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1 margo macdonald civil servicejobsdispersal as an amendment to
sheridan s1m 3937 civil servicejobsdispersal lodged on 21 february
scotland allowing the dispersal ofjobseasy access to services and
3863 dispersal of civil servicejobslodged on 5 february 2003
the dispersal of civil servicejobsto caithness sutherland and easter
stone dispersal of civil servicejobsto caithness sutherland and easter
372 dispersal of civil servicejobsto caithness sutherland and easter
530 dispersal of civil servicejobsto tayside lodged on 10
a british industry that providesjobsfor british people manufacturing goods
50 of all borders manufacturingjobsin 1997 it also makes
creation of manufacturing and maintenancejobsin remote areas pursue a
to create thousands of newjobsin research and manufacturing promote
there are no tobacco manufacturingjobsin scotland and that there
quality tobacco manufacturing and relatedjobswould be under threat if
of the loss of 48jobsand of approximately 1 6
of the loss of 48jobsand of approximately 1 6
with the loss of 51jobsand urges the scottish executive
the loss of almost 200jobsand welcomes the setting up
the loss of over 3000jobsat the barmac yards in
loss of 100 or morejobsb the cessation of funding
have talked about loss ofjobsdoes the minister dispute the
loss of up to 160jobsin campbeltown urges jaeger to
regret the loss of 99jobsin dumfries with the closure
regret the loss of 99jobsin dumfries with the closure
in the loss of somejobsin multiple chains that operate
the predicted loss of 1700jobsin the agricultural sector there
the predicted loss of 1700jobsin the agricultural sector there
with regret the loss ofjobsin the textiles industry at
loss of up to 161jobsrecognises that this is a
facilitate any loss of scottishjobss1m 1314 colin campbell congratulations
a net loss of 500jobssince labour came to power
the loss of 1 200jobstransferring work from there to
loss of 1 000 bordersjobswas not as a consequence
with the loss of 547jobswill the first minister outline
the threat posed to 95jobsat ailsa troon shipbuilders caused
threat to a further 400jobsat the lewis offshore fabrication
the threat to 3 500jobsshe said that the private
focus is to protect thejobsthat are already under threat
further 2 in london thejobsunder threat at innerleithen are
and supported more than 500jobs18 net fisheries the total
anything between 500 and 600jobsand anything up to 3
about 500 full time equivalentjobsare dependent on the contracts
workplace so far 11 500jobshave been found on that
anything up to 3 500jobsonce secondary employment issues are
promised to create 1 500jobsover five years there would
multiplier was just under 39jobs5 14 2 jobs offshore
39 jobs 5 14 2jobsoffshore and 24 5 jobs
jobs offshore and 24 5jobsonshore both fte multiplying this
offshore industry related civil servicejobsto aberdeen lodged on 28
offshore industry related civil servicejobsto aberdeen that the parliament
is the 200 civil servicejobsat the scottish public pensions
competently eh and get ordinaryjobsin the civil service to
executive how many civil servicejobsit plans to relocate to
continuing to relocate civil servicejobsto areas across scotland consider
initiative to disperse civil servicejobswill encompass all parts of
and galloway standard s millenniumjobscrusade lodged on 7 december
and galloway standard s millenniumjobscrusade lodged on 7 january
and galloway standard s millenniumjobscrusade that the parliament congratulates
in addition to over 2000jobslost in dumfries and galloway
in addition to over 2000jobslost in dumfries and galloway
dumfries and galloway and 30jobslost in the highlands all
employees who have lost theirjobsand urges the scottish executive
workers who have lost theirjobsand whether it plans to
a sunset industry from whichjobsare being lost young people
scotland as potentially thousands ofjobsare lost levels of service
be lost some of thejobsare on the distribution side
announcement of a further 290jobslost with the closure of
announcement of a further 290jobslost with the closure of
um other men lost thurjobsother men didnae throw the
unst to help replace thejobsto be lost at the
in 19811 over 2 000jobswere lost in this sector
maximum number of public sectorjobswhich could be lost as
undertaking that no public sectorjobswill be lost as a
