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point blank refused tae giejonsaranither poun weel jonsar eck
twa o plastic it tookjonsareck a hale day tae
teemin doon it wid takjonsareck a oor tae pit
real grateful o that saysjonsareck a rope wis tied
ken i met in wijonsareck an hid a richt
hey tae keep them quaitjonsareck an his father set
dee operations nae wye shoodjonsareck an misses chatterbox be
fin the envelope wis openedjonsareck an the ither twa
mair an a bittie happyjonsareck an the wee wifie
laggan spean bridge fort williamjonsareck an the wee wifie
a great day an finjonsareck an the wee wifie
road that s the wyejonsareck an the wee wifie
act o nature ae dayjonsareck an the wee wifie
wis the next island anjonsareck an the wee wifie
gaun tae see bit finjonsareck an the wee wifie
near fell ower laughin faejonsareck an you wis sleepin
the bonniest flooers roon abootjonsareck answered i div agree
came fae the door finjonsareck answered the door ere
heat the thrashin mull finjonsareck answered the phone fa
job that wis in handjonsareck arrived at auchter glen
tae hae a roup finjonsareck arrived at the roup
timmer tam aiberdeen angus anjonsareck arrived back in pitsliga
hame in nae time atajonsareck asked for a tenner
hae been ere ata finjonsareck asked stanley if he
came wakin alang the roadjonsareck asked the lad is
interestin pints aboot the areajonsareck asks fit s yon
that is just new outjonsareck asks fit wye did
or nine year auld anjonsareck asks him cheerily foo
went intae a temper caedjonsareck athing fit wid a
o the time ony wyejonsareck aye spent the holidays
her umbrella she wis gonejonsareck aye thocht he hid
the bobby wis gone asjonsareck backed his truck back
a licht efter three daysjonsareck began tae realize jist
wis fer teen aback wijonsareck bein sae aggressive he
trays o the pies finjonsareck bocht een he thocht
tay poored oot tae himjonsareck came intae the hoose
hand wi the nippies finjonsareck came oot o the
lad lookin fer bemused finjonsareck came tae the shop
tae the band a quickstepjonsareck can you dee that
fit a turn up asjonsareck chugged doon intae the
fit there is tae telljonsareck cleared his throat an
comin affa the plastic widjonsareck come doon an see
bawled slammin the door shutjonsareck cood hear em haein
the bedroom as far asjonsareck cood mind he wis
a kick oot o lifejonsareck cood see andrew in
their spikkin aboot neest dayjonsareck coodnae believe his een
sell some bags o firewidjonsareck coodnae believe his een
it simply refused tae gojonsareck coodnae understan the damn
he cood practice basket balljonsareck coodnae understand fit wye
lookin for the twa foxesjonsareck couldnae find his barra
the wither bein sae badjonsareck couldnae get ony peats
aboot a mile lang fitjonsareck couldnae understan wis fowk
a a it s gloryjonsareck decided tae gang on
a day in the simmerjonsareck decided tae gang tae
in nae time ata finjonsareck delivered the firewid ronald
three is a crowd finjonsareck did see the doctor
bit dry they jist widnaejonsareck did threaten them wi
booked up be oban somewyejonsareck didnae hae a clue
jonsar didnae hae een noojonsareck didnae like tae say
mair chuckies only thing atjonsareck didnae like wis the
been a back brakin jobjonsareck didnae mind deein this
crumble every second day bitjonsareck didnae mind he thocht
doon at the weekend finjonsareck drew in aboot tae
he jist drove on asjonsareck drew intae the close
fin he came hame finjonsareck drove intae the back
this laughs the twa weeminjonsareck en took twa muckle
attitude an his answer surprisedjonsareck entirely he jist shook
at the desk weel repliesjonsareck ere s a wifie
she said jokinly cheer upjonsareck ere s aye wither
on a bite tae aitjonsareck felt a wee bit
news lad seemed affa upsetjonsareck felt his blood pressure
cheeks on hearin the newsjonsareck felt mair than a
