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my life but i mjusta bairn i m just
wrath 1940 henry fonda wasjusta boy and looked just
d just a car trailerjusta car trailer cairriet it
repair there and i djusta car trailer just a
just a cu- er justjusta chest of drawers now
just i don t knowjusta comfort thing and you
s that s just ajusta cu- er just just
or just het it sjusta different spellin but eh
mam mam m1002: just mitherjusta different spellin [inaudible] m999:
aye just to play m1017: justa game nothin else m1015:
that s just m999: ayejusta gype bit o a
when stirling was just f1144: justa hill m1146: the hou-
of it m954: it sjusta it s just another
know that s that sjusta just a cu- er
t v in it m1010: justa kitchen just aye a
tv in it now f1040: justa kitchen you re just
m1108: you stink f1107: ewjusta little bit then just
so he says you knowjusta long shot but just
no just a mess notjusta mess just there f1105:
water mum just water nojusta mess not just a
just eh d- is isjusta social dialect th- that
ve said is that nojusta tautology it s just
just a little bit thenjusta wee tottie m1108: ah
just leave it the noojusta wee- no just leave
no just wait we rejustaboot finished this jigsaw and
you just stopped and wejustaccepted that we didn t
m194: and then of coursejustafter that it was just
females just prior to orjustafter the cubs have been
or it could just theyjustan hour but they were
forever but we just wejustand i mean you you
certain ways m741: yeah m605: justanecdotally just that there s
just f1041: really angry welljustangry or as you say
[sniff] m815: ah it sjustannoying you just you just
s just a it sjustanother interpretation isn t it
want me to say f834: justanythin you want just slip
right aye just m642: ayejustas the money went that
m not working just nowjustas well because robert hasn
just ate my dinner ijustate my dinner at breakfast
sure f1118: mm no ijustate my dinner i just
it m1010: just a kitchenjustaye a kitchen f1011: well
m865: right mmhm m952: glenrothesjustaye just sort o twa
wum- m1010: just your wifejustaye m1012: ma wumman just
family thing f1026: it mustjustbe a family thing just
cooked them so they lljustbe fine and warm just
you can sort of justjustbe vulnerable to that if
involved nothing he just theyjustbe with them he arranges
so i just try taejustbe yoursel m1010: aye f1011:
italy that are just gorgeousjustbeautiful m1163: well this is
like every other novelty itjustbecame you know it just
just been well we vejustbeen doing robert fergusson er
just wash it out mamjustbeen washing it out f1123:
good f1037: and we vejustbeen well we ve just
street in just it wasjustbefore that that they got
he just meant he wasjustbein very friendly [laugh] ye
but why f1089: cause wejustbought it just now didn
the till f638: it sjustbut it s just movin
m1004: i just cll ijustcall it a tool box
on inside your trousers itjustcame off it just goes
legged you just cannae youjustcannae move you don t
could have gien that ijustcannae think f1041: i just
you re rubber legged youjustcannae you just cannae move
just too far in hejustcaught the propeller m608: uh
aboot cold m1010: just justjustcauld f1011: well cauld c
had f814: like you justjustcause it was meant to
just you know that sjustcause they were easier to
m1092: aye just [censored: forename] f1091: just[censored: forename] cr- he was scared
you werena crying m1092: ayejust[censored: forename] f1091: just [censored: forename] cr-
i j- i just ijust[child noises] f1113: case it goes
angry f1114: just clean upjustclean up f1113: [exhale] ruby
ruby s getting angry f1114: justclean up just clean up
i just no i winnajustclick it there and forget
kit of tools m1004: ijustcll i just call it
john if you just youjustcome in a tiny bit
rather than throwin a stonejustcomes naturally ye just say
know but i think folkjustconc- [laugh] folk just f835:
it just you know youjustcouldn t identify people properly
it just wasnae mine ijustcouldnae believe it ma wee
not this personal being f1151: justcreation itself f1150: yeah just
come here come here [velcro?]justdandy are you just dandy
[velcro?] just dandy are youjustdandy m1090: no i m
just ehm language it sjustdialect f1024: that s right
no [?]word[/?] m1002: i ijustdid play we we just
whereabouts is it f813: ijustdidn t i just re-
really [?]best or worst[/?] just f1148: mmhmjustdifferent f1149: yeah there s
did they get wet f1112: justdipped them just do what
like even though she wasjustdivorced f631: just pretend ah
onomastics i just figured rightjustdo something you really enjoy
erm can i just yeahjustdo that so in the
wet f1112: just dipped themjustdo what i did f1111:
m941: oh do you notjustdo you not just get
f810: [laugh] i just ijustdon t like cleaning [laugh]
[suck] i just eh ijustdon t remember enjoying it
i know yeah f833: ijustdon t think i just
just don t think ijustdon t think that s
just now darling f1112: ijustdon t want to do
mortgage we just done wejustdone as the money dae
didna get a mortgage wejustdone we just done as
in the harbour here justjustdown below the weir a
that challenge that scots isjusteh d- is is just
why not f639: [suck] ijusteh i just don t
to say cause it sjustehm language it s just
s just too [laugh] youjustend up puttin a wee
involvement and it just itjuster scottish literature scottish culture
probably from my peasant ancestryjuster you know just getting
re just erm they rejusterm for walking wi mum
it yesterday and i ijusterm i i just sort
to you know it sjusterm just go through the
f1104: no cause they rejusterm they re just erm
yeah f1151: be able tojusteven just wander around and
but it just shows youjusteven your you saying that
tell ye why aye justjustexactly m999: cause they would
just creation itself f1150: yeahjustexistence rather than f1151: i
chavin awa just keep workinjustf1001: you re strugglin it
i ve just got chuffedjustf1024: yeah chuffed s the
really fizzin even [laugh] ayejustf1041: really angry well just
the time when stirling wasjustf1144: just a hill m1146:
there s just there sjustf1145: i don t know
from copenhagen not really [?]best or worst[/?]justf1148: mmhm just different f1149:
they would just yeah theyjustf1150: cause [laugh] f1151: used
job as well just tojustf1150: just to f1151: try
less exposure you have tojustf1150: yeah just germs and
f807: i know it sjustf806: just it s like
folk just conc- [laugh] folkjustf835: [laugh] i know f833:
just readers when i sayjustf963: mmhm mmhm yeah m762:
straightforward m1002: usually faither wasjustfaither so it s just
