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fit o the mulsintoun braekathleenhirsel skairs hir tyme equal
glaur student it mulsintoun wikathleenstewart s faither tom scott
laird o the haugh andkathleenstewart tom scott o mulsintoun
are qualities found also inkathleenjamie s poetry but here
gaed tae the schuil wikathleenbein the praisent mrs sandy
9 ibid p 123 10kathleenjamie in monsters pp 93
[note: photo: 'the middleton family from the gobbs, early 1920s.'] [note: photo: 'old arbuthnott school beside the church, before it was demolished in 1913.'] [note: photo: 'kincardineshire education committee certificate for perfect attendance to archibald middleton in 1938.'] around 1906kathleendouglas stewart millplough felt embarrassed
life i roberton pairish bikathleenstewart 1991 b the makkin
the ex girnwud ferm tenentkathleenstewart maks mention a o
s aboot 190 pages ikathleenstewart s beuk anenst historical
mrs scott hed twae bairnskathleenan charles whae ma sister
john edinburgh south lab macleankathleendundee west lab mcleish henry
barton special agent and auntiekathleengarscadden s children s hour
one of these another iskathleenjamie whose first collection appeared
them on their way homekathleenand douglas couldn t find
m055: and sheena blackhall ehkathleenfrew you know and and

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