o clock at nicht anjonsareck felt the hunger pains
gie jonsar anither poun weeljonsareck gaed greedy back his
start spring cleanin autumn feeljonsareck gaed himsel a shak
for the sawdust the mornjonsareck gaed the fermer a
afore on the wye roonjonsareck got a fer bit
wis ten weeks efter thatjonsareck got a phone call
mair fin it wis raininjonsareck got a wee bittie
you caw hame my sticksjonsareck he asks weel the
wrang as the wifie peyedjonsareck he said fit kind
an disappeard intae her hoosejonsareck hid a bee in
awa up the elgin wyejonsareck hid a look ower
ninety pence waur an thatjonsareck hid already teemed the
or three fowk heard fitjonsareck hid asked an burst
an get one free noojonsareck hid been deliverin firewid
he wis jist fer burstinjonsareck hid been on the
an pleased wi his efterneenjonsareck hid been up an
for the winter months aheidjonsareck hid bein haein a
wis giein him a calljonsareck hid decided tae come
wis a sense o reliefjonsareck hid finally spotted the
echt an dinna be latejonsareck hid his breakfast at
wisnae neen ower pleased efterjonsareck hid his denner he
widnae be better than thatjonsareck hid jist ait a
the size o a doorstepjonsareck hid made the sandwiches
wis foo o dokens dokensjonsareck hid nivver seen the
you can use our facilitiesjonsareck hid only asked the
o clock in the morninjonsareck hid promised tae be
hid been like that sincejonsareck hid started his firewid
workin in the broch widjonsareck hid tae rowe the
a scotsman an a welshmanjonsareck hid tried tae play
yard for sawdust he gaedjonsareck his bag o tatties
fin he looked ower taejonsareck his sandwich wis the
lang ey were nae lastjonsareck hoped it wid be
word o a lee saysjonsareck i got stripped an
affa soor the fox noojonsareck i m affa sorry
ned oh na na repliesjonsareck in at een o
squeaky voice said it wisjonsareck it disnae metter fan
is roadworthy road worthy splutteredjonsareck it s aye on
a broon sign meanin taejonsareck it wid lead to
aye an affa gweed crapsjonsareck jist agreed wi her
a gran fordel or winterjonsareck jist agreed wi her
got worse an worse untiljonsareck jist hid aboot a
richt says the wee wifiejonsareck jist let oot a
dinna hae a three forkjonsareck jist shook his heid
the broch wi her firewidjonsareck jist worked awa an
settee roarin an laughin peerjonsareck jonsar eck widnae tell
hae got seventy bags faejonsareck jonsar eck wis hame
o them hid been wijonsareck jonsar pinted oot if
jeans were ower lang bitjonsareck kent a wifie doon
it canna flee twa milejonsareck kent ae lad that
o a bell ringin anjonsareck kent at his time
cood andrew be fed upjonsareck kent fine that andrew
fordel o firewid as weeljonsareck kent he hid been
o the sawmill wis sayinjonsareck kent he wis in
on the t v noojonsareck kent he wis in
at wis in the shopsjonsareck kent he wis needin
fortnicht for the hale winterjonsareck kent he wis savin
hae ae pair o specsjonsareck kent his glesses at
their sheds wi winter fueljonsareck kent it widnae be
fer lost without his specsjonsareck kept lookin for the
it wis six weeks aforejonsareck landed back at the
baith ken een an itherjonsareck laughs an say you
states it s the pancakesjonsareck laughs an says it
hae a cup o tayjonsareck left school an started
an scratched be the catjonsareck let oot a roar
got tae dee wi gooseberriesjonsareck let oot a sigh
could dee better he grumphedjonsareck let oot sigh an
licht widnae gang aff finjonsareck lifted the bonnet tae
that wis the frame thatjonsareck liked he tried on
o fuel at the pumpsjonsareck loaded up his truck
gettin ere jist the samejonsareck looked in his mirror
a deep blue colour asjonsareck looked ower the horizon
sparkled in the sin asjonsareck looked tae his left
eck can you dee thatjonsareck looked up ere wis
an tak em aff firstjonsareck made a bee line
for something tae ait anjonsareck made for broon an
tae dee aroon here asjonsareck made his wye hame
