See this word as a collocate cloud

of an illegal substance thereisnt a bouncer on the
that one of the celebritiesisnt a celebrity only one
car but only if itisnt a company car oh
it really is er itisnt a cop out to
scent too i suppose itisnt a disaster to have
to kiss the face thatisnt a face though perhaps
says that will do heisnt a good reader any
pets natural excretions but thereisnt a great deal of
you know there there maybeisnt a happy medium f963:
face though perhaps the kissisnt a kiss either his
to the corner mrs brownisnt a lady to keep
hug and tell her sheisnt a little manipulator either
their own remuneration however thisisnt a local problem it
them joe was there butisnt a man it seems
be better than anybody whoisnt a natural f718: mmhm
to be done and itisnt a one man job
edge again what if thereisnt a procedure for getting
body grampa dan s shindigisnt a proper wake it
all i know is itisnt a radio cassette player
woods reads a story itisnt a real story lt
clean uniforms 50 pupils thereisnt a seat between them
f1027: mm f1026: and sofaisnt a word i would
not accustomed to waiting waitingisnt a word in the
about me this natural cowardisnt about to drop himself
on the map but itisnt actually f806: hm that
t i smoke pot itisnt addictive it ain t
ecstasy related fatalities and itisnt addictive unlike tobacco or
one girl asks whether sheisnt afraid to go to
you shouldn t have jimmyisnt alowd sweets at the
can be quite broad itisnt always m865: yeah u1028:
can though although practice hereisnt always what is written
he has done for itisnt an apple it has
from andy macphail if itisnt an early symptom of
people say well because thereisnt an ending to it
with anything couthy and thereisnt an english or scots
daft name like fiona thereisnt another girl in the
and goes too so thereisnt any assessment then i
to english m017: well thereisnt any solution in the
into fish again when thereisnt any to catch peggy
fare single the travel agentisnt as accommodating as morag
the transcendental plane hope itisnt as bad as james
i did and the changeisnt as bad as the
22nd returning jan 5th thisisnt as extravagant as it
lay him down but heisnt asleep he removes his
it costs me 200 whichisnt bad and i m
opened bottle local red binissalemisnt bad he eyed me
mug m942: p g tipsisnt bad no you get
particularly good and if thisisnt balladry in the high
hint is being recognised itisnt bessie maybe i ll
know the quality of thisisnt brilliant but erm off
honest with you my geographyisnt brilliant i know the
about a polo it simplyisnt british our cyclist is
you dancin [inaudible] f1114: thatisnt buck and billy f1113:
sceptical and wonder if sheisnt building castles in the
don t no [censored: forename] itisnt cause i ll just
let her choose carolanne fearisnt choosing tied up like
a smell of smoke itisnt ciggie smoke but a
you wyve yer shank itisnt clear why knitting should
even cross country ski ingisnt easy i slithered along
m605: but i mean thisisnt ehm tiananmen square here
autumn as my modest talentisnt enough to earn me
salle d interrogation which erisnt er doesn t quite
m a the dept hereisnt exactly inspiring and i
f1054: aye but if thereisnt f1023: eh there is
tidy f1135: mmhm f1136: thatisnt f1135: where f1136: in
actually are f835: and especiallyisnt f832: yeah we re
that in the tribute heisnt fit to make now
think f641: yeah f639: churchisnt for everyone that s
f746: mm f745: maybe thisisnt for me because like
e deid thraa the cornisnt getting enough water and
instead i hope your arthritisisnt getting worse in this
a long story short thereisnt going to be an
to help the living roomisnt going to be your
the disaster is that itisnt going to happen quickly
been adopted harry but thatisnt going to touch any
sorry she went this justisnt good enough and i
working cause it s itisnt happening at the moment
in st andrews which nowisnt happening so i don
he s a horrible manisnt he andrew sooky robb
to get in wir houseisnt he aye m1108: aye
them and daddy s bigisnt he f1071: whee [bump]