aspects of language erm arejustfascinating it s i just
jist feelin rotten mm justjustfeelin aye f1025: rotten f1054:
previously but it just itjustfelt like a chore just
mean we were just wejustfelt we were so mischievous
just a bairn i mjustfifty twae f1054: very good
but yeah with onomastics ijustfigured right just do something
but i just [third person in room laughs] ijustfind a bit o a
just keep it on forjustfive minutes okay f1122: oh
m636: eh just for ajustfor a brief m635: [inaudible]
delhi m635: mmhm m636: ehjustfor a just for a
a car that lorry sjustfor cars m1098: just for
s just for cars m1098: justfor cars [singing] f1097: aye
re speakin yeah just forjustfor f- an it is
leave just leave that onjustfor five minutes f1122: don
as they re speakin yeahjustfor just for f- an
leave that on there okayjustfor just now m1098: mum
just to glasgow f806: ohjustfor you mean for over
it but for me ijustfound it just really really
lady from brazil m608: ijustge- i just gesture at
have to just f1150: yeahjustgerms and things f1151: sort
m608: i just ge- ijustgesture at random [laugh] m642:
not just do you notjustget a box free f940:
just now and then youjustget a look [laugh] f1049:
cause [exhale] you just ijustget bored with all the
just annoying you just youjustget it just get your
ll be okay i lljustget you a paintbrush just
just you just get itjustget your id out before
ancestry just er you knowjustgetting harnessed up and m608:
just felt like a chorejustgetting through one page and
that s terrible f689: [laugh]justgo about just totally blaggin
know it s just ermjustgo through the internet and
it just came off itjustgoes back on the back
it just mannie wifie itjustgoes on and on and
south of italy that arejustgorgeous just beautiful m1163: well
an i just there sjustgot a nice accent i
got the same i vejustgot chuffed just f1024: yeah
m1016: just i ve onlyjustgot gassed just the way
[inaudible] m1016: eh i vejustgot grumpy just wi gordon
f1054: good m1017: i vejustgot loony just ye re
lot m1014: yeah i vejustgot nap ye just take
m a grandfaither i djustgrandfaither just just grandfather m1012:
i d just grandfaither justjustgrandfather m1012: aye i m
f1054: mm m1021: granny justjustgranny f1054: do you think
oh grunny just grunny f1043: justgrunny f1041: or grandma but
for granny f1041: oh grunnyjustgrunny f1043: just grunny f1041:
aye so i m ijustgrunny f1043: just grunny wi
m i just grunny f1043: justgrunny wi us an aa
days it was just youjusthad one teacher for the
stamp on any guard hejusthe just threw the bomb
back but er he sjusthe s just not sure
mmhm mm but m845: justjustheavin [laugh] f606: [laugh] so
you know almost yeah justjusthesitant and very slurred so
that m999: aye m1000: orjusthet it s just a
just get you a paintbrushjusthold on cause they re
is she just snorkeling f1112: justhold on hold on to
f1144: i can t evenjusti cannae think just now
we were just like welljusti don t know just
you go i j- ijusti just [child noises] f1113: case
you know f810: [laugh] ijusti just don t like
but now cause [exhale] youjusti just get bored with
like a lobster f807: ijusti just [laugh] no probably
it ever since cause itjusti just like it so
colour on [inaudible] [inaudible] ijusti just paint [inaudible] f1141:
or bad luck m1042: ijusti just really don t
f1111: what ready f1112: ijusti just slip in f1111:
always loved it f640: ijusti just would like eh
just fascinating it s ijusti love the i especially
chair with [inaudible] f639: wejusti think we just lay
dear f631: mmhm it sjusti think you just see
fu f1054: good colin m1016: justi ve only just got
closer see f1122: just justjusti won t get wet
all of that erm ijusti- i just really enjoy
[laugh] m811: no just likejustin like these f812: no
just a kitchen you rejustin the kitchen f1054: ccause
see that one and f1114: justin time f1113: just in
f1114: just in time mumjustin time f1113: what s
f1113: silly billy billy f1114: justin time mum just in
f1114: just in time f1113: justin time pop it in
just scrap the hotel andjust[inaudible] instead of haein the
doing just now f1112: mmjust[inaudible] it s [inaudible] it
m1019: it was just justjust[inaudible] m1021: what about the
got one [?]one arm[/?] we lljust[inaudible] we ll just mm
your own stuff s justjust[inaudible] we need to find
mm f807: [inhale] it sjustis it just is really
t work so f943: itjustis just the joyous decision
it s just is itjustis really warm f806: see
of complete involvement and itjustit just er scottish literature
been written previously but itjustit just felt like a
really really odd an itjustit just oh just snuck
order to get him itjustit just strikes me as
they just like it sjustit s a funny north
s just no it sjustit s an odd word
s ju- but it sjustit s just it s
else they would call itjustit s just known as
aw this and it sjustit s just nonsense actually
no no m1174: it sjustit s just not the
it s just it sjustit s just technology it
weekend f807: no that sjustit s just too much
know it s just f806: justit s like half captivating
no f1118: it s justjustit s melting f1117: is
we left cragie street injustit was just before that
a just a cu- erjustjust a chest of drawers
if you can sort ofjustjust be vulnerable to that
what aboot cold m1010: justjustjust cauld f1011: well cauld
i had f814: like youjustjust cause it was meant
down in the harbour herejustjust down below the weir
couldnae tell ye why ayejustjust exactly m999: cause they
f1023: jist feelin rotten mmjustjust feelin aye f1025: rotten
grandfaither i d just grandfaitherjustjust grandfather m1012: aye i
gran f1054: mm m1021: grannyjustjust granny f1054: do you
f606: mmhm mm but m845: justjust heavin [laugh] f606: [laugh]
hesitant you know almost yeahjustjust hesitant and very slurred
bittie closer see f1122: justjustjust i won t get
flair m1019: it was justjustjust [inaudible] m1021: what about
cleaning your own stuff sjustjust [inaudible] we need to
f1117: no f1118: it sjustjust it s melting f1117:
ehm what aboot cold m1010: justjust just cauld f1011: well
wee bittie closer see f1122: justjust just i won t
the flair m1019: it wasjustjust just [inaudible] m1021: what
baggage to one side andjustjust m762: i think so
area for all establishment notjustjust mine ehm i mean
f1027: aye or your partnerjustjust mmhm f1024: your bloke
to play a game m1012: justjust play aye m1010: well
that if you like andjustjust run with it then
m608: mmhm m078: just thejustjust the sense of of
do that so that sjustjust the way it is
ye know isn t itjustjust the way they are
a local word it sjustjust the wey it s
