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stayed in scotland and hekepthimself closely informed with cultural
languages other than english arekeptinformed about the parliament s
msp as disability reporter bekeptinformed of developments on the
i would like to bekeptinformed of what is happening
the petitioners have to bekeptinformed of what we are
ensure that the committee iskeptinformed on the issue i
over our guide marcello whokeptus informed with a sometimes
so f631: right f689: ikeptlookin an lookin i m
i know an she kindakeptlookin at ye f833: an
richt or left i jistkeptlookin doon defy me wid
without his specs jonsar eckkeptlookin for the glesses he
o his fordel he ayekeptlookin for the twa foxes
m608: [laugh] m1163: so wekeptlookin oot and lookin oot
process will continue we havekepta close eye on sqa
tight fisted farmer once whokepta close eye on what
rationed and the agricultural inspectorkepta tight eye on farms
states like most exiles ikeptan eye open for news
strict eye had to bekepton the boys because of
daily and the glass chimneyskeptclean they could be very
wis clean an neat butkepthis feelins tae himsel he
room an the room waskeptpristine clean there was a
bottom of the door waskeptspotlessly clean and polished by
the slates incidentally cloots werekepttae clean e slates o
service was quite possible shekeptthe little hall clean or
saying so they thought wekeptquiet because we knew perfectly
the obstacle courses and hekeptsaying for those of you
your next bill and [censored: forename]keptsaying get it take it
was urged to publish butkeptsaying he was too busy
won t let me shekeptsaying he wasn t even
module on yeah and hekeptsaying that and i was
with his mum dad andkeptsaying that he needed a
all the time must havekepta few picture houses open
keing o byuss micht whakeptan open pailace whaur muisic
labour and liberal democrat mspskeptthe door open henry mcleish
it was m642: and theykeptthe single line open for
wasps aboot again gin yekeptyer back door open on
of the house must bekeptas high as possible coal
the little boy his motherkepthim close to the house
remember this but evidently ikeptrunnin through the house it
but couldn t you havekeptthe house cause of course
when ye wash house theykeptthe wash house fire on
disease here i ve alwayskeptthis house immaculate i take
was miserable although the rainkeptoff it was very dull
repeated the bairns were neverkeptoff school for bad weather
on the kettle which waskeptpermanently full and just off
f1149: although the fact peoplekeptsetting off the fire alarm
did that look like m1014: keptthe sun off [inaudible] it
come right over their frontkeptthe sun off them an
off old items of clothingkeptto do a second turn
ginger and sugar some waskeptto start off the next
the climb was off ikeptwalking and found myself back
for the words the listkeptby any health board there
for the words a listkeptby that board of the
words numbers zeb he hekeptthem down right enough berna
started studying gaelic we havekeptthings certain words in islay
pause customers hate ti bekeptwaitin mummie s favourite words
martha me beaumont yesterday youkeptdisappearing so that i couldn
the brother grew that theykeptfrom me all the village
the book to me butkepthis distance mr scott became
in ma coat but itkeptjaggin at me an garrin
hijacked by a teacher whokeptme an hour proofreading a
[laugh] f646: so my motherkeptme back and let him
cheese bread and biscuits whichkeptme going until suppertime i
did ye ken sir theykeptme in chains in the
a hair s breadth hadkeptme on the right side
the only thing that skeptme sane the past few
you know and she alwayskeptme till last i was
thawed me my eyes tookeptmoving to that needle as
sae much me and [censored: forename]kepton bletherin efter we said
then after the summer theykeptpayin me the higher wages
wee scars you and dannykeptpestering me about werenae from
just too heavy and itkeptpulling me down f1149: oh
tremendous misgivings but this somethingkeptpushing me on despite the
the street and olive justkeptsayin to me just keep
er me and cat justkeptswappin writin more and more
slightly bigger than f813: theykepttelling me so i think
from me all the villagekeptthat secret well oshawa ontario