s deed f1101: oh cleverisnt he f1102: look what
the sky wi the starsisnt he f1103: aye f1104:
it s sleeping time nooisnt he f1103: aye he
he s a good mannieisnt he f1103: aye well
f1104: but sometimes [inaudible] niceisnt he f1103: i dinna
he s a bad boyisnt he f1103: well he
he s a silly [inaudible]isnt he f1104: yeah f1103:
getting a shottie o youisnt he f1112: look at
f1113: ken he s hugeisnt he f1114: yes f1113:
jake he s funny himisnt he f1122: [?]can[/?] we
horse f1121: he s bonnyisnt he f1122: hiya f1121:
digger f1135: uh huh [inaudible]isnt he f1136: uh huh
f890: [inaudible] he s amazingisnt he f606: uh huh
nice and bright and reidisnt he fa s this
s naza he s faithfulisnt he faithful naza so
mean he s all fluidisnt he he s all
he s guilty about zillaisnt he he s terribly
s back on the sceneisnt he i said listen
s standing on his headisnt he m1092: [inaudible] now
f1091: he s drinking juiceisnt he m1092: uh huh
s all sparkly and cleanisnt he m1092: uh huh
s just getting a hurlisnt he m1092: uh huh
ill he s all dirtyisnt he m1092: uh huh
f1091: he s all dirtyisnt he m1092: uh huh
f1107: no bono s lovelyisnt he m1108: and i
one of yer bestest friendsisnt he m1108: oh farr
harold harold s the helicopterisnt he m1110: harold f1109:
yes it s a biggieisnt he m1110: who s
m605: john s quite involvedisnt he m741: yeah yeah
yeah m804: he s sillyisnt he m805: yeah he
he s a guid yinisnt he maggie he is
it s going to rainisnt he mmhm mmhm m1092:
santa s in his hooseisnt he mum f1101: mmhm
f1127: aye santa s goodisnt he needing another bit
he s like orange redisnt he no i think
father a wee reid squirrelisnt he richt bonnie the
just a little cousin thoughisnt he right here s
he s he s everywhereisnt he that that s
f1103: that s right f1104: isnt he [tut] this f1103:
s one of the familyisnt he with this reassurance
of porous in that wayisnt he yeah m762: he
thespiosis told him that heisnt helen s real dad
do and the good weatherisnt helping my concentration still
instead too right grampa whyisnt her voice filling the
began to want to jimmyisnt here as i write
about lies sadie my sonisnt here knowing she s
stop him from seeing sheisnt his friend any more
making people happy maybe happinessisnt his thing just as
that rugrat story f1139: thisisnt i dinna like reading
is highly polished and ifisnt i ll have them
but we find one thatisnt i put it in
ma kisses her cheek sheisnt impressed by this foreign
panic for my sensitive joeisnt in on the secret
in the city that thereisnt in the country not
of stories and what placeisnt in the north east
a besotted manner but heisnt interested chastened i walk
lilian yeuch why surely itisnt is he still hanging
f718: it s very scentedisnt it a- southernwood yeah
s aa the princesses thereisnt it aa the princesses
actually f1037: it s patheticisnt it absolutely f1038: people
east word maybe but butisnt it actually used by
like just their own accentisnt it almost f947: mmhm
very common in hawick thatisnt it amer m1013: oh
tae draw awa fae itisnt it an aa it
something we have in commonisnt it and i never
a goddess with different facesisnt it and one s
milo erm that s jakeisnt it and that s
like na it s bullshitisnt it and they were
robb fiona it is fionaisnt it and to your
than planned that s okayisnt it archie nodded he
little pony and her friendsisnt it aw they re
s g- gaelic for diseaseisnt it aye f1009: yes
it is only a noiseisnt it babies have to
quite a nice green colourisnt it be- a green
m762: and it s ironicisnt it because as as
of being an usher thingisnt it being an usher
about you and after allisnt it better to give
s a new set outisnt it boyter aye it
f1121: that s big bitsisnt it but that s
mair bits o sleeping beautyisnt it can you see
couple of times but m819: isnt it cause i mean
that s a clever girlisnt it [censored: forename] f1142: aye
oh this is really goodisnt it davina when she
you eated all your crumbsisnt it did you eat
it f1104: yes it isisnt it dinna ken farr
is saying it s rainingisnt it do you want