mmhm f902: they have thatjustjust the wey they speak
had taken ill erm andjustjust thought i was a
dazing it f1025: aye f1024: justjust tickling it gently rubbing
embarrassed now [laugh] f1148: [laugh]justjust too afraid to drown
know many details and ijustjust wondered if m1174: uh
i have to i lljustkee- i ll just put
just walk f1121: no youjustkeep a hold o my
me just keep followin mejustkeep followin me and then
just kept sayin to mejustkeep followin me just keep
off these f1121: hold onjustkeep it on for just
you go to the parkjustkeep it on just now
just now so i lljustkeep them in fact i
work you re chavin awajustkeep workin just f1001: you
of the street and olivejustkept sayin to me just
f958: no he just likesjustkind of not having to
call it just it sjustknown as a hurst you
lobster f807: i just ijust[laugh] no probably not probably
we just i think wejustlay it across the back
noo just a wee- nojustleave it [censored: forename] m1096: can
right oh we ll maybejustleave it just now [laugh]
you take this off f1093: justleave it just now m1094:
you wrapped in a shawljustleave it just now mummy
f1095: no it s finejustleave it the noo just
no you ve to leavejustleave that on just for
take off [?]cause[/?] f1121: noojustleave that one just now
leave the just leave thejustleave the breadbin there okay
wait till i tell yejustleave the just leave the
tell ye just leave thejustleave the just leave the
safe f1121: well you canjustleave them there just now
s just well it sjustlike being a man and
just be a family thingjustlike granny or nana whatever
just like ham m1070: theyjustlike ham f1071: they [makes hamster eating noises]
ham better than meat theyjustlike ham m1070: they just
nae actually chavin but theyjustlike it s just it
since cause it just ijustlike it so much f1054:
just a boy and lookedjustlike jane at times the
or something [laugh] m811: nojustlike just in like these
just a tautology it sjustlike m815: [cough] m816: like
swee- just sweel the fishjustlike that right through the
s just technology it sjustlike the a a technological
just wouldn t it wasjustlike they d all be
it either [laugh] we werejustlike well just i don
same as me he wasjustlike yeah let s just
or anything f958: no hejustlikes just kind of not
just be fine and warmjustlittle ains see and they
that just now i mjustlookin for items o clothing
we re just we rejustlookin for somebody she said
yesterday f1155: it looks itjustlooks it looks just sore
[inaudible] m741: appreciated and ijustm605: aye m741: i just
half that s right ayejustm642: aye just as the
to one side and justjustm762: i think so i
just make him die theyjustm804: right m805: bounce off
wi a word that sjustm999: aye just a gype
begin with f1018: mammy m1022: justma m1019: i would just
scots i m605: mm m741: justma mind just wasn t
aw m1016: just mum m1014: justma never anything else f1054:
just m605: aye m741: ijustmade them feel like you
m805: and bullets don tjustmake him die they just
[inaudible] m1042: bairnie doggie itjustmannie wifie it just goes
thought he meant lunatic hejustmeant he was just bein
for all establishment not justjustmine ehm i mean the
just faither so it sjustmither an faither m999: aye
f1001: or mam mam m1002: justmither just a different spellin
ll just [inaudible] we lljustmm [inaudible] f1091: is that
aye or your partner justjustmmhm f1024: your bloke f1025:
m1098: mmhm aye d- dadjustmoan f1097: will dad just
just moan f1097: will dadjustmoan m1098: aye f1097: will
s just but it sjustmovin with the times john
or mum an aw m1016: justmum m1014: just ma never
[scanning list] mother f1143: mum f1144: justmum m1146: just mum or
mum f1144: just mum m1146: justmum or mammy f1145: my
you just need to youjustneed to watch crap like
[cough] m819: you just youjustneed to you just need
ve just to speak normallyjustnever mind that it s
f1109: oh okay will ijustno i winna just click
huh yeah m830: it sjustno it s just it
words for unwell m1015: unwelljustno weel just the same
f1145: just nod off youjustnod off or go to
how do you say f1145: justnod off you just nod
it s just it sjustnonsense actually in the in
don t like a songjustnoo f1111: [inaudible] just now
just play with the marshmallowsjustnoo f1121: now you ve
you speak you just speakjustnormally pretend it s nae
he s just he sjustnot sure about what he
it s just it sjustnot the cool thing to
well just write from [censored: forename]justnow and i ll write
m dealin with a customerjustnow and then you just
we re not watching thatjustnow darling f1112: i just
cause we just bought itjustnow didn t we m1090:
just put on their joggiesjustnow f1111: so they re
f1111: what you busy doingjustnow f1112: mm just [inaudible]
noo just leave that onejustnow f1122: why don t
f1112: [inaudible] wow hold themjustnow hold them just now
that we ll leave thatjustnow i m just lookin
happy i m not workingjustnow just as well because
ll maybe just leave itjustnow [laugh] right f1077: aye
off f1093: just leave itjustnow m1094: you ve got
on there okay just forjustnow m1098: mum f1097: yes
a shawl just leave itjustnow mummy ll sort it
them just now hold themjustnow oh they re hot
can just leave them therejustnow okay cause we ll
i m gonna play thisjustnow okay just to let
song just noo f1111: [inaudible]justnow okay when do they
got to both stay herejustnow so i ll just
park just keep it onjustnow we ll be on
even just i cannae thinkjustnow what they were what
just after that it wasjustodd yins we d of
it just off invercar wasjustoff castlehill road f643: uh
nae just unwell it sjustoff colour a bit f1053:
m642: which i think itjustoff invercar was just off
odd an it just itjustoh just snuck in and
that just well it wasjustone of those things i
which should be ehm ehjustonything but i would just
just over here f1122: [inaudible]justover here [cough] f1121: right
go down please f1121: okayjustover here f1122: [inaudible] just
familiar with it but childrenjustovertake their parents and just
[?]tow's whisp[/?] now i m nojustower shuir just what the
[inaudible] [inaudible] i just ijustpaint [inaudible] f1141: well dinna
play a game m1012: justjustplay aye m1010: well f1011:
we just use the f1009: justplay m1008: standard word for
hasn t broken will ijustplay with the marshmallows just
she was just divorced f631: justpretend ah that s terrible
no just pretending darling f1112: justpretend it was this bottle
shampoo now f1111: okay nojustpretending darling f1112: just pretend
cream f1112: yes no ijustpretending f1111: okay just pretending
i just pretending f1111: okayjustpretending rub it in gently