it is estimated that 37jobswill be lost in the
lost or will lose theirjobswill receive all the help
how many of the 135jobswould be lost some of
once we d applied forjobsand got jobs i remember
jobs as i said ourjobsare what are exported the
uk workers we lose ourjobsas i said our jobs
applied for jobs and gotjobsi remember there was a
weaker an weaker aw oorjobsthe jobs we kent the
weaker aw oor jobs thejobswe kent the factories an
raise deaf awareness to createjobsand greater job opportunities and
sustainability policies can create newjobsand wealth such as agriculture
was to create 1 000jobsat the north tyneside plant
supporting local initiatives to createjobsmaintain services or enhance the
sector b creating 24 000jobsby legislating for a 35
is estimated that 350 000jobsdepend on commerce within the
puts at risk 2 000jobsdirectly and 40 companies with
which supports over 10 000jobsin scotland and contributes 800m
are more than 9 000jobsin the industry and 136
workforce 3 some 177 000jobsinitial reports for 1999 are
to 300 000 extra britishjobsmight be created across the
more than 300 000 scottishjobsthat depend on trade with
basis of creating 1 000jobsthere then closed the companies
you will say how manyjobsare at risk mrs warrington
it would put our membersjobsat risk by banning virtually
most definitely put our membersjobsat risk not only in
risk to the economy andjobsin scotland of failures in
greatly eroded and our membersjobswould be at risk we
tax market economy which createsjobsand allows our vulnerable people
growth in the economy andjobsas its focus and addresses
growth in the economy andjobsas its focus and addresses
scottish economy in terms ofjobsemploying a total of 33
the number of social economyjobsin scotland at around 55
being sweat shop low paidjobsthe new economy is having
industry supports thousands of scottishjobsand recommends to scotland s
have been taken to safeguardjobsin the borders cashmere industry
rural communities both directly withjobsin the fishing industry and
terms and conditions of employmentjobsin the industry are highly
to keep new industry andjobsout of glasgow move existing
the scottish executive how manyjobsthe recycling industry directly supports
industry oil and gas directoratejobsto aberdeen in order to
about the health service educationjobsand poverty at scottish questions
the relocation of public servicejobsparticularly in relation to departments
the sector can provide sustainablejobsand services and build the
cosla fighting for public sectorjobsand services i cannot marry
its effect on public sectorjobsbut i would have accepted
levels in comparison with securityjobsin the private sector are
the sector to do thejobsin the way that it
and relocation of public sectorjobss1w 34922δ jackie baillie to
already been for interviews forjobsand i had a job
job creation and so onjobsare created at local level
a job other people sjobsare important every member of
was one of my regularjobsbut not every job was
wad ye finnd anither jobjobsis ill ti finnd thir
type i multipliers which includejobsdirectly or indirectly supported and
nothing less than a comprehensivejobsregeneration plan supported by ms
new business opportunities and safeguardjobssupported by bristow muldoon janis
new business opportunities and safeguardjobssupported by bristow muldoon janis
bring new sustainable and qualityjobsto the scottish borders supported
of paying for local governmentjobsand services from the shoulders
of paying for local governmentjobsand services from the shoulders
of paying for local governmentjobsand services from the shoulders
they want access to opportunitiesjobsand services the scottish parliament
decision the issue is aboutjobsservices people and livelihoods it
dinnae deserve tae keep theirjobsan when they say bit
talking about people changing theirjobsand giving up their businesses
are vague about their parentsjobsand it was felt to
is to ensure that theirjobsare more secure and better
people who were losing theirjobsat the scottish office allegedly
awa oot to their secondjobsbut he wasna gan to
to get on with theirjobsin the context of health
older people who lose theirjobsin their 50s or early
to reapply for their ownjobsor for other posts were
in jeopardy of losing theirjobsor privileges they may have
throughout scotland have had theirjobsplaced in jeopardy because of
