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there and kinda kids arekidsare genuine an i mean
grew up there and kindakidsare kids are genuine an
kids eh some of thekidsaye some o the kids
into the kids bit thekidsbit looked mental it s
couldn t go into thekidsbit the kids bit looked
bunch o trees pause fuckinkidsdyin every week fuckin kids
broad m842: i mean thekidseh some of the kids
kids we talk aboot thekidsf1144: not so polite m1146:
on air where kids youngkidsfrom like three four year
kids dyin every week fuckinkidsneglected starved beaten abused an
okay m1174: a show calledkidson air where kids young
cause that was what thekidsthe only thing the kids
kids aye some o thekidstry to talk i mean
you say f1145: eh probablykidswe talk aboot the kids
kids the only thing thekidswere able to say when
called kids on air wherekidsyoung kids from like three
f963: mm f965: and thekidscould use it as a
know we were talking aboutkidsearlier f963: yeah f965: how
together and play f965: mykidser m964: same for me
f965: yeah when we werekidsf963: don t know f965:
only remember the real troublekidsf963: [laugh] f965: and i
f965: and they get thesekidsf963: uh huh f965: and
s a huge number ofkidsf965: and you know just
f963: right f965: things thatkidshave to be taught now
mm f965: and it skidsthat do it f963: yeah
of f963: mm f965: thekidsthat had gone out to
confusing [inaudible] yeah f965: thekidsthat i ve taught most
uh huh f965: but ermkidsthat you ve only had
remember the f963: mm f965: kidswho went to primary school
came to talk to thekidsabout eh their words an
m741: to talk to thekidsand stuff like that um
you you should talk tokidsbecause they ll speculate on
mates that s what thekidstalk about now my mate
eh f606: mmhm f1039: thekidsdecided theirself who was tae
made up tae for thekidsf606: mmhm f1039: but eh
wi my wife an twokidsf606: mmhm f823: i had
and their two point fourkidsf606: mmhm m954: and and
shame f606: so your ownkidsgo back to orkney f829:
f902: got married an hadkids[laugh] f606: [laugh] f826: you
are eh kinda mixed upkidsum f606: mmhm m845: they
and eh f606: mm m845: kidswere great f606: mmhm m845:
f826: i think i thinkkidswho listen to the f606:
i thought of was thekidsplay f- when they play
noisy neighbours and where thekidsplay he was also fed
you would never let yourkidsplay there f963: mm mmhm
mmhm f1039: worthwhile for thekidstae play wi so the
the summer time for thekidsto sit and play cards
wean at school we saykidsall over i used tae
school with with with thekidsand it was always er
toryglen primary school an thekidscannae get intae the playpark
right yeah and did thekidscome to the school f963:
there an they ve gotkidseh that left the school
to do stuff with thekidserm during school time and
f902: aye uh huh thekidsgaein tae the school m903:
miserable an lonely wi thekidsmaistly at school an a
important free school milk forkidsmay seem like a costly
just trying to drop thekidsoff at school or to
time shrieking countless shrieking schoolkidsthree shrieking babies two shrieking
public transport or for schoolkidsto get their meals and
aye f643: wis the twokidswere at school but [censored: forename]
are still pi- primary schoolkidswho are blowing up enormous
would be a bit olderkidswould be school age a
people didn t let theirkidsdo things like that f963:
i don t think ourkidshave had that [inaudible] f963:
myself my husband an thekidsf1054: an what dae yer
two more stories aboot thekidsf1054: yeah do f1143: ehm
ye want tae do thekidsone or leave that f1054:
yer gear is what thekidssaid your gear f1054: mm
think i ve heard thekidssay hurl as well f1054:
that we re gonnae havekidsso that was fine f1054:
other day [laugh] because thekidswere in f1054: high days
are the weans doin orkidswhich is quite common f1054:
f1054: [laugh] f1024: and thekidswould say that as well
was f902: aye an thekidsaa were wantin tae touch
there were about 40 oddkidsat the party we were
you were talking about thekidsearlier though are you finding
when we were we werekidseh f632: uh huh f646:
we were trialling this withkidserm we er [laugh] we
as well when we werekidsf1023: oh aye it might
you were able to havekidsi wouldn t need to
