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wee whilie 6 siller oritherbenefits whaur onie sum is
think o hir as onieitherbodie as a naebodie she
ah m juist lyke onieitherbodie but in companie ah
canna tell you or onieitherbodie what she said for
clos ti me nor onieitherbuddie i the warl bot
ir thay bigger nor onieitherburds ye hae seen afore
fir scots on it onieitherbusiness the group notit the
juist a job lyke onieitherbut ye maun allou maister
for it wisnae lik onieitherkinna fish he hid iver
haed nae need o onieitherkinrik he hae yin o
tae dae sae an onieitherleid soonds fremmit i ma
menyie niver ti let onieitherleivin sowl ken o the
on ma tongue nor onieithername in hell macbeth ma
nellie elliot nor i onieithero thair generation whan it
move a finger or onieitherpairt o his bodie aw
gang and gaither at onieitherrig and dinna luik onie
luik onie deifferand frae onieitherti let the twenes sayin
loue thaim mair nor onieithertree it s fyne leevin
bogils or fairies or onieitherunbienlyke craeturs he coudna see
they wadna hae it onieitherwey aince thae professionals ken
in case we meet eachitheran mind the wey we
frichtent horssis walloped up theitherwey an the twa chimla
the nae ither wey naeitherwey ava na nae ither
the nae ither wey naeitherwey ava puddok na nae
the road aw lookin theitherwey but the worst thing
at school tae speak anyitherwey [inaudible] mm m1010: ye
we couldn t have naeitherwey ken it was either
a aye pit it theitherwey masell sayed andra whan
wey ava puddok na naeitherwey morag wad a kiss
seconds morag ir the naeitherwey nae ither wey ava
lang whyle ir the naeitherwey nae ither wey ava
his haund the war naeitherwey o mittlin him or
bypast an we ve naeitherwey o peyin ye back
a haet there s naeitherwey o t dominie a
back nou there wis naeitherwey out frae time a
insteid o it bein theitherwey roond this miracle isnae
ither wey ava na naeitherwey said the puddok the
yer room agnes look theitherwey same as awbody else
the puil still luikin theitherwey till he wis staunin
o the wey tae letitheryins intae the wa sae
an nestie fowk amang theithercivvies the hoi polloi ah
what belangs me lat alaneitherfowk a wadna begek the
haes sterted tae withdraw fraeitherfowk acton croke daes weel
amang god s choicen fowkitherfowk alsweel for we ken
ye got there it keepititherfowk awa fae yer trocks
nae richt tae gaap atitherfowk bit i will admit
soond guid scots speakers taeitherfowk but dinna think thirsels
clivver clivverer nor a hantilitherfowk but whyles ah think
thai ar aw obrans atitherfowk dinna vaillie he hed
wi a wheen o theitherfowk followin ahint them they
be cried by ordinar forbyeitherfowk hae argued that ony
syne but a m thinkanitherfowk haes aye shawed whitwey
an stounds he wis gieinitherfowk he d juist gae
is gittin uised tae lattinitherfowk hear ye speakin scots
ye an inklin o fititherfowk hiv been tellin s
the gibble gabble o theitherfowk in the bar as
r gey brave aboot jagginitherfowk mebbe you wad lyke
makkin thair adews ti theitherfowk o the widds tammas
his feet six snippets faeitherfowk one of the pleasures
juist hed ti lissen tiitherfowk readin out loud whit
clerk wis that mistellt wiitherfowk s claik at he
mintit in petitions an readitherfowk s comments for mair
isie bein nae respector oitherfowk s dallies or onythin
syne ye re intill eitherfowk s ian at s
i scutter on fine wiitherfowk s languages it s
aye likit tae rake abootitherfowk s places it s
swick that helps hissell tilitherfowk s siller but he
o the wardens an siclikeitherfowk speirit the marischal wad
dialect an i d likeitherfowk tae dee e same
i tried tae cater foritherfowk tee ah weel eence
porridge like a hullock oitherfowk that widna admit till
life that is lived foritherfowk the hert gien gledly
yer say an read whititherfowk thinks whiles msps yaise
weill meanin nor a hantilitherfowk toozenbach ye aften roose
a warld men share wiitherfowk twa gif its true
fowk fae foreign pairts inithergear it wis only last
he wesna mukkil bigger noritherheich fowk aw the ettins
m999: aye that would meanitherither m1002: the fowk in
warld fisher fowk an theitherkind thon wis brocht hame
aye that would mean itheritherm1002: the fowk in the
fur fish bit fowk haeitherneeds thor silkie kelpie keep
as i hid aye theithernews o fowk wi north
name o releegion fowk fraeitherplanets thocht them a tint
prayers is effeckfu abune aaitherthing warldlie fowk cries him
bi plasma screen or computeritherunmerried fowk bedd wi their
the servin men an theitherwarkin fowk at s about
