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this power [kick] kick m804: kickand what s that one
rugby you get a grubberkickaye f940: a grubber kick
[panting] kick f1113: whee f1114: kickco- come back here [inhale]
back here [inhale] kick [inhale]kickf1113: kick f1114: kick f1113:
ready ready go f1114: okaykickf1113: kick the ball [cough]
kick it then f1114: kickkickf1113: whee and again f1114:
and again f1114: kick [panting]kickf1113: whee f1114: kick co-
[inhale] kick f1113: kick f1114: kickf1113: whee f1114: let s
[inhale] kick [inhale] kick f1113: kickf1114: kick f1113: whee f1114:
co- come back here [inhale]kick[inhale] kick f1113: kick f1114:
m1090: kick kick kick kickkick[inhale] oh kick kick kick
that darlin f1114: kick itkickit f1113: in the net
what s that darlin f1114: kickit kick it f1113: in
ll go f1113: okay wheekickit then f1114: kick kick
whee kick it then f1114: kickkick f1113: whee and again
nice m1090: kick kick kickkickkick [inhale] oh kick kick
nae nice m1090: kick kickkickkick kick [inhale] oh kick
s nae nice m1090: kickkickkick kick kick [inhale] oh
that s nae nice m1090: kickkick kick kick kick [inhale]
kick kick kick [inhale] ohkickkick kick kick mmhm [inhale]
kick kick [inhale] oh kickkickkick kick mmhm [inhale] oh
kick [inhale] oh kick kickkickkick mmhm [inhale] oh f1089:
he has this power [kick]kickm804: kick and what s
[inhale] oh kick kick kickkickmmhm [inhale] oh f1089: [raspberry]
f1113: whee and again f1114: kick[panting] kick f1113: whee f1114:
kick aye f940: a grubberkicksee m941: a grubber sounds
kick this [slurp] f1089: dinnakickthat s nae nice m1090:
go f1114: okay kick f1113: kickthe ball [cough] f1114: oh
eh you now i llkickthis [slurp] f1089: dinna kick
on you go f1114: yeskickf1113: go whee whee whee
whee whee whee f1114: [laugh]kickit over there f1113: you
were no school walls tokicka ball against m964: mm
f965: and you couldn tkicka ball against them without
as fast as geordie orkicka ball as cleverly and
common one is if youkicka ball hard you talk
your eye on that ballkickit back up the pitch
too late a superb slidekickshunted the ball just enough
drink o juice f1114: ayekickthe ball f1113: right we
mmhm f965: that you couldkickyour ball against the school
and on ye know [laugh]kickthe cannie a lovely game
gaed oot tae play m1042: kickthe cannie an an things
for play m1042: that skickthe cannie well you ve
feet he gives a demonstrationkickah coud gie ye a
hou weill the horse coudkickthe hound coud snak an
we go f1114: i llkickit down [inaudible] fingers f1113:
it s aa bonny f1114: kickit in the net f1113:
gie ye a richt sairkickwi thae legs ma legs
[inaudible] you were supposed tokickyour legs up in the
f1043: [inaudible] m1042: an yekickit as hard as ye
arrive in the rain ikickmyself for not being there
t stop myself i couldkickmyself he stopped painting threw
joyce got a [inaudible] akickfrom that horse f889: it
one day he received akickfrom the big horse he
highlight the languages and tokickstart a programme of support
masochism bondage flashin s thekickstart in humanity s hip
rural bus services pilot newkickstart plans to create better
what we already have orkickstart something that people have
are finished you can helpkickstart the party news flash
[child noise] oh i want tokick[?]in the leader[/?] f1089: you re fitt
what else did we playkickthe can aleevo f638: no
roonders or ye could playkickthe can eh [?]cockarossie[/?] f1011:
eh we used tae playkickthe can eh m608: [inaudible]
to his feet ah cankickwi thir feet he gives
inhabit when i sleep ikickit off like an old
convener thank you i willkickoff by asking you both
round the convener i willkickoff the modernising government fund
to do so i willkickoff with a general question
people with disabilities anyone cankickoff with a reply douglas
in where possible we willkickoff with higher still development
anyone got any suggestions tokickthings off millie f1018: well
you m1096: [kicks stones] f1095: dinnakickthe stanes [censored: forename] m1096: okay
green and yellow f1127: dinnakickthere m1128: why f1127: oh
s little sister i cankickbooty m944: i don t
an a sole bit everykickhe catches they can niver
the braw ye can fairlykickthe baa man whit is
yon gao the braw cankickthe baa rarelie whit about
[inaudible] f1054: tell me aboutkickthe can a lot m1010:
you could run in andkickthe can again all the
the usual games of tigkickthe can and hide and
ran beds guesses bools ankickthe can [?]capagush[/?] an gainin
lot this ferocious game ofkickthe can crushing the crocuses
and eh ye played rounderskickthe can eh aleevo well
f638: no i never playedkickthe can never och f637:
an whoever was first taekickthe can now if he
with two lines of peoplekickthe can rounders football hoosies
the can a lot m1010: kickthe can well ah ye
fock in dundee spoke abootkickthe can what was that
but you nae need taekickthem shut m1092: okay mm
symmetry on hooves he dkickboth man and cart an
we ll hae a bitkickabout whit kin o chiel
he d never catch upkickit back up naw up
could hear i tried tokickit in but by the
used for giving someone akickin the shin or for
an then you used tokickit up and see how
or drugs tae get akickoot o life jonsar eck
gang oot an offer taekickthe cuddy an mebbe the
canna thorfinn syne ah lkickye oot ma road orm
juist ken a wee bitkickor twa grand quo the
that lunch sadie a weekickstarter just good night but
then there s a weekickthat way [gesture] m608: mmhm
i really do need tokickthe drugs posted by dee
him you ll need tokickthe habit of that huge
with an inevitable stroke thenkickhim over and take your
companions and here comes thekickgentlemen but the neist mawment
the hairm o a bitkickthe club here s the
them shrooms ah m gonnaekickyir heid in said graham
laddie dis yeir naig everkickat aw says he at
of the sea did hekickhis boots free did he
mother but no he mightkickout and wake her and
bed of pain he wouldkickthe hairy bugger tae the
got stripped an hid akickaboot you ken i felt
all i got such akickout of shut in people
the chamber and aims akickat him ringan retires in
teams descended on him nightmarekickit now kelly even jimmy
to that it d youkickup a fuss like this
time that i wanted tokickyou awake with my walking
i get very cross andkickher and beastie falls to
een wi his nieves ankickwi radge frichtened sturts at
of investment is starting tokickin with the bill that
one of the hardest tokickbecause i was suckered into
avenue and there s akicka dog leg that way
his left foot approximated akickand oof was felled like
a few pieces of chalkkickaround the floor so that
act like a bear nokickthe dug even gi e
bastards give it another bigkickin the guts roll on
other hip i manage tokickher three times though i
ban on tobacco advertising tokickin if that is the
standards and everything else wouldkickin concern was expressed understandably
tiled floor when the firstkickto the solar plexus rendered

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