that interested me and ikepttrying to make a drama
that their functions should bekeptunder review strikes me as
grabbed me and like shekeptwalking me i said look
the win ahint me ikeptwatch oot ower the field
to provide general medical serviceskeptby a health board under
shall remove from the registerkeptby it under section 69
behave themselves they re notkeptf639: yeah f640: under strict
programme of change should bekeptunder close review followed by
choice of languages will bekeptunder review 17 information factfiles
favoured area support scheme iskeptunder review to ensure that
may also request that informationkeptunder section 81 1 of
and that they will bekeptabreast of our conclusions angus
they they have and arekeptalive and so this leads
they had an an theykeptand they re apparently talking
of their singer they rekeptapart during interviews presumably so
that the books were nokeptas weel as they should
talk was amazin though theykeptaskin questions and then were
writer was unbounding why hekeptasking do they all have
get the polis waveband hekeptasking they ll maybe be
questions but they should bekeptbrief mr jamie mcgrigor highlands
at certain points and theykeptchanging that we needed to
laura hates heights and theykeptdoing that thing m811: [laugh]
the empty bottles that theykeptf1049: we d copies o
sleep in the room theykeptfor strangers she brought my
ruined by frost but theykeptfresh for years in the
in [inaudible] m964: but theykepthim in and so instead
was still in hospital theykepthim in for a week
information that they disclosed waskeptin commercial confidence until we
time when hard outside workkeptit from doing harm they
much too quiet and theykeptlooking at the p o
so they ve they vekeptthat word but then the
m1014: yeah then they justkeptthe name ye see m1015:
code is yet they havekeptthe same telephone number as
way in which the menkepttheir cells neat they are
apparently carried it wherever theykepttheir sperm she had not
interesting yeah f950: they vekeptthey re dialect pretty strong
sort of you know theykeptthings more simple and some
f632: [laugh] f646: see theykeptthis horse and cart for
bit of soutering themselves theykepttinnies with sprigs for the
clientele they can t bekeptwaiting they re not accustomed
two girls had their dinnerkeptwarm for when they came
yoursel aboot your journey ikepta journal as did he
international corpus of english hekeptappearing in glasgow trying to
wives an ailin weans hekeptawa frae nuptial chains sae
[laugh] and he said shekeptcalling him it the whole
bomber and a driver whokeptgetting lost maybe he d
definitely no here carolanne hekepther chained up sadie so
she d stay if ikepther pregnant he shrugged wistfully
barra he aye said itkepthim fit jonsar hid a
the long walk home hekepthis head down when he
he could stay if hekepthis head low the whole
wis kinna catchin an geordiekepthowpin he wad win hame
in at playtime mm m964: keptin at playtime because he
he could get the beastskeptin ye re a gran
on the people that hekeptit a secret in the
jist widnae stop spikkin hekepton an an on he
of kincardine but the gigkepton going and he only
lorries things but he hekeptone of them one of
served scotland well he haskeptour proceedings in a wider
an unerstood thaim bit hekeptplayin thaim in his heid
been better if you hidkeptquait he muttered tae himsel
favourite abba track although hekeptquiet about that when he
silence i wish he dkeptquiet whaur did ye get
we had this week hekeptreferring to the level one
he was the one whokeptsay- oh well get her
gae ballitisic his da juistkeptshootin on aboot how he
grounds of mental cruelty hekeptsnakes rats and was working
carline mr eejit said hekeptsookin awa at his beer
he scythed the verges andkeptthe ditches clear and shovelled
but that s where hekeptthe the cart f632: uh
he didnae either he ayeweyskepttryin tae tell himsel that
of committee reports should bekeptconfidential some draft reports are
removed from association should bekeptentirely separate not only from
sort o thing should bekeptfor clubs in private rooms
the world she should bekeptfurthest from lilian is that
and the arabs and thenkeptit to themselves should be