thaim for sum reason oritherah m feart for thaim
ma fuit knicht aweill sumitherday syre ah l obleige
up ti sum mischief orithermoula ah ken she s
sum say he listit anithersum that the weiriefu press
that wes wuiiven areddies anithersum ti settin a mukkil
heard a rabbit or sumitherthing ah coud fell wi
s cummin speak aboot sumitherthing enter irena and toozenbach
hae ti think o sumitherthing for ti help hir
we l think o sumitherthing ti be shuir nou
hae ti think o sumitherthing ti help hir as
major for sum reason orithertho ye warna a richt
killt i sum brulziement oritherwi the indigenous dwallers oot
bletherin sum demned styte oritherye r lyke a mukkil
i canna think o onyitheradjective tae describe e soon
tae caper jist like onyitherbairns scenes 3 4 group
way i canny with onyitherbody i ll tell you
mair to me than onyitherbody jack oh deana deana
understands it better than onyitherbody m865: mmhm okay m952:
the auld testament an onyitherbreets ye can fin in
something wi this 11 onyitherbusiness john kirk minded aabodie
her smiles nane for onyitherbut it s far ower
tale an no by onyithercriterion paraventure an heep of
in ony case as taeitherexpenses i dinna think hauf
i canny think o onyitherexplanation mr beaumont beaumont weel
normal a life as onyitherfree man these requests were
let e birds an onyitherhungry craiters get at fit
crept an juist like onyitherlad in dreamless depths i
geese or watterhen or onyithertae be seen es day
ll no stand for onyitherthing here for onything on
loved him mair than onyitherthing in the warld lilian
in an oor than onyitherwife could spin in a
i winna sleep with onyitherwoman s leavings i ve
ever lyke ti see ilkitheragain we claucht ither wi
ither have you got anyitheranes for that one no
seen in ilkie toon someitherbody s dother some ither
ither body s dother someitherbody s loon twa bairns
m999: aye no no naeitherhave you got any ither
hear t for ere sithersoons near at haan ither
look odd if it wasitherst- ither stones that wis
if it was ither st-itherstones that wis on it
ither soons near at haanitherthings takkin up yer attintion
ilk ither again we clauchtitherwi oor twa begrutten faces
while langer nor men faeitherairts sae excep when thare
wis the mcgintys they gotitherblessins mind ye mair nor
an makkin provision for leidsithernor english it is worth
the scots pairlament o languagesithernor inglis 32 efter darg
designer he cud afford naneithernor jenny sangster she hung
veesitor there wha spak oithernor mark that he d
an thare coud be naeitherootcum o t nor ma
hingin aff nae divorces noritherpairtners tae snorrel things up
feel the cauld mair noritherpuddoks it s a bit
itherwise nor faa inti ilkithers airms praise god praise
prep inside ir v areithera other jag v n
internal organs ir v areithera other jey n joy
we expekkit aye ti meetitheragain the day we ir
obleigement queen ir the oniethingitherah can dae for ye
intae pigeon holes somewye iritheran fit wye wid ye
chiao 884 the chrysant speaksitherflouers ir in bluim but
libations at some ceremony iritheri aye thocht o em
the ir said finn naeithermerksman in aw the warld
craik ferm mairch ir twaeithersma sheep ferms wolfcleuch heid
yeir een ir lyke naeitherwumman s a ve ever
cans frae the toon theitherfeed men war cottared on
his men wur abreid herrienitherfocks cattle thay kam upo
awa til the huntin lykeithermen an ye r no
saul but whan ah seeithermen aye rairin fou it
no that the r naeithermen but we lyke this
af for thair lands anithermen for their jewels an
ti be the same asithermen he greined ti walk
dae gret deeds abuin awithermen here ae day eftir
guidwyfe orm ah never noticeithermen s wyfes thorfinn hou
s guid there are naeithermen tae look ye ower
ken juist why abune aaithermen the p m did
hallan tae pairt them fraeithermen we hae kintra agayne
men hae pairtit themsels fraeithermen we hae kintra agayne
an weir wha laucht atithermen whase caa ti airms
ae the toon tae theitherstreets were mobbed men and
ebenezer is awaw in theitherane an he is a
ken twinkle twinkle so fititherane div ye ken m1090:
be the match o ilkaitherane i catch aye sir
thaim poulticed me an theitherane smeikit oot the chaumer
new ane putten on theitherfront fuit anaw syne he
tory squaddie at least aneitherhaes a profile that wid
ma coy the war twaitherladdies set by me ane
bit i m here onithermaitters aathegither ane tae yer
frae ane an prepared theitherpatient tae takk it advances
by scores at hame anitherplaces as ane wha s
