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f718: inevitably m734: it skindof a photograph where you
f718: uh huh m734: thatkindof age er f718: to
m734: so i can tkindof analyse what was in
from about primary 5 onwardskindof basic f718: mm m734:
m734: that if you vekindof been through nursery it
m734: yeah but i thinkkindof by the nature of
hmm m734: and it skindof changed slightly over the
f718: [laugh] m734: [laugh] erkindof doing his sixth year
re going back to theirkindof er f718: mmhm m734:
m734: even when i waskindof er still in cot
er f718: mmhm m734: sokindof even over the past
were still doing basic readingkindof f718: huh m734: biff
annoyed with life so ikindof f718: [laugh] m734: er
wetting situation but er ikindof f718: [laugh] m734: i
a standard thing it skindof f718: yeah m734: er
f718: huh m734: er sokindof f718: you re not
m734: er it s allkindof fairly ha- or there
much huh f718: [laugh] m734: kindof far more useful stuff
m734: and er also rememberkindof finding school so easy
m734: wh- who wh- whokindof has the christian view
f718: [laugh] m734: but sokindof i did have the
why i f718: mm m734: kindof i don t think
ignorance though [inaudible] m734: wellkindof i think it s
mmhm m734: er it waskindof i use- i used
the whole rock and classicalkindof ideal m734: er it
truly f718: uh huh m734: kindof [laugh] god knows where
mmhm m734: er it skindof moving towards a big
er f718: [ow] m734: orkindof on the on the
m734: whereas i ve hadkindof or i ll tend
[laugh] m734: a blind cornerkindof splodge straight into each
of ideal m734: er itkindof stereotypically probably fits into
f718: [inaudible] handy m734: s-kindof the qualifications are a
f718: uh huh m734: erkindof the smartie bar kid
based because f718: mmhm m734: kindof the stuff dad was
f718: uh huh m734: sokindof their agression er claims
it s gey ordinary stuffkindfreens that share a drap
curriculum doesnae really support thatkindo localised stuff in the
william wallace an aw thatkindo patriotic stuff that s
dere nae budder wi datkindo stuff an car f960:
somethin dat hes aa datkindo stuff f960: mmhm uh
like vennels an aa thiskindo stuff i mean we
jonsar eck he said fitkindo stuff is that you
as well it was queerkindo stuff ye baith liked
f961: cookers and aa datkindo stuff you ken dere
of you know race andkindof erm immigrant stuff that
all that stuff and thekindof f963: mm m762: appropriation
like caribbean poetry and reallykindof funky stuff and they
the net and all thatkindof kind of stuff so
cou- i was already readingkindof [laugh] novels and stuff
stuff on the floor likekindof like it falls out
that ll be [?]tripping[/?] tokindof like stuff you can
she eh like she getskindof long weekends and stuff
er [censored: forename] does like thiskindof mental motorcycling stuff and
mealy stuff sank like akindof sludge to the bottom
goin to be a bitkindof snobby and stuff but
m605: people are doin thiskindof stuff all the time
f814: aye f812: all thiskindof stuff and i went
yeah uh huh m642: thatkindof stuff and so peter
oh okay m1174: all thatkindof stuff and then it
wooden cases m608: so whatkindof stuff are we ta-
to you know f1150: whatkindof stuff do you have
and really careful about thatkindof stuff f1151: yeah again
to see more of thiskindof stuff i am struck
of feeling and all thatkindof stuff i bored the
really good for them whatkindof stuff is you re
pub they do all thatkindof stuff like i think
that table really there thatkindof stuff m816: aye aye
photography and erm all thatkindof stuff so he was
and all that kind ofkindof stuff so m608: mmhm
safety procedures and all thatkindof stuff so we did
copyright issues and all thatkindof stuff we had to
english though a lot ofkindof stuff which the teachers
erm radio tv all thatkindof technology sort of stuff
impact er i mean obviouslykindof the classical stuff i
cream and and all thesekindof things stuff and then
really true bred stuff thekindthat played at het my
[tut] sensible parts of himkindof are are drawn m762:
the sort of typical ermkindof asian radio station m762:
m762: i- it s akindof each of them is
of f963: yeah m762: almostkindof eighteenth nineteenth century idea
yeah m762: madness in thekindof erm broadest literary sense
stories and i used tokindof erm f963: right m762:
read him in order tokindof f963: mm m762: develop
liminality of scotland itself iskindof f963: mm m762: lochs
jago erm set in akindof f963: mm m762: london
some more research and ikindof f963: mm mmhm m762:
world music you know ermkindof f963: mm mmhm m762:
internal monologues it s akindof f963: mmhm m762: what
isn t it you cankindof f963: mmhm yeah m762:
generalist idea you know thatkindof f963: yeah m762: almost
kind of thing which thatkindof film f963: mmhm m762:
m762: there there is akindof fine balance so i
in and out m762: itkindof flows and it s
which f963: mm mmhm m762: kindof follows on from kind
m762: and and eventually ikindof had this idea that
f963: mm m762: because youkindof have to obviously you
mmhm m762: unless somebody skindof in a situation like
yeah yeah m762: tried tokindof incor- tried to transmute
yeah f963: sort of chaotickindof influence m762: mmhm yeah
mm m762: you know thiskindof kenneth white s idea
yeah m762: it was onlykindof later that i sort
yeah m762: my interests arekindof legion and i kind
a s- there s akindof m762: erm the bur-
right yes yeah mmhm m762: kindof me [laugh] it was
yeah yeah m762: with thiskindof more metaphysical song thing
right m762: just try tokindof puncture the balloon you
his imagination and all thatkindof question of identity m762:
yeah yeah mm m762: youkindof read the research you
can f963: mm mmhm m762: kindof seek out streams not
why f963: right yeah m762: kindof spirals down you you
mm m762: there s thiskindof street i i read
mmhm m762: so th- thatkindof thing erm you know
f963: mm mm m762: thatkindof thing which that kind
f963: yeah m762: and withoutkindof totemising it into this
mm mmhm m762: and itkindof triggered the green movement
mmhm mmhm m762: well ikindof understand that you know
most m762: yeah f963: peoplekindof use both but m762:
sort of image of herkindof wasting away and m762:
mmhm yeah yeah m762: ikindof went and and talk-
m762: erm way he hekindof writes looking down his
side m762: yeah f963: thekindof you know chaotic dangerous
certainly m762: and it skindof you know f963: points
backgrounds f963: mm m762: thekindof you know race and
wooden heavy like like fencepostskindo thing an you know
s sure hit s dakindo thing at dir lookin
