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the pairt caad lombardie ithersjalousehe came frae france a
the pairt caad lombardie ithersjalousehe came frae france a
in the stewartry some fowkjalousehe cam frae italie frae
in the stewartry some fowkjalousehe cam frae italie frae
lykes naething better nor tijalousea guid riddil he is
or no but ye canjalousea wee bit fae readin
ti iwerie braidkest ye winnajalousewhit familie ye ir readin
ti hiz greve bot cuidnajalousefrae hiz neist ak whedder
the modren warl john cuidnajalousewhitlik wes the mensefu commend
road roller i begood taejalousefit micht a happent i
rude o sanct andro wejalousefrae the samyn scriever that
birds o a feather ijalousehe s likely been a
clan in ruth iv wejalousethat the guidwife is pairt
conscious or no an ijalousea lot o it s
ding us doon whiles wejalousethere s nae lealty in
was said yesterday you lljalousethat my haill position will
a haill population we canjalousethat psychoanalysis wis taen gey
wattir tither saut we maunjalousethat wattir o jordan rings
slippit aff till he cudnajalousefur the neist meenit there
that prood thay didna evenjalousethay war ugsum but thay
but lang efter some fowkjalouseit was scrievit afore the
a bield for monie fowkjalouselife is a lang journey
taen awa guid fowk ahjalouseye didna come here the
life ava guid fowk ijalouseye dinna come here tae
have to beaumont do youjalousei feel happy at this
unco happy ye ll niverjalousewhaur a am it s
let dab beaumont and ijalousefolk are taking tent o
press sae nane cuid eithjalousethe presence o d grant
feel worser fur a kinjalousewhit s cumin a ve
oot o here afore theyjalousethere s only three o
hardier an sturdier he couldnajalousearthur fechtin the quaet ane
ye an i can weeljalouseye d fair like tae
been sae bauld ye canjalousehou blyth wes the broun
the gemm o histore ajalouseat its best kythit bi
onywye like eneuch he djalousehe d etten them aa
the sea o galilee wejalousehe was a disciple o
lee o tomnaverie though ijalousehis speerit is bidin aboot
tied to her parasol ijalouseshe ll be the manager
riots ten years syne theyjalouseonybody nae born in the
gane tae parliament but ijalouseyon southron benches wad ne
an minotaurs that gart themjalousemen bred wi the breets
an his seikness we suinjalouseisnae physical as the doacter

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