the wie man hed aneitherrobotik panser kythit frae guid
are gey sib ane tillitherthen ye hae tae think
tell ane frae the titherthis faust says i m
tae sei til sumhin oritherwhan ane o the gethern
wi campaigns retreats victories killinitheran the lyke but nou
frae the green wuid whititheraunsert the callant galluss lyke
oor cannie horses nicher tilitherin taiken lyke as we
lyke macdougals nae dout whaitherthis luiks gey lyke thair
on her side on theitherhand she ettles to dern
back poued up on theitherside an they aw got
she damp near need theitherside aw tae hursel a
road yer uncle bade atitherside but fan that f1043:
the harbour an oot theitherside f606: [tut] ah m822:
better like girse at eitherside o e palin slackent
the cavers estate on theitherside o hawick toun it
bit wi maun jeedge yonitherside o his prophecy fin
rinnin till it reached theitherside o tarland an yon
hoose wheech staunds on theitherside o the borth ick
my ma bade at theitherside o the road an
aw the hooses ower theitherside o the road wunnerin
a braid holm on theitherside sawn this year wi
ye ran roon till eitherside tae nab it as
it ower tae see theitherside then picked it up
ae side een at eithertill ye d wirkit yer
vines rankit een abeen eitheras ey ran up e
ye will haud een tillithercome faat may the vows
wait for milk bit thisithereen her time is nae
yer wye tae tak eithereen i ve a gye
opened so see s theithereen muriel ye ve made
barrel twa weemin guttit theithereen pangit the herrin stappin
three glowered at een anitheren jonsar beat a hasty
een on tap o eitherfleein back an fore wi
we baith ken een anitherjonsar eck laughs an say
haad anither een in theitherpooch anither school denner time
ll no easy look inithers een look efter yirsel
look at een or twaithervillages bit oors wis hard
faith the menzies hid naeitherbairn tae connach bit isie
same for some o eithereens if it hid been
fower auld dears fae theitherend o the toon hid
tied up in ribbons anitherfalderals the bruces hid bocht
better fin we landit yonneritherfowks hid das fa played
steen i winnered foo monyithergypit quines like masel hid
incarnate neil duguid on theitherhaun hid nae want o
wis get flattent an eitherhid a crackit shall i
heid miss vining tho hiditherideas there wis a wee
stame ye micht say eitherlads hid been doon e
took a look at eithermirror an hid a swerve
hid anely sleepit wi twaitherquines afore jenny haein a
find the place somewye oritherthe wee wifie hid flasks
your bloody stink somewye oritherthe wifie hid disappeared intae
bit hid mair trees eithertwa less bit it hid
were weepin an haudin eachitherup hid wiz a good
the twa smiled tae eachitheran leuch neil duguid tuik
ah hae seen twa thrieithercases the neibor o this
the corner puil while twaitherchiels fishin the faur bank
africa an india an theitheroutposts o empire twa pages
anent whit haed befawn theithertwa an the war naebodie
gaed on and saw anithertwa brithers james son o
opened jonsar eck an theithertwa helpers gasped oh nae
drookit richt throu an theithertwa juist gawped at the
ye rang the bell anithertwa puir lassies fell wi
whan he d cleikit theithertwa reiver chiefs an gotten
ye sal see keep theithertwa sauf an dinna you
wi the cottar an theithertwa wang jin ance mair
twa day ride by pownieitherwe ll gang by caur
hoose while we tuik theitheryin twa miles ablow the
f1103: well i dinna maybeitherfolk div but i dinna
by passin them oan taeitherfolk gordon i know it
turn that was so asitherfolk got a chance to
to ruthrieston school like maistitherfolk nae me though smugly
her bones easier than wiitherfolk onywye it was aye
he kent his groats initherfolk s kail found in
speak about a vest anitherfolk speak aboot seemits [laugh]
sadie ma money stealin faeitherfolk this better be good
bairn she s depended onitherfolk to mak up her
re describin your mam taeitherfolk what would ye say
fine just tae be wiitherfolk ye ken peggy aye
concorde yer appointed nem naeitheraircraft can carry yer fem
micht gie help tae theitheran nae fecht ower the
for me finn for naeithercan dae this thing sae
nae ticket an whan fowerithercoorse luikin buggers frae the
say that there is naeithercountry in the world where
owrancer for a ve naeitherfendin gang ye on an
dinnae tak nae chances whititherfowks daes weel that s
owrancer acause a d naeitherhelpeners here nou he s
nae alternative there are naeitherjobs tae be had fir
aboot e hoose an naeitherkins o beas tae ait
let nae sceptic tell yeitherlet nae agnostic unbeliever nae
ditches burns there s naeitherm1002: ditches burns f1001: quite