there s always been akindo thing between sco- eh
that i haud wi thatkindo thing but he had
well f961: dat was dekindo thing dey used ta
events and fock and datkindo thing f960: no dat
sell it tae you datkindo thing f960: weel it
m865: yeah f951: the dialectkindo thing has i would
oh yeah f829: a crawlykindo thing m830: up tae
servicin fire extinguishers an thatkindo thing m865: okay as
s just kind of akindof a thing m741: yeah
went away on like akindof activities week thing with
i think it s thiskindof antisyzygy thing you know
be good it s likekindof being an usher thing
and it- it s akindof clinching thing m608: mmhm
a different thing from thekindof colloquial co ordinate structure
it s it s akindof difficult thing to try
since jimi hendrix that skindof done the same thing
not regard it as akindof erm decorum thing but
blushing and i think thiskindof ha neck thing was
scottish parliament website it skindof immediately the first thing
was the thing you cankindof m605: do you know
whole thing but i readkindof more that the prescribed
you can see it skindof nonsensical the interesting thing
of it it s akindof strange thing to be
er where there was somekindof symbiotic thing between lyricists
and it was about thatkindof thing about being able
scottish nationality an all thatkindof thing an m741: mm
every other [inaudible] does thatkindof thing and i i
well yeah yeah f963: thatkindof thing and i just
later like who are youkindof thing and m1048: [laugh]
egg f631: mmhm f634: thiskindof thing and of course
all the bills all thatkindof thing and she was
the students respond to thiskindof thing are they impressed
we didn t know thatkindof thing at all f746:
to c d erm [laugh]kindof thing but f1155: i
the joke s on youkindof thing but not not
f1155: for god s sakekindof thing [cough] but f1154:
too sceptical for all thiskindof thing ehm what else
last line you know thatkindof thing erm there s
you know big castle thatkindof thing f1037: yeah absolutely
mix of classes all thatkindof thing f1037: yeah yes
year that i was fourkindof thing f1148: mmhm f1149:
the boat has different shapekindof thing f1149: i think
math and informatic you knowkindof thing f1149: on maths
pay much attention to thatkindof thing f631: mmhm f689:
yes well s- f641: whatkindof thing f640: your first
from the same eh departmentkindof thing f807: erm no
get my money s worthkindof thing f807: yeah f806:
what are you doing herekindof thing f943: mmhm mmhm
yet and you know thiskindof thing f963: mm mmhm
t you know and thiskindof thing f963: yeah yeah
well f963: learn by osmosiskindof thing f965: i i
a sort of dress codekindof thing f965: oh yeah
i tended to incorporate thatkindof thing from an early
my head it s thekindof thing he would have
f1148: mmhm f1149: really fivekindof thing how about you
black associated with death thatkindof thing i found it
rock bands f943: aw m944: kindof thing i m a
incident but that s thekindof thing i m no
in the area of uistkindof thing i think one
to f1024: that s thekindof thing i was doing
there and i i thatkindof thing i was near
all the stories an thatkindof thing is it the
and a and a volumekindof thing it s like
the bands an all thatkindof thing [laugh] f631: uh
o upfront at the timekindof thing [laugh] f631: yeah
properties they feel that thiskindof thing lowers the respectability
no i dinna like thatkindof thing m1090: maybe maybe
thing is it the samekindof thing or f978: yes
knew what it meant thatkindof thing sayings not always
t kind of do thatkindof thing so f943: ah
secret cornar this is thekindof thing that cardinals do
of detailed reasons is thekindof thing that makes for
portuguese [inhale] it s thekindof thing that people would
and an example of thekindof thing that we must
know clinics and all thosekindof thing there now but
were quite known for thatkindof thing though weren t
and then it goes onkindof thing well about fo-
and and and and thatkindof thing which which f963:
rugby matches you know thatkindof thing yeah absolutely f1038:
yeah absolutely f1038: all thatkindof thing yeah f1037: so
uh huh f1154: like thekindof thing you buy in
a little ehm motor boatkindof thing you know ehm
gone you know tha-tha- thatkindof thing you know f963:
we were at school thatkindof thing you know they
[click] [inhale] this is thekindof thing you might have
holy evangell it s thekindof thing you would say
the practical thing f639: somekindof you know education cause
1984 has not been tokindto us with one thing
gonna turn it into akindof a more m741: mm
m741: but obviously that skindof all changed with the
concerns from people in differentkindof communities religious m741: mm
m741: mm m605: ethnic whateverkindof communities you know whereas
put up y- your basickindof concepts your information m741:
are you in the imperialkindof context m741: ah m605:
a kind of a politicalkindof ehm subtext m741: sort
er a rare a rarekindof exa- ehm m741: [tut]
of expand on youv- m741: kindof expand on it yeah
m605: and then you justkindof expand on youv- m741:
ehm [exhale] sort of standardkindof form is m741: mmhm
to beginners how do ikindof get on with m741:
was quite m741: mmhm m605: kindof influential you know and
m741: yeah m605: it skindof just to say well
contemporary scots language poetry [inaudible]kindof lallans movement poetry m741:
to disguise ehm absolute racialistkindof m741: a kind of
even disguising it ehm akindof m741: [inaudible] m605: antiquarian
m605: when s your deadlinekindof october m741: ehm i
my gaelic conversation is thosekindof phrases m741: mmhm [sniff]
racialist kind of m741: akindof rac- racial yeah m605:
kind of going down thesekindof routes m741: mmhm m605:
an and you know thosekindof things to undergraduates m741:
the word itself has acquiredkindof value in meaning m741:
you know m741: yeah m605: kindof very [inaudible] though apparently
on a motor f718: rightkindof aware of the word
i remember that f718: whatkindof chocolate did they make
chip and kipper er withkindof f- f718: don t
a typical teenage music thekindof heavy metal er f718:
er not until i waskindof older f718: uh huh
in primary 7 he waskindof working hard so f718:
well kind of mum alwayskindof worries but f718: yeah
f1112: [?]i don't[/?] i having thatkindf1111: er i think there
just give you a quickkindof a a quick er
a history er it skindof a civil servant writing
huh f963: seen as akindof a er er punching
terminal holmsgarth er which iskindof a f960: oh uh
both er i mean allkindof a lot of the
