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began shouting and taunting thejunkiefrom their back seat eyrie
their back seat eyrie heyjunkiehey smack heid fuck off
or she d be ootjunkies jewels donnie in the
hyne awa fin yer ajunkies jewels young toun crazies
sat and watched the poorjunkietumble to the floor like
ya wee bastards returned thejunkieshouting through his nose the
some pan some flash ajunkiean a drooth a kirn
white polythene bag richer hisjunkieshuffle had a definite swagger
mither myra anderson wis ajunkiea feckless fite faced vratchie
na na na na thejunkiestood up and faced the
each other as the skinnyjunkiefumbled just take a seat
marching down the bus thejunkiesaw them and began hobbling
the cathkin roundabout where thejunkiecame down the bus to
bus ticket ripping is ajunkiecustom when shooting up just
mr fixit o meikleburgh sjunkielan her current ee candy
the right eye of ajunkiecome on in he s
meant to look like ajunkieand she s like erm
that every time the scrawnyjunkiecame within punching range they
times at long last thejunkierelented and came back down
and i felt like ajunkiegetting his first fix for
at least i got thejunkieand the young team off
pot at bingo mebbe thejunkies moved ootside her hame
need new words like ajunkieneeds fixes these happenings they
syringe in ma richt ajunkiema wid yer broos knit
ain faut he wes ajunkielang addikkit ti drougs an
knotted tie flops on ajunkies sordid stair like a
rid o her an herjunkiefriens an hingers on brian
the kingsgate retail park thejunkiesnapped under the weight of
dry who d be ajunkiesay not i i neither

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