r nae dout bene monieithermair modren teips andra wes
in anither country therefore naeitherman may tak him awa
i mean kenny f1054: naeithername m1017: oh aye cannae
nearhaun street nae dout wiithernets in it we aa
oor people but in naeitherrespect were the colliers the
it nae even tae eachithershe goes back to her
hert s ayebydin stound naeithersowl can ever ken the
he sang there wis naeitherthe birds had left us
efter aw there wis naeitherthe seasons broke auld nature
nae made them before fittitherthings did they make mm
mair she s fashed initherwirds nae jist bletherin bit
the letter again exploratory initherwords they ve nae idea
a whyle at laest naeitherwunner than that iain wes
holding up the splinter naeitherwunner this gied ye truibil
is aye the spring oitherdays but nou ah im
wes nou chairged wi theitherill deeds i the year
oot bi the yett nouithermosses haes growne ower deep
makkin the yetts apposeet ilkithernou than ae wheen o
fyre paper darts it ilkithernou than whan a leukit
s kent the re monieitherspeils a nou maun dae
hou ti help ye naneithertak tent nou an mynd
nou puddok ay me whaitherweill did ye never hear
of coorse aa tinks likesitheray ay loon he wid
him ay he aunsert whaitherbut whit s that ti
gweed milk an ay eithercalfie in due time e
schule in the toon wiitherquines her age they ay
ti chenyang ay on theithershore owre the muckle watter
baith bease an fock anithersic messages ay thaim wur
at the picters wi theithertuppence ay a wee scran
a last meenit winner theitherwikk oh ay it s
o the pronouns an saiveralitherwurds is weil ay chynge
her work tae a wheenitherartists poets as weel as
intae poachers an intae ilkitheras weel a shape went
bound to admit to theitheras weel maybe you think
as weel as a wheenithercomplex issues the maist complex
wi foo at weel eitherday i jist happent tae
jonsar eck tae get theithere e operated as weel
o e latin dictionary fititherfairlies did i see weel
as they cuid weel theithergowfer maun hae heard the
my fishin jaiket an theitherkeep weel ahint oot o
ken i m no likeitherlassies there s something weel
ah kent it frae theitherblekkies it wes that fou
they send out frae thaeithercountries mrs beaumont wrapped in
nose wis protrudin oot fraeitherfock s a quaitlie tuik
inter galactic aid wirkers fraeithergalaxies whyles dockit at martian
coal scuttle an a hantleithergeegaws frae mantle an press
words borraed intae it fraeitherleids words the likes o
wi nyow idaias adoppit fraeitherpolaties than ye wun a
he tellt o these anithertales o escapes frae seals
here we maun pairt fraeitherti gae throu a thousan
gloamin air they stepped fraeitherwardly lair the deein sun
you ken any o theitherains names oh that s
ken mukkil aboot puddoks theitherday wes the first tyme
him blawin aboot this anitherencoonters y ken he said
so i dinnae ken thatitherevidence i mean pintin the
ken a sip on theitherhand i ken exactly fit
ken o the weys oitherkintraes aither bi traivel or
short an rummlt intae eachitherlike shuntin waggons dinnae ken
one on top of theitherm1110: ken f1109: fitt s
bot snekkit aff aw theithermachines fur thai didna ken
canna let her ken theitherpacket s for you he
loretta aye they need eachitherthough peggy i ken pause
tae bide on here fititherchoice have ye besides she
think i saw her theitherday fit was she deein
o the harbour to theitherower them fit a sicht
quite be happy tae haveitherpeople tryin to understand fit
ava fit sparked yon affitherthan a chiel dawdlin ben
aabody kent onywye fur fititherthing wid cause a fit
things wi man bodies fititherthings speired minnie ye ll
bosies noo bosies lead taeitherthings wi man bodies fit
fit did ey dee atithertimes on dry grun i
the brod alang wi theitherguests whan the supper wes
aw virr whan we stertitithermasell intil glamourie the ether
the gairden an hunners oitherseetiations whan thochts is gaun
whan ah m wi theitherteachers ma man s freins
polis were nane too pleaseditherwhan they had tae pick
hae the auld jey initheraltho oor bliss ah dout
shifts micht hae occurred initherareas o thi modal verbs
ll hae tae try someitherbody so puir auld tawse
a hae ti fear naneitherenter young siward young siward
him an juist as theitherhairs hae ben kuist owre
sense o ma forefowk thatitherlittlins dinna hae mebbe noo
that it wis fun wiitherloons tae hae a drag
i hawick alang wi monieitherootbye focks whae hae gravitatit
pucklie wadnae hae suited theithersae ye maun bigg yer
see thaim as commentaries onithertexts ou hae aaready seen