house but there was akindof an awareness that er
i mean i ve alwayskindof been quite musical er
of classical metal er youkindof both of them are
a struggle er f1187: whatkindof buzz did you used
in it er mainly orkindof certainly in its origins
or m1174: well we allkindof chipped in er to
vernacular prose writing begins thekindof cinderella of the er
er going back to thekindof classical metal er you
er it wasn t akindof cross species marriage the
first day at school erkindof earliest memory er or
god and and and andkindof echoes of er gerard
er er yeah it skindof either the thirtieth or
er you know phrases thatkindof encapsulate the whole idea
erm i you know ikindof er i felt like
m1008: and it s akindof er it s a
and you say okay ermkindof er maison house home
twee or or you knowkindof er ossianish about it
many people who are sokindof er precious about their
the interesting things about thiskindof er sentence is that
nice about translations is thekindof er slightly tangential er
it s got the samekindof er synthetic grammatical structure
this is a wee bitkindof er you know taking
much er grammatically simple andkindof falling into rhythmic units
er it s i dokindof feel like you know
er angry er and itkindof fits in er and
side as it were erkindof for a two year
yeah all the memories startkindof from later on er
mmhm f643: er but ikindof got through it it
what would happen if somebodykindof gravitated towards that er
sort of expertise so hekindof guided us er sort
that at all er ikindof haven t been a
to the sex pistols thenkindof heavy metal er and
chronicles er that underlie thiskindof history writing [click] [inhale]
and be all proud erkindof i d do it
aboot er this was thekindof levelling phrase used of
of er it s akindof means of showing that
the evening er so anykindof new language that s
er the the yeah thekindof nuances of it yeah
of er there s akindof pilgrimage there as well
but erm we had akindof pre enrolment meeting er
yes m608: but also thatkindof questioning about er the
but er the only otherkindof scottish word i can
music that i have nowkindof separated er away from
against a background of erkindof terrible circumstances and things
remember er or supposedly rememberkindof th- magic teapot or
they were er they werekindof that generation s er
and had all the elementskindof the dancing er going
that er but the otherkindof the more pop side
to get you into erkindof the old pong and
right f745: so it skindof the same diff- er
to an extent er sokindof these were or kind
er you know and ikindof toyed with that and
m605: and er and thesekindof urban writers and what
sex pistols er who werekindof very agressive and even
five million er penthouse erkindof well why are you
used on [inaudible] like thatkindof word m1146: oh er
er she saw me fukindthat day my name is
f1107: did you and whatkindwere they m1108: er chocolate
f963: but there was stillkindof a like a sort
it mmhm f963: reacted inkindof a you know you
up but they were morekindof beatnik m964: [inaudible] f963:
mmhm f963: sort of ermkindof broken bits of cement
f963: mm f965: cars whatkindof car they were driving
[inaudible] f963: but they werekindof celebrities a wee bit
know i draw on thatkindof change and history f963:
f963: oh sort of fiftieskindof classic style yeah f965:
same time as being akindof cosmonaut or something f963:
f963: she s got akindof enchanting quality in a
and i ll start tokindof erm break down f963:
know i i basically justkindof erm f963: yeah [laugh]
f963: yeah f965: for somekindof erm principle f963: mmhm
f963: mm mmhm yes yeahkindof exorcising that in a
american version i like thatkindof f963: aye right yeah
you know they were thekindof f963: mm f965: the
know or you re thinkingkindof f963: mm mm yeah
t it and one skindof f963: right well yes
know a little bit andkindof f963: right yeah mmhm
i mean it in thekindof f963: right yes yeah
because i came into itkindof f963: yes mm mmhm
mean yes yeah and ikindof f963: yes yeah it
it f965: ha neck f963: kindof from somewhere else and
mmhm mmhm f963: the wholekindof grassy bit of the
the rockers who were thekindof greasy guys f963: yeah
there has to be akindof happy medium f963: mm
west africa during the thekindof iberian f963: mm mm
know and then i ikindof incorporated f963: yeah yeah
people wandering through that werekindof inverted f963: mm mmhm
of follow my nose reallykindof [laugh] you know f963:
very very dense f965: ikindof like that f963: mm
me you know and thatkindof mu- that f963: mm
f963: with him yo- youkindof separated that off as
i suppose f965: [cough] f963: kindof tig variant in a
deliberately eschewed it s thatkindof upper class oxbridge f963:
yeah yeah she s akindof yeah yeah f963: yeah
of nineteen seventy seven [laugh]kindof you know f963: yeah
f963: i felt that youkindof you sort of put
o they ve got akindo roof garden sort o
it was a really bigkindof a big bulky sort
s sort of like akindof a nicer m819: it
so it was just likekindof a sort of house
you sort of tried tokindof break your way through
kind of fairly smartly dressedkindof club type sort of
scotland sort of as thekindof colony again it can
sort of drawn to thatkindof dichotomy you know is
that writes in the mostkindof ehm [exhale] sort of
it s probably the morekindof erm sort of middle
because i naïvely thought thatkindof everybody sort of had
yeah m605: i want tokindof expose in that sort
lighter lighter sort of spongekindof f965: much lighter than
of that sort of consciousnesskindof in translator ese language
were like oh pick thiskindof mushroom and this sort
some sort o m605: somekindof resource for teachers the
of sort of like nicekindof romantic idea of a
i mean there s thiskindof sort of and it
me and she had akindof sort of cage lookin
again she s got thatkindof sort of mystic hold
you know the sort ofkindof sort of very sophisticated
she sort of does shekindof symbolise something for him
your writing and just thekindof the the first sort
know i sort of itkindof took me aback when
he s going through somekindof you know overnight sort
kind to thomas isa sinclairkindalex black unkind school pupils
concerned cause she was sokindand she was really kind
kind and she was reallykindas well to all the
kind of stables that waskindo attached to the hoose
[inaudible] kind o ride whatkindo ride f1113: [inaudible] can
down here down here [inaudible]kindo ride what kind o
by naturalism it s justkindof a kind of a
a lot there s akindof a kind of a
s a kind of akindof a political kind of
