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broadcastin inquiry alasdair morrison mspjalousedthat broadcastin is o tap
braisent hiltie skiltie yip hejalousedthe bauld twasum wes neir
out waw the fowk hednajalousedwhaur the faut liggit an
fond kiss which as aabodyjalousedwad bring tears tae a
is at tornes lik yejalousedan tho shae hesna bene
brak on the buss shaejalousedas a awreddies telt ye
nou fur shae hed richtliejalousedat thai hed fawn inti
cuid nab them for ijalousedthey had crossed frae oor
aa the gowd tae herselfjalousedbrian the tale s nae
o the fluir the packmanjalousedthat siller or gowd micht
hidna nae notion ava theyjalousedthat the auld yird fowk
cuid steedie his rifle hejalousedthat the airie wis noo
in hiz daft lik weyjalousedat we wes mair nor
ye no sell it ajalousedbein a bodie at s
the sojer s ludge mirrenjalousedat thai wes ettlin ti
ma bonnie lassie ye neverjalousedah wes a prince aw
that wye the gweed scientistjalousedthe twa species micht gie
kep wi them for ijalousedthey micht be hatchin a
she telt him meanin hejalousedin the hyne awa days
ti ill daears syne awbodiejalousedthat beatrix s guidmither haed
kent it weill an haedjalousedthat whyles the fairie fowk
opinions centered aroon whit folkjalousedwis the extent that the
the logic o this anjalousedower time that whaur accordin
for the wairnin ye vejalousedma fear richt richt aneuch
d ivver heard an ajalousedricht awa that he wad
some wee time afore hejalousedthe kittlin wis deid tae
o her lashes neil duguidjalousedshe wis meeved bi the
angels fechtin dragon baists theyjalousedthem tae bi the skreichmakkers
wis a pause till hejalousedwhit jagged his jaws wi
frae early times the javansjalousedin the buik o the
be aboot tae greet ijalousedthat da s us wis
on him an niver aincejalousedthat the littlin wis sired
fur the wark the bogiljalousedat thaim at wesna comploutherin
uk states it has beenjalousedthat 90 o the world

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