and the peace o meditationitherthings hae tae tak a
ootwye sic fauts malcolm maithervertues but a hae nane
a maun hae the reitherwechtie reasons tae sae a
wi ilk clan gainstaunnin ivverieitherabuin is naitiounheid maistlie wun
alang wi me sumwhar oritherah canna byde at hame
in luiv wi sumbodie oritheran awbodie uised ti bather
mak it up wi eachitheran present ye wi a
d bide aawyes wi theitherangels fur angels they fairly
an fullin t wi glamourieitherbairns cud sclimm trees or
my kist wi a myitherbonnie things muriel as lang
was she playing wi theitherboys and girls m1108: aye
tae meet up wi theitherbyllies we hadnae been lang
help wi a flittin orithercairtin jobs afore stablin them
fa s thon turnin theitherchikk moonin aboot wi his
been proponed in common wiithercommunity leids that bsl should
in haein my tea theitherefterneen wi my chummie norma
o the alairm wi theitherend conneckit tae the horn
at took them tae theitherend o the island wi
wi ae joke efter theitherfiniver he could catch the
it shares wi scots anitherforeign leids this wad mak
kirkyaird wi aw sandy sitherfreends an faimlie when the
the baron met in wiitherin the toun perk ootby
material an a leet oitherinstitutions that works wi scots
eggs masel in company wiitherloons an bile them in
i played an ran wiitherloons tee eence i canna
for safety alang wi fowerithernoble quines aa cried mary
wi this pens what [inaudible]itherpens [inaudible] [?]tin[/?] and a
had pousion cyanide pouder theiritherploys wi nets an treble
wi their airms roon eachithers necks the cellar meanwhile
sing his sangs alang wiitherscots sangs a wad recognise
oot o kilter wi maithersenses but mebbe they re
fruits o the season anithersiclike thing wi the wine
laden wi a thermos anithertemptin goodies i thocht i
wi local stooshies atween nativesitherthan as a statistic tae
e same wi sarah eitherthing at took er attintion
we sometimes meet up wiithertrawlers danes maistly but germans
she wes rinkit round wiitherwee auld weimen ilkane sittin
an breingin about an tichinitherwi thair feit lik jyvvirs
doh and decorated wi rosettesitherwyes o traivellin wis in
an e hannle at eitherye vrocht it wi ae
an policies in thir areasithercommittees luiks intil things sic
tae flee the things thatithercultures dee tae shaw they
trail or no the ritherthings ah d raither dae
creel fishin friens but initherthings as faur apairt as
the average and hooses anditherthings as pairt o the
for a lang time foritherthings but jimpy finally met
aye leads on ti thrieitherthings macduff an what are
tae kiss a slug anitherthings sae clarty fin he
need loyalty cards then bititherthings were different tee ye
blamed for a lot oitherthings which wisnae fair i
ae airm stracht doon eitherat an angle an ma
ye d niver get eitherbit aathing geed intil a
second time bit there wisitherconcerts in e skweel for
lets it flee at eitherere wis glaiss windaes aa
it socht tae meeve eitheres jookin back an fore
geed e wye o aaitherfish intill e fryin pan
much gweed bit on eitherhand it cowert it fine
or a hen an eitherhens in e riv peyed
needin i am said eitherlad an at eence made
wis up at it eithernicht an i saa at
gi e them to someitherquine then that would get
tak them lass a theitherquines would gi e their
dee e teemin an atithertimes we wid gie him
e foxes his jist eitherwik i wis oot for
baikie lowse e day initherwirds ye were aff on
them on farr s yeritherains see fitt else we
three year auld permits anitherbits o paper in yer
tippeny yill maist appetisin whileithernichts yer heid wad birl
ae haan an in yeritherye held the tapner tae
sae keen tae shepherd aaitherbodies bairns an i dinna
and laughing we dinna unnerstaunitherthat s for shuir hou
kevil monie yeir eftirins theitherwes cryed parker a dinna
walked doon tae ehm [tut]itherwriters i i i dinna
aye stand aloof fae ehitherchiels at hed boats cos
noticet smaa birdies bluetits anithereens fleein fae branch tae
different fae that for theitherleids 79 that said the
fae ae end tae theitheronything cood happen as a
mair information fae research anithersources will be needit than
f1054: now tell me abootitherwords fae hawick that ye
martha we ll see eachitheragain martha no we ll
raise their eyebroos at eachitheran signal by liftin their
peggy they maybe need eachitherbut they could never live
o em glowered at eachitheren jonsar gaed doon on
teams cud perform aside eachithergin they war hairstin pairts
setting the workers against eachitherjist tae exploit them oh