being allowed to do theirjobsproperly patients are waiting far
analysis of the number ofjobsresulting from their assistance to
offices to carry out theirjobsthat is an obvious anomaly
organisation that is destroying theirjobstheir futures and their families
their most immediate concerns theirjobstheir way of life and
control foxes to keep theirjobsthey might resort to methods
those who had done theirjobsvery well at one point
crimes are looking after theirjobswe have tried to turn
how many of the plannedjobsin dunbartonshire announced over the
and work out how manyjobsin scotland would be affected
there s not so manyjobsnow f746: mmhm f978: but
had there were so manyjobsthat people didn t bother
how many full time equivalentjobsthere were in each year
1999 and how many suchjobsthere were in north ayrshire
be made and how manyjobswill be involved s1w 12191
divided and how many scottishjobswould be affected by a
and the number of paidjobsheld by individuals reflecting the
in the number of employeejobsin glasgow kelvin has been
2000 the number of employeejobsin scotland in the textile
for the decision to relocatejobsfrom the scottish public pensions
c non departmental public bodyjobshave been re located to
a base for the relocatedjobsin the scottish public pensions
growth with more and betterjobsand greater social cohesion the
suggested that more than 5000jobscould be created in developing
including the potential for morejobslet us be realistic we
this good start into morejobsmore growth and more prosperity
time permanent and 432 seasonaljobsmore recent studies have suggested
by default of privatising morejobsthan the tories managed to
f746: mmhm f978: but thejobsthat are now are more
more promotion and more worthwhilejobsthat still involve nursing rather
statement from churches on alloajobscrisis lodged on 27 august
s1m 2534 save post officejobslodged on 7 december 2001
research that 80 of thejobsfilled by the new deal
recognises the potential for newjobsin the sectors of renewable
and up to 900 newjobsmight be created or retained
council area have gone intojobsthrough the new deal broken
the range and quality ofjobsaccessible to those living in
tait furst that those scottishjobsare secure and to confirm
possibly have done all thosejobsbut i was grateful that
with the transfer of thosejobsin this way at this
targeting those excluded from thejobsmarket through lack of skills
do not believe that thosejobsshould be sacrificed for ideals
who have the really difficultjobsto do are those who
consultants estimated that 6 600jobswere indirectly associated with those
no longer be required thosejobswould be done elsewhere in
fox hunting with which somejobsare associated however the evidence
available suggests that relatively fewjobsare associated with mounted fox
not and that not alljobsare covered by tupe will
is assumed in saying thesejobsare dependent on landings by
remain mrs warrington the packagingjobsare dependent on the rest
very very long time politiciansjobsare not important we are
welcomed with open arms thejobsare out there the work
and are not selected forjobsbecause they are too old
these ideas are yer actualjobsby the way in english
of carers there are deskjobsfor which people simply require
of us to do ourjobsif we are constantly hounded
are in a trap wijobsin commerce at the tap
journeyed far there are nojobsin highland glens other than
which are costing us goodjobsnick johnston the other aspect
who are employed in skilledjobsshould have the right to
when they are looking forjobssupport home insurance schemes tied
alternative there are nae itherjobstae be had fir weemen
kitchen bed o aa thejobsthat are accursed i ll
people to qualify for thejobsthat become available we are
it s the kind ofjobsyou know are m811: box
take over some of thejobsand that tupe regulations would
anxiety over whether people sjobswould continue in an area
an estimate of 5 131jobsdependent on landings by the
million and 46 5 ftejobsrespectively as outlined on page
driving sheaves and other oddjobsabout the farm men working
in other words they getjobshave fewer periods of unemployment
of employment relative to comparablejobsin other industries nevertheless there
specialised nurses leaving for otherjobsor retiring the united nations
well as the various otherjobsthat were having to be