floor f1025: mmhm f1026: mmhmisnt it dreadful f1054: where
while to be in shoppingisnt it eh f1130: [inaudible]
s a kinda left owerisnt it eh fae an
[laugh] f1054: yeah interestin differentisnt it ehm cold f1006:
s a common one nooadaysisnt it ehm female partner
f813: that s quite goodisnt it especially when you
a look o bein unweelisnt it f1001: a peely
the wey it s pronouncedisnt it f1001: mmhm m999:
that s a scots wordisnt it f1009: probably yes
mink s more a tinkisnt it f1024: yeah yeah
s really personal for familiesisnt it f1026: well i
something done that s tomorrowisnt it f1049: mm m1048:
drizzlin that s all [inaudible]isnt it f1054: what about
s going to a museumisnt it f1077: i can
f1102: [laugh] it s okayisnt it f1101: aye we
think f1102: this is mineisnt it f1101: mmhm f1102:
a van f1101: [laugh] f1102: isnt it f1101: mmhm f1102:
but the sun s yellowisnt it f1102: aye yellow
that s off the ballisnt it f1102: ball ball
s where he bides thoughisnt it f1102: can we
f1101: that s a chickisnt it f1102: duck no
and this is tigger thinkingisnt it f1103: aye and
that s a big sweetheartisnt it f1103: aye f1104:
f1104: that s her headisnt it f1103: aye f1104:
s a bit o roseisnt it f1103: aye sleeping
s winnie the pooh lazyisnt it f1103: mm f1104:
that s a tea panisnt it f1103: mm [inaudible]
jumpin f1104: yep it isisnt it f1103: mmhm f1104:
mmhm f1104: that s belleisnt it f1103: mmhm f1104:
better f1104: that s bigisnt it f1103: mmhm f1104:
bits there s her headisnt it f1103: mmhm f1104:
yes this is her bitisnt it f1103: now turn
aw well that s goodisnt it f1104: and she
that s a new ainisnt it f1104: can i
just pretend it s plasticisnt it f1104: does it
bedroom s like a bombsiteisnt it f1104: mm fa
one two f1103: beautiful castleisnt it f1104: mmhm f1103:
on mammy s bedroom flairisnt it f1104: mmhm f1103:
that s daddy s sockisnt it f1104: mmhm f1103:
handy for your shopping thenisnt it f1104: s- santa
in the wrong box [exhale]isnt it f1104: yeah f1103:
that s a horrible messisnt it f1104: yeah f1103:
that s at granny sisnt it f1104: yeah f1103:
that s a baby ainisnt it f1104: yeah fitt
it s a bit chillyisnt it f1104: yeah it
be pink sunsparkle s toyboxisnt it f1104: yeah sunsparkle
pan goes f1103: [inaudible] kitchenisnt it f1104: yeah that
this is the fire fightersisnt it f1104: yeah there
cause that s sunny dazeisnt it f1104: yep and
d- f1103: that s goodisnt it f1104: yep f1103:
s what you asked forisnt it f1104: yep f1103:
than the other ains thoughisnt it f1104: yes it
snowflake that s really niceisnt it f1112: i m
that s a nice cardisnt it f1112: i m
o bubbles in that bitisnt it f1112: [inaudible] uh
me f1111: mummy s friendisnt it f1112: mm mmhm
dissolving wi the hot waterisnt it f1112: mmhm f1111:
tyre wheel a wheel markisnt it f1112: no it
nice and cosy that waterisnt it f1112: put it
mum f1113: that s cuteisnt it f1114: it s
f1113: it s nearly bedtimeisnt it f1114: look [inaudible]
f1114: [inaudible] f1113: nice smellisnt it f1114: mmhm f1113:
that s a good bookieisnt it f1114: oh ah
s the chickens beddy hereisnt it f1114: yes f1113:
cause it s awful noisyisnt it f1114: yes that
bow tied round the ballisnt it f1114: yes the
s better now as wellisnt it f1118: look f1117:
a nice baggie as wellisnt it f1118: mm f1117:
that s the best bitisnt it f1118: mmhm f1117:
or what that s betterisnt it f1118: [singing] f1117:
pot of paint that oneisnt it f1118: yes a
pink hair bobble that oneisnt it f1118: yes f1117:
her this is your oneisnt it f1118: yes f1117:
a funny face i thinkisnt it f1122: aye funny
is going to be messyisnt it f1122: aye messy
that s funny looking fishisnt it f1122: aye mum
that bowl s getting hotisnt it f1122: aye the
bit muddy f1122: muddy f1121: isnt it f1122: can we
f1121: mm that s goodisnt it f1122: [cough] [cough]
that s a bit hardisnt it f1122: [exhale] f1121:
f1121: mm it s messyisnt it f1122: i m
your hands that s dangerousisnt it f1122: mm i
fine it s warm todayisnt it f1122: mm somebody
it s like oval shapeisnt it f1122: mmhm a