cood be fed up asjonsareck made his wye hame
you three up tae asksjonsareck mary flooer says it
ll buy some sticks faejonsareck my pet an we
wisnae a answer this pleasedjonsareck nae end he wis
this wis serious times forjonsareck nae sticks nae peats
says jonsar eck p sjonsareck nivver got gooseberry crumble
dab hand wi the nippiesjonsareck nivver got his wak
winna be worth gaun awajonsareck nivver said a word
een ata it hid brokenjonsareck nivver threw onything awa
auchter glen turra on setterdayjonsareck nodded his heid an
appeared in the shape ojonsareck noo look here he
pleased bit did serve himjonsareck noticed at the golf
aboot this rose bushes snarlsjonsareck och i hinna been
a cataract operation ned asksjonsareck oh michty me aye
o september eence again anjonsareck on his roons this
as it cleans she jinedjonsareck on the veranda an
is goin on here saidjonsareck oot loud tae himsel
an cat he snarls finjonsareck opened the cab door
his deen us weel saysjonsareck p s jonsar eck
bonnie lass o fyvie asjonsareck passed theatre a for
heatin ready for the winterjonsareck peyed him an thanked
lichts comin aff an onjonsareck peyed nae heed he
wisnae spreadin the shave ootjonsareck pinted this oot tae
hid better jist work awajonsareck pit doon a bit
i hope i m invitedjonsareck pit doon twa or
ken it wull aye burnjonsareck pit in the rest
wrang ey hidnae a cluejonsareck pit on a new
broch it wis still poorinjonsareck pit on his ileskins
to see your lights workingjonsareck pit on the lichts
nae pancakes tae be seenjonsareck pit the speen o
an her sisters an brithersjonsareck pressed the lift button
he hit the grun asjonsareck ran ower he thocht
that bides in the brochjonsareck replied sae hiv i
pancakes jist made this morninjonsareck replies at s the
much did you pit injonsareck replies jist the usual
week the electrician says ayejonsareck replies weel get your
muck spreader dung fleein awyejonsareck roars at s your
is that you bocht faejonsareck ronald wis at the
suppose i cood susie tookjonsareck roon tae see her
mounthooly doocot is een ojonsareck s favourite places an
cairn gorm chair lift farjonsareck s hert missed a
tae the ridgers it wisjonsareck s job tae tak
chap chap chap chap wentjonsareck s little axe as
geordie grip an muggie spendjonsareck s lugs jist aboot
explains a a at eencejonsareck s mind wis jolted
it a a at eencejonsareck s mind wis set
five or six weeks efterjonsareck s mishap wi the
change when you ask himjonsareck s mither couldnae believe
piece as the salesman thankedjonsareck s mither he made
doctor pit three stitches injonsareck s nose jonsar said
land rover wi een ojonsareck s pals stopped an
it roch meg jist ignoredjonsareck s remarks an tells
three pair o black knickersjonsareck s stamach went a
she hooked her airm intaejonsareck s then said oh
rope wis tied on taejonsareck s truck an wi
ronald fa wis last passedjonsareck s truck stated i
battery charger broon an roostjonsareck s truck widnae start
didnae seem tae notice thatjonsareck s truck wis gey
under her oxters passion bustersjonsareck s voice turned squeaky
the fermer cawed sawdust faejonsareck s yard every fortnicht
fermer wis in aboot taejonsareck s yard he often
so i ll trust youjonsareck said at s fine
you they hiv deen weeljonsareck said aye ginger the
chuffed wi the journey bitjonsareck said i hiv been
the plastic wis affa dearjonsareck said i ken far
she wis in this moodjonsareck said it wis hard
affa sorry aboot the pancakesjonsareck said och ey were
wid you tak for itjonsareck said och you tak
rig o fuel tae itseljonsareck said oot loud aye
tae pack he says cheerilyjonsareck said tae himsel good
the legion for a sponsorjonsareck said tae ronald fit
banker an on hearin fitjonsareck said went intae a
that mak asks larry akejonsareck said wi nae spreadin
o pies as weel asjonsareck sank his teeth intae
