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m642: i hated i hatedjimmysaville because f643: [laugh] m608:
and it s [censored: forename] behindjimmysaville in the the finish
there s [censored: forename] [censored: surname] behindjimmysaville puttin on a face
eh there s me andjimmysaville running breast to breast
but i have watched m642: jimmysaville yeah f643: erm a
up to it i passedjimmyhunter pooin neeps in what
came from tollo croft wherejimmyhunter s father had stayed
looking for a job injimmyhunter s father s time
e barn ae mornin asjimmyhunter s father widda been
in the 1870s 80s byjimmyhunter s grandfather this grandfather
lodging house in aberdeen whenjimmyhunter s grandfather was at
tollo who bought it laterjimmyhunter was born in 1887
it in twenty minutes butjimmyhunter who told me the
arch middleton remembers befriending jimmyjimmyalso helped out in arbuthnott
and jimmy and jimmy andjimmyand i i moved out
come on jimmy come onjimmyand i m going fuck
jimmy m1022: and jimmy andjimmyand jimmy and i i
[laugh] f1018: jimmy m1022: andjimmyand jimmy and jimmy and
s morningside accent there jimmyjimmycan you give me a
m642: everybody shouting come onjimmycome on jimmy and i
half an ear cocked forjimmydear couthy conscientious jimmy padding
smell that made jimmy hungryjimmyheard water running he picked
was a smell that madejimmyhungry jimmy heard water running
up let alone move jimmyjimmyj i i i m
and arch middleton remembers befriendingjimmyjimmy also helped out in
john s morningside accent therejimmyjimmy can you give me
straighten up let alone movejimmyjimmy j i i i
shouting shouting f643: pride m608: jimmyjimmy [laugh] f643: [laugh] [laugh]
sometimes i say what abootjimmyjimmy or anythin like that
normal glasgow chant to shoutjimmyjimmy they could maybe have
shouting f643: pride m608: jimmyjimmy[laugh] f643: [laugh] [laugh] aye
m1020: and me [laugh] f1018: jimmym1022: and jimmy and jimmy
i say what aboot jimmyjimmyor anythin like that but
for jimmy dear couthy conscientiousjimmypadding along the corridor with
hi jimmy this and hijimmythat m642: oh i ve
glasgow chant to shout jimmyjimmythey could maybe have been
jim f643: it s hijimmythis and hi jimmy that
stroll on the pitch alljimmyhad to do was he
pitch beyond lynching distance ofjimmynot once however did hamblin
goals was enough to setjimmystumbling up the pitch as
pitch chapter 2 changing roomjimmywaited behind on the pitch
him had to join injimmyknew gi joe s face
screeching down the field atjimmylater when gi joe tried
for me behind gi joejimmynoticed mum s eyes widen
gi joe was level withjimmyon the sideline eyeballing him
you gi joe jabbed atjimmywith a squat index finger
mm f1018: doolally [inaudible] f1054: jimmyanything else for insane m1020:
edinburgh m1020: my name sjimmy[censored: surname] i was born in
there about it s loanheidjimmyisn t it loanheid m1020:
puddin club f1054: good goodjimmym1020: and er m1022: and
is it quite sing songyjimmym1020: eh f1054: quite sing
the pudding club fae faejimmym1020: in the puddin club
baby m1022: bairn f1054: babyjimmym1020: mm f1054: baby m1020:
f1054: what does clype meanjimmym1020: tell tale f1054: good
would you define your accentjimmym1020: well actually it has
it s all your faultjimmynot m1020: i won t
er m1019: [laugh] f1054: toiletjimmytoilet [laugh] m1020: the loo
pe block felt deserted asjimmyentered he allowed himself to
to fork out for anotherjimmyforced himself not to think
was too busy scowling atjimmyhimself bloody cup lost on
himself on the scrapings ofjimmys tablet pot revolting had
don t start that againjimmywarned himself aloud but it
leaving a trail behind himjimmybegan the long walk home
up is what i deservejimmylocked the door behind him
the firmament of the kitchenjimmyjust knew always had how
think he d been bubblingjimmyknew again without having to
smell the ritual never changedjimmyknew without turning to look
in the world who knewjimmys secret liked it still
never m608: go on yerseljimmym642: heard that f643: oh
say oh what aboot kenjimmyf1054: that s the same
that s a polite wordjimmy[inaudible] not polite f1054: [laugh]
[laugh] f1054: two good onesjimmyyeah yeah that s great
beat a batter tablet whichjimmymade every friday night was
friday favourite abba how couldjimmypossibly dwell on the football
sport and as for musicjimmysighed it was friday night
a friday the penny sjimmysmith an mony mair stallholders
me i should have mentionedjimmybefore he s the night
indecent haste na na reprovedjimmyi m only the night
in the night i toldjimmymy story giving him my
tho ken yon face weejimmyken him onywye jug lugs
my face totally aghast andjimmys going of course because
approximate direction of my facejimmytells me you attend the
i m er my namejimmy[censored: surname] i was born in
had my name and addressjimmyhad grassed or done his
turriff by the name ojimmyogg at worked a bit
say yon loon s weejimmys grandson name o god
name was f810: [laugh] f809: jimmythinks this about our party