wheel could be a circleisnt it f1122: mmhm a
f1121: what a bonny dayisnt it f1122: mmhm f1121:
looking a lot tidier nowisnt it f1122: no look
f1121: aye it s yuckyisnt it f1122: seaweed is
that s good that ainisnt it f1122: this ain
s a nice tartan jumperisnt it f1122: this match
a long way away yetisnt it f1122: why santa
s like a peachy colourisnt it f1124: fitt f1123:
f1123: this is really blackisnt it f1124: mmhm like
a clown in a boxisnt it f1126: a clown
the cakes to go inisnt it f1126: aye f1125:
sprinkles for on the topisnt it f1126: aye sprinkles
ain s gone all lopsidedisnt it f1126: eh i
what we ve tae daeisnt it f1126: i break
that s winnie the poohisnt it f1126: there s
it s going fast todayisnt it f1136: mmhm look
a nice day for outsideisnt it f1136: uh huh
that s too steep thoughisnt it f1136: uh huh
that s nice and tidyisnt it f1136: yep nice
hold it it s hardisnt it f1142: i ll
friday s a catholic thingisnt it f1143: i think
that s like conservatory nooadaysisnt it f1143: uh huh
f1054: that s certainly trueisnt it f1144: i can
a stotter [laugh] f1143: greatisnt it f1144: i ve
than just say the wordisnt it f1144: say that
mm f1054: that s funnyisnt it f1144: yeah f1054:
f1054: mm nice and politeisnt it f1144: yeah f1143:
that you re more intoisnt it f1148: uh huh
f1159: very cl- very studentyisnt it f1160: mmhm f947:
s in november as wellisnt it f1160: the first
it s called an eggisnt it f122: uh huh
that day centre day centreisnt it f632: aye she
f638: but that s dialectisnt it f637: we were
all the blood sugar goesisnt it f643: uh huh
is all about fun reallyisnt it f66: erm f1187:
s quite far away thenisnt it f746: a wee
essay is due after easterisnt it f806: fifteenth of
not but that s goodisnt it f806: [laugh] well
like eleven percent or somethinisnt it f832: i know
cause it s like medicationisnt it f833: yeah but
but that s just pronunciationisnt it f835: lazy pronunciation
area and it s containedisnt it f902: so- yeah
monday night is fine thoughisnt it f947: night mm
it s quite a whileisnt it f958: eh two
first experience of the placeisnt it f958: yeah [laugh]
no that s different thoughisnt it f963: in later
a metaphor for real lifeisnt it f963: [laugh] f965:
know but this is guiltisnt it f963: [laugh] mm
to do with the sunisnt it f963: [laugh] well
but this was like f965: isnt it f963: pointing at
but it s hovering thereisnt it f963: yeah mm
that s an interesting novelisnt it f963: yes m762:
dialect s very different itselfisnt it f978: shetland dialect
like in the north eastisnt it fair forfochen an
astonishment it s something elseisnt it fiona pushed a
birkie ca d a lordisnt it from burns m1022:
my dad was sayin thatisnt it funny how like
that s quite a mouthfulisnt it giggled the young
should be boring but itisnt it goes on and
all mmhm f1054: i thinkisnt it gosh that was
you re on a boatisnt it gutties no yeah
in one of his videosisnt it he likes pancakes
f1114: elephant s trunk f1113: isnt it he s got
that s the big ainsisnt it hear that hailstanes
that s again her ambianceisnt it her sh- she
identity confusion it s surprisingisnt it how many thoughts
it s a real dilemmaisnt it i dinna want
mmhm f746: uh huh f947: isnt it i don t
demand loudly it s inevitableisnt it i find myself
f1118: no f1117: no [inaudible]isnt it i ll need
an it s fair fochenisnt it i m fair
one and that s joyceisnt it i mean in
it s just another interpretationisnt it i mean it
i mean it s rudeisnt it i mean psychoraag
your reputation is so importantisnt it i mean you
red f1121: that s bonnyisnt it i saw you
s f1054: that is interestinisnt it i ve never
that s a lie thoughisnt it i- you totally
getting back in a senseisnt it in a sense
that s where nick studiedisnt it in london f1148:
because it s winter timeisnt it in the summer
jest but it s trueisnt it [inaudible] eh f1025:
[inaudible] m1013: that s goodisnt it [inaudible] f1054: wow
s a nice old oneisnt it [inaudible] f1143: yeah
in f1093: still very coldisnt it [inaudible] m1094: yes
that s the tap drippingisnt it [inhale] the toothpaste