and what kind of whatkindof ages would she teach
the southside and that skindof an area kind of
sayin oh they like tokindof be around that kind
kind of line of akindof blood line there in
kind of dull it skindof boring [inhale] but it
don t you don tkindof do that kind of
his- historical prose it skindof dull it s kind
i understood it they werekindof fairly smartly dressed kind
kind of be around thatkindof folk m1020: mm no
kind of legion and ikindof follow my nose really
of the questions i askkindof going down these kind
kind of these were orkindof heavy metal was a
kind of she s verykindof i think she s
kind of it s akindof inter- i hear about
no [inaudible] it s akindof it s a kind
there s obviously an- anotherkindof line of a kind
my mind it [laugh] wellkindof mum always kind of
that kind or indeed anykindof rehabilitative help and you
it out very often shekindof she s very kind
next door it was akindof stables that was kind
they re kind they rekindof usin it as insurance
kind of follows on fromkindof what i m writing
ye know m608: and whatkindof what kind of ages
s kind of an areakindof which has had a
thinks that we need thatkindor indeed any kind of
he says well they rekindthey re kind of usin
assistant ms frobisher thomas johnstonkindto thomas isa sinclair kind
no f1129: erm f1130: pizzakindf1129: pizza eggs f1130: aye
people was it a specifickindlike f745: erm f746: people
cook cakes f1121: cakes whatkindo cakes f1122: erm i
wee bit m959: it waskindof a hub for erm
a really nice [laugh] ermkindof afghan hairy coat in
mmhm f1150: and erm willkindof and it you know
really aware that i waskindof attracted to erm gaelic
and a- all of thatkindof businesss so erm the
f1130: erm crisps f1129: whatkindof crisps f1130: erm f1129:
erm so we we onlykindof did a few i
it erm i needed somekindof distraction cau- [laugh] cause
you know it s akindof epic eh structure erm
you like you know thekindof erm cause it is
explain because it was reallykindof erm higgledy piggledy at
[cough] but yeah my dissertationkindof erm i think it
became a catholic so somekindof erm i think there
an ideal opportunity to tokindof erm start things in
and could you were thesekindof erm sub languages associated
always meant to be thatkindof erm terrier type cop
not so much in thekindof erm thought speech of
was absolutely exhausted by thekindof erm treadmill approach to
awaz which m608: mmhm m1174: kindof erm wh- which was
erm f606: mm m1036: thatkindof gaelic commanded all the
so that was how ikindof got started erm within
m1174: erm which we dkindof had to buy really
erm yeah zilla s akindof i wanted to look
or and fortunately it waskindof in his direction erm
you have consciously erm akindof language maintenance policy in
erm although they were sokindof [laugh] [inaudible] looking they
a couple of guys ermkindof left it a bit
don t really pronounce thekindof m819: erm m818: the
as being a very sinisterkindof place m954: erm well
adam [inhale] erm so thatkindof proves he s noble
f1077: to say erm itkindof put you off chocolate
erm so we have tokindof really play it by
know it s erm itkindof reminded me a bit
f961: wi a erm somekindof scene fae de life
yes m608: also the thekindof the erm [click] the
mystery erm and that waskindof the point to me
uni erm she had tokindof try and re teach
erm sometimes difficult to understandkindof urdu m608: uh huh
just f1154: erm they bothkindof weren t happy well
and erm i wanted tokindof what would happen if
suggests to me erm akindof yeah something deserted something
but of an oddly inconsequentialkinda cloudy distraction from the
is a model of itskindand well illustrates the characteristic
particular what requirements of thiskindapply to members of scottish
revealing root metaphors of thiskindare not of much literary
like so many of itskindbecame a tearoom then a
by kupper is of thekindcharacterised by schiller and it
one easy and not onekindcoortit candlemas the purification of
to perform a series ofkinddeeds in succession for the
list of the payments inkinddue to the superintendent of
an interventionist deity of somekindf1151: mmhm no i think
or fine cloth of somekindfor sieving some of you
personal support care of akindfor the time being mentioned
and between illness of anykindhad home cures many of
be that something of thiskindhas already been produced in
the absence of her ownkindher earthly paradise is diminished
were having fun of akindi ve never had before
significant another example of thiskindis flota which occurs in
noteworthy an example of thiskindis the group of 5
have a meaning of somekindmeaning is da da being
one of his sonnets akindof 16th century version of
a building to have akindof a base as it
translated back it was thekindof a gaelic m608: mmhm
and the other is justkindof a general picture of
motivation behind my study iskindof a is very politically
this croft and made akindof a living by coming
on ehm i it skindof a misleading title called
perception is that edinburgh skindof a more conservative form
know so it was akindof a muddy track up
t you think it skindof a paradox in a
in the subjects it skindof a shame cause obviously
oh aye it was akindof a well what would
his son that he skindof abandoned some time ago
an economics strategy behind thatkindof abuse we have a
just talkin about the thekindof academic an an literary
your your well what whatkindof accent do you use
proved conclusively however that thiskindof activity did not transfer
from the entertainment value thiskindof activity makes explicit for
of have to have somekindof additional system or else
mozart didn t he justkindof allegedly [laugh] had it
remember when they they werekindof allowed to come off
and he eventually ended upkindof almost losing his own
m605: south east scots iskindof an a sound right
yourself using an urdu wordkindof an evaluative word in
enter too much into thekindof analysis carried out in
ve heard that used inkindof anger as well do
i know i i mkindof apparently it s a
interested in in almost thekindof archetypal role of some
what to write and theykindof are interested in becoming
you are writing in akindof artificial and all writing
yeah uh huh they werekindof as i understood it
elaborate continental style which becamekindof associated with the catholic
swear blue language at youkindof at at these very
read by you know thekindof average joe in the
she came up and shekindof avoided the whole subject
of got made into somethingkindof bad are you left
and english were in somekindof balance and where the
