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dr elaine murray s1m 198jubilee2000 campaign lodged on 8
russell s1m 198 cathy jamiesonjubilee2000 campaign that the parliament
the jeely piece club silverjubileelodged on 30 june 2000
the jeely piece club silverjubileethat the parliament associates itself
for the objectives of thejubilee2000 campaign and resolves to
glasgow in celebrating its silverjubileecongratulates all those parents and
took place in arbuthnott silverjubileein 1935 a bonfire was
pitcarles to celebrate the silverjubileeof king george vi old
of the queen s silverjubileewe not only celebrated that
baron of bervie opened thejubileebridge at bervie the children
that the parliament congratulates thejubilee2000 cyclists on completion of
s1m 998 dr elaine murrayjubilee2000 that the parliament congratulates
people of scotland for thejubilee2000 campaign to cancel unpayable
pm motion on the goldenjubilee4 00 pm executive debate
the occasion of her goldenjubileethe motion was agreed to
to be donated to thejubileeprize fund d leavers coffee
monday meeting of scouters forjubileecamp my house 18 tuesday
days later to mark thejubileeof the race relations act
league and the queen sjubileebut it did not mention
office marking the queen sjubileemost people wanted the whole
night of queen victoria sjubileethe steeple is 100 feet
a c 12 345 00jubileefund 1 087 00 high
to try to transfer thejubileefund to a building society

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