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very loudly buroom buroom buroomkatiemorag watched fascinated as granma
that a bonny coo dancekatiebairdie er it s late
er receptive to this erkatiebairdie had a coo black
morag tripped over baby liamkatiemorag i think you d
going shouted mrs mccoll askatiemorag tripped over baby liam
granma mainland fluttering her eyelasheskatiemorag and grannie island smiled
ve brought for show daykatiemorag granma mainland asked och
katie morag said grannie whenkatiemorag had explained what she
you ve got yourself intokatiemorag said grannie when katie
there and dead simple ermkaties bear katie s bear
simple erm katie s bearkaties bear was gonna be
s ferm katie s claeskaties beasties for next year
about maybe katie s fermkaties claes katie s beasties
what have we got ermkaties erm katie s pig
we re talking about maybekaties ferm katie s claes
er katie s moose thenkaties moose is er runnin
open erm where s erkaties moose then katie s
got erm katie s ermkaties pig is daein a
wednesday morning mrs mccoll wokekatiemorag early hurry up now
you for helping out todaykatiemorag said mrs mccoll isn
her hair silvery white saidkatiemorag thoughtfully everyone looked in
of making money so ermkaties moose is the follow
sorting things out is ourkatiemorag and she said no
the judging started but whenkatiemorag arrived at grannie island
was so frightened and ashamedkatiemorag did a silly thing
much trundling back and forthkatiemorag finally managed to collect
was a hot day andkatiemorag had just stopped for
miniature paintings but the parcelkatiemorag had left on her
back for tea she askedkatiemorag half hid behind grannie
for a long time occasionallykatiemorag heard muffled words of
oh dear oh dear wailedkatiemorag looking at the five
would win it this yearkatiemorag ran as fast as
for grannie pleased to escapekatiemorag set off she loved
smile as she looked atkatiemorag she s very good
now it was getting darkkatiemorag thought of the long
with them for a holidaykatiemorag went with her other
upstairs to quieten him downkatiemorag you take the mail
we have erm so herekaties craw now this is
this is for nursery andkaties craw s on the
make this work and sokaties coo is obviously [audience laughs, and someone answers 'on the loo']
to something you may knowkaties coo wee smiles in
s dug this rhymes sokaties dug is gonna be
place and where s erkaties dug this rhymes so
mi null gu aonghas iskatiemary s thuig mi gur
bonnie dundee i went withkatiekathy from the maggie and
from miss calder s sisterkatiebut she did not say
f947: and would- wouldn tkatiefrom north uist say choimhead
swam tae the shore quokatielaith tae think the warst
there wis meg peg andkatieand jeannie an more but

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