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tae snorrel things up auldjoesangster bein her anely close
sangster jenny s twin brotherjoesangster father of brian b
baith bairns ahin efter yonjoesangster jist makkit dae wi
a littlin fa wad listenjoesangster s bairnie brian fa
the epilepsy didna cam fraejoesangster s side o the
he said he hidna auldjoesangster wis fifty three noo
the mere sight of gijoehe shrugged voice glum dunno
tonight lo there said gijoehis voice sounding cracked and
hearing all about you gijoejabbed at jimmy with a
punishment for me behind gijoejimmy noticed mum s eyes
the clasped entreaty of gijoes cumberland sausage fingers under
join in jimmy knew gijoes face would be beetroot
up and down behind gijoethe rest of his side
at jimmy later when gijoetried to speak at normal
he could see what gijoewas doing without looking swinging
at your feet man gijoewas level with jimmy on
afternoon in june and gijoewasn t a proper teacher
thick head i ll calljoeafter bloody joe room at
and then he apologises tojoebecause joe s just like
s just like joe sjoeloving and caring f807: [laugh]
ll call joe after bloodyjoeroom at the top lampton
because joe s just likejoes joe loving and caring
he apologises to joe becausejoes just like joe s
to phone you just nowjoedarling you had already left
9 a m my darlingjoei d better be honest
5 25 a m darlingjoeplease believe me that you
your gravelly voice for darlingjoes who do you want
i can t think aboutjoegraham at all except for
fired from a gun luckilyjoehimself answered the phone graham
phone graham speaking he saidjoei hesitated fiona i though
d bin born his dajoehid remerriet quick an syne
wis myra hidna bin auldjoes bedmate lang she wad
hid bin ane o auldjoes flash in the pans
brian s case twis auldjoefa thocht naethin o batterin
that fyles wirkit wi auldjoewis takkin bets on fa
quick an syne faitherit jennyjoehid sma luck wi weemin
ago fiona you asked hijoei answered it s andy
you know i asked forjoes ring had managed to
ear to teach him mannersjoewould never have asked me
to earth again what aboutjoeyou asked andy i said
it s still fizzling nicelyjoeyou know i asked for
d ruined my relationship withjoefor whatever happens he isn
with panic for my sensitivejoeisn t in on the
man me to control themjoewas there but isn t
isn t yours what aboutjoewhat about him you ll
know the kind of averagejoein the street m605: hokum
the language that the averagejoein the street sh- street
10 downing street last nichtjoelad wis sic a pleisure
opportunities fur his maisters auldjoeanely heard aboot the waddin
she wytit tae get auldjoesober an alane nae easy
two black eyes her husbandjoea merchant seaman had come
black scottish local government committeejoedi paola scottish organiser local
stewart tgwu richard white tgwujoedi paola unison douglas black
write and so he writesjoea letter on a bit
to be a letter tojoebut i wouldn t dream
ower mony fowk likit himjoewad say he wis that
wirkin egidder an god saidjoeas e beeriet treasure cam
just for once sticking tojoeavoids a problem mum said
said nothing to me butjoedoesn t like bully beef
an easy climb i saidjoefor security mum pondered and
said saturday 6 a mjoemy pet i m full
i thought it would bejoeshe said in her bitchiest
robb room at the topjoealways on the make remember
my saturday night date withjoeas an excuse but i
in talking to my matejoewe were oot last night
was sure i d seenjoedoing that to his shiny
mean see the thing isjoepublic would just have thought
evening not bad too seejoemary o left what a
warmth all manly man myjoethank god i know when
t give a damn aboutjoeand i did mean it
t give a damn aboutjoei don t feel guilty
erm i can t r-joeis an example when ehm
steps removed because to tojoepublic they wouldn t have
a bolter wasn t hejoeyou can imagine how i
breaking furniture a m tojoes p m he has
wood breaking a m tojoes pm with cath dog
their nieves encuffed in clertjoepublic s interruptions are fair
not getting an answer poorjoehe d have been sure
his shiny macho sports carjoehim again he d have
made my anger surface againjoeknows exactly where he s
my sexy self and notjoes weekend fantasy virgin but
poored oot john anderson myjoetae the bumbazemnent o kilmamock
out in cheap parcels tojoebut he s not one
miaow yourself he s overtakingjoein the fast lane whoever
he did the typesetting andjoemurray also a poet he
things 27 monday packing seejoesorry to leave him 28
lad wis missin will helmjoehannin s eez name appeerently
morag who are all injoes fan club especially morag
the other was the remarkablejoetarnowski from st andrews who
direction with inhuman blankness unlikejoewho has to look away
and so did you unlikejoewho is always wrapped in
performed a delightful performance ofjoecorrie s three act comedy
catched her boyfriend cheatin bigjoechristie s giro s tint
rows o neeps m865: mmjoedug so that s more
come to think of itjoes been hanging round her
slate and it s andjoethen writes back and it
is with his old adversaryjoeand is the one when
that glaikit dae it yirseljoethe penter kens his trade
the pavement down with trashjoeyelled and two bearded priests
evening at the home ofjoecampbell singer poet artist and
day meet [censored: surname] at aberdourjoeis back in business a
in a pub was calledjoerebus f606: mmhm m954: and
soviet revisionist theory is thatjoestalin was a cia agent
mood for hurting anyone andjoewas to be hurt poor
the front skinny rob andjoethingummybob and a real bonnie
playing the parts of littlejoehoss and paw cartwright weighed
ya we re here dearjoeto wine and feed ya
the industry pe583 petition byjoeeyre on behalf of further

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