of admiration and incomprehension sometimesjimmyeven thought she looked upset
home not tonight stranger thoughtjimmyfrom the kitchen was the
squat index finger hamblin thoughtjimmyhe s figured out some
you to torture me thoughtjimmyhis heart beating unhealthily fast
could have been worse thoughtjimmyif it hadn t been
this porridge in front ofjimmyas he came in m608:
wiz for it tomorrow whenjimmycame back fae his nightshift
forty five or so thereaboutsjimmycame in lugging a mattress
evacuees came to arbuthnott housejimmyjessie and williamina welsh they
kick it now kelly evenjimmycouldn t ignore that voice
been hearing about you dunnojimmyrepeated even more glumly looking
clods over his shoulders injimmys direction not even when
nights bearable even enjoyable sometimesjimmysits on a chair he
noel was saying there andjimmyer they were one aboot
but er we er injimmys case i mean we
that s a good onejimmyyeah erm what about er
you a decent breakfast ifjimmycomes home tell him i
up to me hurry flusteredjimmycould barely tell one team
just wait till i telljimmytomorrow you re for it
afternoon aunt pol always madejimmyfeel good for a while
m good amn t ijimmywould reply knowing that nothing
over spat his whistle atjimmyalmost reluctantly he peeled back
on his leaving harrow ochjimmydae oor ears deceive us
he d aim for victorjimmydrew back his left foot
trousers and failing to sojimmyfeeling the mass of his
annoying way of his wheneverjimmyglanced up he was trawling
work of a genius butjimmyhad to bite his tongue
whae rentit the big hoosejimmylikit his nip o whuskie
wally dugs miscellaneous epistle tojimmymason on his leaving harrow
a think it wur anjimmyon wi his accordion an
the fug of deodorant catchingjimmys throat and irritating his
asked i was so enjoyingjimmys yarns and his relaxing
his mammy a year onjimmystill squirmed at the recollection
at the same table wijimmythat wis his throu the
of like trying to getjimmyto say his piece and
when he tried to getjimmyto shift shaking his head
fermed widdies afore his laddiejimmytuik it ower his dairy
cheer you up only whenjimmywas struggling with his shoelaces
that she failed to clockjimmywearing his football gear she
jotter and ball point thatjimmybrings me i should have
according to mr scott yetjimmycomes to see me on
m definitely a potential millionairejimmyhas left me alone for
laddies sandy or dod orjimmynooadays he caas me loon
get rid of me injimmys ambiguous phrase back to
they dun tae me okayjimmysays ra yella jaikit wi
at me through the ventilatorjimmysays they have to stand
more horrible laughter coming whatjimmytells me is the girls
ever called him that neverjimmyi m not too full
mains o kilrogie willie anjimmypeerie an wattie esson him
made him feel happy pityjimmys gift had to be
way over the top grabbingjimmys hands and birling him
there going yes yes sojimmyor whatever the guy s
this about our party andjimmys going no i don
and i m going fuckjimmywhat about [censored: forename] gie [censored: forename]
who gives a shit aboutjimmyi m your local hero
i m absolutely convinced thatjimmywon t let anyone else
anything but that today decidedjimmyand he had timed it
under control in the kitchenjimmyhad crushed garlic zested a
light which was all thatjimmyhad left us but all
have had flu better nowjimmyis redundant isa s not
away aunt pol had taughtjimmymany years ago and to
my responses to different levelsjimmycould be an ignorant accomplice
just repetitious i wonder ifjimmycould nick a dictionary too
aareadies a say this kisjimmycook the gairdner it hoscote
intae thon hoose geordie speirtjimmypipes naw a cannae say
it was unspoken policy thatjimmykelly was only played in
around aunt pol always analysedjimmys cooking only time she
but i ve realised thatjimmywas the only adult in
oh really f1027: nae matesjimmy[laugh] [laugh] f1023: i didn
building when andy was admittedjimmya queer i don t
particularly memorable day for drjimmybegg of ayr when he
telling monsarratt move over whenjimmylaunched into a description of
when she discussed cooking withjimmyshe did so with a
been 2 1 up whenjimmywent on blow the whistle
blooming hurt every time insidejimmydidn t feel like smelly
a high old state ifjimmyhadn t begun to talk
money you shouldn t havejimmyisn t alowd sweets at
i began to want tojimmyisn t here as i
i don t know butjimmynow leaves the cell door
didn t stop except forjimmys visits till after five
simple wis the maxim ojimmyshand at i adher t
sean connery a furry heyjimmydoorknob made in dundee ludwig
get back in there orderedjimmydumping the mattress on the
go back to writing aboutjimmyhe s your link with
paragraph and wishing fervently thatjimmywould come back soon i
weekend to worry about itjimmydecided adding condensed milk to
and talking about accents whatjimmys saying there about it
last year s humiliation forcingjimmyinto the showers trying to
want to do that noojimmylet s do female partner