the last of the greatkindof baroque writers in the
but there are a fewkindof bay window rooms and
a row so i mkindof beat the weather took
down and from there itkindof becomes a bridge and
whole point like each bookkindof becomes more grown up
a while but i vekindof been snowed under with
but it is a decentkindof beggary quiller couch when
to put up with thatkindof behaviour paddy mumbled aloud
suggesting that it was somekindof big brother snooping exercise
to get involved in thesekindof big heady debates like
it m1090: birds f1089: whitkindof bird what colour is
s maybe two that skindof blank because they were
you didn t know whatkindof bloke coach was you
then other bits which justkindof blur into the background
[laugh] so you have tokindof bother with them a
do you know m whatkindof boy do you think
you know i wanted tokindof break a few you
you know and and youkindof break it down and
first to apparently make thekindof bridge that you know
arab from beirut and thatkindof brings the crisis in
between language and literature hekindof brings them together really
in some quarters as akindof broken english reforms necessary
along for that just tokindof brush it up a
s like set out inkindof bullet points like number
rea- readjust your spinal columnkindof bump m608: oh right
m608: uh huh m1174: reallykindof by the by the
covering of sandstone or akindof carborundum mixture at the
and attempting to maintain somekindof career as a serious
so he s he skindof caught in the middle
t want to be bekindof cause i m you
a wood chair f1127: whatkindof chair m1128: a wooden
particularly scottish jekyll and hydekindof character in that he
cow s cheese aye thatkindof cheese that s right
you goin to eat thatkindof chickens for your sunday
of the street in thekindof circumstances we discussed with
thought that newton mearns waskindof city really but it
facto way it debunks thiskindof clash of civilisations idea
they do with the cl-kindof classically inspired metal with
s absolutely important that akindof clear line is drawn
mr davidson that is thekindof clear statement that should
[laugh] f1049: [laugh] m1048: ikindof climbed up onto the
and you know it waskindof cloak an dagger yes
m959: [laugh] f958: like mykindof close family i ve
really interesting like hearin himkindof code switch between using
a sermon written in akindof colloquial style a little
a lot of dialect andkindof colloquial terms [?]creaking[/?] in
the qm though i alwayskindof come up and up
then gatsby come- you knowkindof comes back into her
it seems likely that thekindof communicative classroom advocated in
street no longer has thekindof community that needs a
but you know i justkindof computers come naturally and
saved western europe from thekindof conflicts that scourged the
m608: so you- you rekindof conforming to an international
case watson might be akindof connecting medium for both
not really sure of itkindof consolidates your own knowledge
impressed can they imagine thekindof context audience which would
revival or whether it waskindof contributory factor but it
bit each day in akindof controlled grazing it was
s about it s akindof conversation in many different
pets or farm animals thiskindof conversion activity is useful
if there s the samekindof correlations that that you
i think i think kennethkindof could do with a
m1161: yeah yeah mm f947: kindof counting or research it
but they ve got greatkindof courage and stamina and
we label something we rekindof creating something you know
essays in history gives youkindof critical tools and critical
peoples you know that thatkindof crossed the path of
and that scotland has thekindof culture in which people
the bank of egypt whatkindof currency have they got
on it it was akindof cutting so nobody could
fast and there s akindof damp slick down the
turns her stotting into akindof dare andy knows it
confidence it s the rightkindof day for an easy
you can if you cankindof deal deal you know
totally thinking i was somekindof debt collector coming round
fisheries council to challenge thatkindof defeatist mentality and demand
public giving our ideas thatkindof democratic legitimacy strengthens the
s almost pornographic in itskindof depiction of [laugh] you
a- associate it with thatkindof destruction in the war
cannot possibly go into thekindof detail that would allow
i think my mum justkindof did it because she
s good how it skindof different stages to stand
one of the great butkindof difficult eccentrics of the
was enough people there tokindof diffuse it you know
12 per cent had anykindof disabled access half of
t i know i waskindof disappointed in them cause
persons who are under somekindof discipline should be in
perfectly acceptable that is thekindof discretion which we would
and second year that youkindof do a bit of
and there s a certainkindof don t don t
went to her feeling verykindof down cause i knew
a true romantic heroine akindof dream woman the dark
woman who s become akindof druggie you know and
it it s a funnykindof drunk you get it
clootie dumpling neil amused whatkindof dumpling bessie have you
the western isles accent iskindof dying out but you
so we we have tokindof ehm improve our own
of the tutor is tokindof ehm is to get
so i m looking atkindof ehm linguistic choice in
of dealing with the wholekindof empirical fall out if
were never tempted to tokindof end up in italy
i wish i d thatkindof energy i got letters
national variety of english anykindof english at all certainly
the quintessence of of thatkindof english novel and and
regards it as an eccentrickindof english to some extent
you re you re akindof entrepreneur you re setting
france meeting people and havingkindof episodic adventures so the
can fit co 38 anotherkindof erasing is documented in
helping me to identify thekindof errors that pupils made
f1151: mmhm f1150: which ikindof escaped my first year
are involved that is thekindof ethos that we should
the fullness of time somekindof european registration a scheme
dad s a teacher sokindof everyone in the community
it s a little bitkindof exaggerated to call it
are it s a differentkindof exercise from simply trying
no f1001: an then maybekindof expectin would be a
feel as if they rekindof expecting me to do
are benefiting substantially from thekindof expertise that will become
i want i want tokindof explore other areas and
back you know he dkindof f632: mmhm f646: and
so i could see whatkindof f746: mmhm f745: methods
up did you have anykindof family traditions that you