bonny may mornin an asjonsareck sat aitin his breakfast
an crumble as weel asjonsareck sat scrapin the bowl
shown us fit tae deejonsareck sat up an says
it intae little bits asjonsareck sat watchin the t
o clock ae nicht asjonsareck sat watchin the tv
you enjoy reading it deafjonsareck sat watching the t
took him tae the doctorsjonsareck sayin ere wis naething
charger an asks foo muchjonsareck says och jist a
desolate rannoch moor ae dayjonsareck seen a bargain day
gettin a gweed bit caulderjonsareck set aboot gettin things
seen as i m finishedjonsareck shaks his head an
shook the truck shook anjonsareck shook a squeaky voice
tae gang for a runjonsareck shook his heid an
they got started tae gruwjonsareck shook his heid an
there naething that went wrangjonsareck shook his heid an
hissin snarlin ball o fluffjonsareck shoved in a hand
pit my handbag in herejonsareck sighed it wisnae me
foo wi cases ere wisjonsareck sittin in the car
yon strainers are fer rottenjonsareck smiled an said you
o them true an festjonsareck smiled tae himsel he
disnae believe in bad wordsjonsareck snapped i dinna believe
you hinna got my moneyjonsareck snorts look here you
div they dee tae youjonsareck started tae explain tae
for bein so quick finjonsareck started tae tidy up
cab o the larry finjonsareck started the larry up
aboot her ain femily asjonsareck stepped oot o the
affa steer in the circlejonsareck stepped oot ower broon
twa gallon wid hae deenjonsareck stopped an pit fuel
ken fit tae tae deejonsareck stopped an said i
twa mile oot o pitsligajonsareck stopped his truck gets
work at the sweet peasjonsareck stopped the mower an
a day like this asjonsareck struggled tae cast his
an said that is impossiblejonsareck studied the new frames
car fin the doctor advisedjonsareck tae get the ither
at s nae rain saidjonsareck tae himsel it mair
an early the day saidjonsareck tae himsel jonsar wis
it wis nae surprise taejonsareck tae see fowk ootside
a dreel ploo an teltjonsareck tae tak the tractor
hiv tasted onything better saidjonsareck tae the littie wifie
did it s job asjonsareck teemed oot the last
you hiv a gweed dayjonsareck thanked his pal an
say you are wi mejonsareck thanked the chiel an
i saa some fresh seedjonsareck thanked the mannie for
a hasty retreat michty mejonsareck that wis quick said
i m a crook snapsjonsareck the bobby steps back
nae sign o them atajonsareck then came across a
they are affa fine repliesjonsareck there wis a laugh
wis affa borin it madejonsareck think fit s the
roost widnae start it madejonsareck think o fit he
hingin on like grim deathjonsareck thocht ere cood be
he wid save six pounjonsareck thocht fit a bargain
made awa throo the widjonsareck thocht fit a peety
said findlater castle ae dayjonsareck thocht he wid be
twa or three days affjonsareck thocht he widnae grudge
been harraed the day aforejonsareck thocht he wis archie
or twa tae him ayejonsareck thocht i m a
kent far ey were gaunjonsareck thocht if he hid
coorse wis wearin on anjonsareck thocht it wis time
able tae see the abbeyjonsareck thocht it wisnae much
were snarlin spitin an hissinjonsareck thocht jist like a
doos jonsar min for doosjonsareck thocht oh surely nae
happy an oot o troublejonsareck thocht tae himsel ere
that be a a richtjonsareck thocht tae himsel i
mak sure i m firstjonsareck thocht tae himsel naebody
s holidays for the simmerjonsareck thocht tae himsel that
at school efter the holidaysjonsareck thocht that he wis
aboot ten meenits or sojonsareck thocht thats nae eese
wid start in the morninjonsareck thocht you ken this
deer an back tae pitsligajonsareck took broon an roost
be seen at wis fanjonsareck took the bull be
for a bottle o creamolajonsareck took twa muckle gulps
will see a lot betterjonsareck tried him again tae
face wis a affa messjonsareck turned an gaed awa
it up tae the hoosejonsareck turned tae gang awa
wee bit nippy this cheeredjonsareck up an he said