that were cauld tae eachitherjuist by touchin but that
tan bottle skytin on eachithers backs an lauchin atween
they re aye at eachithers throats loretta aye they
squares on top o eachitherthen you put a stitch
teeth lowpin aboot snakkin atitheraw owre the place he
she haed seen aw theitherchaumers thare she fund hirsell
airie up aheid aw theitherfower heids turned oot tae
ceitezans o embro aw theithergeir at the inglish sein
that s him aw theitherguests is at the coort
empty fifies o mankind nooitherrituals through it aw the
it intae a shelter anithershelters wis biggit aw ower
bumbee that droont oot theithersimmer soonds an aw the
bike in the mouth maitheruncle lives in leith aw
tae the school mibbe theitherweans if yeese aw say
strenth on some business oritheran the heid anes o
o different words up initherbits o the north east
freins an wur fain oitherbot thair warl wes lik
his ain border scots butitherbyeleids o scots is no
there s a lot oitherclaes eh words in the
biography o charles murray theitherday and charles murray when
o the houshald maet ivverieitherday shae hed ti coff
o kists an presses theitherday sumbodie s liltin an
tail aa the gowans oitherdeems she s gaithert til
anither pair o buits theitherdenizen o the haugh thit
lak o fonn conneks anithereirieorams bot napier telt him
that it is at theitherend o the kinrik is
an a third haudin theitherend o the rope on
knock an he jyned theitherend o the wire tae
an the feck o theitherfamilies up borth ick i
rich plenty o claes anitherfendin an it s aa
jed the gowk an someitherferlie catched the tae o
been bummin tae aa theitherfishers in the club o
an ondang an manglit ilkitherfur hunners an hunners o
keech speirt yin o theithergowfers naw that s no
kissed the blarney steen theitherhauf o oor steen o
tap ye ll spy theitherhauf o oor steen o
n nixt door i theitherhauf o the semi bade
efternuin that i got theitherhauf o the story his
he hed a routh oitherinteress tae he wes kene
the tyme o day tilitherjohn leukit up it the
we have a lot oitherkinds we have er elder
thai wul mak allays oitherkintraes bot thai arna feil
thar s ae fouth oitherliterature aboot anenst roberton pairish
trouble unlike some o theitherlocal scruff wha if they
[censored: diagram removed] so the loss oithermodal verbs causit thi scottish
to scots hud tae substituteithermodal verbs in place o
he s some cousin orithero alexander wedderburn him that
the r eneuch siller anitherobjeks o gryte vailyie ben
edinburgh hooiver they forgaither initherpairts o scotland gin they
o winram an grierson anitherpuppets o claverhouse it souns
co conspirators are there foritherreasons the politics o the
an oor o these anitherrevelations he drappt his gaird
forby cites an example oitherroads tae accreditation in for
ministry o defence an theithers a procurator fiscal naethin
want o scots buiks anitherscots learnin graith in maist
wis full o fulmars anithersea birds driftin like snaa
lost his appetite an shawedithersigns o ailin in the
this made willie think oitherstories aboot wither i mind
jyned the horn tae theitherterminal o the bell battery
o bein watched be theitherthree noo teenie didnae answer
mukkil haep o nettils whititherwad he dae but burst
we cam ti luve ilkitherwe dreidit sicht o the
grady says dae this anitherweys o makin muckle noise
for uiss on leaflets initherwords a scots dictionar o
the heid but there sitherwyes o bein o bein
eck thocht ere cood beitherwyes o enjoyin himsel shak
o bein aye i seeitherwyes o seein but they
o t is it sitherwyes o spikkin in ma
that gittin rid o theitheryins wis a richt skoosh
we aften forget is thatithercultures like tae hear the
saying tae norma jist theitherday i can hardly hear
buiks like macnab they huvitherfish tae fry bendin gender
daur yin tak fish theitherfuils are shuir tae tak
haudin a condom in hisitherhaund an stertit tae greet
sic is thaim an monieitherhed tae gie mag an
disabilities an tae gaelic anitherlesser uised leids 30 104
sky wis mint for naethingithern tae be a soonin
have tae say an theithername that comes in is
mair nettin weer at variousitherpints tae try tae haad
i general compared tae monieitherplaces is fer is the
oot his radio tae alertitherpolis nearhaun for he said
restore tae him but initherrespects this is a better
infrastructure tae enhance rax taeithersites an co ordinate scotland
aye eident daen sumhin orithertae ease the social burdens
tae onybody in an apronitherthan a smith or a
isna expeckin tae see oniethinitherthan english an when they