certainty those sections should bekeptonly for the specific purposes
wished f643: we should havekeptthat m642: that we d
of the linen cupboard shekepta key about her person
committed when she lived andkepta school at dalkeith and
used to wonder if shekepta severed head in it
she was very strict andkepta thick leather strap in
leaved to her end shekepta wee shop and selt
pretty christmas card she hadkeptand all with a lingering
still the chair she iskeptgoing by the responsibility that
and other oddments she haskepther freshness well despite a
muslin which mrs blease alwayskeptin the corner she would
f1149: mmhm f1148: so shekeptjust like screaming i want
the curtains apart then bjkeptlee if she wants ti
too what a loser shekeptspacing out thinking about tsunamis
first an then mine shekepttellin you you d be
toilet bethia held her headkepttelling her she was fine
nae nonsense wi corkie shekeptthe rouch loons in line
carluke to edinburgh and shekeptthe school at dalkeith had
so she o- she onlykeptthe two f1149: okay f1148:
and we finish up wekeptgoin tae him every week
were skills that must havekepthim alive the experience was
still and the scots lordskepthim company in september leaves
never mistreated mr knight butkepthim for a personal servant
wid spoil it if teacherkepthim frae the toilet painful
deaf neest day the thochtkeptnaggin awa at him of
him so the translator hadkeptthe reference in f606: yeah
to 8oz but if youkeptbees you were given an
boxes far his spanners werekeptbit na na there wis
of their wage bees werekeptby a few folk to
that 43 of the horseskeptby mounted followers were used
pooder hoosie far explosives werekepteence for local quarries efter
games were the ones thatkepteverybody going all the time
1st world war children werekeptfrom school to help with
the court state records werekeptin scots and it was
that mealy puddings were sometimeskeptin the meal which seems
the average 2 2 junekeptit up although temperatures were
some of the diaries werekeptmeticulously e g 13 company
some stone floors were justkeptscrubbed and pipe clay placed
the grain if pigs werekeptthere would be a small
were the the links thatkeptup right into my own
patchin mendin makin do makeptat bay the big taboo
ma heid aff the tearskeptcomin and comin till ah
although ma ma folks kindakeptit their f831: mmhm m842:
up e stair faar ikeptma books birds eggs an
tae ye i thocht bitkeptma tongue atween ma teeth
ti dae the first anekeptreiglin aboot in ma thrappil
school stuff was very muchkeptfor ye know f641: art
and will have to bekeptthat way for a very
the very beginning and alwayskeptthe gaelic flag flying even
thesis proceeds apace i mkeptvery busy with it altho
times of yokins could bekeptaccording to man made divisions
the wheelie bins will bekeptalong the side of the
it committee members will bekeptapprised of progress item 1
hundred pounds sterling to bekeptas a permanent fund the
be irresponsible therefore we havekeptaware of some idea of
may be kept or notkeptbut i would have imagined
past it hus ti bekeptcairried oan its gleam an
because it had to bekeptclear for regular replacements but
requested that their data bekeptconfidential in the first instance
o e times e teacherkeptcontrol be a lot o
that specific scottish statistics bekeptfor all relevant matters reserved
an a canna weill bekeptgin a can speir out
an food production maun bekeptgyaun an chae did baith
current the net must bekeptin motion at all times
pivoted inwards and could bekeptin position with a snib
of commons is to bekeptin the dark this deplorable
be removed this letter waskeptin the same drawer as
and inches and will bekeptlocked in the guild room
bike lights had to bekeptlow and half painted out
be raised this year arekepton the agenda douglas hamilton
judgments the paragraph may bekeptor not kept but i
it is not to bekeptprivate that means that it
requirement for records to bekepts1w 14986 brian adam to
f p s could bekeptseats the president felt that
act the forms will bekeptsecure for 100 years there
used binder and baler twinekeptto be twisted on rainy
s gift had to bekepttop secret by mum and
allow criminal measures to bekeptup to date throughout britain
teachers be listened to andkeptup to date with any