on board an the thekidsin the area were consulted
than others there were somekidsin the classroom whose mothers
were heard voices from thekidsout- outwith edinburgh [inaudible] loanheid
their children were latch keykidssimply dragged up not the
some of the older residentkidsthat we were really lucky
i really liked the otherkidsthat were there that much
we were speaking to thekidsthere ehm we would say
aye m999: when we werekidsthere were green roadies aa
well is er th-th-th- thekidsthey were mixed you know
were when the all thekidsused to watch neighbours that
i mean when we werekidswe were oot fae mornin
things i ever did thekidswere amazed to find out
rats it wis and thekidswere aw wee m642: now
you know even when wirkidswere bringing were getting brought
way so and ki- andkidswere introduced then for the
him and the other twokidswere leaning over the bannisters
f1049: and all the weekidswere like can i have
i was little when thekidswere little we used to
street so of course whenkidswere playing you know if
sound o the wind thekidswere runnin about an bein
that i mean when mykidswere small they used to
not a question and apparentlykidswere starting to do that
wet day when all thekidswere steaming damp and half
they were good though thekidswere they rinnin wi the
yeah f1143: an when mykidswere wee they used tae
wish you d done thekidswhen they were small not
quite tough i mean thekidsdid say oh we canna
is h- haivers ken thekidsdoon here say f831: haivers
an quite often wi thekidsi ll say you know
say i ve got twokidsi need a bigger hoose
mmhm m830: some o thekidsin class say oh you
why i say to thekidsno ken just be who
and gawkit and as thekidssay nowadays he s a
like that erm and thekidssay oh mum you re
yeah f1144: or as mykidssay tae gie them a
yeah i ve heard thekidssay that you know m1146:
mmhm f1024: i think thekidswould say gear or kit
aye mmhm yeah f1026: yourkidswould say that as well
said my gymshoes but mykidswould say trainers of course
way o life and hiskidsare used to the way
a word we used askidsf1043: [inaudible] m1042: eh it
it s great eh thekidsit s gettin well used
we used tae take thekidstae her and then i
we used tae do thekidswould be [inaudible] now or
you should never jibe atkidsyou used to hear them
sesll lab cause the goalskidsall came in to learn
november no december well thekidsare they came m642: [inaudible]
ehm i was askin thekidsbefore i came here an
i says tae [censored: forename] thekidscame through then ye see
keep them away from thekidsso he came up with
huh f902: daein entertainin thekidsan eh learnin them basic
but eh f1160: the thekidsfrom glasgow have their own
m1007: yeah m1008: but ehkidsin their own language i
but i brought up mykidsin torry and eh i
aberdonian eh brought up mykidsin torry and i ve
then some f813: [laugh] f812: kidsi mean like more so
how ye speak tae thekidsi mean sometimes f831: mmhm
erm i love seeing mykidsbut more than four days
the it s engaging thekidsbut th- we have erm
it s more for thekidserm but f1049: mm m1048:
i normally do with thekidserm over the year develop
lodge as a teacher withkidsfrom [censored: placename] and erm carried
erm you re only allowedkidsuntil half past eight and
you know it s likekidswho grow up with erm
erm because obviously not manykidswould know how to read
f1040: every second word m1042: kidsan i just don t
don t get that nooadayskidsare called jason or whatever
macdonalds we got coke mykidsdon t eat no tapioca
john see nooadays i- thekidsdon t go oot to
f826: class where half thekidsdon t know what it
ye can connect wi thekidslike ye know i don
front of all the otherkidsso i i don t
i don t think mykidswould have liked that just
just so inevitable that erkidscause it was in the
like that of of thekidser of like the informants
er [laugh] we asked thekidsif they could translate the
[laugh] fuck what are thesekidsup to [laugh] er f1049:
why i think that erkidswouldnae be encouraged to use
whereas some o the otherkidsdidnae have it so easy
i mention some o thekidsll f831: aye m842: look
whit tae dae aboot thekidssome o the aulder yins
and i m teachin thekidsthey ll some of them
area told me that somekidswhom he was assessing for
