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my bibles as tae monyithersnan greczylo did the honours
he raxxed his wings wiitherso his age an mony
walter elliot an the monyitherso that ilk if the
eerie pony pet an monyitherswis borraed frae the scots
night an knight an monyitherswis pronounced the same wey
aff amang a heeze oithersa tyauve a scunner a
larned frae auld jude anithersamang the traiveller fowk creepin
sisters lyin deid amang theithersan thaim wi thair heids
he haed duin wi theithersan whan the neist mornin
duin bi the snda anithersfor a stert aw english
gloamin he cam lyke theithershaed duin til the unco
sum said ti poland anithersawa ti cheeta in siberia
it sum ti spinnin itithersbrushin claith that wes wuiiven
sum fowk lykes parritch anitherslykes puddoks rintoul inspecting contents
there wis a wheen oithersforbye wha cuid tak twa
disciple o jesus wha brochtithershis brither peter forby intil
and strang hert wha brochtithersintil the faith and nou
we fand oot wha theitherswere forby for the mcginty
expression that ah haed theithersdid the same hou pathetic
anes sae ah haed theithersfryit they warna sae bad
rowin the threid that theithershaed spun inti hanks mysie
tae hou ma paurents anithersafore thum wur wont tae
himsel arveragus concern wi houitherssee him is important whan
a steidin an dingin dounithersfowk at stuid up ti
a kinrik an its fowkithershae peyed mair deirlie nor
me pairts o living fowkithersnivver see breists an sores
some fowk blamed the skweelsithersthe wint o mithers an
ye kate fuspered tae theithersbrakkin a stick frae a
same storie as aw theithersbut frae hir she gat
is frieryke frae intertrykin biithersbut the kintra follaed bi
frae the pairt caad lombardieithersjalouse he came frae france
frae the pairt caad lombardieithersjalouse he came frae france
frae aff the bank whileithersmebbe no sae guid juist
yet niver move ava whileithersreenge frae pole tae pole
at yer heid ay anithersat yer feet skyscraper faimily
richt aff your feet anitherstorment you an fair gar
wi the cuddy s feetitherswis o the consait that
bot wis selt aff tilithersi 1994 the estate comprised
ain he d bocht affitherssyne tae lift bandara an
like big bull seals whileitherscry wi trimmlin vyce an
dae the back stroke whileithersfor a lark wad soum
tramplt in the glaur whileithersglintit an sparklt like mither
ti dae wes distrak theithersfur a meinit sen douglas
barbour henryson dunbar douglas anditherso the auld makars ah
the time but like theithershe juist lairnt tae sleep
across the road tae theithersjuist afore fower men gat
the leuk o lechery bitithersjuist seemt tae be able
soond sleepin lyke aw theithersbinna she liggs on a
things ye lyke better norithershe pats him on the
wi this ane nor theitherswul we cry him in
hae a ghaist aw theithersbegoud ti mak maenin souns
manidgt ti mak tolrent oithersfan thir religion jist conacht
we maun mak blessins firithersin retour thon is oor
the sweat and blood oithershere ye can tak back
sleep syne they dee anitherstak thair steid an they
es at a time finithersare maakin great efforts tae
will haud the fore finithersdwine aroon larick an rowan
a sanatorium alangside hunners oithersfin his comrades at airrns
faa dinna makk feels oithersdinna lauch at the weak
lees be truthfu dinna makkithersgreet dinna be lazy wirk
new poems as weel asitherskent fae afore as ayeweys
sax year aulder than theithersnearhaun seventeen year auld it
aboot auld wattie tamson anitherssei a pages 147 153
an a hae aw theithersan the ports ti whaur
in ma gairden again whenithersaw roon hae surpassed it
sein ae pictur abuin awithershiz houss hiz waarm cosie
loue sicna dyvert abuin awithersma pasport is in ma
some places wis lang ahinithersir ey got tractors iv
didna staun for lang theithersset on him an bure
doctor s time an keepitherswaitin sae lang aye doctor
can near smell them theithersfollaed her pyntin finger bit