in your hoose neest dayjonsareck wandered in tae anither
a affa impressive show finjonsareck waulked past the flooers
as he gaed awa hamejonsareck went awa doon memory
efter the news wis pastjonsareck went awa for a
at so the neest timejonsareck went doon tae aberdour
the wifie wisnae in finjonsareck went doon tae the
bags o peats every timejonsareck went in by her
brobbed be the rose bushjonsareck went intae attack again
back for his tea asjonsareck went past the car
wis at full blast finjonsareck went tae bed he
garden ready for you finjonsareck went tae see the
to go to the bankjonsareck went tae the bank
clear as a bell finjonsareck went tae the doctor
timmer tam aiberdeen angus anjonsareck wid gang wi ronald
it a really worthwhile efterneenjonsareck wid tak a photo
richt look at a flooerjonsareck wid tak the plant
stanley stannin ere he askedjonsareck wid you flit me
an laughin peer jonsar eckjonsareck widnae tell onybody fit
lair in the moss taejonsareck wis a crafter mannie
the view wis jist breathtakinjonsareck wis affa puzzled wi
the glesses hid simply vanishedjonsareck wis affa short sichted
a richt fine day anjonsareck wis awa on a
doon on the ferm farjonsareck wis brocht up there
wis new years day anjonsareck wis doon at larry
in at quarter past echtjonsareck wis doon at roch
the end o april anjonsareck wis doon at rosehearty
sae braw syrup o figsjonsareck wis doon at the
feel aboot twa months laterjonsareck wis doon at the
bittie late be this timejonsareck wis fer fed up
weel past three o clockjonsareck wis fer fed up
came tae the thrashin mulljonsareck wis fer pleased wi
dee the same for mejonsareck wis fer teen aback
tae hae a look abootjonsareck wis fine pleased that
ower wi your siller sometimejonsareck wis furious a hale
that wull be five pounjonsareck wis furious bit said
it comes tae judgin timejonsareck wis geein a wuman
washed half a dizzen timesjonsareck wis gettin a wee
argue wi her nae fearjonsareck wis gettin on gran
see everybody on the floorjonsareck wis haein a dance
seventy bags fae jonsar eckjonsareck wis hame haein a
been affa fule an rottenjonsareck wis hopin tae get
holidays a at ae timejonsareck wis in the bakers
fowk mr an mrs technicolorjonsareck wis in the shop
the welsh lad won hospitaljonsareck wis intae the aiberdeen
jist enjoyin the fine dayjonsareck wis jist fillin up
wide berth an sayin nothingjonsareck wis jist pittin the
cup o tay she saysjonsareck wis nae gaun tae
bottle o tamata feed finjonsareck wis peyin his errands
doo aye came back weeljonsareck wis pleased tae find
wi my ain een efterjonsareck wis served in the
is tae be happy nippyjonsareck wis sittin in the
so at ten o clockjonsareck wis sittin in the
noo that s the wyejonsareck wis sittin in the
bit cheer the war correspondentjonsareck wis sittin watchin the
coorse an wintry fuel crisisjonsareck wis sittin watchin the
the wither wis affa coorsejonsareck wis so fed up
this affa posh bar atjonsareck wis stannin in no
up at mounthooly doocot thatjonsareck wis stannin lookin ower
that ata twa days efterjonsareck wis teemin some sawdust
a a oh a suddenjonsareck wis teemin the car
the hoose an see itjonsareck wis teen a wee
so it wis tae bejonsareck wis teen ben the
a slow speed fit surprisedjonsareck wis that the fowk
gweed for my bronchitis asjonsareck wis tyin doon the
bide fair the sweet peajonsareck wis up at new
spring time eence again anjonsareck wis up the elgin
twa thoosan an three anjonsareck wis wanderin alang the
gaed awa hame neest dayjonsareck wis workin awa he
it doon ae day finjonsareck wis workin awa in
a richt bonny day anjonsareck wis workin awa in
a dog wi twa tailsjonsareck wis workin awa the
the ribs wi the shaftsjonsareck wis workin awa wi
doon be the broch thatjonsareck wis workin in he
roon aboot em explains susiejonsareck wisnae affa pleased bit
richt doon tae her anklesjonsareck wisnae gaun tae argue
