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o the story s jistkindaf831: jist keep speakin the
but although ma ma folkskindakept it their f831: mmhm
aye f831: and then itkindalike you say it gets
aye f831: an we jistkindamake wur ain wee version
broad f831: aye an theykindasing m842: aye f831: as
s it f831: it iskindasingin an broad m842: but
start usin f831: mmhm m842: kindaslang f831: it s different
it s m842: aye f831: kindasorta conjures up a yer
the kids the way theykindaspeak f831: mmhm aye uh
f831: mmhm m842: ye justkindastart usin f831: mmhm m842:
f831: uh huh m842: littlekindatight knit community like that
stroppy wh- is mair likekindaarrogant kinda stroppy arrogant f1027:
lookin chiel f1001: a vacantkindalook a gawpit kinda m999:
an eventually you kinda youkindalost a little bit o
vacant kinda look a gawpitkindam999: eh affa glaikit lookin
park being kinda the samekindapeople cause it s obviously
the kinda she was thekindaperson i don t think
we ve kinda we vekindaseen it if you like
f1155: she s like thekindashe was the kinda person
wir hair was a weekindasnare a wee kinda trap
that s kinda that skindastrange although he misses classes
is mair like kinda arrogantkindastroppy arrogant f1027: uh huh
don t know that skindathat s kinda strange although
t in the park beingkindathe same kinda people cause
i was kinda young andkindathinking oh it s cool
wee kinda snare a weekindatrap to land a nice
i mean k- we vekindawe ve kinda seen it
m842: ehm an eventually youkindayou kinda lost a little
that was when i waskindayoung and kinda thinking oh
f978: language f746: was itkindadying out or was it
feelings an you know theykindaf746: mmhm f978: think themselves
that connection already that skindaf978: really where i was
back it was eh verykindarich sorta f746: yeah f978:
oh yes yes f978: thatkindathing and eh f746: yeah
and coming home and thatkindathing f746: mmhm f978: and
o dances f746: the samekindathing f978: just ehm you
teacher was the guizer jarlkindachief guizer f746: mmhm oh
f745: yeah f746: because itkindait ruins things that you
knew them [laugh] so ikindaknew f745: [laugh] f746: who
so f746: yeah not likekindanot here like here at
the main categories it skindapatronymics f745: mmhm f746: like
f745: say about it f746: kindasetting opinions against each other
are quite alike as wellkindasimilar type o stories f746:
maybe it s a drizzlykindaday m999: mmhm f1053: eh
aye f1001: aye a heavykindam999: aye aye f1001: bit
aye so chavin s akindam999: no [laugh] f1053: [laugh]
f1001: but then that skindamair give than throw m999:
aye m999: eh that skindas- f1001: and really ordinarily
ordinarily m999: aye that skindastuck eh for sure [inaudible]
there is a milkin cookindathing til m1000: aye m999:
aye when it s akindawarm an weet m999: ye
weet m999: ye ken thatkindawarm aye warm an moist
so was it all differentkindaf813: oh f812: cause i
now that f814: yeah f812: kindafreaks me out a wee
like f812: it s thekindajobs that nobody has and
[inaudible] f812: ehm it waskindalike a slush puppy yeah
f813: and like all thesekindalike f812: it s the
hung out with the wrongkindapeople f812: oh no i
radio one and all thekindayou know f814: mmhm f812:
and stuff i wisnae reallykindaacademic and but because we
primary school i was morekindainterested in sport and stuff
stuff like i think theykindalike drop stuff on the
i did have all thatkindastuff as well f813: and
sandwiches short o a picnickindastuff twae horses short o
learn some skills which arekindacash rich ehm m608: mm
body singin ehm usually somekindacomedian type man would sing
revived a lot of norsekindaehm acquaintances an feelings an
ehm and so do youkindafeel bilingual then m1012: uh
but ehm so it waskindafunny because you were never
ehm is like all thatkindalike legal drugs do you
o it ehm i didkindalose it a little bit
ehm similar to what thekindamm you know stories they
f1089: a shaggy ain whatkindaparty s that m1090: ehm
f828: but ehm it waskindastrange cause you never ye
lerwick so eh we werekindabrought up with older people
eh you re used tokindachange so that s probably
chist brilliant there wiz akindacrackin soond an eh enchine
there s nae local ehkindaexpression for that i dinnae
yes [cough] m1008: where itkindait eh creates a visual
s nae a eh akindalocalism but f1053: kay would
and eh it s justkindamakin bairns realise it s
so so they are ehkindamixed up kids um f606:
about aye what one skindamost common hereaboot m1012: eh
id hed bin a typicalkindanight eh pub wiz full
f1134: maybe it s somekindapen f1133: eh eh eh
ah wiped ma face taekindaremove eh evidence o fit
lived suddenly eh future seemedkindarosy veiled thoughts began ti
yeah mmhm yeah f948: anykindalegal paper bank thing or
mair oor understandin some narrowkindathing between places nae a
for a date now thatkindathing can keep goin on
sort of big transit vankindathing more than anythin but
as well and see whatkindathing s they ve got
