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jewels prec- precious jewels preciousjewelshis love and his own
voices sing- givin it preciousjewelsprec- precious jewels precious jewels
it precious jewels prec- preciousjewelsprecious jewels his love and
wings and scattered stars likejewelsdeevilick deevilick deevilick deevilick far
superstitious that way the preciousjewelsbrigade no i don t
actress wi the interest injewelsan their shrne in particlar
actress wi a love ojewelsintae a birr o excitement
fuels like a pyockfu ojewelsthe dinosaur a dinosaur a
d be oot junkie sjewelsdonnie in the mornin getting
fin yer a junkie sjewelsyoung toun crazies rule ok
it held hidden treasures familyjewelsor silver and she had
east is fair stappit wijewelsas this is the tale
yin an yang o literaryjewelsused wirds they niver learned
he told me island ofjewelsthe old arab name for
aince foo we ained naejewelsfur the east is fair
steel elastic butterscotch sticky lightjewelsand oh his eyes full
ye re rinkit bi thejewelsin scotland s croun cum
the een be they twajewelsor peintit bi luikin in
a flapjack day six jadejewelsclustered round a brooch bluebottles
taunts miss hogg wi danglyjewelskaiser isa belted us for
are much more chic withjewelsset around the collar body
an ither men for theirjewelsan housses the mair a
glimmer in the nicht likejewelsaroon her croon the foggy
the planter tae buy thejewelsfur naethin wad suit bit
in her braws an wijewelsaa embleizont she bade lu
as aa their dreams ojewelsan mink gang doun the
of her fine clothes andjewelsby the miller who pulls
alabaster bowls jiggling their coraljewelstheir beaded skull caps parodies
the heivens up abeen thejewelson the soprano glittered like
lintie s gone white flashinjewelswhen sunlight shone and when

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