cardigan as [censored: forename] got yesterdayisnt it is it lovely
f1109: that s the mapisnt it is that a
yeah m830: from f829: [inaudible]isnt it is that what
tigger f1121: it s cuteisnt it it is fine
aa torn it s niceisnt it it s a
tree f1114: [?]dinna ken[/?] f1113: lovelyisnt it it s bubbles
nice that sort of stuffisnt it it s completely
cause that s for girlsisnt it it s dollies
s gonnae be like thatisnt it it s gonnae
it is tons of funisnt it it s good
but it s just borinisnt it it s just
s like a soft nisnt it it s not
s an older word thoughisnt it it s one
just a bit o funisnt it it s tryin
was an interesting story nowisnt it john m608: it
you speak properly ye knowisnt it just just the
s f1054: that s interestinisnt it [laugh] anything else
right expressive [laugh] kinda wordisnt it [laugh] f1053: is
it s a bit vainisnt it [laugh] f810: i
very s- stornoway lewis thingisnt it led zeppelin [inaudible]
s a bit lighter thoughisnt it lighter lighter sort
it s just the sameisnt it like that day
about it s loanheid jimmyisnt it loanheid m1020: aye
it s nice and brightisnt it look [sucks air through teeth] it
clear as day tae yeisnt it loretta she s
[inaudible] f1111: a surprise hoorayisnt it lovely f1112: uh
got quite a few m1013: isnt it lovely soft f1054:
s a funny word grimisnt it m1000: [inaudible] plain
stuck that s really stuckisnt it m1002: mm f1001:
s a really common oneisnt it m1004: yeah stottin
comic he s something elseisnt it m1007: [laugh] aye
but more unusual more strangeisnt it m1007: that s
m1007: cause that s frenchisnt it m1008: mmhm f1009:
it s something like thatisnt it m1008: yes m1055:
they were f1054: kinda gussetisnt it m1015: yeah it
one that s very scottishisnt it m1019: off your
but this is for girlsisnt it m1090: and i
aeroplane it s aafa closeisnt it m1090: [?]do it do it again![/?] [inaudible]
that s what [censored: forename] likesisnt it m1090: girls yeah
there that s really quickisnt it m1090: i m
yuck that s bonnie thoughisnt it m1090: it s
s pencils for his homeworkisnt it m1090: mmhm [humming]
then oh it s heavyisnt it m1090: mmhm oop-
f1089: it s ayeways [censored: forename]isnt it m1090: this is
s santa on the windaeisnt it m1090: we- who
f1089: cause that s [?]mummy's ironing[/?]isnt it m1090: where s
cause it s newly washedisnt it m1090: yeah ah
ain f1089: that s scoopisnt it m1090: yeah where
now it s still rainingisnt it m1092: aye still
f1091: it s an umbrellaisnt it m1092: [?]got an umbrella[/?] who
it s jack and jillisnt it m1092: [inaudible] put
it s a different storyisnt it m1092: mm f1091:
thomas and that s jamesisnt it m1092: mmhm f1091:
it s bob s craneisnt it m1092: [?]not my one here[/?] f1091:
helicopter f1091: harold the helicopterisnt it m1092: uh huh
bob the builder s craneisnt it m1092: uh huh
we go that s betterisnt it m1094: [inaudible] like
it s cold outside tonightisnt it m1094: yeah and
the days of the weekisnt it m1094: yes f1093:
is a great big houseisnt it m1094: yes [laugh]
the days of the weekisnt it m1094: yes yes
nae [censored: forename] that s [censored: forename]isnt it m1096: see ya
f1097: it s only teatimeisnt it m1098: no oh
it s number twenty eightisnt it m1108: aye f1107:
to the coppie for butterisnt it m1108: i ll
s fitt mums is forisnt it m1108: mmhm f1107:
s a good book [censored: forename]isnt it m1110: abracazubrab f1109:
boats boats that s niceisnt it m1110: it s
bear oot o jungle bookisnt it m1110: what does
f1127: that s that [?]dean[/?]isnt it m1128: aye f1127:
see oh aye it isisnt it m1128: aye f1127:
fae fitt you ve gotisnt it m1128: aye i
trolley s green and yellowisnt it m1128: green and
the wifie that s bonnyisnt it m1128: [?]i'm taking[/?] spiderman
hard one to write doonisnt it m1146: mmhm mmhm
that s the stereotype thoughisnt it m734: wh- who
[tut] that s awful cleverisnt it m805: yeah m804:
good number for the heartisnt it m805: yeah m804:
yes decent place to startisnt it m827: no misty
that s what it isisnt it m865: mm yeah