pits and for any otherjobswhere good straight straw was
people with disabilities to potentialjobsand through scottish enterprise s
better matching of people tojobsfuture skills scotland will set
people simply require training andjobsin areas in which posts
interested in the implications forjobsimmediately to our south mrs
into the uk while ourjobswould be exported elsewhere can
was some gey caal winterjobsfyles haein tae use e
s what some of thejobshe comes back i every
some really good and interestingjobsif you re qualified i
and some of them didjobsin they were the paper
ere wis some richt smelliejobslike teemin e midden at
smiled triumphantly there were somejobsshe was capable of accomplishing
1998 data some of thejobswill be in the processing
transfer 270 scottish natural heritagejobsto inverness rather than to
the myth a little aboutjobsin call centres being sweat
the pairs being used forjobssuch as ploughing and bindering
acknowledges the importance of thesejobsto the economic well being
moving into the kind ofjobsfrom which they were previously
in which there were fewjobsi therefore welcome the executive
boyack said yesterday that thejobsissues were only rumours if
one they were doling thejobsout like sweeties for god
like ye ken mm f902: jobswere mair avail- mair mair
she and her husband sjobswere threatened i m torn
us and japan were creatingjobswhile europe was losing them
to safeguard and secure localjobsand business interests that have
also important to have attractivejobsand career structures however a
impact it will have onjobsand sustainable investment in the
have worked in equally degradingjobsand you know erm f963:
who might have been takingjobsaway from others furthermore skilled
in and sometimes for oddjobseven if you did have
term gain and short termjobsi have an obvious constituency
they don t have properjobsm741: no that was when
s conduct will have changedjobsor retired during the period
of firefighters that have additionaljobss1w 32822 michael matheson to
m608: i was happy withjobsthat have been done go-
inward investment including 1 275jobsthat have stemmed from 18
you stewart and all thejobsthat you have had sometimes
have the devastating effect onjobsthat you have suggested would
come into effect all 135jobsat imperial tobacco would be
could a be oot ojobsi suppose chrissie would they
off letters of application forjobsit would be nice to
would cut costs by cuttingjobsthat is what this is
to be required the packagingjobswould remain mrs warrington the
provide around ten thousand skilledjobsand calls upon the scottish
provide around ten thousand skilledjobsand calls upon the scottish
also deprive scotland of existingjobsand requests that the scottish
euro is doing to scottishjobsparticularly in scotland s trading
kenneth macintosh asked about scottishjobsyou replied that workers at
in there for eh gettinjobsan they ve got e-
fish isn t there thejobsaren t there pause that
mum there s tatty howkinjobsgoin on up there this
re there s tatty howkinjobsgoin up there mum can
there to give them thejobsm741: yeah m605: cause it
the f746: mm f978: thejobsand about ehm all the
to start thinking about graduatejobseven just for the summer
the minister has talked aboutjobsi heard her on the
said about the impact onjobssuggests that you believe the
because of all the variousjobsi ve had i don
because of the lack ofjobsin his chosen profession he
[censored: forename] and and [censored: forename] bothjobsm741: mmhm m605: because they
practical thing because for dustyjobsyou could fix it tightly
salmon netting and therefore thejobsassociated with it tend to
the success of its millenniumjobscrusade initiative in partnership with
the policy of moving 270jobsi am in agreement with
with cars and money fromjobsin cafés or garages like
s applying home for variousjobsso far with no luck
can t get on withjobssomehow jessie down 13 wednesday
135 full time equivalent ftejobsto be directly associated with
fell behind with the dailyjobsye d hae tae get
in supervising the kind ofjobsfor which we all call
say ehm of all thejobsi ve done it s
they all had small timejobsmade easy money and spent
yeah m1163: so all thejobsnowadays is your qualifications m608:
wis blaain one of thejobsher father did was to
the sort of wee sidejobsi did f631: mmhm f634:
wis full een o ejobsi files did wis tae
