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stawn hiz gowd pendil thekietil hiz panzer cheptir echt
the pendil at wes thekiebot whan tammas wun hame
ti loks hed laed thekiewi the pendil hingin frae
nede onie skeill juist thekieebenezer is awaw in the
clam in an pit thekiei the lok o z
wurk plooin seiin til thekiean wunnin hey an sic
ti lat tammas grippin thekiethan wi the smyll o
sen ah hae fund thekieti yeir riddil ah l
the schep an ontil thekiewhaur a beddal wyted john
ebenezer gied me its thekieti aw hiz graith gang
beiss an gaed but thekiewes aye i the duir
ar ye no gaun tikieinti the ordinateir inglis explened
at he hed tyned thekiehe gat hiz kail het
gaun ti die heir thekieti ma houss i gaitsgill
thousan years ti win thekiethat fits ma theme from
auldest princess taen the gowdenkiefrae hir faither s haund
at the samen saicont thekiehingin on the bouchtie o
nor cuid he finnd thekieat he maun hed ti
the crowner he is yeirkieti tornes we maun strik

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