giuseppi s dishin up anchoviesjimmymay ll hae a plate
s sick joke that sighedjimmynot for the first time
feta ravioli ita wasa magnificojimmys booming italian greeting dwindled
it would be tomorrow beforejimmys boot touched that football
rest of the team afterjimmys crucial own goal everyone
for an adjective to describejimmys efforts divine would do
bade i the tap hoosejimmys feet wur camshach deformed
plate with a slice ofjimmys fennel bread betcha she
s millie s bessie sjimmys grace s bob s
aaach what you playing atjimmys head went down but
score an for wir twajimmys in chairge at pittodrie
tae her bum sweet nothingsjimmys language fouls the gutter
without that 100 i refusedjimmys offer of a tranny
see the sense in whitjimmys sayin well ma daddy
the clothes bundled underneath itjimmys school socks were wedged
plasters sailed the contents ofjimmys schoolbag textbooks jotters diary
that donna s big brotherjimmywanst tried tae explain tae
s awaa fir the weekendjimmywas saying the depute s
wis backin on tae yoursjimmyan a cannae mind o
ligs i the selkirk airtjimmycook wis the gairdner it
wis sae much talk finjimmygaed in that he didna
wis it yin o yonjimmyshand dances i the croun
jean an her man wisjimmytae ma auld yins tim
wur the days n ayejimmywis ae daub haund wi
nae time for rehearsal anjimmywis aye wary as tae
into a pot to meltjimmyaccepted it was probably best
an expert by now wasjimmyat concentrating on the task
months of weather like thisjimmyfelt he was suffocating under
accordion it was hopeless pointlessjimmyhalted leaned forward hands on
and ice cream enjoyed mrjimmymutch bamph croft was in
partner i was saying tojimmynobody to go for my
kidmaleery with father patrick sojimmywas caught way off guard
time she grew serious unlessjimmywas getting grief somewhere then
like weeks ago i askedjimmywhat an assessment centre was
what he meant by callingjimmyauld fag fir a feel
did not mention your brotherjimmyhow is he getting on
chrissie and he knows howjimmyis placed norrie and lily
across to the field wherejimmypanted summer sounds he hated
he d been yelling recentlyjimmywinced at the memory of
re on a roll noojimmyerm what else lacking money
so what chance have ijimmyi ll just eat the
company startit tae brak upjimmypluckit up courage and mentiont
have been okay because ofjimmybut the days are hell
efter at n whan baithjimmyan eric becam players i
am i not totally uselessjimmyrasped aloud the bitterness in
i ve just met unclejimmythe day but i quite
guess we were wakened byjimmyunlocking the door i ve
21 saturday raining cats dogsjimmywillie i go to cupar
ye ll hae tae gojimmyd haen a tirin day
a look at ye saidjimmychewing away and looking uncertainly
and fifth and sixth gulpedjimmyholding the dripping garment at
the recent death of sirjimmyshand at the age of
bliss peace place to myselfjimmysighed relaxing at last she
alone an ardent admirer ofjimmylogan whom she considers comical
ye cam in oh saidjimmyshe winna be awa mabel
dormitories and have to calljimmyif they experience micturition on
keep them but the booksjimmylaid them on the benches
s1m 2837 support for maxjimmylodged on 5 march 2002
following public petitions pe16 byjimmyoswald on action to reverse
went on blow the whistlejimmypanted lungs struggling to inhale
for those that this gaspedjimmysucking gratefully on the inhaler
the forty sixth wi nodderjimmyfindlay john burgoyne while john
army wi a see youjimmywig muckle socks like melodeons
wi freenly tots an oftenjimmyye hae starred in payin
a new spray every christmasjimmyloved it loved it so
re no called wullie orjimmyany mair or johnny it
to a bad start forjimmyanyway unlike most years it
that has happened is thatjimmydropped it through the letter
shut this address you gavejimmyis it ah mm yessir
said it worked for herjimmyused this technique today stepping
hed twae sons wullie anjimmywhae wur eddicatit it ae
of peace blow the whistlejimmywilled hamblin the ref it
an fauldie their stable fiersjimmyan nancy war deliverin milk
c mclatchie mrs nairn anjimmybain an ither unsung heroes
hoose an mr an mrsjimmyheatlie paurents o addie heatlie
twinkling fingers an twinkling eenjimmymcgarr fa can forget the
ain histories prince tibby fauldiejimmynancy an her ain horse
ay hooses is funny thingsjimmyare ye ready for anither
curses under their breath wantingjimmytaken off once and for
succumb to the knowledge thatjimmychoos were stupidly expensive shoes
ones were quarterers they werejimmygillan and john reid and
february days with the keeperjimmyallison to ferret the sides
hearts v raith cup matchjimmyr comes to rescue with
of scummy water swirled betweenjimmyand the shower tap in
next petition is from mrjimmyoswald and concerns the decline
are empty [audience laughter] iain andersonjimmy[?]reid[/?] and last year dr
the sopping wet bundle thatjimmydumped in the bath however
stop whales canny play fitbajimmystopped moving might as well

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