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spend it a on hoosekeepinbuy something for yoursel idea
weel just you concentrate onkeepinyoursel upright an leave me
lookin for prey though bitkeepinan ee on e climmers
beard tryin nae tae cowkkeepinma een doon on the
plenishin and the needcessity okeepinaa for the clan in
auld spikk close in bluidkeepinaathin in the faimly a
soon fae ony o emkeepinin a ticht roon baa
their minds but i mkeepinthe bairns how daft was
lairds forbye hid wyes okeepinye in yer place i
this eilidh ye hae beenkeepinsaicrets frae me eilidh maister
dyke baith strang and stootkeepintwa luvers in the warld
s a parcel i mkeepinit safe for somebody muriel
that are tae blame furkeepinthe cautious safe at hame
feelin rel queasy wis itkeepinfowk up ti date wi
week treat bj pizza skeepinkirsty s thigh warm jilly
tee weel ye couldna bekeepinyer e en on e
sae a ll jist bekeepinit aw tae masell fair
far as inverness i mkeepinjean an douglas o k
sterted tae rin fur hamekeepinweel ooto the road o
ti cairri the burden okeepinthe land hearin songs been
shilliny piece just for sittinkeepinhis horse at peace no
fairm es een wis forkeepinbeas wattert an it niver
weel or seeck m1020: nokeepinvery weel aye f1018: as
but there would be somebodykeepinan eye on ye in
and mysel fished the watterkeepinas near puggie as we
wur bidin it hame ankeepinae ruif ower his paurents
wad hae the trauchle okeepinferm accoonts an buyin an
shuir that wad be inkeepinwi ma place at aw
and fair letten doun nokeepinye here tho wad be
i think folk were jistkeepinoot o the sun loretta
well ma granny s naekeepinwell jist noo she i
by da wye fancy deekeepinaa dis emails wir been
thocht thit she micht beikeepini hidlins some defeck i
watch chyne at his westcoatkeepintime tae ilkie tune buenos
ye thirlman ye ir nokeepinstill ah canna richt fessen
hae loads tae dae wikeepinthings richt while i m
mercie ah wunner whit skeepinmasha vershinin whit mair can
buffs aficionados that s kindakeepinthings up and tae whit
wis she wis weariet okeepinthe secret fur sae lang
nae guid mrs eejit saidkeepinher back tae him sae
daein his ceevic duty bikeepinaa the roads an pathies
hidna kent aboot wis ekeepino pigs at e huts
on the ferry ey werekeepina e e on the
ye d tae wirk atkeepina gweed lowe an ye
that a fermer needs exceptinkeepindoon the weeds ye ll
aye but ye never gotkeepinthe money ye handed it
a m no up tikeepinye companie awa frae the
you fit i ll bekeepina look oot tae see
you re meant to bekeepinup f943: no there wasn
everything so we re nokeepinyou too long ehm how
do we get them forkeepinthe toys tidy m1090: [inhale]

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