which is just basically shitisnt it m941: a scaff
s always very windy hereisnt it m952: oh yeah
was wearing it s funnyisnt it m959: [laugh] that
that s a judo thingisnt it m964: [inaudible] f965:
granny f1054: that s unanimousisnt it male partner m1012:
all i think about itisnt it may feel cathartic
that s a nice gameisnt it miss helen troy
s the rubber as wellisnt it mmhm m1017: aye
like this that s betterisnt it [mobile phone rings] that s
f1104: that s her dressisnt it mum f1103: mmhm
[child noises] this is the bedisnt it mum f1103: mmhm
it s an aafa dayisnt it no nae up
s just your first shottieisnt it now oh look
newspaper m1092: uh huh f1091: isnt it now oh mam
t it that s perfectisnt it och that s
that would fit in thereisnt it oh it tells
that s a good ideaisnt it okay what will
idea that you know thatisnt it or or erm
no that s the patriarchisnt it orthodox patriarch anyway
got there s a tenisnt it peggy is that
a greek word or somethinisnt it posse i m
quite distinct there kinda palisnt it rather than pal
s what you re afterisnt it revenge but you
yuck yuck that s horribleisnt it right i m
oh fish is wonderful f1054: isnt it right runne- running
yeah yeah it s trueisnt it right so so
s a bit o eeyoreisnt it see push it
revelation it s called bestialityisnt it she whispered repelled
an old fashioned word nowisnt it slacks f1023: slacks
we see in our streetsisnt it so much better
listen to that melody dannyisnt it something i can
ain s a bit bigisnt it than the rest
the same with speaking scotsisnt it that m830: that
th- which is the processisnt it that people have
f1104: that s a edgesisnt it that s a
mam f1109: that s orangeisnt it that s an
think that s just fineisnt it that s perfect
[inaudible] f1129: that s agesisnt it that s quite
was was the other oneisnt it that s that
words that s bein usedisnt it that they they
s a nice little oneisnt it that would match
as postman pat s vanisnt it the car f1126:
these pillars of society beaumontisnt it the community itself
s quite far and wideisnt it the gaelic community
oh that s the festivalisnt it the mm f978:
the oldest pub in glasgowisnt it the scotia or
[laugh] f1011: off the machineisnt it the stitches come
it s a real downerisnt it the way that
after all it s wonderfulisnt it then with natural
it s very rich oneisnt it there s load
to be twenty one f812: isnt it there s nothing
no it s stuck doonisnt it there s that
know f1121: that s flagsisnt it they re in
but that s new tooisnt it this is low
that s a modern oneisnt it uh huh f1143:
f718: is that near peterheadisnt it up a bit
cause it s all skinisnt it [urgh] maks me
that s a long neckisnt it we can maybe
and itchin and itchin [sniff]isnt it we ll get
fitt it s a butterflyisnt it we re all
it s unanaimous that oneisnt it what aboot a
a bit a male thingisnt it what would you
i mean it s sillyisnt it when ye think
beddy when you re tiredisnt it when you go
that instantly springs to mindisnt it when you have
would like that f1089: peopleisnt it would i no
vratch m999: it s wretchisnt it ye could say
formal f1001: aye aye m999: isnt it ye ging tae
s gey snell the dayisnt it ye ken ye
of romantic sort of thingisnt it yeah f902: mmhm
[laugh] dat s in lerwickisnt it yeah f961: dey
f631: it s really distractingisnt it yeah i know
everything on that one nowisnt it yeah it s
s a good scots wordisnt it yeah m1016: that
mm f1054: that s interestinisnt it yeah m1042: oh
f1054: wow that is amazinisnt it yeah tae think
cockney well cockney is londonisnt it yeah well that
s a good scots oneisnt it yeah what aboot
it s like a mirrorisnt it you can kind
wee box on the mapisnt it you don t
and it s it isisnt it you know and
should be done but itisnt [laugh] f746: [laugh] f745:
mmhm mm f965: no sheisnt [laugh] m964: [laugh] f963:
a serious one for heisnt laughing or smiling neither
couldn t read it holdenisnt like me at all
wood to make sure sheisnt looking but the story
on the blackboard miss woodisnt looking she is bending
f1071: mmhm sometimes no itisnt m1070: just smooth peanut