gaed awa one of thejobsthat willie s father did
and so on for certainjobsyou did but you called
where do you get thesejobsand like it s the
to cut costs by cuttingjobsand mentioned the possible risks
economic success by investing injobsand skills promoting a stable
economic success by investing injobsand skills promoting a stable
business to the creation ofjobsand trade to fighting international
watson irene mcgugan s1m 724jobsand training in the construction
policy priorities in particular educationjobsand transport and endorses the
jamieson s1m 367 fergus ewingjobscrisis in the highlands and
1999 robin harper s1m 367jobscrisis in the highlands and
back to south lanarkshire variousjobseh to perth and kinross
glasgow move existing firms andjobsfrom glasgow and drive glasgow
together homes leisure facilities andjobsin order to cut down
enterprise companies in respect ofjobsin the oil and gas
the necessary steps to protectjobsin the stranraer area and
details of the numbers ofjobsinvolved and proposed dates of
health care education welfare andjobsit also contributes to the
nurses and b ancillary relatedjobssuch as portering cleaning and
of domestic commitments partners andjobsthat constrains managers and can
f812: it s the kindajobsthat nobody has and that
on the investment and consequentlyjobsthat will be affected responsibility
ways the report tobacco andjobsthe impact of reducing consumption
on the study tobacco andjobsthe impact of reducing consumption
improved and created hundreds ofjobswe will extend these achievements
left them got this greatjobsan lot of money an
doing the kind of oddjobsaround the office i was
on improving the quality ofjobsgiven the importance of european
potential for the expansion ofjobsin scotland given the evident
commitment to the relocation ofjobsin scotland in the past
that a lack of appropriatejobsis a major problem in
london is very short ofjobsjust like everywhere else so
welcomes the safeguarding of thejobsof 175 employees at arjo
livelihoods or to threaten thejobsof existing registrars however a
every scot ready for thejobsof tomorrow scotland s future
the issue of accessibility tojobsrobert mooney is right that
1999 figure of 10 700jobss1w 16792 robin harper to
plan for the creation ofjobsthat was mentioned in the
angling generated 3 400 ftejobsthe economic contribution of seatrout
ve got a couple ofjobsto do cause we ve
in the borders gaining 900jobsdoes he accept that the
the city in relation tojobsimproving the environment tackling congestion
opportunities helped to safeguard 58jobsin companies across the lothians
down 13 wednesday do smalljobsin house 14 thursday i
company is creating high qualityjobsin that disadvantaged rural community
to the section on creatingjobsin the yellow leaflet 10
ll we dae wi ootjobssit in oor hooses an
an worked in dead endjobswi dead end wages pat
anything in the uk packagingjobswill no longer be required
able tae get aa herjobsbehan folk didn t always
muck een o e hardestjobsye can get on a
dae sae applicants fur tapjobsi scotland cuid weil hev
plans it has to dispersejobsto south west scotland s1o
my my key po- erjobsat the moment ehm as
gie a haan at hardjobsfither at hame or on
his ain haund daen orrajobsfur fock a ken at
awa at a thoosan itherjobsthat needin daein aften fowk
a flittin or ither cairtinjobsafore stablin them fur the
one two three or fourjobsas few as that will
grown up status never mindjobsmoney wives or weans you
do that either by cuttingjobsor by putting up prices
canadh tu nine to fivejobsaig daoine an uair ud
smock worn for dusty farmjobscowp to tip empty crap
aid talks 19 saturday oddjobsmorning to raith 0 v
lifelong learning department energy sectionjobsto aberdeen s1w 22114 richard
awbodie else that losses thairjobstammy they hing aboot the
brewries an biscuit factories theyjobsthey wur fur you an
a time een o ejobsi likit wis giein a
jylar an he daes orrajobsaboot the steidin he wurks
workin class folk left wijobsexcept fir the clerical officers
haunds tae monie oot sidejobssic is leukin the sheep
universitie an ir i guidjobsa mak antrin veesits owre
fowk involved an faimlies anjobsan i ll hear masel
s milkin a kirn ojobslike threidin a strae raip
afrikaaners whae hev gotton thairselsjobsowre here an it fair
noo an haudin doon twajobsy say security guaird an

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