my element m605: whereas ikindof feel that like if
scabby mingin crass or anykindof feet they re proper
published in pakistan but onlykindof filtered back to scotland
from planning to implementation thatkindof financial expertise is extremely
is the eh is thekindof flavoursome elements of a
uh huh m1174: basically justkindof flew from there m608:
tentative with my language andkindof fluidity is is is
seems to be such akindof force of nature almost
other and this was akindof foreign language so it
i m sorry i vekindof forgotten the the central
still got this was akindof formal do i was
maybe writing in a clichédkindof forms and eh don
no i think you rekindof fortunate to have escaped
white rind and a crumblykindof fresh taste that was
would give it the thekindof frisson the drive and
f1113: are you right whatkindof frog is it a
fruit m1096: aye f1095: whatkindof fruit m1096: it was
school so easy that itkindof frustrated me quite a
age group i mean whatkindof games do we play
it was a bit ofkindof games just to get
luxury the hotels lacked anykindof gathering place except for
him so it was akindof gentleman s agreement douglas
re actually using effectively akindof gestalt series of voices
they see it as akindof gesture translation of english
pain in the arse tokindof get round but again
i see m642: if youkindof get the drift it
in a way it skindof getting back in a
an endowment a gift whatkindof gift will we get
s no like [inaudible] girlskindof girls or anythin like
and then i try tokindof go deep by doing
essay and then it justkindof goes out ma head
i m k- i mkindof going back to the
s interestin that that skindof gone along with irish
f1005: [laugh] f1054: so theykindof got made into something
that she was a bitkindof gothic looking but she
this other one who skindof gothic looking i thought
last year that was thekindof grammar you used in
factory it was something ikindof grew up knowing and
on but she was totallykindof grumpy and eh and
don t know a akindof gut reaction to things
m959: really f958: he skindof had a different accent
all his computers so hekindof had i think windows
edinburgh f606: mm m954: ikindof had to fictionalise edinburgh
began it because you rekindof half mad you know
snowdrops in sight it skindof hard to convince yourself
called the same name theykindof have to have some
f958: with your friends ankindof having midnight parties and
no no yeah no ikindof heartened i m a
relief much thanks life iskindof hectic with the last
sees the earth as somekindof hindu widow dressing in
in the way that languagekindof historically evolve like like
the medieval or the humanistkindof history [inhale] the truth
writing histories this is thekindof history that they write
[laugh] f1077: [laugh] i waskindof hoping nobody would ever
quality housing or the wrongkindof housing for their needs
dead and buried a hardkindof humour indeed but it
what i did i justkindof i didn t actually
long it was a lotkindof i don t know
peter had happened just tokindof i don t m608:
[laugh] f958: i know wekindof i know it was
or f978: ehm f746: youkindof i mean you were
good that was something elsekindof i ve taken a
argument some of the samekindof ideas can be found
you think there was somekindof identity confusion then the
or anybody else on thekindof impact that it is
said they everyone was justkindof in awe of him
table f1134: hey this iskindof [inaudible] see f1133: it
been produced is not thekindof information that i was
unit in providing the rightkindof infrastructure and space for
illness and believes that thiskindof initiative is an effective
coo books are these thekindof initiatives that you would
suggests i might be somekindof innocent who hasn t
of affecting to be akindof intellectual student from paris
appropriate in encouraging this importantkindof interaction about what is
quite special and everybody waskindof interested in them and
m608: aye that must bekindof interesting that was before
that biting this started thekindof internal dialogue that belongs
scots which i think waskindof irish inflected certainly in
about it it s notkindof it doesn t play
the wee dervish scottish cyclekindof it it s almost
the introduction there s nokindof it s almost like
something i feel jazz iskindof it s lots of
don t get coke whatkindof juice do you get
for secondary school so wekindof just suddenly grew up
a word that that skindof just you guys would
off this diagram i mkindof keen that we get
publication it s difficult tokindof keep track cause you
they were satisfied with thatkindof kiss saturday 9 a
things if she had thatkindof knowledge and if she
you don t have anykindof knowledge of f1151: mmhm
no my instructor was likekindof l- at christmas he
of the things that skindof lacking in my gaelic
remember any discussion about akindof language policy or how
in oral expression towards thekindof language use typical of
and there s no likekindof leader of the house
these crossed d s thekindof letters that you get
i m gonna crash itkindof life s full of
them duncan gray is thatkindof light horse gallop of
tvs and they ve gotkindof like a lot of
other venues so it waskindof like a split between
no it s just becomekindof like commonplace to hear
m workin a bit onkindof like i i don
but m818: [laugh] it wouldkindof like [inhale] be a
stupid but it s justkindof like people who who
you build a nice newkindof like shopping centre right
five surnames so it skindof like so many people
year and she like shekindof like they just like
i d like i dkindof like to have a
t remember his name waskindof like trying to get
talked about with regard tokindof linguistic fascism in terms
standard m608: it s akindof literary m1174: yeah it
audience which would value thiskindof literature do they recognise
don t tell you whatkindof little being is actually
missed being home i waskindof lonely on the evening
about what the poem shouldkindof look like m608: mmhm
of try and feel orkindof look oh we re
[?]look round[/?] m642: know he justkindof looked back in his
son and then [censored: forename] justkindof looked me up and
correlations that that you rekindof lookin at in the
writers gravitated more towards thekindof loose colloquial style based
said i i think youkindof lose a lot of
huh do you have anykindof m1174: yeah m608: attempt
be m608: reflected m194: reflectedkindof m608: aye m194: just
was exposed to all thiskindof madness if you like
was a m1174: mmhm m608: kindof magazine programme and it
the the answer to anykindof maiden s prayer in