if targeted at breeding femalesjustprior to or just after
think f1041: i just yejustput doon his tools dae
going away to do f1112: justput on their joggies just
ll just kee- i lljustput the marshmallows perfectly f1121:
f1111: right just put yesjustput we ll pop that
about leaving them f1111: rightjustput yes just put we
just stopped their work andjustran outside to touch rain
the bulletin last week ijustre- i just used f831:
i just didn t ijustre- refused to use them
to just switch off andjustread books for enjoyment as
you know that they rejustreaders when i say just
luck m1042: i just ijustreally don t know i
erm i just i- ijustreally enjoy and i i
me i just found itjustreally really really dull i
you like them m1110: [inaudible]justright just right mammy f1109:
them m1110: [inaudible] just rightjustright mammy f1109: just right
right just right mammy f1109: justright okay my we re
eh just the same wordsjustroosed i ve pit doon
er jimmies in aberdeen m1021: justrubbers aye we just used
if you like and justjustrun with it then you
for you m1106 : mum ijusts- i just said can
mum i just s- ijustsaid can i have a
just onything but i wouldjustsay bilin if it was
been a but i wouldjustsay i would just say
that eh eh i wouldjustsay i would just say
be something else m999: yejustsay just say well he
would just say i wouldjustsay m1000: oh aye uh
just ma m1019: i wouldjustsay ma m1020: ma m1019:
would just say i wouldjustsay nae weel it s
else m999: ye just sayjustsay well he s he
stone just comes naturally yejustsay ye would fling it
just aye m1012: ma wummanjustsayin the opposite o man
it on the friday orjustscrap the hotel and just
s just i think youjustsee so many weddings in
didn t they just theyjustseparated last year didn t
wouldn t say sofa eitherjustsettee i ve always just
m811: yeah f812: but itjustshows you just even your
it f889: eh just shrubsjustshrubs but i canna look
all in it f889: ehjustshrubs just shrubs but i
shut it just shut itjustshut [inaudible] [inaudible] mum f1095:
okay [inaudible] m1096: shut itjustshut it just shut [inaudible]
just like yeah let sjustshut up [inaudible] f813: yeah
you just sit here youjustsit here i m gettin
birth- hey hey look youjustsit here you just sit
money f1144: just skint m1146: justskint f1143: well heeled erm
having lots o money f1144: justskint m1146: just skint f1143:
ready f1112: i just ijustslip in f1111: steady f1112:
f834: just anythin you wantjustslip it into conversation f833:
onto her hair is shejustsnorkeling f1112: just hold on
it just it just ohjustsnuck in and swept through
right m818: what is itjustso many people just swarmin
town and eh i wasjustso tired that i just
natural tongue f902: it wasjustsomething it was just something
was just something it wasjustsomething that you did uh
it just looks it looksjustsore like underneath yeah it
ll just sort my onesjustsort my ains sort my
mouth [laugh] m1094: i lljustsort my ones just sort
mmhm m952: glenrothes just ayejustsort o twa or three
you just you know youjustsort of f1038: yeah sit
i just erm i ijustsort of thought of it
say where you speak youjustspeak just normally pretend it
to a certain age youjuststopped and we just accepted
f807: [laugh] f806: people alljuststopped their work and just
get him it just itjuststrikes me as crazy [inhale]
it just so many peoplejustswarmin about the place m819:
swivel f1043: mmhm m1042: swee-justsweel the fish just like
have to be able tojustswitch off and just read
ve just got nap yejusttake a nap or a
and could just walk andjusttalk f1149: mmhm f1148: and
not just we re notjusttalkin about marriage not just
just talkin about marriage notjusttalkin about weddings an romantic
it s just it sjusttechnology it s just like
m741: yeah m605: just anecdotallyjustthat there s certain things
of a big city likejustthe atmos- just the kind
so f943: it just isjustthe joyous decision on how
dying and m608: mmhm m078: justthe just just the sense
city like just the atmos-justthe kind of the way
m1015: unwell just no weeljustthe same m1017: seek f1054:
[inaudible] ye ken eh ehjustthe same words just roosed
mmhm m078: just the justjustthe sense of of of
m1106: just the water nojustthe water [inaudible] no nae
wantin your frog [censored: forename] m1106: justthe water no just the
ve only just got gassedjustthe way i normally go
that so that s justjustthe way it is m608:
know isn t it justjustthe way they are f1054:
local word it s justjustthe wey it s pronounced
f902: they have that justjustthe wey they speak f826:
mess not just a messjustthere f1105: [?]then.[/?] okay in
of slang f1144: there sjustthere s just f1145: i
a very broad an ijustthere s just got a
five minutes or it couldjustthey just an hour but
no contract involved nothing hejustthey just be with them
twenty years didn t theyjustthey just separated last year
so descriptive an they rejustthey re just what ye
to be cheeky but ijust[third person in room laughs] i just find a
taken ill erm and justjustthought i was a bit
just settee i ve alwaysjustthought settee f1026: yeah f1027:
any guard he just hejustthrew the bomb and he
it f1025: aye f1024: justjusttickling it gently rubbing it
well just to just f1150: justto f1151: try and get
no f807: as well orjustto glasgow f806: oh just
easy erm just to out-justto go over a couple
part time job as welljustto just f1150: just to
f806: yeah f807: you knowjustto just to make sure
them good just to waitjustto learn to postpone their
play this just now okayjustto let you hear this
f807: you know just tojustto make sure that i
going to be easy ermjustto out- just to go
a game m1015: mmhm ayejustto play m1017: just a
just a long shot butjustto see if s-sh- you
s [inaudible] f1129: you vejustto speak normally just never
it will do them goodjustto wait just to learn
now [laugh] f1148: [laugh] justjusttoo afraid to drown [laugh]
m608: [inhale] ouch m194: [?]don't know where[/?]justtoo far in he just
yeah [laugh] f689: it sjusttoo [laugh] you just end
that s just it sjusttoo much f806: mm f807:
f689: [laugh] just go aboutjusttotally blaggin it intae like
annoyed wi mysel so ijusttry tae just be yoursel
wally that that s naejustunwell it s just off
just did play we wejustuse play m999: aye you
m1008: mmhm i think wejustuse the f1009: just play
week i just re- ijustused f831: aye [laugh] aboot
m1021: just rubbers aye wejustused rubbers f1054: i think
just overtake their parents andjustvery quickly er er parents
f1095: aye just wait thoughjustwait m1096: [inaudible] tuck me
mm put that f1095: ayejustwait though just wait m1096:
get the smarties f1103: nojustwait we re just aboot
a half okay and couldjustwalk and just talk f1149:
we f1122: mum can ijustwalk f1121: no you just
be able to just evenjustwander around and get to
no i just want ijustwant how about if we
taste one f1122: no ijustwant i just want how
just so tired that ijustwanted to to die really
right what colour now f1124: justwash it out mam just
mm m741: just ma mindjustwasn t i- isn t
ca d oot well itjustwasnae mine i just couldnae
this not this in therejustwater mum just water no
in there just water mumjustwater no just a mess
to last forever but wejustwe just and i mean
eh i mean we werejustwe just felt we were
said eh oh we rejustwe re just lookin for
the power of partnership notjustwe re not just talkin
s i mean it sjustwell it s just like
be f1151: no that thatjustwell it was just one
m no just ower shuirjustwhat the meanin what the
they re just they rejustwhat ye want to say
mmhm yeah f1150: and itjustwhy it s just you
i ve just got grumpyjustwi gordon bein my neighbour
many details and i justjustwondered if m1174: uh huh
just became you know itjustwore off and it was
it f640: i just ijustwould like eh it was
talking but because everyone elsejustwouldn t it was just
canna write [censored: forename] f1139: welljustwrite from [censored: forename] just now
just cannae think f1041: ijustye just put doon his
i ve just got loonyjustye re off yer heid
about today erm can ijustyeah just do that so
d end up they wouldjustyeah they just f1150: cause
mm f1054: john if youjustyou just come in a
it s just annoying youjustyou just get it just
in those days it wasjustyou just had one teacher
you m818: [cough] m819: youjustyou just need to you
it just why it sjustyou know i mean f1151:
were students but that wasjustyou know that s just
additional system or else itjustyou know you just couldn
s like that now youjustyou know you just sort
pest m1012: aye wum- m1010: justyour wife just aye m1012:
smirring f1054: mmhm [inaudible] f1145: justa a drizzle a slight
lanie f1041: a lanie f1043: justa lanie f1054: what about
terrible well [laugh] it sjusta mile frae f1054: [inaudible]
seventy six years f1054: sorryjusta second madge there s
a complex word for forjusta simple wee f1054: mm
never had jeans no f1054: justa step too far olive
had to carry it wasjusta tool- toolbox f1054: aye
pals f1143: recognise that f1054: justa wee bit f1144: your
or a wee aye m1016: justa wee boy f1054: mmhm
s a wee poem likejusta wee poem f1054: do
germs an erm she wasjusta wonderful woman really f1054:
day f1054: bob can ijustask you to put that
a f1054: sorry can ijustask you to stop a
f1054: what s that m1010: justaw the sledges thegither an
lookin aye f1054: mm m1004: justaye f1054: good ehm what
garb that s what ijustaye have ye no f1054:
understand f1054: mm great greatjustbe aware ehm wi these
look at him he sjustblootered f1054: and ehm what
as well m1014: well ijustbutt in f1054: ehm let
van f1054: mmhm m1021: youjustc- carried that and you
i call my mother ijustcalled her mum f1054: uh
never called her mother hejustcalled her the duchess f1054:
re polite f1054: rather thanjustcords m1017: someone gets ah
o them f1054: can youjustcount for me in hawick
when it s raining lightlyjustdrizzle f1054: what aboot when
somebody a right whack ayejustf1054: whack bash them have
properly an put it onjustf1054: what does what did
f1054: what a- can wejustfinish off this diagram i
yeah blooter f1054: ah notjustfor drunk yeah m1021: blooter
mmhm [cough] f1054: can ijustget once mair to say
m1020: brilliant it was f1054: justget you to come in
row f1054: brilliant can ijustget you to go roond
think not f1054: can ijustget you to introduce yourselves
billie oh f1054: can ijustget you to say that
right f1054: billie can ijustget you to sit forward
t have that i vejustgot er seeck f1054: that
[censored: surname] that was it [laugh]justgot gramp mm f1054: again
huh f1144: posse mm ijustgot pa- f1054: that s
good ones m1016: i vejustgot pregnant sensible [laugh] f1054:
know f1054: okay m1021: ijustgot pretty there she s
f1054: good m1016: i vejustgot the same as gordon
m1022: aye f1054: you rejustgranny m1019: [inaudible] m1021: more
dinnae say any o themjustgranny m1022: aye f1054: you
huh f1054: so basically youjusthad the kitchen where you
she is f1144: she sjusthavin a big single f1054:
tae bits an that f1144: justhingin thegither [laugh] f1054: yeah
re gettin older or ehjusti don t know f1054:
f1025: daft f1026: daft f1054: justif you could say that
you up m1022: right f1054: justif you move your chair
sandra f1144: [laugh] it sjust[inaudible] f1054: is a hingy
common sorry f1054: i mjustinterested in case oh aye
[laugh] [laugh] f1054: i mjustinterested in the difference there
re ye re eh f1054: justkeep fillin andy until [inaudible]
mean f1054: [inaudible] m1042: yejustkeep sayin ye ken an
f1054: and eh it sjustkinda makin bairns realise it
s a right ane andjustleave it at that f1054:
m1021: rich aye i mjustlookin for that word f1054:
what does braw mean f1006: justlovely f1054: good what about
i ve seen me oftenjustm1015: [inaudible] f1054: yeah m1014:
ve got thingummy f1054: ohjustm1016: there ye go f1054:
that word f1054: it sjustm1021: oh yes loaded i
seven years f1054: so youjustmoved this week madge [inaudible]
cold cold f1054: cool probablyjustno too many words for
here tonight but she sjustno weel you know f1054:
f1043: mmhm f1054: i mjustnoticin twa or three that
the fishin f1054: okay okayjustone more time if you
m1016: skateraw a little farmjustout o the town f1054:
p e f1145: p ejustp e f1054: yeah [inaudible]
your female friend margaret f1005: justpal f1054: and the pronunciation
f1143: oh f1054: i lljustpause for a second [inaudible]
draw ma beddies masel andjustplay masel f1027: mmhm f1054:
right f1144: yeah fair chuffedjustpleased f1054: that s a
i m feelin whacked orjustpuggled fair puggled f1054: puggled
aboot the question so ijustput hot f1054: what were
f1054: partner m1004: that sjustreally for me innit f1006:
f1054: aye well it wasjustreally the clothes i was
aye f1011: [laugh] oh butjustrecent [laugh] f1054: you dinnae
the same as what bertjustsaid aye uh huh f1054:
same as what ian sjustsaid f1054: [inaudible] m1010: eh
f1027: [laugh] f1023: no ijustsaid loo and toilet f1054:
yeah m1016: thump or slapjustsame f1054: aye m1016: hit
snooze then f1054: can ijustsay a couple of wee
us to use i wouldjustsay bonny f1054: mm what
huffy f1026: stroppy f1054: sorryjustsay that again f1026: sulky
lightly m1146: smirr i thinkjustsmirring f1054: mmhm [inaudible] f1145:
no any variation it sjusttae take part aye f1054:
same the wife no reasonjustthat s it f1054: okay
m1146: seek f1054: [laugh] f1145: justthat s what i ve
living room aye f1005: probablyjustthe living room lounge f1054:
so is it fittie sjustthe same as torry f1054:
yin f1054: mmhm good m1017: justthe same f1054: good m1015:
like that m1014: troosers ayejustthe same f1054: not plus
m1146: mm f1145: it wasjustthe sittin room now f1054:
f1054: a bit [?]aw thing[/?] butjustthe the natural stuff really
the tool box i thinkjustthe tool tool box f1054:
m1010: [laugh] aye aye f1011: justthe wife [laugh] f1054: or
[laugh] yeah f1054: sometimes evenjustto distinguish between the two
interestin f1041: mmhm f1054: ehmjustto go back to the
[inaudible] f1144: [laugh] m1146: nojustup the chute [laugh] f1054:
grandfather gaga but i wouldjustuse granny granny f1054: granny
re no well i alwaysjustuse ill f1054: [inaudible] nice
use the word an youjustuse the same words f1054:
f1054: good one m1016: ijustuse the word toilet i
it a few times sojustused it f1054: it s
f1054: no f1041: we lljustwe ll keep tae the
john have you any m1022: justwhat i said before f1054:
ehm f1143: oh right f1054: justwhatever you or your family
of any at the momentjustwi under pressure f1054: aye
wee you know they rejustyou know er f1054: what
changing my name again andjustabout to leave glasgow for
out of mischief i mjustabout to leave my room
words knowing you must leavejustbecause the farmer has omitted
time so erm er ijustdecided i would leave home
you leave it you youjustgo and paint mam ll
no leave it for mumjusthold it dinna touch the
ain goes there can ijusti ll leave you to
leave it cause that sjust[inaudible] right leave them all
m1098: aye f1097: okay welljustit leave it though no
to tidy up you cannajustleave aa o them lying
she s miaowing we lljustleave her cause she s
[inaudible] f1091: it s ninajustleave her she s okay
back into her flat andjustleave her there still blethering
job m804: oh m805: theyjustleave him m804: [cough] m805:
you bessie no i lljustleave it a tae you
remember have you forgotten alreadyjustleave it alone right see
f1101: mmhm f1102: [?]something in the pocket[/?] f1101: justleave it anoo right are
f1095: mm dinna touch itjustleave it cause it s
[inaudible] f1095: [inaudible] we lljustleave it doon there like
an itch m1098: come onjustleave it f1097: okay we
put on the bit f1101: justleave it f1102: no i
a minute f1112: [?]don't want to.[/?] f1111: justleave it f1112: go away
it no it s okayjustleave it f1116: [child noises] f1115:
ll take your boots offjustleave it fa put on
it no dinna do thatjustleave it [inaudible] [computer printer] m1096:
not f1089: present tae youjustleave it m1090: who is
must have muddled it upjustleave it m1096: i m
m1098: fitt s that f1097: justleave it m1098: a camera
out my friend was likejustleave it me and like
this off noo mum f1103: justleave it on dinna you
off in a wee bitjustleave it on till mam
was [inaudible] f1095: i knowjustleave it right [inaudible] that
no ju- f1109: okay m1110: justleave it there and we
is it that one f1115: justleave it there that s
f1127: cause it s dan-justleave it there we ll
don t know we lljustleave it though we ll
pushed along percy no mamjustleave it tomorrow we ll
tape recorder s f1095: nojustleave it we re going
in a sheltered hoose pausejustleave me in my ain
sucking gratefully on the inhalerjustleave me mum he wanted
put on a different ainjustleave on your vest if
huh m1070: that s alrightjustleave that bit it s
that s a new paperjustleave that for us when
a minute one more nowjustleave that i ll dae
no f1134: i hae- f1133: justleave that leave it on
that hey hey hey rightjustleave that okay right you
to playgroup and that [inaudible]justleave that there m1096: mm
won t drown f1111: [phone rings]justleave the phone darling f1112:
the back of the doorjustleave the phone sweetheart f1112:
difficult round moray house christianjustleave the printing i m
tons of stuff you lljustleave the reductions on the
f1107: i ken we lljustleave them to cool and
aye f1131: and we lljustleave them to eat in
substances around you d probablyjustleave them to it f1151:
roondaboot an leave it awjustlike metal bits or eugh
leave the printing i mjustnext to the photocopier here
i think leave it onjustnoo [censored: forename] and i ll
you leave it on therejustnoo it s okay f1114:
wee while leave it onjustnow f1104: [inaudible] she wants
mm f1111: [censored: forename] leave itjustnow f1112: no there s
it f1111: well leave itjustnow f1112: there f1111: now
you can hae that bittiejustnow leave it [censored: forename] m1098:
leave it in the pouchjustnow m1090: this this i
leave it on there rightjustsit down there we ll
press f1141: i told youjustto leave it f1142: [inaudible]
one [touches microphone] m804: oh maybejusttry and leave that alone
f1097: no leave that onjustwait a minute [cough] i
them up or are youjustwanting leave them as they
you re pressin f1097: nojustyou leave it m1098: fitt
will doubtless be young davidjustyou leave the little chap
he wouldna cause he sjusta [inaudible] he fell look
no f639: no it wasjusta sa- cause i yeah
english essay cause it wasjusta scottish word so it
cause we would always havejusta snack maybe a cold
cause i think it sjusta very specifical- specifically cultural
was good [cough] but ijustabout got killed cause i
painting apron cause that sjustan old t shirt and
why f1107: cause you lljustbe all fluffy and floury
though cause usually i lljustbe like yeah yeah yes
right cause ma f- m605: justbecause i don t use
cause i can t f809: justbecause of the people f810:
got the two that hejustbought at home cause the
would tend tae use calfiejustbut that s cause f1001:
formal er language and articulationjustby saying it cause we
hospital to get an ultrasoundjustcause f1150: yeah f1151: to
yeah f746: ah is itjustcause he hears you saying
by flip and cut upjustcause i can t f809:
f834: [laugh] f832: that sjustcause i was sick f835:
it so much is itjustcause it s m819: why
m1078: mmhm or before f718: justcause it s sort of
farm that was the closejustcause it was a narrow
s true it s maybejustcause m903: aye f826: you
the main room m1016: couchjustcause my parents used it
be an issue for herjustcause she d split up
yeah [sniff] well it sjustcause she had no f1155:
something there i was likejustcause she s too lazy
right an sometimes it isjustcause something s little ken
it s alright it sjustcause the rug s thingyin
f1124: thank you there causejustcause there s that [?]patch holey there.[/?]