awa or ten o clockjonsareck wisnae in a gweed
back in ower his truckjonsareck wisnae neen ower pleased
an cut mair girse asjonsareck worked awa cuttin the
a battle bein focht erejonsareck wrote we are lookin
wak fit div you thinkjonsareck wull i tak em
wis jist wastin his timejonsareck yoked a strae fork
it s like this statesjonsareck yon kirk came up
em blurts oot for doosjonsarmin for doos jonsar eck
hid been wi jonsar eckjonsarpinted oot if he couldnae
in jonsar eck s nosejonsarsaid at s a bit
said jonsar eck tae himseljonsarwis sittin haein a cup
see fit he wis deeinjonsarcoodnae believe it the glesses
a bittie mair than deenjonsarcoodnae mind fan he worked
aside yon timmer fence thenjonsarcoodnae see it february 1998
lassie mair or less teltjonsarhe coodnae use the lavvy
ten meenit job greedy saidjonsari coodnae buy sticks fae
wis the wifies washin fitjonsarseen he coodnae believe ere
coodnae dee withoot a firejonsarwis jist takin his time
truck started nae bother atajonsari hope you hiv a
clear fae the tank onjonsars truck is your truck
an twa cheers were intaejonsars truck meg bein mair
an come back the mornjonsarjonsar shook his heid an
tae dee wi the gooseberriesjonsarjonsar shook his shooders an
asks fit div you meanjonsarrose fae the table shook
come back the morn jonsarjonsarshook his heid an says
stickin oot a a wyejonsarshook his heid an thocht
dee wi the gooseberries jonsarjonsarshook his shooders an said
bein sae aggressive he lookedjonsarup an doon shook his
an used for spreadin peatsjonsarasked skippy cood i hae
your late he snarled aforejonsarcood answer stanley wis joined
a big back close anjonsarcood drive richt intae it
her oxters a a thatjonsarcood see wis a pair
quicker than you cood spitjonsarraked oot a auld shaft
mess fit div you thinkjonsarsaid och aye i cood
s a affa fine dayjonsarwe thocht we cood hae
wis stanley och stanley saysjonsaryou cood hae come ower
a it s glory asjonsaran the wee wifie arrived
seemed tae be on firejonsaran the wee wifie felt
ae day so neest dayjonsaran the wee wifie set
a sma veranda an asjonsaran the wee wifie stood
we gaun up the mountainjonsarasks the wee wifie it
the wee wifie ken thatjonsardidnae like tae gang tae
damned cheque bounced every timejonsargaed roon bye the wifie
stuff as the wifie peyedjonsarhis money he remarked aboot
wifie wis affa pernickety anjonsarkent she widnae haud back
wifie at dis the shewinjonsarsaid aye aye you ken
wifie came tae the doorjonsarsays i canna smell onything
mess as the wifie peyedjonsarthey hid a news aboot
o firewid tae a wifiejonsartried tae phone the wifie
the wifie fae the hoosejonsarturned roon and said fit
the little wifie said ayejonsaryou hid better mak the
did appear she wis cripplinjonsarasks are you a richt
that hae been used forjonsarasks ey baith started tae
fer foo o apology anjonsarasks fars the wye oot
caw em doon for herjonsarasks in the efterneen ere
ower tae tae the manniejonsarasks is this the same
o the hoose she asksjonsarhiv you seen my money
an asks are you surejonsarlaughs an says aye as
she asks are you busyjonsarsaid na na nae affa
tae the dentist ned lookedjonsarup an doon an asks
on he jist widnae stopjonsars mither said i ll
fer stuck for a teamjonsaryou widnae help us oot
said it kept him fitjonsarhid a fer fordel o
a retired school teacher anjonsarkent she hid a fer
ba a fer distance finjonsarseen the power an the
some photos o the steensjonsarwis fer beeried in fit
on his left e ejonsarwis fer pleased wi the
knott girse noo a daysjonsarthocht tae himsel aye een
tellin him far tae gangjonsarbegan tae panic ere wisnae
bit it wisnae iyin asjonsaropened ae letter an hid
playin auld tunes an ifjonsarwisnae dancin he wis listenin
selt at a affa ratejonsarwis suprised at the price
peyed him wi a chequejonsarsaid i thocht you said
the month o october anjonsarthocht it wis a bit