there deana that s thekindof man he is short
suppose it was just akindof mead an i m
of two cities as akindof mental bandage juggling with
f1151: oh right f1150: theykindof merged building and printing
interesting to see whether thiskindof metaphorical replacement occurs in
the state schools it waskindof mid eighties i think
tuna or chicken occasionally somekindof minced meat there were
after the war the thekindof mindset was not towards
i i think it lookskindof minging though f1049: it
happening that is exactly thekindof model that the continuing
aye seeck f1054: is itkindof more common these days
well there s so manykindof more famous people each
well cause you know hekindof moved away from scots
could press it into akindof mush with your tongue
caroline both had the samekindof music going on in
and islamic law forbids anykindof music other than the
so tha- yeah that waskindof my being back home
to think we like thesekindof myths and and and
and in and in variouskindof natural processes m078: yes
were supposed to make akindof nest out of a
of the bahai faith akindof new moslem really and
is sometimes viewed as akindof non standard english a
to belyaevo for tea akindof noodle bolognese it was
no he just likes justkindof not having to rely
the skilful use of thiskindof noun phrase patterning therefore
am trying to see whatkindof numbers would create a
f814: uh huh f813: thekindof nutters that were going
hecht comments served as akindof obituary notice of the
images and this creates akindof objectivity a distancing between
-sider aye ye it skindof obvious that you re
and generally just doing thekindof odd jobs around the
good quality judges given thekindof offences with which the
on or something she waskindof old and she came
o- and there was akindof one man and his
and i think that waskindof one of the things
term yeah but they werekindof opposite to the people
you know like see anykindof oral contact can make
so we get this wonderfullykindof oral history if you
you know it was allkindof organized the boat would
extend the principle of thatkindof out of hours service
psychoraag but it s akindof outtake [laugh] you know
there is guidance on anykindof part cross loading of
very much agree that thatkindof partnership is the way
that no it was akindof pastry base with a
generally on the rise iskindof patchy it goes up
chose in the car whatkindof path did your musical
shortages and attracting the rightkindof people although it is
a second language f746: whatkindof people was it a
do any research on thekindof people who live in
what they would call thatkindof person f1054: yeah anything
from this passage about thekindof person willie wonka is
of events and often somekindof personal comment they refer
learns that to introduce anykindof personal element or opinion
tea laced with aguardiente akindof pinga or rum and
huh f809: sounds like thatkindof place f810: cause eh
published macdiarmid s em thekindof poetry i want the
to the production of thekindof policy nonsense that the
it or somethin an itkindof popped it s really
portobello area f1054: is portobellokindof posh f1018: i- well
power and if so whatkindof power sometimes when she
before [censored: forename] m944: i mkindof pre [censored: forename] f943: and
t pander to anyone skindof preconceived ideas even my
us even though we dkindof prepared for it it
mmhm f634: you know itkindof prepared me in some
lot of the lyrics arekindof pretty much we re
to him hospital is akindof prison camp f606: mmhm
here holden never had thesekindof problems and he ended
course she knew but whatkindof problems i have given
from there m608: and whatkindof programming did you provide
and m608: mmhm m1174: whatkindof programming would you like
the fear of of somekindof promotion of of a
as if one was somekindof provincial the english way
a judge to interpret thatkindof provision or do you
on being competent under thatkindof provocation wasn t easy
at yourself it s akindof psychotherapy in a way
means but it is akindof punctuation mark that you
it looks a wee bitkindof purple like what does
now using the radio tokindof pursue their careers m608:
[laugh] like that and ikindof put my head like
seemed to be such akindof queer name m608: mmhm
to their religion but anykindof querying of any part
i m workin on thesekindof questions quite a lot
yeah that f810: it skindof quiet and a little
his cups condensed into akindof quiet despair and he
actually he was just thiskindof quiet guy he was
that s because they werekindof quite bright f1148: mmhm
it i- it is akindof rambling story really you
several times without getting anykindof rational answer even when
apologise for it and notkindof re- resolve it you
have had to be somekindof reaction however it is
mean i you know ikindof read some of the
by doing research and bykindof reading factual books and
there was a a bigkindof realignment happening i could
f1150: two days and thenkindof realised [laugh] that her
this was more like thekindof reality i needed just
school because it featured thekindof recitations of burns and
view it s like obviouslykindof reinvigoratin glaswegian i suppose
but theirs isn t thekindof relationship that allows physical
and no security in anykindof relationship the undermining of
m608: mmhm m078: along thesekindof religious divi- lines m608:
eh blairgowan blairgowan was akindof repair station it was
to eat their meals somekindof resolution has been reached
it is i m gettingkindof restless in spirit again
those returns amounted to somekindof review and provided quite
main factor in in thekindof revival or whether it
yes mmhm f1077: picture ofkindof rings of apple with
is so that was akindof riposte in a way
at each side and akindof runway along the middle
it s funny that macdiarmidkindof said something like well
sandwich [yawn] oh dear whatkindof sandwich do you want
[inhale] it was some somekindof satirical programme that was
writing frames can provide thekindof scaffolding which can support
was like ooh that soundskindof scary f806: obstacle course
scallop industry depends on whatkindof schemes and projects the
and his associates speak akindof scots but it is
s about the ehm thekindof scots language literary revival
i e multiple meaning thiskindof search can be done
your childhood that you cankindof see in in your
have to use words thatkindof seems u- unusual in
gorbals which is now thiskindof seen by a lot
it uh huh it skindof set back from the
me out and he writeskindof sex scenes for the
