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and aucht and twinty thereisnajew nar gregian there isna
and aucht and twenty thereisnajew nor greek there isna
isna jew nar gregian thereisnathrall nar free ye are
isna jew nor greek thereisnathrall nor free ye are
intil france flee fegs heisnablate yon faither damian ma
france flee [laugh] fegs heisnablate yon faither damian ma
yon faither damian ma certesisnahe sclimin up the parpane
yon faither damian ma certesisnahe sclimin up the parpane
scriever the buik o ruthisnaaboot flytin nar fechtin it
the auld dreme o menisnayon yere dreme alsweel ah
the auld dreme o menisnayon yere dreme alsweel i
good m1096: no it isnaisna[inaudible] f1095: put that ain
nae good m1096: no itisnaisna [inaudible] f1095: put that
bonny pig that f1134: itisnano yet it isna not
it isna no yet itisnanot yet nae yet f1133:
then again it isna thisisnathe crown s cause and
ye but then again itisnathis isna the crown s
an border kulter an heiisnablate tae express himsel i
scotland hes pruiven at heiisnablate tae prent airticles i
going f1140: i think heisnaf1139: aw f1140: he never
dinna ken f1140: no sheisnagoin f1139: she s nae
shae hesna bene hairmed shaeisnafrie ti cum an gae
pray ti heiven at shaeisnasechtit mirren dinna fash we
leirsman wang du s efterisnayon da wang jin at
them and the weemen saidisnayon naomi dinna caa me
his faither dees na itisnait wul be cormac the
is green f1089: the skyisnagreen fitt colour s the
the bottom cause the roadsisnaup in the sky is
the ootset my lords thisisnajist aboot twa men but
men ilkither winna geck zhangisnama name for wha a
an ill amang men itisnasafe fell roused nou the
syne ist wi oursels godisnadoverin nor awa fur a
telt me yestrein gin itisnadrawn suin he l hae
our mairches here dy mannieisnahere gin ye re maister
a dream gin their lordisnamine ma lord he lowsit
twa sat doun gin itisnaowre bauld o uis daur
it is m1096: no itisnaf1095: a corner look cause
a corner m1096: no itisnaf1095: aye it is see
s fine m1096: no itisnaf1095: it is fine finish
na na ma friend chehartmaisnaan ingan it s roast
existing in these countries thatisnaa criminal is free whether
tung kis efter in aaisnaane s hamelt langage thair
straucht tries nou a trieisnabot ane objek o vaill
there s ane here atisnaspeir at him an gang
dictionar the likes o thonisnagaun tae fund its wey
maistres stein s saicont quastiounisnagaun ti be telt bi
gaun ti onie waddins atisnama ain wes tammas s
awa bi this for heisnaat the sheilin dinna you
god is guid his guidwillisnafor ae day his truth
we tae assert that whitisnaguid enough for a white
is getherin an the watherisnaguid ferr better cum back
been spoken in scotland anisnarecognised bi the hamelt scots
n invitations ir v areisnav is not ither a
john follaed ma mither johnisnao ma bluid ye ken
be ee grippin cause fowkisnaexpeckin tae see oniethin ither
s cold cause the radiatorisnaup rub a dub dub
f1104: their ponytails this thereisnaany in that one f1103:
sunny days but sunny daysisnablue is she f1103: no
a sink f1104: that sisnathe co- f1103: it is
done f1104: see this ainisnavery tricky after aa is
want tae ken said maconochieisnaaboot the clans or the
weill ye ken that thatisnafair ye shuirlie wadna hae
f1117: i ken but thatisnavery nice when you re
thole that but faithless thatisnafair ah wes never that
doot be haein an christmasisnafar awa hit just makks
that the lykes o meisnafit ti fessen the warst
macduff fit ti rowle heisnafit ti leeve puir scotland
til oor hert macbeth whatisnaduin ti serr ye is
cowshus mich o z racordisnakent ti me tho a
aboot whit scots is orisnathe haill lesson wis conductit
tell o him but heisnahereawa it s h e
can tell ye meg whaisnamercie ye coud say that
report ye if your hooseisnaclean peggy the home helps
ye for naethin sicna guidwillisnaeasy peyed back nae need
this year o 1778 thisisnajamaica but scotland we submit
politicisation or survival sae thisisnajuist a moral chyce o
o academic discoors dt iisnameant t be fun in
end o the glen whilkisnaonlyke the prow o ae
relations between thae races thisisnasimply a maitter o property
the nem o grunstane atisnaweill regairdit i thon airts
t tae lair at scotsisnataucht i the scottis borders
ur maet dis peerie storyisnajoost plisd here t display
no she s no nooisnahow does buttons click f1141:
[inaudible] ears f1093: her earsisnagoing in she s too
gab his mou this timeisnastappit wi rags his heid
the required labours but thisisnatrue slaves are worked where
s mess an the uniformisnachaip forbye yer expeckit tae
else in his present circumstancesisnahis by choice but as
feinist hiz snap first itisnaa warks it s a
revoir fedotik ah dout itisnaau revoir it s guidby
her it s natur naturisnaaye as nicey nice as
laun wi hask wather itisnagracious an growthie monie pairts
ruised him wi maister shiisnacried a hero for naethin
introduction u d personal voiceisnaaesy jane writes i find
discussion widens oot dis ideaisnarestricted t d yooniversitee hit
unnerstaun that yer neist forgaitherinisnaor the 15t november sae

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