all held there m818: ayeisnt m819: cause hibs m818:
like a guitar and drumsisnt m959: mmhm f958: very
tone death but it certainlyisnt me after practising this
be his thing though itisnt mine he s maybe
the americans joy and lisaisnt more formal and academic
samuel s ball her nameisnt mowdy see the boys
variation dave wheeler reckons thereisnt much doubt that the
them i stop listening itisnt my fault that beastie
the records properly so itisnt my fault that boys
the stereo lid and itisnt my fault that it
well i know the stoneisnt my therapist anymore but
can t be true happinessisnt my thing as some
say that rebus s scotlandisnt necessarily my scotland f606:
yeah she is cause maleficentisnt nice f1103: no she
that s [inaudible] f1126: thereisnt no ice f1125: mmhm
eh sprinkles coming off thereisnt no ice f1125: oh
drug capital of europe f835: isnt north east scotland like
because of the strap andyisnt noticing that he s
kind of secret which thereisnt of course i m
joe for whatever happens heisnt one of my options
are dry contained sobs sheisnt one to break down
m1094: why f1093: the officeisnt open on saturday m1094:
giein mair understannin added itisnt particularly broad nothing like
nothing personal he said artisnt personal dear sir it
that image is dispelled itisnt possible to make any
even if you your faithisnt quite goin down that
smoke that is if itisnt raining as it frequently
murmur of some kind heisnt re assured he returns
alone unfortunately the maggie jeanisnt ready for me tonight
for meditation except the cushionisnt real and neither is
knackered i said whacked whichisnt really a nice word
she s sure breast feedingisnt really natural and as
you know me if itisnt redundancy money i might
about the fact that scotsisnt represented in the the
ye gordon hesitates knowing somethingisnt right mum sadie just
grace in dubliners fatima houseisnt run by moonies is
better than i can whichisnt saying much what do
get your handbag exit gladysisnt she 60 next month
him in the pub andisnt she a funny bird
and unpunctual with her feedingisnt she and she bullies
f1121: oh she s goodisnt she [censored: forename] f1122: i
f1101: aw she s bonnyisnt she f1102: aye mum
that does the belly dancingisnt she f1102: mmhm f1101:
wisest pony in the landisnt she f1103: mmhm f1104:
rainbow dash is a blueisnt she f1103: mmhm f1104:
yeah because she s blueisnt she f1103: mmhm f1104:
s a very big oneisnt she f1103: mmhm f1104:
is she s very beautifulisnt she f1104: yeah f1103:
aye sleeping beauty s beautifulisnt she f1104: yeah she
beautiful f1117: she s beautifulisnt she f1118: yes f1117:
her tops and her claesisnt she f1118: yes f1117:
face mmhm she is sadisnt she f1122: aye f1121:
s she s only littleisnt she f1122: mmhm f1121:
cause [censored: forename] s too littleisnt she f1130: but i
and she s a nurseisnt she f963: mm mm
katie morag said mrs mccollisnt she good grannie och
f1104: she s tinkerbell f1103: isnt she is she pretty
peggy she s determined gladysisnt she jist a little
s really keeping herself busyisnt she karate and fencing
wi you at the nurseryisnt she m1090: yeah f1089:
wanting somebody to play wiisnt she m1092: uh huh
that window m1094: why f1093: isnt she m1094: [child noise] f1093:
s awful high up thereisnt she m1094: what s
f606: but she s learningisnt she m954: well she
carolanne she s okay nowisnt she maggie i don
door sadie right wee chatterboaxisnt she racket dis ma
[censored: forename] she s a monkeyisnt she right we ve
beastie is fat because sheisnt she s my baby
f1103: aye she s badisnt she she s scary
cause she s too noisyisnt she there s harold
m605: oh she s postdoctoralisnt she yeah m741: yeah
it s f978: so terribleisnt slushy yeah yes f746:
hope so hope your arthritisisnt so bad now maybe
do i know that thisisnt some kind of f1151:
is a cunt but itisnt strictly true saying george
that that s bad m1090: isnt supposed to f1089: uh
these kind of stories heisnt sure if the soldiers
at aa f1104: no sheisnt sure the people want
the ile really realising thisisnt tactful in some wyes
