedironhubcaps and numberplates of long
were replaced removing the corrugatedironlean to at the back
wis as wavy as corrugatedironmaist nichts her ma wid
shed and reroofed with corrugatedironthere were two south facing
ma s perm was corrugatedironwearing a red rose who
tae be sixteen yit bangsironagnes big fur his age
yersell opens can sadie bangsironagnes it ll be a
long nicht sadie aye bangsironagnes just gaunnae iron then
iron then sadie yip bangsironagnes mibbe ye ll get
want wan sadie nope bangsironagnes suit yersell opens can
no big enough but bangsironagnes want wan sadie nope
sadie will ye stop bangsironagnes will you ye re
that laddie huv done bangsirondown and goes to window
fur three mugs bangs theirondown jees i didnae mean
bangs the plug for theironin agnes ah drapped a
bangs iron agnes just gaunnaeironthen sadie yip bangs iron
grand old fa├žade featuring wroughtironbalconies and mosaics towards the
three storeys high with wroughtironbalconies and polished stone entradas
roof over the tiered wroughtironbalconies decorated with fairy lights
with pastel facades and ornateironbalconies drawn in dusty greens
with its muted facades decorativeironbalconies flower booths and avenues
and his canary the wroughtirondragon gates leading to the
would soon return the wroughtirongate squeaked as i entered
i followed him through wroughtirongates along the flower strewn
enters with the ironing boardironagnes whit we want is
ironing board then takes anironand a pile of badly
iron cannae think need tiironcammy starts ironing newspapers silence
with an ironing board andironconfident though on edge she
dolphin friendly sadie thumps theirondown ironing noisily gordon will
dimps cannae think need tiironhe goes to the ironing
from the bag plugs theironin starts ironing stew and
the ironing board silence cammyironneeds filling you got the
taken up with fencing andirongates and railings which are
had beautiful gates you knowirongates f963: [tut] wasn t
i thought it was bigirona big iron thing you
dimps gladiator wi iron steamironcammy removes his shirt revealing
dimps well cammy need tiironcannae think need ti iron
with iron wheels and anironmouth that could be thrust
sink an it was anironsink not enamel iron sink
an iron sink not enamelironsink ye know an we
walk oot dimps gladiator wiironsteam iron cammy removes his
was big iron a bigironthing you put on it
corn a seck barra withironwheels and an iron mouth
revolvin widden hangrips an anironbody at eynt in a
wi widden scoops wi anironkaim fitted at e moo
neep clicks wi widden handgripsironshanks an a twa pronged
its widden boxie fu oironsharps itherwise ken t as
yard e pump wis castironan it wirkit fine maist
were made out of castironand knives were sharpened on
neep shaaver with two castironconcave rollers and a wooden
loft door was the castironcorn bruiser green painted on
still glowed despite the blackironof the hills cast against
hid tae hae a castironoven pot it was very
next big change a castironrange edges to buff wi
real kitchen revolution the castironrange with an oven at
you would use a castironthree legged pot on the
grab him cammy holds theironat dimps face steve scrambles
will yi where s mahironcammy goes to newspapers crushes
boy cammy finishes cleaning hisirondimps puts on the boxing
boxing gloves cammy wipes theironlays it down dimps and
there s cammy on hisironlecture cammy your socks ur
share thigithir cammy holds theironout toward dimps cammy hey
rainbow cammy starts cleaning theironstew takes steve by the
still long enough he dironus cammy take mair than
arm the other holds theironstew sits close by ed
heat yi up holds theirontoward dimps stew steps between
take mair than a steamironti straighten you oot dimps
airm arm airmie army airnironairt direction airtin aiming aishan
airmor n armor airn nironairt n art direction aistern
airmie n army airn nironairt n direction airtilik a
every speech sadie thumps theironsadie that laddie s no
fire there had been anirongrate between the stone binks
that comes to mind isironjug timmer heid spits fire
be safe from the fireironones could be lower down
and filled into a bigironpot over the fire this
wi a great big heavyironf637: aye f638: uh huh
m608: uh huh f643: ayeironm642: no big concrete slabs
sits right along side theironhose leaves the tank goes
tank goes direct inti theironpure genius that dey huv
e middle o e hivvyironbit oot o e inside
intill e box wi eironblades in e middle an
the hungry moo o eironhasher wi a roon coonterbalance
intill e sides o eironholes e flames geed throwe
bilet watter oot o anironkettle nae at e wis
e peer man a kinnaironlever wi a screw or
in e grun wi eironpinch ye wirkit it up
times an him on eironroad e hid tae get
it e hannlebar touched anironstanchion an e bike jist
twa ir three o esirontraps wi e plates an
standard one consisted of anironbar maybe 20 inches long
long with a three inchironring at the top end
job some were well madeironspecimens about a foot long
ruled the estate wi anironfist he hid a sense
bessie that s a richtironit wi broon paper that
in the neuk wi anironrailin at his back an
fit the muckle shelt wiironsheen an sherpen them wi
senator s neb wi hisirontappit gowk stick paralysed in
easy job down in kilwinningironworks attending to the chemists
the jug water fur theironsee it s fell oan
a rooser fur a noseironteeth tae chaw his foes