so we re hoping tokindof share resources up until
s the only one whokindof she s doing spanish
m608: [laugh] f643: so shekindof she s very sparing
generation does not speak anykindof shetlandic but simply standard
see f1112: [squeak] f1111: whatkindof shoes she wouldn t
labour day in canada akindof shop bank holiday nothing
any apples [inaudible] f1121: whatkindof shop s this if
number of years or monthskindof showing us what you
subtitles [click] that is thekindof situation that is happening
of people with the rightkindof skills and more important
famous but i they rekindof some of my favourite
and i m lookin atkindof some of the the
all fall down f1135: whatkindof song s that today
peaceable and graceful direction thiskindof speculation is interesting when
some benches to make thatkindof speech and i do
i didn t have tokindof spend a month just
i think there was somekindof spiritual dimension to her
old english sentences in akindof spoken style [inhale] and
10 miles fond of allkindof sport so i was
not seen to have thekindof standard of legal system
crashed noo oh dear whatkindof state do you think
you find there was akindof still a strong link
good at listening to thesekindof stories he isn t
the front of the queuekindof style m608: aye m194:
it f809: [cough] f810: inkindof sub darkness you know
in a pioneer palace akindof super scouts hall for
are way behind in thatkindof support fergus ewing alternatively
should they be told whatkindof surveillance they were under
left ye i feel akindof swaying motion i think
chris s return as akindof symbolic withdrawal from the
a chocolate whip and somekindof syrup made from a
but that is a akindof taboo phrase in the
s prejudices it it justkindof takes them as far
complete strangers you feel arekindof taking advantage i suppose
wa- it was it waskindof taking kelman and and
about horrible things and itkindof talks about discomforting things
word of the next thiskindof technical ornamentation was recommended
the gentry used the samekindof terms to describe people
and i think that skindof that aspect has definitely
you would keep keep thekindof the linguistic boundaries fairly
s and obviously with thekindof the mainstreaming success of
down in qm which iskindof the nice halls like
read rabelais so it waskindof the perfect dictionary for
a sense that england iskindof the seat of the
just the atmos- just thekindof the way the people
that the jesuit spirituality waskindof the wrong one for
offers just about every otherkindof therapy m608: mmhm mmhm
m605: you know the wholekindof there is a lot
know the they wore akindof they all wore the
with with anything disruptive theykindof they didn t really
pgs m959: mmhm f958: ankindof they say piss off
there f638: sorry m608: whatkindof things did you do
f1071: yeah m1070: yeah whatkindof things do you do
papa too m1070: yeah whatkindof things do you do
ve drawn pictures yeah whatkindof things do you like
f1071: nana m1070: nana whatkindof things do you play
pretty good idea of whatkindof things happen during the
writing you have here thekindof things that we were
lot and then i waskindof thinking oh i suppose
f643: mmhm m642: you justkindof this lassie came towards
for rabelais cotgrave gives youkindof three possible choices for
and eh i tink theykindof tink aboot it for
but make it into akindof to massage it and
they actually have like anykindof toppings at all like
and there was even akindof trade in it for
aloud without falling into somekindof tune the internal rhyme
in the end it g-kindof turns out that the
it was actually the otherkindof twist in the tale
i seem to have akindof understanding of it when
speaker who maybe needs tokindof update their skills with
shape that was there akindof upside down cradle of
are arguably the most literarykindof vernacular prose that you
might not have got somekindof vicarious pleasure out of
been laid low by somekindof virus for the past
front i ve heard thiskindof waistcoat being called a
cultural revolution in s- somekindof way happened two hundred
made you in a strangekindof way think of the
uh huh so f1149: whatkindof weather do you get
a descriptive poem about thatkindof weather similarly a personal
you know we were sokindof welcome we just you
a shetland reel which iskindof well in a similar
mmhm yeah i suppose youkindof went like you were
schools and and and andkindof went there and you
and everything so i justkindof went to the reading
know that s that skindof what dad does for
f1103: nae look she skindof white and all her
you find sponsorship did youkindof who did you approach
he s got a reallykindof winning smile or something
a range of subjects thekindof wish list that richard
good local accent or anykindof words that we ve
it yeah m605: yo- youkindof work out w- with
in you know ki- somekindof work place then you
rather than less of thatkindof work the snp is
counselled why give yourself thatkindof work would be a
is it no quite akindof working class area like
s no eh the samekindof worry was evident in
fess to fetch fingerin akindof worsted firlot a quarter
working class origins who arekindof writing in that voice
do now that s thekindof writing we do here
know because she s akindof you know and she
ehm yes since we werekindof you know f746: do
f965: and now turkey skindof you know i don
the bus driver and hekindof you know looked after
they re listenin to akindof you know somethin with
and you ll start tokindof you know think oh
from alice in wonderland itkindof you know took off
gets my goat up thatkindof you know you know
very basic level you vekindof you know you ve
that conclusion explorations of thiskindshould also provide good models
presenting information of a functionalkindsuch as signs notices instructions
regard for considerations of thekindthat i have described it
because a critique of thekindthe critic has in mind
because a critique of thekindthe critic has in mind
that fills the valley howkindthe greeting of waves folding
might be of the followingkindthe old lady had lived
came a pudding of somekindthis form of meatless dinner
many more examples of thiskindwere discarded because the words
how many flights of anykindwere operated when the sun
they embody observations of akindwhich the modern mind makes
was of the healthy mindedkindwhile stevenson s was of
dream is of a darkkindwith hardly a glimmer of
more of that the formerkindyou know i i like
first the first of itskindyou know m608: certainly the

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