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til ma faither til heijynedthe royal navvy i the
the bam bam bam wisjynedwi a rat tat tat
road hame banquo s boglejynedme on the bus egg
yon bruises far her breistbeenjynedthe foon o her lang
smert hooses whan big johnjynedus he confirmed this by
horn an a third yinjynedthe horn tae the ither
mirren an in a saicontjynedhiz faimlie ablo the timmers
the auldest i the faimliejynedthe raf air crew i
at tipperary tho even mitherjynedin yon chorus an cairriet
ad hame at fifteen ahjynedthe airmie at twantie five
a warnished ye ilk pouerjynedin the spulyie outten onie
he brocht me faur anjynedhis tristan an isolde baith
jeely whan the fower sheddaesjynedup on the faur bank
o ilka yin then hejynedthe ends o the wire
the road yonder uz bairnsjynedthum an the crack wis
mr peerie hear he sjynedthe navy the rain in
juist abuin whare the sandsjynedthe sea bed bi the
him the ettin s dochterjynedin wi hir man mercie
alive here thocht tuik flichtjynedwi the soarin hawk winter
granda bruce deed sae hidnajynedthe lave at his service
a nummer o years geordiejynedyin o the local boolin
in hiz motir whaur thaijynedhim the locumtenand drave whyle
sheen frae watt an milnejynedloons frae doon the toon
smit wi their curiosity katejynedthe boorich an tappit john
geofrey teddy an ian chairliejynedthe r a f an
wee alec an ian hadjynedus can ah hae a
the guidman cam ben anjynedi the cuttance ti mak
bit but n ben wisjynedtae steenhillock fermhoose he d
the rail inglis an juniperejynedhim ye l can here
that close they maun bijynedat the hoch in a
gryte jeopardie the k nichtjynedin ye maun lowse me
on the knock an hejynedthe ither end o the
reid admiral twa geisha sleevesjynedwi a pitmirk preen the
kintyre ti ross at wesjynedti a gaelic uinioun wi
has been a want ojynedup policy that sees the
flappit doon aside nava anjynedher in skytin chukkies ower
ain placie an sae granniejynedthe migvie gents at the
for those that luv hasjynedmay ye as man an
door ajee as the singerjynedwi a quine langsyne tae
up onti thair feet anjynedin the daunsin on an
an monie o the faithersjynedin the gemms the doctour
since jude s loon kieranjynedthe human nutrition unit in

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