tae fin it wis naneitherthan oor auld freen puggie
free tae nurse him initherwyes minnie s mither sally
a thing but there areitherarguments used by the apologisers
yeah i but but theitherthing is if it s
biggit nests in quarrytowers anitherairts like yon aa ower
the fruits an aa theithereattocks wis pitten doun in
aa yir blawin about theitherfella s smeddum ye ll
s as bad s theitherfur argy bargy we aa
an i pit aa theitherpints that we d agreed
macduff aweill the re naethingithera can dae but a
dae sae but gifna someitherchiel maun dae it quo
dae oniething ye regret theitheris never ti regret oniething
in wearie an haein naethingitherti dae here it s
was either yin or theitheran if ye talk aboot
we were speakin aboot theitherday an it wisna german
crying glumly guid kens theitherday they war speakin aboot
the wife shoutin aboot theitherhalf right enough but i
selkirk f1054: mmhm what abootitherindustries here fairmin term- terminology
m1010: [inaudible] f1054: what abootitherplaces galashiels [inaudible] m1012: gala
bye the wifie somewye orithershe wis nivver in aboot
in the castel wes naneitherbut the braw callant that
at wes sayed bi theithergentilman at a did pit
he didna here hiz sistersitherwittins at als shae wes
war fair gled ti seeitherah can tell ye but
fruits an the greens anithereattocks ti ease the drams
back again for ti wairnitherfishes from the chinese of
is thare an a hantilitherhauflins ettlin ti pit thair
wul halp thaim ti owergangithernaitiouns thai wul mak allays
winchin maistress emmick ilkane theithersocht ti impress for insects
april lamps on hou monieithersprings im ah ti walcum
riddie he tirned ti theitherwichts thai didna offer ti
foo the market wis initherbusiness he wis an affa
ch soond wis drappit monyitherchynges taen place in the
young mick wis no baditherfor a prentice sae there
meg ramsay sighed luikin efteritherfowks bairns wis a thankless
an when they reached theithergowfer he wis flet oot
ends for trimmin on theitherhan there wis maybe a
a sheil thare wis foweritherladdies forbye geordie diggin oot
he wis wee the anelyitherpoet he kent bi hairt
up in ma haun theitherwis dumfoonered as to say
the hairt a rug theitherwis the quaeter chiel poored
in the press an theitherwis up the garret but
than berganin ower drougs anithercriminabil maitters spreid ruther an
gets ower randy footsore maithersister she s cried nelly
cuddy haed been proven inithercountries sae it micht be
he coud see that naethingitherwad pleise the queen sae
sumbodie cryit murder they waukentithera stuid an heard thaim
an the peach blossoms neiboreditherah kenna whaur yeir lousum
kittlin luikit much like anyitheran the anely body he
whaur can ah finnd oniethingitheras clear an pure anelie
puir weidae wumman an hiritherbairns fergal an his bonnie
fodder fur thair kye anitherbease cuistin peats an wunnin
r a hantil wolves anitherbeiss in thir wuds they
oot the siller like someitherclubs an tho it wid
native americans an this cultureithercomplex themes are explorit mark
meenits an hey presto theitherday he gaed farrer an
massacred kelp an tangle theitherfar awa beyond the may
an its elphinstone institute areitherfine examples i some doubt
the classical greek latin anitherforeign languages while scots anes
wirkers waantin wark an theitherhauf addiks sekein drougs the
ettin taen it in hisitherhaund an whuskit it awa
haund in mynes an yeiritherhaund on ma heid morag
thief an sleikit tod meetitherheid on taigi 1709 72
1981 comunn na gaidhlig anitherinfluential gaelic bodies has backit
an preschuil education an sicithermaitters as faws inwith the
culture an sport an sicithermaitters forby tourism as faws
twice a week an onithermornins jist heated some up
scottish pairlament forby it rinsitherpublic bodies an decides on
in education local government anitherpublic sectors 32 109 in
the maist raicent scottish electionitherscotlands is possible yet an
an a suitcase under theitherstruggling on to a train
pennie piece an on theithersyde the toun whit soud
len them his binder anithertools an gear fin it
dear enrich the mind anitherugsome cantraips queer screive screich
nairn an jimmy bain anitherunsung heroes wha d tak
eye wiz shut an ehitherwan wiz hardly open ah
the best room an theitherwould be a sittin room
ah maun mairrie ye whititherpuddok weill said ma lassie
ah maun mairrie ye whititherthe puddok luiikit at the
a burd flichterin outby whititherye can be shuir mysie
miscaa ye turn roon theithercheek dentist dentist dentist ma
ma da got yokey feetitherfaimlies i kent gaed aff
