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neglected in certain ways hekeepspopping up but on the
you know you will hekeepspopping up in your head
oan its gleam an shinekeepsthe shadeies blinded keeps thum
shine keeps the shadeies blindedkeepsthum in oor souls stops
securing the debate she alwayskeepsan eye on such anniversaries
in order to advise whoeverkeepsan eye on these things
eye on such anniversaries whichkeepsthe rest of us in
for washing but again shekeepstalking raising her voice slightly
pruning in the base thiskeepsthe heap slightly off the
to forget it he stillkeepshimself busy with his union
notice she d reply jennykeepsme busy times i miss
fuckin earth said billy hekeepssaying it isnae earth graham
homme même as auld baldykeepssaying as he hands me
i i know that shekeepssaying oh yeah i ll
huh f1149: and like shekeepssaying that she doesn t
light as gordon enters sadiekeepshim beside her door knocks
winding me up sadie itkeepsme fae gaun daft whit
sadie wis that me agneskeepson knitting sadie is that
cauld wast win hale daykeepsblawin thursday 29 temp 3
15th temp 9 20 daykeepscool pir o win dis
beat cauld pir o winkeepsdoon the heat saturday 24th
you and he went everybodykeepsgoin far y at now
that s what my mumkeepsgoin they ll clean for
[laugh] that s because hekeepson goin oot m942: mmhm
melrose gardens [censored: phonenumber] the associationkeepsin contact with other local
m p maria [censored: surname] whokeepsin touch with the association
futon that word son tankiekeepson using it and using
in front of me andkeepstalkin [laugh] m944: no way
in front of me andkeepstalkin m944: who f943: [censored: forename]
mis statement of fact thatkeepsbeing made by members of
on the statement that advertisingkeepsdemand in check which will
what has caused it hekeepsgetting a lot of infections
beat fur the wey hekeepshis meat he s getting
tuesday fishing tiel tonight castkeepson getting mixed up am
the r ae thing thatkeepsme gaun it s kennin
barter fit is t thatkeepsye gaun ye wi yer
to speak that useful phrasekeepscoming to mind i tried
additional spending commitments that itkeepscoming up with and how
toward doll and ed hekeepshis coat over his head
hope that the official reportkeepsa copy of that note
but not too bad itkeepsme working hope you re
ye re the bonny sichtkeepsme fine an warm writer
even nou thinkin if hekeepsme frae sinkin that the
it s good fun andkeepsme out of mischief i
in the morning and itkeepsme right all day in
yours that torments me ankeepsme wauken say sumthing ti
tidying that aisle so justkeepsputtin me in there and
in auld rome toozenbach awbodiekeepsspeirin at me ti arrange
wasnae her f010: [laugh] shekeepstellin me to take one
then [inaudible] f1142: my thingiekeepscomin off mum can you
my girlfriend her mum erkeepsdogs and when she says
bottle o fusky that hekeepsfur veesitors because she s
thanks thon god his elephantskeepshale an snod fur elephants
awa fur a dauner butkeepswaird o us ilka day
i dinna ken far shekeepsher brains but it s
ronnie close behind her jimkeepshis distance chrissie urgently far
regulator sets robust standards andkeepsequality in mind when considering
her lady in waiting shekeepsher eyes towards the altar
sister she s cried jeanniekeepsher knickers in her peenie
s long auburn hair andkeepsher story alive in her
into her hand where shekeepsthem till the end of
nancy [censored: surname] the treasurer whokeepsus all right with her
wind at lifts da sailkeepswirds clos ta her breest
gey near a gale daykeepsup aye fine an dry
oor sit in an laughinkeepsus aa girls thegither if
mm m1036: it s whatkeepsus all going i think
since a ve been deidkeepsmurderin the ithers whit think
whit wey tae go hekeepsthat brolly doon so low
twa three a leerie bingokeepsma peerie cheerie specially fin
king kong s sheets shekeepstwa littlins in a pram
and shift the scythe mankeepsa steady pace tall grain
soapy saliva if this bubblekeepsgrowing thought the man i
birk an bracken barbit wirekeepssuicides awa the man made
talisman a johnny a daykeepsthe babies away he d
up his les paul hekeepsa fag just hanging and
in the poachin season hekeepsa shotgun in the cubby
s is unfinished because hekeepsadding afterthoughts with each reprinting
bull wi its horns hekeepscockit his lugs when he
a winna watch but hekeepson looking in horror an
wye s at weel hekeepspittin his heid in his
and he m741: mmhm m605: keepssayin i hate poetry and
figure of zaf and hekeepswanting you know and so
the paper tapsalteerie says itkeepshim feelin cheery slope off
son she starts work andkeepshard at it throughout the
britain is the country thatkeepsturning down european money because
a funny wee beastie thatkeepshimsel weel oot o sicht
wee a wee bittie somebodykeepsphoning f1114: no no no
all the only one thatkeepsgood time is a plain
a good car [inaudible] itkeepspulling it to the left
up tries to catch patkeepsmissing him bj do you
it s the belly thatkeepsup the back so i
the odd leaf or twokeepsit going for days no
a person who owns orkeepsone or more dogs intending
scotland muir russell this questionkeepsbeing asked in various forms
mmhm f889: [laugh] no itkeepsyou f890: [laugh] i am
and for ensuring that itkeepsits place forever sp or
s- keep spreading so itkeepsf1121: are you managing f1122:
aren t you so everyonekeepsinsisting i said i seem
makes governments work and whatkeepspoliticians honest is an involved
two weeks f643: aye m608: keepsye fit m642: aye f643:
iss furlin warld o oorskeepsgyan wi nae ingin ti
the sun an muin ayekeepsmovin kis thay canna finnd
and the fourth a dancerkeepsa house in deià but
watching t v but rainkeepson 10 sunday to 8
kilmacolm now apparently this gardenerkeepsseeing a panther walking about
through the gate it jistkeepson growin like crazy aw
bit ach although ma nosekeepsrinnin a doot it s
ferlies in hir mynd thatkeepshir frae sleepin richt macbeth
nailed thoombs the dyke thatkeepsthe girse fae the kailyaird
that could swallow the netherlandskeepstwenty five mammoth crocodiles caged
hame drauchtit nane toustie luvekeepsnae nickstick o the wrangs

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