some up some doon somekidsye ken sittin in the
weren t looking after theirkidsand so that this was
you do m642: and theirkidsare obviously playing about in
money uh huh that theirkidsare still gaein aboot wi
moralising morrisons with their perfectkidsat number three it slowed
fortunate in gettin ehm thekidsdesigned their own strip an
just sort o lettin theirkidsdo wh- whatever they wanted
husband pavel and their twokidsfor a walk in the
their feet to keep theirkidsgoing what is the figure
names these greeks give theirkidspollux and castor the boys
aw they forms for thekidstae get signed fae their
a few stories wi thekidsyou know an their words
or kid f1025: oor oorkidsf1027: aye mm f1025: didn
my f1038: mm [laugh] f1037: kidsnot so very long ago
f1009: mm m1008: yes m1007: kidsthey re they re not
rule f631: mm f634: andkidsweren t allowed on the
f835: see when we havekidsand the next generation it
when i speak tae thekidsi use the word loo
aw this place until thekidsm642: aye and when we
when you re gonna teachkidsthen you ve gotta have
when i was askin thekidsthey said oh it s
of this now but thekidsabsolutely love this they really
fun i i really thekidsare aw stuck in front
a memory box for thekidsi was really glad we
deserved an i hope thekidsreally appreciate aa the work
there m1146: just wean reallykidswould be a bit older
know do most of thekidscome here do they have
know tell them cause thekidshad been moanin forever about
mtv ye know which mykidshave been brought up on
to knock it out ofkidslike you know an f1027:
you know it was calledkidson air basically the programme
i heard one o thekidssayin it ye know so
you know like the thekidswon- will not speak to
m1163: it s no forkidsyou know but they all
a froth jean the thespiosiskidsare baith in my class
grandad was papa an mykidscalled like my dad papa
my old boy calls thekidsin adult bodies he teaches
quite bad no both mykidsspeak with an english accent
how immature i thought mykidsthought it was great so
i m gonna bring mykidsup in edinburgh f812: how
a chantywrastler an now mykidsuse it an i ve
view i suspect that mykidswould not have wanted such
how do we get primarykidsactive at the beginning rather
rain get tents up cathkidsarrive in the rain i
you would- ye wouldnae getkidsdaein that now no no
realise you could get figureskidsf814: yeah f812: that an
birthday get cards shirt fromkidsfags jessie and a hat
returning to work often thekidsget a job for a
british and american companies getkidshooked on a drug that
a shiny an sharp divkidsi day get a chance
scots exercises to get thekidsin the right frame of
mmhm f823: i had thekidsfae friday from friday night
f718: mmhm m734: as twokidsgo running from either side
programming for like the thekidsm608: mmhm okay m1174: a
it [laugh] mmhm and thekidssaid that as well f1143:
s far you got thekidssledge made mmhm f826: oh
mmhm m830: how little thekidsunderstand oot o it although
oregon but the other threekidsare here wendy is an
over and he grabbed threekidsimmediately he had to leave
trap aboot slimey pervs buyinkidshe ll be gittin threatened
bit o aggression aboot thekidsthe way they kinda speak
empire building a wife andkidsare just camp followers a
it was in the playgroundkidsare just going to go
the way everybody does askidsbut writers just never grow
impact not just on thekidsin fifth year and sixth
yeah but i can rememberkidsjust being told to go
you think about it likekidsjust go i want that
and that s just thekidsthemselves what s this clytemnestra
quite a lot of thekidswill just st- stand there
the break aw the otherkidsgaithered roond as thay dae
the anes that aw thekidsthat go tae nursery that
they also had aw thekidsthat had been involved in
couldn t remember the nicestkidscould only remember the real
financial terms we must persuadekidsthat milk is not only
f1026: i was asking thekidsabout this one and they
sexy ply addictive poisons onkidsand they are allowed to
there was very few italiankidsat that time because they
said they seem nice enoughkidsbut there s about 3
is what you expect fromkidshowever they also said will
shame that they stopped givingkidsmilk but it was revolting
they re they re notkidsnow but they re [?]got[/?]