mid mairch till september foritherstis damn near aa their
but dae you ken anyithers[inaudible] m1015: don t don
for a man that sendsitherstae dae his dirty work
when we dae guid taeitherswe feel pleasure when we
pence the same willie likeitherso his kind hid a
beaumont of course and theithersthe same story mrs beaumont
ahint aa hefty hillocks theithersbit nava wis fu o
tyne wis waur than theithersfor geordie wis aye slung
lood as onie o theithershis left ee wis shut
wis gaun on wi theitherskeppin the poachers at torchlength
said he wis a shepherdithersthat he wis a gaun
the gaffer like an theitherswis ahint him twa tae
teen wi t bit eitherswis aye squallachin at s
we love sae weel taeithersnew an strange an awthings
i the ill wark oithersis ay liftit up whan
chappit on the door thoithersbedd awa nae kennin richt
toff like maist o theithershe cam richt ooto the
war reid an gory likeithersfa hae sodjered the endin
that some hae mair nurithersminnie turned yon ower in
leddie as bonnie as theithersan hir eydent rowin woo
ma wyfe an ah expekithersti respek hir anaw ah
the beliefs an perceptions oithers14 emphasis addit 31 gin
the neurotic ennui o theithersan indeed his neurosis is
twae fock leanin ower ilkithersbike i the mids o
tuik his leave o theithershe muntit inti his chair
o god as weill asithersi corinthians 7 mibbie ou
the lobby some o theithersin my class didna like
toolies but maist o theitherslanded oot at sea he
is made o fire anithersmade o ice the sickle
o hair fecht fecht theithersskirled eekin me on the
or tartan spawnin jaikets anithersstill fresh run baurs o
heid thochts o whit thaeithersthinks aboot yer want o
rammy o a ward faritherswanner oot an in o
been deid keeps murderin theitherswhit think ye o thir
wes geylies lauchabill fur theithersthe faither wes frustert i
it awa nae thinkin theithershidna been fit for t
the hope ye gie taeithersawra best jim original message
wame tae suit bappy theitherscad him glaikit fyles bit
on the wye tae enlightenmentitherscad it samanalakande butterflee ben
seem tae belong tae theithersseemed tae rin alane unner
an naen ava tae theitherswuz the shoart fine lint
ti zhu wu an theithershe says ma dominie leirsman
nane come on themsels bitithershaunds program their steady motion
infantry some micht live bitithersmaun dee fa takks the
him zhu wu an theithersmichtna gar him byde the
is in sic a tirriveeithersthat hates him less says
himsell at his meinit theitherscoud hear nocht but the
meenits she cud hear theitherswheechin doon the bridle path
broken wing i tellt eithersan for eence e curiosity
holes he played fur theithersan kept scorin goals an
pairts ar heich an winryfeithersar saxeane an weit bot
lassies at the picklin anithersat the creels an ye
wore their bathin suits anithersdoukt bare scud but whiles
boolin club an nae dootithersis weill i his tyme
buiks furby masell an monieithersstevenson tho endytit treasure island
up an threipit at theithersthat the war sumbodie dernit
on wi luikin for thaeithersi fand oot my mistake
bird bein hickled up wiithersin a battery jist like
leave wi his gab steekititherssaid his wife had the
aften sikk hale body makkowersithersmicht sikk oot cloned kinsmen
flew aa roads some chasinithersbein huntit in the pitch
hurl some things and chuckithersdependin on what the item
losin wan sense sherpens theitherssadie he ll think i
as the yalla frangipani theithersniver saw the yalla floors
is a shining example toitherslilian but these others know
in the second silage crapithersa hurl on a combine
convenience cauld dowp cauld cheerithersdauncin on the fleer muckle
damned newspaper editor hammer andithersthat wanted the line by
here a wee minute theitherswill be coming soon she
halla chaumers breathin in eachithershert hemmer fyle i hairst
babylon in 587 b cithersthat it was scrievit in

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