nae need tae wash orironflimsy threids made ooto spit
they were strongly made ofironand each consisted of a
and a foot made ofironand fixed into a log
bishop often made with anironcart wheel on the end
was smiddy made all ofironwith a handle about five
at the sides with theironbars of a grate between
furnaces burn and blaw tillironand slag ran oot sae
reflectit reaching ayont masel theironcleek howkin oot debris aye
auld mannie act she sironand rude with it she
river but banging with theironaye aye i know still
the closet visitors got anironbedstead with brass knobs in
is small and wiry withirongrey hair scraped back into
over by arthritic pigeons withironhinges a plethora of planes
in the floor with anironring to lift it in
up the street with hisironshoes drawing sparks from the
of an existing important celticironage town and innermessan continued
thing o grace tae anironban the waddin ring burns
backit dresser an an aalironbed for girls skipping games
a dusty corner under anironbed they roll out rusty
old broom bushes using anironbreem dog in a couple
minerals an vitamins an thatironcomes from green leafy vegetables
bars and there was anironcontraption like a pair o
its slantin flanges usin anironcrank syne ye wis ready
in em turnt be anironcrank weel naething for t
in front there was anironframed happer for sowing seed
hair the colour o roostyirongreen cat s een an
for neeps twa graips anironheidit rake that came from
like steel his backbeen wisironhis hairt wis gowd an
geed dry ere wis anironlid on a tap closed
called the slider by anironloop was an 18 inch
dock crane a great beegironmonstrosity full o cogs an
legs or else into anironsaiddle that straddled your two
not there was also anironswey the swey was hinged
a t handle and anironwing on the blade it
the train rocks in itsirongroove the spider pleats its
wooden doorknob creaks in itsirongroove the summer rose opens
in poems such as theironman by ted hughes where
by ted hughes where theironman s hunger for metal
o the grun wis likeironin the spring the grun
neolithic period through to theironage and the first century
huv ti keep toppin theironup kin git through a
the bottom were of horizontalironbars and likely it had
ye were taught how taeironit and fold it f640:
hob ye know a flatironm608: how many people were
nae mair will feel mairongrup ma bike is rustin
believe he wondered what theironduke would make of modern
removed to help to supplyironto make bullets to kill
you did not make theirontoo hot and it was
metal socket that held theironfit that could be changed
you know could you justironthis shirt or i said
o faer da runk oironapo ice snaa spindrifts smookin
earlier black gobs o muckleironmak fine limbs tae cairry
rins ram starn on benirontracks wauchts o winter wheech
time i ll take thatironand ram it right up
and then put inside theironyou had to be careful
had arms as strong asironbands i may say though
be boxed you had toironthem so that it looks
ones i knew had curvedirontines if the grass stubble
rather than viewing constitutions asironbands we should treat them
a neb like a flatironand sparse heathery hair and
whit like that is theironbands skive the skin aff
switch off like the newironin the argos catalogue switches
like rabbits droppings she tookironmoreover to stimulate her red
it s on a gridironpattern like new york newcastleton
wechts at reest in theirironstauns like seamen dowpit doon
ye and mairrige is wrochtironoan stane haund in haund
on there f1104: you dinnaironsocks div ye f1103: well
liquid breem broom breem dogironlever for rooting up broom
up at the ladder topironshuttered bookies urban terrorists masking
a bar of wood orironfor the crook and the
there was a bar ofironor wood across the inside
derkie or daisy strukk theirironsheen against the cassies a
see fitt cause you dinnaironsocks f1104: no or or
plating held in place byironstanchions innermessan or rock mcgibbon
dog this was a heavyironlever for hauling out broomstocks
the ground get together toironout the difficulties who is
wet tears but there sironin fiona as well as
bolt clicked open in myironmask there in their stalls
gordon does your mither onlyironwhen there s somethin wrang
was the bowsel a solidironloop round the cow s
street wisna caad efter theironduke as a body micht
as young as that shouldirontheir face first quo granda
enticing and bizarre as pigironwould be to a devout
at the next oak andirondesk has drawn a whole
industrial lanarkshire at ehm inironstone foundries work and from
minted from john bull sironloins the human currency of
other side of the spikedironrailings she is stotting a
rins ram stam on benirontracks a passin train is
slate pencils and oak andirondesks and steel pens and
paper on the stain andironower the top it taks
and blue black ink andironteachers and thick leather belts
costs it harbours aluminium andironthe ideal drink for thirsty
helped to hammer the hotironon the anvil it often
fitt i said cause youironher ootsides in so that
the house but erm onlyironif i m really pressed
preserve the listed buildings theironrailings removed during ww2 have
sweel to swill swey hingedironratchet for hanging pots etc
side of the isthmus climbedironrungs to the pier head
rumble saat salt saiddle saddleironsocket laid across the knees

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