in the air f965: nowisnt that a wonder f963:
quite popular cause the foodisnt that bad [?]i've gotta[/?] m818:
saying he s getting marriedisnt that bigamy by the
t understand scots f1037: yeahisnt that funny f1038: but
because he was a scotisnt that funny f1038: he
of me i had f1037: isnt that funny f1038: stones
nine on this single whichisnt that good anyway erm
got an a so itisnt that i m doing
for the imagination to workisnt that just great morag
armature f1077: big big coilsisnt that part of a
of folk than we didisnt that right millie f1018:
that and then really thatisnt that s not what
ken this silence zeb loriisnt that she standing by
the war in iraq ohisnt that terrible f940: [laugh]
red sae firey red zebisnt that very poisonous tess
don t think so yoursisnt that way paul reads
monster because zaf s fatherisnt that you know f963:
really as long as itisnt the conservatives and i
feels intensely concerned but theirsisnt the kind of relationship
needed it but the restisnt the only reason the
previously and of course thereisnt the the transport link
looks and thinks that thereisnt the trout in it
quintessential judder of the jungleisnt there a cracked paw
but what about you jamesisnt there a part of
conservatives disco f718: [laugh] erisnt there a story that
mm yeah yeah mmhm m762: isnt there a visceral power
f1127: there s mair stickersisnt there aye what s
there is another word thoughisnt there er can t
erm erm cinderella as wellisnt there f1103: aye there
s horseshoes f1103: aye f1104: isnt there f1103: careful f1104:
for going up the stairsisnt there f1104: yep [inaudible]
loads o glitter on itisnt there f1122: aye f1121:
a lot of birdies todayisnt there f1122: mmhm we
have you left the pondisnt there food there for
there s one bit missingisnt there here it goes
wet there s big stanesisnt there in the the
so many photographers as wellisnt there [laugh] f689: [laugh]
f1091: there s a holeisnt there m1092: behind the
there s loads o animalsisnt there m1092: there s
pieces in the rocket oneisnt there m1092: uh huh
colours and shapes and sizesisnt there m1094: mmhm and
drying up if the fishisnt there the jobs aren
there s a green oneisnt there there s somebody
a mess in the bathroomisnt there there s what
his hens and his eggsisnt there they re all
sort of permanence about itisnt there this idea of
words in the north eastisnt there ye ken aa
the roundabouts roundabouts is goodisnt they f1114: yes yes
but the family pretends sheisnt they think auntie ena
meet someone they ll sayisnt this a nightmare it
that colour it s greenisnt this [inaudible] f1123: yeah
either workers or the copsisnt this where that truck
through february already or almostisnt time flying seven weeks
no more i fear thereisnt time for the politeness
s gone the postage hereisnt too bad though it
well happy and that springisnt too far away for
the glasgow bulletin and andyisnt too happy about them
at this stage the tutorisnt too important i hope
extensively around the province thereisnt too much to see
to rods p m heisnt too well shovel snow
you know what you sayisnt true robby wasn t
[inaudible] m818: overdraft extension whichisnt very good [inaudible] m819:
f947: mmhm m1161: [inaudible] thereisnt very much that s
prob- yeah maybe the essayisnt weighted that much is
live m827: yeah aye thereisnt were you to wait
and the system of trustisnt what it first appears
all over or maybe itisnt which is why gorbachov
mind just wasn t i-isnt wired for it now
gives him biscuits when heisnt with her he s
we know at the momentisnt working well in modern
booze somethin worse gordon hashisnt worse than booze or
fancy that f1150: yeah whichisnt yeah f1151: na f1150:
f718: mm well maybe thereisnt yeah m1078: mmhm f718:
strichen s a kirk thatisnt yet a pub young
his thing just as guiltisnt yours what about joe
it s joost da wyeisnit funny things happens at
it s just da wyeisnit da men says at
aafil prittie day da dayisnhit da sun is choost

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