[laugh] f631: [laugh] [laugh] f689: justcause they all talk at
barnie about er you knowjustcause we were talking about
know [laugh] f814: [laugh] f812: justcause you want to go
cause i ll be outsidejustchatting to people f810: i
of inspiration cause you canjustchoose to go to holland
cause erm i remember itjustcomin right into the classroom
re fine cause i vejustcooked them so they ll
wee second cause i mjustdelighted to have this book
you know cause it sjustdifferent kinna m741: yeah i
them m805: erm cause ijustdo m804: that s that
not to do cause ijustdon t have time to
like crispies f1121: cause ijustdon t like them f1122:
then some of them ijustdon t really get cause
out cause you done thisjustdone that afore you done
enough [laugh] m944: cause ijustdrive them up an drive
of petrol cause i vejustfilled up f643: oh right
believing that you exist ijustfind ridiculous cause how can
f1107: no cause it sjustflour and and eh sugar
at then f1124: i lljustget my socks off cause
that s cause i mjustgonna awa to brush them
yeah [laugh] f828: cause wejustgot apples an oranges an
out and stuff cause itjustgot so bad cause of
was nae room cause wejusthad the wan a but
repeating second year cause shejusthated french so much and
isn t cause i lljusthave to stay in here
use it anymore cause folkjusthaven t a clue whit
them h- cause he wasjusthe s a he s
cause i f810: it wasjusthim [laugh] f809: saw the
like crusties cause they rejusthorrible f1095: that s good
cause i think that wasjusti know other schools didn
s funny cause i wasjustin glasgow the other day
there cause that one sjustin there mum f1123: gie
m842: and ehm it wasjustit was fascinatin cause sittin
t put hat in bobblejustkeep bobble out cause you
cause it s easy tojustkinna like you know pretend
got that m805: cause hejustl- wants to have that
f833: yeah but you rejustlike cause it s so
about wars and it sjustlike so boring cause all
no [censored: forename] dinna touch himjustlook at him cause some
it was like you knowjustm816: aye m815: so cause
cinderella f1103: well we lljustmak belle noo cause that
having more black cause blackjustmakes a mess o your
easy to go to codonasjustme you and [censored: forename] cause
no f1104: why f1103: nojustmove it cause you ll
home probably cause i likejustmusic s like my main
use mair often is probablyjustnae bad [inaudible] cause cause
so long and it sjustnever got around cause there
of it but it wasjustnice cause it was an
f689: cause like they rejustno attractin a younger crowd
very apparent cause it sjustno [inaudible] m642: it s
dae ain for [censored: surname] grannyjustnoo and then cause you
cause she s ootsides injustnoo cause she has to
right do nae touch themjustnoo cause they re very
need the [?]mappie[/?] f1113: naejustnoo cause we re readin
mm m827: cause it sjustnot gonna happen the chances
erm and i can rememberjustnot liking it cause i
mummy can i watch noddyjustnow cause i [inaudible] watch
i cannae train with yousejustnow cause i m er
the curtains in that flatjustnow cause it s so
-puter down f1089: no naejustnow cause that s aafa
f810: is there something onjustnow cause there s like
able to put them awayjustnow cause you canna get
f1111: they winna come upjustnow darling cause she s
them in a pack thanjustone cause the library sells
aye f1095: cause they rejustoot the fridge m1096: are
s handy cause they vejustopened that big philosophy factory
feet on him cause ehjustower the language barrier and
you can cause you rejustprobably the furthest [?]along there[/?] sorry
taking the drugs cause theyjustsaid are you still taking
know [laugh] f806: cause minesjustsaid undetermined f807: mm f806:
trousers but my granny alwaysjustsaid your trouser cause it
turns round and erm hejustsays aha cause cause m804:
story here look we lljustsit here cause it s
of course cause he wasjustsitting waiting for me to
put on cause he wasjustso resolutely speaking scots all
goin mental cause they werejustso there was three three
it but if it sjustsomebody playin around cause f631:
yeah f963: cause you canjustsort of disappear and blend
[?]straight[/?] it back f1103: ijustsorted it cause it was
the morse author cause hejuststarted pinchin their ideas and
oh wow f1049: and shejuststopped cause m1048: you see
ma- aye maybe it wasjuststraightened cause she f1049: it
everybody is cause it sjustsuch a gauntlet but even
as well cause it wasjustsuch a ridiculous amount of
i wouldn t cause thatjustsucks without that literally yes
walk in all the noisejustsuddenly stops cause it s
f631: mmhm f689: cause itjusttastes like chicken to me
cause i mean that sjustthe thing right i find
tragic f806: oh well causejustthe way you had f807:
in castle douglas cause youjustthink they re all gonna
put that doon cause ijustthought ye cannae say pissed
roads are closed f1103: ayejustto see cause look the
my friend cause mine wasjusttoo heavy and it kept
go walk out that doorjustturn around now cause you
use that s why ijustused barbie s ain cause
cause like my gr- wejustusually see my grandparents and
cause we ve we vejustwashed [censored: forename] s bed that
cause i mean we wejustwerena allowed tae tae spaek
and f1151: oh right f1150: justwhat you ve said cause
yourself outside then no causejustwhen you were saying m1163:
peop- lecturers are saying isjustwrong cause the teacher that
it [laugh] f1143: but ijustye know cause usually we
f1091: that s it nowjusta wee sippy okay m1092:
on now this ains isjustaboot ready an aa we
week now and i mjustabout becoming accustomed to being
s the roof which isjustan upsides down boat now
ve covered everything now ermjustanything else that anyone would
trying to bring us togetherjustas you re doing now
now m608: aye f637: wasjustaw fields and we said
pause hold it now boyjustback away zeb pushes robby
now mix it up f1117: justbe gentle f1118: it needs
down there now there djustbe loads of wee neds
ago or something now probablyjustbefore i started my course
bout of bronchitis which isjustbeginning to go now i
their housing planning processes theyjustdo not see it now
me i think i lljustdo one long one now
it now but f1026: youjustdon t get it now
may and now it hasjustflowered again they and the
eskimo sparky an spruce nowjustfor today mind i ll
no f1141: [exhale] are youjustgaun to be now a
to the door now andjustgo there you go m816:
that okay now i mjustgoing to go and defrost
you want now yellow f1124: justgot some on my [inaudible]