to have your eyes testedjonsarthocht oh weel he kens
engine simply sprang intae lifejonsarthocht so much for a
held ere in the efterneenjonsarthocht thats fine i ll
weel the mannie thocht thatjonsarwid need laser treatment noo
back wi fit she thochtjonsarwis expectin a real cool
weel an the barman thochtjonsarwis spikkin tae him in
jonsar roch meg looked atjonsaran smiled you come up
three taed fork pintin ootjonsardidnae hae een noo jonsar
an a puckle blue wordsjonsarhid tae admit defeat jonsar
fae the shoppie selt mejonsarjonsar turned roon expectin tae
meg wis nae lady saidjonsarroch meg looked at jonsar
jonsar hid tae admit defeatjonsarsat ere the sweat poorin
the shoppie selt me jonsarjonsarturned roon expectin tae see
teen tae moss rhind finjonsaran his father made neep
fin he stopped aye saidjonsarat s a bobby dazzler
door on the left finjonsarcame tae the door he
lang it went forrit finjonsarfinished his roon it wis
for a bar lunch finjonsarfinished the job aboot half
fin the clock said tenjonsarheld awa doon tae the
brushed close by him finjonsarlooked doon there wis a
up fin she heard fitjonsarsaid she hooked her airm
you your ower dear finjonsarsat doon for his supper
nicht bit neest mornin finjonsartried the starter the engine
wis gettin a bittie flatjonsarwis jist hame fin fa
for you for a fylejonsara chalet hid been booked
chatterbox hid started tae telljonsaraboot her ain femily as
a twinklin the barman hidjonsarbe the throat an snarled
on for five weeks anjonsarhid five load lyin in
wull i tak em backjonsarhid nivver seen the like
roch or this time anjonsarhid some misgivins as he
came tae half past twaljonsarhid tae gang tae the
a gweed game o fitbajonsarhid tae mak sure the
oh michty me aye saysjonsari hid baith my een
he hid focht wi naturejonsarkent it wis nae eese
an declared we are nextjonsardidnae argue wi em jist
this wis gettin serious ifjonsardidnae get a leak he
sweet peas were nae gruwinjonsardidnae hae tae ask fit
didnae answer the door sojonsaropened the door an gave
her hips tellin meg anjonsarfit tae dee weel the
bad or that wull deejonsarheld up ae leg so
tae dee wi doos asjonsarmade his wye doon intae
dee wi doos she repliedjonsarsays aye bit fit happened
gaun tae dee wi itjonsartelt the fermer oh i
came tae the front doorjonsaranswered the door an ere
stannin ere wis a doocotjonsardecided tae hae naething tae
stanley bade fit a bigakejonsargot ere wis naebody aboot
so peaceful jist wi thatjonsarlooked up an ere wis
she came upon her bagjonsarsay s ere s ae
noo oh bye the wyejonsarjist mak sure i m
ken she snapped she peyedjonsaran disappeard intae her hoose
intae action eence doocot saysjonsarat s richt said the
missus chatterbox wis noo tellinjonsara a aboot her granchildren
poorin the beer yoursel efterjonsarexplained that it wis ronald
oot came auld glory anjonsargot his photo he wis
sin wis ahin a cloodjonsarjist sat doon an waited
wis a gran day anjonsarjoined in wi the crowd
ootside the shop every timejonsarmet onybody the topic wis
jist needin the usual orderjonsarshe wis gigglin an laughin
wis stannin in no answeredjonsarwell i have to inform
an see fit wis wrangjonsarwent tae the bank wi
the curtains were still drawnjonsarwinnered if he wis at
spread peats wi a forkjonsarwis a wee bit curious
three at nine o clockjonsarwis asked in for a
a a aboot her granchildrenjonsarwis deein his best tae
near bade in the mossjonsarwis feelin a wee bit
wasted nae denner ney peyjonsarwis in a horrible mood
we can still set ootjonsarwis in nae hurry that
an willin tae start thanjonsarwis jist as luck wid
doon aboot the broch somewyejonsarwis jist takin his time
signs in o their windaesjonsarwis lucky an got a
wi plenty fowk movin abootjonsarwis noo hearin aboot the
day cuttin a wifies girsejonsarwis retired noo an did
doon at the strichen steensjonsarwis takin some photos o
