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he wriggles and wriggles andkicksand kicks until mummy simply
and wriggles and kicks andkicksuntil mummy simply has to
puts sequins oan her titskicksher legs an does the
her and tells everybody shekickspamela again pamela jumps and
at miss wood then shekickspamela pamela turns round with
for a hale week freekickspenalty kicks runnin roon the
hale week free kicks penaltykicksrunnin roon the park press
wings behind me the choruskicksno spots on these ladybirds
fitba wi the loons robtkicksball john falls then limps
robby guides lori away lorikicksover berna s jug tess
of inches higher and itkicksin and it s it
goes to each photocopier andkicksthe boxes to see how
nurses his wound his friendkicksthe ball to the front
each other with slaps dropkicksand full force punches no
an sair skartit frae thekicksthe prentice haed gien hir
aw he lies an hekicksbetween faither an me i
she lifts her foot andkicksthe girl in front of
mum pondered and andy forkicksi wouldn t mind that
walk selfies and struggles andkicksuntil she has to put
armpad it s for ermkicksm1048: right er does he
m1092: uh huh and hekicksthems and he [inaudible] he

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