share in lyfe sumhou oritherfareweill ma dearest kisses her
be we wul never seeitheragain syne ah l gie
ah fairlie wad ferapont theitherday at the office a
ah l gang sumwhaur oritheroot the road irena displeased
m no the same asitherpuddoks ah m bigger for
kennawha 1st century bc theithersyde ah im a prisoner
or ah wan til theithersyde the puddok s body
s tea but somewye oritherit slippet oot atween wir
gadgers oot the grevel whileithertimes he had his feasties
at the back end atithertymes mynd thay bring oot
burds that flies awa tilitherkintries in the back end
end whyle he hystit theithersyne thay haigilt the mukkil
though m1108: why f1107: fittitherain do ye like m1108:
lauch at the weak finitherbairns miscaa ye turn roon
here ehm ye know foritherborders toons m1012: well the
the r a guid wheinitherswatchis a cuid gie ye
lives caird he said theitherday that they re naething
i made it up theitherday the brewer s daughter
bit she jist lukt raitherwye never even cracked ur
holland for some reason oritherm865: yeah wh- what about
or was it for someitherreason i canny fathom you
bald or saft that someitherwarm hertit quidna clim t
the same some wye oritheryou need to be there
s f1027: must be vennelsitheraye yes f1023: lots of
hame in time a theitherdays smugly i was aye
mean there must ve beenitherdrivers oh aye at least
drive him mental somewye oritherfanever it came on the
played darts or keepie uppieitherfowks das biggit sit ooteries
the caledon shipyaird or initherheavy ingineerin wark noo the
iffy for one reason oritheryou know but eh there
prents it out at theitheren lik a fax says
m1096: farr at f1095: theithereye m1096: the other eye
[exhale] f1121: and does youritherfriends at playgroup do they
tcyauve awa at a thoosanitherjobs that needin daein aften
reparein the biggin in ivverieitherparticule at the fushmonger s
guidby we l never seeitheragain koolyghin wha kens wipes
f1113: and there s theitherhairdryer see and they re
she see but a hantilithertraivlars in the forest lairds
did gied her it myitherflooer f1133: did you but
m1016: mm m1015: but theithername for a close is
auld tirrand he dichtit hizitherei mirren mynded napier s
lizzie complacently there d beitherloons angelica she knows that
a rammle if a wheenitherdaft birkies come in here
the road staundin speakin tilitherjuist momentarily reised up afore
the fulyie as himsel theithersister margaret fund them raw
they re catch t theithercharacters i john macnab faw
as if they thocht theitherhauf micht blaw awa chaip
right we ll mak theitherain noo f1104: yeah f1103:
ll maybe have to getitherbits in first m1096: farr
in a fife mine thitherfantoosh as his apple mac
the buit s on theitherfuit as i muse by
clarify the situation as initherrespects it micht be thocht
georgie she works in theithershed noo has something happened
are we gonna mak theitherain fitt ain s left
one on top of theithercan you m1110: it s
s no like that inithercountries you should hear yon
s in every i- everyitherlanguage m865: yeah sure yeah
tammas s sister thrie foweritherlouns croudit intil the wie
one on top of theitherm1110: i- it s the
the eh playgroup and fittitherains m1096: erm incy wincy
hir is oo shoutit tilitherathort the gap atween hir
and f1109: thomas and theitherbob that big that three
1336 1374 the auld herditherbulliks haes lang curlie horns
biggar mak it sauf botithercontrakkars cam the refraish the
in the daily diet sometimesithercraiters were dried and salted
kuist thaim in amang theitherdeid quynes in the chaumer
thrie callants gaed inti theitherdugeons whaur thay fand rowth
the fairies throu intil theitherglen that mysie haed seen
miles awa wullie on theitherhaun had dived intae the
clivveralitie the javans on theitherhaun war speeritual craiturs wha
stake hammer wallop wallop theithernicht roon the park yin
stout butler himsell that sentitherpage louns on messages the
ages right i need theitherpillowcase f1104: [inaudible] mummy f1103:
gret sea do 3 theithersyde do 4 eternitie do
go- will i get thatitherthe belle ain and the
ilkie ain dovetailin inno theithertill whyles matthew bruce hardly
didnae like it wir thirithernew year customs that survived
are isna v is notithera other jag n v
you want to mak thatitherains f1104: yeah mum that
do you ever have anyitherbother bein understood andy m1014:
in france germany england andithercountries of europe every man
tims is a paki thatithersister must huv went and

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