they re much more imaginativekidsthese days aren t they
pants they call them thekidsthink that s hilarious m1146:
that s a universal thingkidseverywhere [laugh] if you see
that s right clued upkids[laugh] it s hilarious like
dangers and like clued upkids[laugh] m1048: oh that s
thought look at these thickkids[laugh] this is why we
[laugh] m942: nice [laugh] herekidslet s go an smell
brother f632: [laugh] f646: seekidsnowadays f632: [laugh] i thought
[laugh] m842: pe- speakin tokidsor somethin like that aye
fill it up wi wikidsreports that s [laugh] [inaudible]
sounds a bit silly butkidsf835: it must be goin
o a bit that thatkidsplayed in wasn t it
down to london to seekidsfashion shows it seems like
there was like five millionkidsthere there was like every
make it as attract- thekidsdo dance aerobics and all
money i could do thekidsfrom memory no i have
do you think your yourkidsuse different for the smallest
dangerous building do not enterkidswill enter such houses to
we go to thurstaston hillkidsdog then walk to caldy
f812: where there ll bekidsat seventeen now that f814:
burst in afternoon cath thekidstake it well 3 sunday
well we e- even askidswe became aware of what
on yer jimmies m999: funnykidswell ye dinnae dae dinnae
of that peeler an thekidsm642: aye f643: wis the
understand it f1043: aye thekidsswearin back at them as
to the aye f831: certainkidsye kin pit it on
figures mister blaikie working classkidsaren t allowed rides in
to steal them middle classkidsaren t allowed sex even
the sight of all thosekidspeacefully sleeping i didn t
round the next street thekidsare growing up fast the
of 16 elephants through townkidshighly delighted clean up in
families trying to bring upkidsunder very difficult circumstances m1022:
name after that i thinkkidsm1016: or a wee boy
any key words so thekidsin edinburgh in leith always
so i widnae bring thekidsye see so i cleaned
are projects such as givekidsa chance a community referral
free of charge an thekidsare gettin trained in holyrood
are back thank god cathkidsmove down in afternoon 2
whaur the hell are yerkidsthen wee andy s in
are that are teaching ourkidswill probably be younger than
throw money out and thekidskind of batter each other
come in an teach thekidshow tae take photographs an
best comrades tae wheech thekidsintae the youth club and
dee weel bessie got thekidstae rin for pails and
the disco on saturday thekidshad got out of hand
previous newsletters unfortunately the localkidshad uprooted the fencing that
relief for all the littlekidsthat had been passively smoking
d mairriet an foo monykidswe d had but seen
pat fealy we enjoy ourselveskidsa treat 20 friday feel
dae the strip for thekidsan we gave them the
f638: for us we askidssweets f637: was sweeties but
v notts c evening withkidsseptember 1 tuesday about house
the scots dictionary ehm thekidsall brought in words an
o the burns supper thekidsall met me at ye
of support from husband andkidsand all the rest of
a year and the thekidsfrom the town would pick
the universities would expect thekidsto have the background in
i m forever speakin stoppinkidsdoon here i ken i
wall was thick and thekidswas here and it was
rich and she educated herkidsprivately but she was political
and being married and havingkidsyou have responsibilities but i
etc and i bought thekids2 posters 2 calendars which
that was oor job thekidsand i me and him
tells her daughter never havekidsgive birth to yourself i
sort o excuses from thekidsi remember a wee girl
is the language of manykidsin the playground i instance
i could i left thekidsoutside though to fend for
great for many reasons thekidswhom i met this morning
off at kilconquhar walk restkidssurprised to see me home
first the friday it waskidsin primary seven in the
suddenly fit wye was therekidsthere at eleven o clock
a bogie one of thekidswas screaming and graham thought
from the outside of thekidsheads what malfunctioning if any
the parents bedroom while thekidshave a small room each
art teachers in an thekidshave been daein that an
the sole intention of gettingkidshooked on an addictive poison
doll a thump an edkidsoan he feels the pain
that time with what italiankidsand members of the family
friday another grand day thekidsenjoy the donkeys walk to
16 train a nice runkidsexcited baby likes the journey
down the icy paths andkidshurtle down steep braes on
before the treadmill of thekidsthe weekly shop the mortgaged
and and actually encourage thekidsto speak in that way
never figured out and manykidstowed balloons the square is
little wobbly cautious and slowkidsand geriatrics sped by us
flu and office bores fightingkidse bay bids colic debt
2006 ian wright s unfitkidschannel 4 wed it s
a fat chance of slimmingkids14 september 2006 ian wright
jam staple food of scottishkidskeek peek ken kent kennin

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