lift aw the so yekeptaw the thick yins see
happened so far the councilkeptdragging its feet the excuse
mother s stories and sokepther grandmother alive in her
in charge of spinning andkeptpointing it at himself so
s needing all that bitskeptso don t throw them
lorry s there so yekeptthe space in the middle
so the smell would havekeptyou happy i m sure
canny credit that you vekeptall this a secret beaumont
this weekend i ve beenkeptbusy with coursework and marking
before now i ve beenkeptfairly busy mainly by my
maybe 30 poems i vekeptin fifteen years 6 yet
noo i ve catched ankeptit it ll bide in
bit but i ve beenkepton the go also i
mony a day i vekeptthis hoose spotless oor whale
have smiled if joy hadkeptin touch a burglar s
are given to understand hadkeptinadequate literary upstarts in check
the guys that had beenkeptovernight in the jail and
s if it had beenkeptup over the years it
the occasional telephone call hadkeptus in touch i abandoned
was awricht though ye jistkeptyersel tae yersel years later
railway still m608: mm m642: keptgoin till nineteen seventy f643:
the string and it stillkeptspinning leapfrog hide and seek
that their condition is beingkeptin check the only way
on siclike airs an graceskeptminnons an peenheids in their
oor colonies are made andkeptmiserable by their condition and
the past few days havekeptup their christmas accelerated pace
no sadie i could huvkeptthat gaun for an hour
nae wise you could havekeptthem a an naebody would
record i wish i dkepta record of the seasonal
d never said goodbye andkeptgoin ower and ower in
m642: that we d havekeptthat pump eh the big
bit e twa o skeptat it an god i
wid uve stopped bit yikeptwalkin walkin away pause disappeared
our existing registration staff arekeptfairly busy but like the
it it was no longerkeptfull but a sack of
on getting married but obviouslykeptin touch with the lives
georgie aye but you usuallykeptit sae lang it was
plexus or thereabouts but ikeptmy hand away from my
of it wasn t ehkeptup or anything but it
and your plans but ikeptup the pressure and you
put in a jar andkeptfor baking or some of
to think that the plantskeptout more light and some
started digging the peat andkeptsome of this to thatch
farm a pig was oftenkeptand butchered at home normally
even a low bed waskeptbelow the box bed for
yes there was no scorekeptf963: mmhm mm m964: no
average three days milk waskeptfor churning and after churning
most people in the countrykepthens when there was a
was serviced in bervie andkeptin the buildings below the
[inhale] and the coal waskeptin the cellar which was
know what was something thatkeptit cool anywey it was
the the the dialect waskeptwasn t it really aye
exploded all over us wekeptdiaries for those of you
over by mum and [censored: forename]keptin the fridge and consumed
took peety oan hur ankepthur an broucht hur up
effect at times the witcheskeptpopping up from holes in
mostly done by relatives whichkeptup the closeness of family
forecast in the shetland timeskeptup the gloom and despondency
onythin tae her if yekeptup wi the rent it
check ups and eh andkeptup you know with the
these fish have generally beenkeptat similar levels to 2002
hold music and this voicekeptgoing please ensure you have
i think i would havekeptone of each as an
have been f902: [inaudible] f826: keptseparate by the fact that
authority that standards have beenkeptto the transport and the
and david purves that havekeptwi the society ower the
i must say you havekeptyour tortoise in mint condition
kin tell ye that ikeptat them an at them
see fit yer mither hidkepthait for ye in e
bottles that we meet weelkeptnae moosewabs ye can see
the thanks a get whakeptye dry an warm giacobinids
of impending doom god whitkeptye loon wendy swept past
the thanks a get whakeptye snug an warm a
cousin neil at new deerkeptducks and geese in his
calling clapped his hands laughedkeptglancing shouted in fact the
his hands and laughed andkeptglancing to create the same
and his body preserved andkeptwithin the temple bounds ten
beer and his sleekit mindkeptworkin awa at the latest
f1107: no nae if youkeptbrakking them aa m1108: i
the harvest and if youkeptyour own pig you to
dorm like across from uskeptlike stealing things from us