now and douglas well hejustgrew and grew with seldom
you to scuffle now youjustgroove it right here to
position of authority and isjusthappy now with an easy
tid- [child noise] now i lljust[inhale] all the things back
now than a circus contortionistjustletting him have his way
that and now you rejustlike i know f812: and
looks like mud now f1124: justlike mud [laugh] no it
monster that now confronted himjustlike sometimes happened when you
aged 59 now i wouldjustlike to remind you as
now and he s notjustlook at him he s
know what it is thisjustlooks like mud now f1124:
f1130: nobody f1129: nobody youjustmade it up now fitt
there are some folk shejustnaturally stops spickin now i
it f1095: right now youjustneed a wee sup butter
f122: brilliant [laugh] f010: wejustneed to find willy now
i offered you something elsejustnow an aa f1118: erm
robert is here visiting usjustnow and goes back to
thought but i met cairdjustnow and he told me
it s all over tvjustnow and i sat through
arm i have phoned herjustnow and left a message
you stand on the tilesjustnow and probably hurt your
in the city are lowjustnow and the big attraction
to fred costs around 40justnow and the flight lasts
this one i m writingjustnow and then there s
it s only in hardbackjustnow and therefore can t
thing which i m intojustnow and you get the
i ve got amazon vouchersjustnow as well from doing
of them i ve mentionedjustnow books from different parts
charge so got that goinjustnow but how long it
w- not f950: well m865,: justnow but when you talk
re doing a wee interviewjustnow [censored: forename] it s alright
t know you was goingjustnow did you f1112: [laugh]
we re nae watching cartoonsjustnow do jigsaws first haven
them the trees are barejustnow eh m1110: mam s-
m gonna play something herejustnow erm this is another
doesn t look too stablejustnow especially with libya letting
no i ll be okayjustnow f1104: oh f1103: but
is he s in therejustnow f1111: hiding is he
going to go to balletjustnow f1111: no she s
we we can t gojustnow f1111: no we can
t want to do thatjustnow f1111: well we- we
too near lunchtime garlic breadjustnow f1112: [away from microphone for 30 seconds] f1111: [inaudible]
mummy ll get the matjustnow f1112: mm f1111: [censored: forename]
ll look for another onejustnow f1112: s-s- [laugh] that
good at- what you doingjustnow f1112: whisking f1111: you
play toybox f1111: no notjustnow f1112: why f1111: you
ball put it over therejustnow f1114: [inaudible] f1113: wait
hear that ice cream vanjustnow f1114: yeah yes f1113:
mouse fell on your headjustnow f1122: i m gonna
okay i ll sort youjustnow f1130: [?]lippy[/?] f1129: now
s girlfriend is in switzerlandjustnow f1148: mmhm f1149: ehm
be well i can tjustnow f1155: [?]oh right[/?] are you
you ve tidied up loadsjustnow haven t you what
s got two at homejustnow he s got the
f1135: right take it offjustnow hmm will we will
unnecessary to say any morejustnow i am sure that
sticks fredericton is very wetjustnow i bought myself a
all john is in londonjustnow i don t know
c- if i m speakinjustnow i m speakin to
to commit to outside pursuitsjustnow i m spending most
off noo f1103: no naejustnow in a wee while
that out of the wayjustnow in case you trip
lot of initiatives goin onjustnow in schools and stuff
right stop pressing the buttonsjustnow [inaudible] this one what
work that s bein donejustnow is all on schoolkids
team or something the problemjustnow is i don t
must be your favourite jigsawjustnow is it m1094: yes
put paint in your eyejustnow is that what that
the big talking point herejustnow is the earth tremors
documents that i gave youjustnow it s still jimmies
i tried to phone youjustnow joe darling you had
f943: strongbow is on offerjustnow [laugh] m944: do you
i ve got two customersjustnow m1048: [laugh] f1049: and
else what are you doingjustnow m1094: i m playing
well what they are sayingjustnow mummy frog is telling
maybe be plenty in therejustnow okay f1122: mmhm [inaudible]
get a lot of thingsjustnow on on writing and
girl doin a some workjustnow on slang and i
on f1135: keep it onjustnow right on you go
coming over from the harbourjustnow see if there s
wot i am writing withjustnow she has moved into
i m gonna draw onejustnow so i am m1070:
all i have to writejustnow so i hope this
all well theres no newsjustnow so i ll say
what are you putting injustnow some f1112: some f1111:
it s thumping so hardjustnow that i m afraid
you re on this planetjustnow that means that every
that s nae for wearingjustnow that s the bit
the arabs in some disarrayjustnow that the situation will
as well i saw youjustnow that was a bit
awa all the paper paintjustnow then f1118: mm i
and play blocks with youjustnow then for a wee
the dolls that are outjustnow there s one eh
the canada cup is onjustnow there was a house
f1111: i ll show youjustnow this one here okay
it back in the basketjustnow till i get this
that is not the positionjustnow we will try to
what s in the papersjustnow what s happening you
the book you re writingjustnow what you re working
in glaswegian m605: right m741: justnow which is really it
anythin that he s sayinjustnow wouldnae be alien tae
it f1112: want a songjustnow yes mary quite contrary
are not quite so newjustofficial now you ve probably
are we sending them nowjustone more copy each sorry
that a lot of thatjustseems quite clich├ęd now and
m865: now what i vejustshown you are two examples
mair lilian why are youjuststarting to see this now
have dried yourself wait nowjuststick it on there right
you can dae it nowjusttake a wee sippie at
meat now or it wasjustthat one [laugh] right i
now it used to bejustthe christmas and that was
now and your awkwardness wasjustthe way you were made
we- i think they rejustturning their light off now
another one now f1112: nojustwait a minute [sucks air through teeth] look
and now he s snatchingjustwait till fathers hears about
now you ve done itjustwait till i tell jimmy
dae that [censored: forename] i vejustwashed that [inaudible] now dinna
s nothing on the bedjustwashed the bed [inaudible] now
nice doll f1112: i mjustwetting my hairs now f1111:
seems now as if itsjustwhat used to be growing
know too well even nowjustwhen i m relaxing he
now in reality instead ofjustwriting about it cooped up
basically what we wear nowjustyou know flared jeans an
couple of years now andjustyou know when you don

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