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the rok tapsalteirie gaed thekaimtapsalteirie gae the spinnin jennie
v avoid juist a justkaimn v comb keik v
v join kail n brothkaimv comb keik v look
rig edge know knock mountkaimbank hope head cleugh head
muckle knock faw mount dunkaimkay bank greystone head yield
s been hair on yeirkaimeverie tyme ye ve duin
praisent twa paerls an akaimo tortoise shell ah hear
fortie straiks o the timmerkaiman get herried out o
o cast o his timmerkaimprofunditas shoved it by an
war woo an flax tikaiman spin an weive inti
watchful on a sin warmkaima hird sockin faur ablow
yeir bed here bowle ankaimwunter cums an the air
cam back i offert ekaimtill e museum bit oh
for naething sobbing she wadkaiman brush ma hair whyles
tent the sea bairns tikaimthair sheinin hair an sing
hair cam oot on makaimthis mornin nanse sae that
dreams wi scotch mist nitkaimyer hair wi chuggin wind
oot e wee knottie okaiman get a taste o
e bonniest range o flattentkaimshapit tae fit e space
widden scoops wi an ironkaimfitted at e moo ye
monie bees aboot a hinniekaiman it wul no be
e linin aifter shiftin ekaimbit e waspies niver cam
aa a straik o thekaimnou the firsten thing wis

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