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women this last phrase intriguedjenniferainsley greatly in what way
another crowd to run withjenniferainsley s mother warned her
called to the ainsley housejenniferwas bedridden with joint pains
ian perry technical support managerjenniferreid business analyst kerrie ann
no i want to paintjennifers beyond help but california
s in australia very busyjennifers in california into personal
meeting closed at 12 37pmjennifersmart clerk to the committe
closed at 11 25 amjennifersmart clerk to the committee
the clerks to the committeejennifersmart room 2 5 committee
ld clerk to the committeejennifersmart senior assistant clerk irene
department clerk to the committeejennifersmart senior assistant clerk peter
davidson simon watkins alistair rankinjennifersmart stephen imrie richard davies
it and passed it tojenniferthe butt was pink with
you have have you hadjennifersmith doing varieties of english
the doors of perception forjenniferthough the gateway into the
piano has been drinking andjenniferwarnes singing leonard cohen s
officer steven marr administrative assistantjenniferbalfour security force manager wallace
simple it was inside thatjenniferfelt dirty outside she had
like a nippy sweet sojenniferdidn t dare ask her
quick thrill no one injennifers class had a boyfriend
to keep an eye onjennifershe wouldn t say thank
wasn t for three weeksjenniferhardly slept at all when
unpredictable they were everything thatjenniferwasn t they all had
crossland mick thorn karen nelsonjenniferfinn all known to have
sang down the phone butjenniferwas non committal for a
were fish aplenty there butjenniferdidn t want them she
automatically to her faith butjenniferhadn t yet found a
been shunted into a sidingjennifers life could now get
just after her fifteenth birthdayjenniferhad sex for the very
for moody she says ayejennifer[laugh] [laugh] an i said
mum said m1146: mm f1144: jennifer[laugh] that s my daughter
is that sculpture now maybejenniferlooted it and took it
me we just you knowjennifers face was streaked with

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