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s monie bels o akeingsellwand weill says the auld
he s makkin oot thirkeingsis aw his aishan sum
his aishan sum s lykekeingso twa kinriks to the
the keingdome o fyfe scotchkeingsbad thare fur monie generautiouns
scots wes fay ti thairkeingsreleigiouns an freins an kentna
bi wey thai hae fremmitkeingsti ruill ower thaim frae
in the graveyaird o thekeingso scots ross are ye
keings the sons o banquokeingseh raither nor that a
the deil ti mak thaimkeingsthe sons o banquo keings
they hailed him faither okeingsa dout they ve laid
the daith o a hantilkeingsbut never heed a daursay
masell wad faither a hantilkeingsgin they spak true as
macbeth yeir bairns wul bekeingsbanquo you sal be keing
the courts o the norsekeingso lochlan whuther this is
mak thaim aw walthie askeingsfor the lave o thair
blyther third witch faither okeingstho ye be nane sae
yeir bairns wul nou bekeingswhan thaim that geed me

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