asleep she wakened jist asjonsarwis teemin the car as
that scottish chappie is drunkjonsarwis wearin a tartan bonnet
wid big the larry asjonsaran the helpers took the
the bobby oh aye saidjonsarbit fit wid you be
the second draps she teltjonsarit wid be a wee
a richt gweed blessin anjonsarset aboot the wid wi
larry ake says aye noojonsaryou said you wid tell
said oh it s youjonsarjist pit my order in
hame help appeared she demandsjonsarjist stop that swearin susie
the sign tae the castlejonsarlooked ower tae his left
o intrest in local historyjonsarasked her fit the doocot
an started tae cast peatsjonsargaed awa ower tae speak
an ootsize set o bagpipesjonsarstarted tae laugh an said
your fuel tank he askedjonsarefter a fyle o shovin
went aboot his work efterjonsarpit in the twa jeannies
that ran past his yardjonsargaed awa doon tae see
glowered at each ither enjonsargaed doon on his knees
be doon the morn saysjonsarhow much will it cost
fyte wi frost an asjonsarlaid doon the saw something
roch meg says you kenjonsari hiv a sister that
aye michty me aye saysjonsari hope i m invited
femily were haein their supperjonsars mither says the morn
mr technicolor says tamata feedjonsarsaid it s nae workin
as thick as a treejonsarsays this wull hae tae
up in the air ojonsarshe says it s a
at een an ither enjonsarbeat a hasty retreat michty
twenty pounds worth plastic gaedjonsara look an said you
ahin a funn bush snarledjonsarhe en made awa tae
takin awa the sawdust sojonsarsocht echt poun the strainer
left ahin be the electricianjonsarwent awa up tae the
the wither oh aye saidjonsaras he made for broon
an groanin he said noojonsardinna tell your mither september
heid an said oh nojonsari would advise you to
an said you know mrsjonsarmuck is a very dirty
he said tae the quinejonsarpeyed the quine an went
fae some o his customersjonsarsaid naething mair than i
wi the spanner on seeinjonsarthe electrician said och it
the surgery he said taejonsarup on the table an
you seen my money najonsarreplies weel at s queer
ower tae speak tae himjonsarasked seein you are haein
yon twa load o muckjonsaran me wull leave you
teenie teenie hirples ower taejonsaran peys him naething wrang
nae tae this very dayjonsaraye tried tae look on
tae dig it oh yesjonsari have an old man
on a day like thisjonsarreplied i did try tae
squeaked peyin nae heed taejonsarshe growls a pair o
back tae work every timejonsarspoke tae the mannie he
see the golf course anjonsartried tae wak throo the
roon an heid for hamejonsarstopped at boat o garten
the lassie shouts o kjonsarit s your turn noo
set oot for a wakjonsarwent in bye the circle
wull i be knocked ootjonsarshaks his heid an replies
the ground fleer she teltjonsara a aboot her fowk
posts were six poun eachjonsarminded aboot the tatties an
the soun up a bitjonsarreached ower for the remote
roost did start ae dayjonsarnoticed a reed licht blinkin
m up market fae youjonsaryou dinna hae a three
a day for it repliesjonsarit seems a richt gweed
a richt gweed soul asjonsarled her taewards the lift
fingers were reed raw butjonsargot satisfaction oot o deein
bar an anither toff tookjonsaroot o the bar an
wull you hae ony mairjonsaranswers aye you wull get
nae takin ony notice ojonsarata as the fox wandered
wi you in a meenitjonsarshouts meg the voice comin
waggin it s tail asjonsarstuffed the ba wi strae
it landed on tap ojonsarwi roch meg on tap
bit larry ake aye ayejonsari hiv a tape here
reed as a beetroot youjonsaryour naething bit a crook
s pals stopped an offeredjonsara tug och aye i
trollies were gaun rattlin pastjonsaran missus chatterbox some moanin
in the chalet she jinedjonsaron the veranda an watched
fusky an tay ronald teemedjonsars flask in a jiffy
drive maist o workin lifejonsarferrly enjoyed a hurl in
give you stronger lenses andjonsari can assure you you

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