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o her life micht shejynethe britherhood o horseman fur
minnie the loons are taejynethe britherhood o the horsemen
cam through orderin him taejynethe 51st heilan division chae
birled ower michtie brigs tijyneaw the ceities o the
gordons trystit the loons taejynefur the king s shillin
murderer wha telt ye tijyneup wi us 3rd murderer
baith septiles an skreichmakkers taejynetheir intergalactic airmies tae bigg
o learnin bigg culture maunjynewi culture brig tae brig
ma herd ti chum yejyneyeir dochter an brither bot
climmin up the knowe taejyneher tho minnie s faither
knowe an gaun doun taejynethe lads whit wi faain
she ll nae let yejyneher skweel an if she
if she disna let yejyneher skweel ye ll hae
owre mertin s brig taejynethe hawick til langholm road
the yungest princess gaed tijynethe thrang wi licht herts
o plays an sang anjyneyon intellectual thrang on embro
come up y all andjyneoor great crusade itherwise we
dodge jowe toll juist justjynejoin keik peer keinin wailing
a just jundie v rolicjynev join kail n broth
in scotland s croun cumjynewi me in cryin hail
makkin fur the gap taejyneher wee kieran anderson wis
sweetenins tae asian directors taejynehis company sae makkin yet
the castel bad the princessjynethe splore tho he haed
tae integrate intae societie taejynethe bodie o the kirk
hinmaist o the flock taejynethe body o the kirk
that they wad lik taejynethe group colin fox ssp
harin across the holm taejynehis cronies the fower o
owre atwein ye a ljyneye again in a wee
he haed been speirt taejynea delegation gaun ower tae
than man ye d betterjyneus the re aye sum
this day furth a ljynema thochts til actions here
macduff cairrit til iona tijynethe banes o aw his
doun the miller road taejynenew cumnock scouts n like
schuils will be able taejynein wi [censored: placename] primary this
a sup tae ett anjyneme on the balcony i
it wad be free taejynethe group 8 staff employed
deid i winna want taejyneyer clique ill gab bit
a ribbon roon yer craigjynemontrose s pairty bold dragoons
corp is seik ah cannajynethe feast the r no
hame aw the fowk cuidjynethe saicont lyne an daunce
on this singil swallae anjyneus thegither wi the cord
ye macbeth gin ye wuljynema cause whan the tyme
north east double raising spylejyneand jyle are derived from

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