the the the cupboard thatkeptall the f637: oh aye
of course the navvies whokeptcomin an goin you know
in the dusty eaves ostensiblykeptfor the odd guest who
by a secret serviceman whokepton making military style jokes
f963: [laugh] [laugh] f965: beingkeptin at playtime mm m964:
little ah mm polymath ikeptmy mouth shut this address
the homeopathic medicine i justkepttakin it f631: [laugh] mm
oot nuthin soarts fur beinkeptin whit did you dae
for the kitchen clock wiskepta quarter o an oor
farms in arbuthnott normally farmerskeptan odd number the pairs
victim tae temptation wha skeptawa frae fun an gemms
populated mainly bi picts fakeptbaith romans an saxon invaders
s flickerin flame kinnelt ankeptbi the traiveller s kin
prizes for the best keptkeptborders an aw this f606:
the hospital in aiberdeen ankeptfor twa or three days
case at aal wirds arekeptin proverbs an sayins fin
the prizes for the bestkeptkept borders an aw this
bits an pieces at fowkkeptlike fairmers an crafters awye
played fur the ithers ankeptscorin goals an seein a
dram drinkin as the haafowkkeptthe coggies birlin an the
the two of them evenkepta hammer at hand to
as evidence in trials arekeptat the edinburgh dog and
the smiddy and is nowkeptat the grassic gibbon centre
at its back that skeptfor meditation except the cushion
fur mah work pat jillykeptdraggin the curtains apart then
a barrel beside her youkeptmatches in and the other
pony and trap farmers oftenkepta pony and trap sometimes
to lenin however the memorialkeptcollapsing and eventually the pool
euphemistically as the maiden andkeptexclusively to dispatch riotous or
tashkent and samarkand the mankeptfalling asleep and giving quiet
things degenerating finally into beingkeptfor storing sand and road
and that the skin iskeptin a favourable hygienic condition
christendom long dead and rottenkeptin salts and sponges to
nose in the mug andkeptit there like forever it
love sick and the oarskeptstroke to the time of
it won today however ikeptthe questions simple and it
from the prospect bill stuartkepta well stocked cabinet of
a net across the pramkeptcats from my mewling face
honest there wis loads awbodiekepthogmanay yuil wis fur bairns
ah wis lovin yi yikeptsayin yi wur feared aw
there wis three bolts thatkeptthe dreel ploos in place
there by the chimley cheekkeptfree frae roost in the
been that a floatin branchkeptthe tin frae sinkin or
fiftie boats in fisherraw thatkepta wheen o maws oot
like a fire that skeptin a crofter s hairth
s not forgotten it skeptin a jar with a
scottish soldiers in the desertkeptout the heat wishful thinking
f634: incredible in fact ikeptrunnin evidently i don t
er you know obviously wekeptthe community in touch erm
it or you maybe kee-keptthe meat in a cool
consumption [note: photo: 'milking at pitcarles, 1972.'] dairy most farmskepta cow for milk the
that are used are notkeptfor fox hunting alone psg
tuik the throne the warldkeptpeacefu for seiventeen year efterhaun
s a good job ikeptthat i went tae my
sweatin as the till itkeptgaun ding a ling bear
staun the charter room haskeptit safe the weepin steen
big pump f643: we shouldakeptit wi m608: aye m642:
high horse- high horses f834: keptsayin oh it s the
peop- m816: aye m815: peoplekeptseein it m816: yeah m815:
a written record of itkeptyou transfer it into latin
the strong cooking odours arekeptto a minimum hopefully the
that local police levels arekeptto the maximum level possible
that local police levels arekeptto the maximum level possible
of the others sniggered ikepta low profile why do
the jannie s skelps maybekeptim fae gan to the
time how the military policemankeptpeople strictly to the zebra
remember as boys whose parentskeptpigs we frequented the joiner
the torrential rain yet johnkeptpressure on the accelerator oblivious
a steady stream of oilkeptrunning through the punctured base
that the regulatory burden iskeptto a sensible minimum further
m964: [laugh] f963: [laugh] f965: kepta record as a child
ah coudna faw ower ahkepton thinkin aboot yae thing
there learned ti protect yursellkeptprotectin yursell ah m noh
brocht ither wouns far dysentrykeptcompany wi rain as big

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