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that had been learnit standartitalianby its lane 43 professor
did better in a standartitaliantest nor the group that
group wis learnit ainly standartitalianthe tither wis learnit standart
the tither wis learnit standartitalianwi a tait o english
sqa packs in french germanitalianand spanish provide exemplification of
in four languages french germanitalianand spanish the minister for
did sort of spanish anditalianbut it was only like
try german doesn t workitaliandoesn t work spanish doesn
intelligible fur example spanish anitaliane en separate leids sic
gaelic german french spanish anditalianin the light of these
yes m1007: gaelic english spanishitalianm1008: absolutely and glaswegian m1007:
studied as well as frenchitalianspanish and flemish elizabeth s
the obscure and invented germanitalianspanish dutch basque danish hebrew
urdu cantonese bengali polish arabicitalianan japanese the report states
urdu cantonese bengali polish arabicitalianand japanese the report states
urdu arabic punjabi farsi turkishitalianhindi french table 3 languages
floor with some japanese anditalianspectators as well as shock
different official languages french germanitalianand romansch when i was
chamber including french gaelic germanitalianrussian dutch basque and latin
i mean did you speakitalianat the time m1163: very
m1163: yeah m608: come fromitalianbackground can you m1163: yeah
your wife your wife sitalianm1163: right my wife erm
and my mother she sitalianm608: mmhm m1163: er f-
m1163: erm my wife isitalianm608: oh right m1163: and
my four grandparents are allitalianm608: oh right m1163: and
thought of as being particularlyitalianor m1163: well i don
english faster than you learntitalianyeah yeah m1163: it- exactly
next valley was not frenchitalianor romansch just another form
had only been taught standarditalian43 professor johnstone contends that
other group was taught standarditalianbut with a small amount
group was taught only standarditalianthe other group was taught
the place had almost anitalianamerican feel to it created
american tourist complained to theitalianbehind us i m freezing
in a test of standarditalianthan the group who had
at that time with whatitaliankids and members of the
well there was very fewitaliankids at that time because
on to pizza at theitalianmarket a loud exuberant vegetable
pizza etc market in theitalianquarter of philadelphia that was
what happened was that thisitalianfamily d go to that
family d go to thatitalianfamily this week m608: oh
marwick nora radcliffe s1m 1782italiantelecommunications framework lodged on 22
russell colin campbell s1m 1782italiantelecommunications framework lodged on 22
twalmonth wi twa groups oitalianprimary 1 pupils maikit for
worked with two groups ofitalianpupils in primary 1 who
own poems particularly versions initalianin fact there is a
f689: so i might tryitalianwith it an see if
seen you in er initalianshe says to my mother
villa in tuscany speak fluentitalianand no doubt end up
be the better workers anitalianp o w called fredo
a translation o pavarotti sitalianarias bit fit i winner
be fit tae beat theitalianbillies bit sittin in ma
t [laugh] m1004: [inaudible] initalianf1054: so g- i mean
7 years my dad sitalianhe uses doric for fun
him years ago for anitalianwould you believe it sir
i learned a bit ofitalianin the free lessons in
don t like that m811: italianguy and i was like
had the advent of threeitalianprisoners of war is the
mistress story with lancerotto anitalianas its scarlett o hara
met its owner a youngitalianwoman from turin [censored: forename] then
the final two acts theitaliancouple behind us were middle
of lunch at the sameitaliancafé we d visited in
finca as fine as anyitalianequivalent drawn by leonardo da
as regular easily decipherable semiitalianhand since this was probably
as the speaker of theitalianparliament in rome he may
t know it s anitalianthing apparently f631: uh huh
and moray coast if theitalianconnection began indirectly with catullus
an irena here kens theitaliananaw but whitna tryauve it
to meet his lover anitaliannoblewoman and you get hallelujah
is an abridgement of theitalianromance into scotis meitir we
become the speaker of theitalianparliament in rome i suspect
it could be tried initaliansignora presidente sono solamente un
in their best cocktail dressesitaliansuits garish secondhand clobber and
heid ah canna mynd theitalianfor wundae or for ceilin
france 1974 1981 the formeritalianand belgian prime ministers mr
highland council hm inspectorate ibmitalianconsulate learning and teaching scotland
that were current during theitalianrenaissance he believed that the
powerful capacity for sublimation theitalianpsychotherapist assagioli attaches high value
giving details of mum sitaliantrip there is also a
wasa magnifico jimmy s boomingitaliangreeting dwindled to a squeak

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