like chips and curry saucekindathing you know it s
room an got dresst ahkindafelt less vulnerable at way
room livin room would bekindainterchangeable for the main room
room f1054: an so yekindakeep the front room for
aye an then the thekindalivin room it was the
why there s all thesekindaadditional names cause one of
cold then cause you rekindabunged up f832: you sound
but they had a mottledkindacoloured cause my my grandfather
[laugh] m944: cause i vekindadouble booked [laugh] i ve
to pay cause i waskindahelping out and volunteering and
uh huh f961: it skindaodd shape and dat cause
seniors today cause they rekindapanickin about their exams and
m818: i go for thekindacultural combination of like chine-
mean m818: [laugh] the massivekindacultural divides of like you
bides in ellon a theirkindadays if you like somebody
s like chocolate f1107: itkindadoes look like melted chocolate
dae ye howk i speirtkindaglaikit like an wi great
in the park was justkindagrungy but like not grungy
hear like the names youkindahave that connection already that
[laugh] oops f1154: no justkindahe was like oh what
like you know they rekindahelpless an m819: save themselves
like not grungy but likekindahip- not hippies but you
what they re doing iskindalike after i let them
how seriously scots take theirkindalike em their like chippie
[?]you know what i mean?[/?] m818: i hate thatkindalike m819: people consumer identity
the you know like ohkindalike old fashioned beano f813:
m1012: francie an josie werekindalike that aye uh huh
some of it would bekindalike the gairdner that s
there and erm it waskindalike you know how you
a scottish accent but hekindalooks like he s playing
that seems that would seemkindamore like wur plants rows
off me one night likekindano we re gonna throw
aye it s like akindaportable slipper or somethin it
if you like that waskindareally frowned upon at school
an although we re akindascots if ye like but
was wearin these like clothkindashoes that they called rivlins
fill in like an assistantkindateacher f940: [laugh] [laugh] m942:
of ing for present participlekindathings like hingan f606: uh
uh huh f951: so wekindahad some fun when we
f960: yeah uh huh f961: kindapat de restrictions on it
m1048: yeah so i justkindauh huh f1049: did she
uh huh f961: we wekindawindered at dat time whedder
that f606: mmhm m822: theykindaformed a little group an
alright though erm i waskindathinking hm little bit dubious
huh f828: i th- ikindafeel guilty because i didna
lot of them it waskindafee payin more more or
lot but f814: hippy dreadlockykindam811: yeah f814: people an
night now you fake itkindaslow with a whole lot
a word that s usedkindatoward dundee a lot aye
was aye well my sisterkindatalked us intae it and
yes aye m1013: they werekindathat way teds aye great
oh aye m822: aw thatkindathings have been taen through
different that s a differentkindameanin really for actually sleepin
is gettin that it skindareally strong orcadian accent is
hub for erm it waskindathe social hub really when
think o ony north eastkindawords really for rich it
the same kind the samekindam939: that was in chester
but i think he waskindathe same as me he
f1011: i think it skindaauld fashioned a wee bit
the loch we gaed hamekindaregal wi wee sanny seagull
language buffs aficionados that skindakeepin things up and tae
right oh was there muchkindasinging an things as well
would be invited over tokindathings i don t know
a very m608: mmhm f643: kindaconservative way but i m608:
standard grade and higher itkindaexpects more f606: mmhm m830:
tae change but it jistkindaf606: mmhm m845: by osmosis
f1134: maybe it s somekindapen or something f1133: mmhm
mmhm you love them whatkindarice was it at playschool
used to that all thatkindaye ken m865: yeah mmhm
gone home so it skindaand i ve heard medical
year f958: no i vekindabeen going during the summer
you ve not got akindadeadline to get back to
ve [laugh] well it skindadifficult to explain because er
never say i ve everkindagot into the whole proper
anybody talkin broad shetland dialectkindathey ve always had a
good marxist you ve gottaekindatry an negate the surplus
each other rather than actuallykindacontributing something new f745: yeah
don t know it skindadifficult one i think yeah
you in case it waskindaf814: yeah my mum and
week maybe two weeks thatkindaf829: yeah two three weeks
yeah i know an shekindakept lookin at ye f833:
come alang see dee eftirkinda[laugh] yeah that s m865:
school an that they rekindafilled up doing that there
point out an you rekindagoin by that point just
f961: [laugh] f960: we rekindaon a a flat bit
the blecks that maks uskindasnazzy and we re no
know when you re justkindastuck at something along that
begin tae think you rekindatoo old tae be usin
tell that they re actuallykindatranslating it in their head
i know there was akindaa hype f813: but it
you know you know thesekindababies you get i don
in erm you know thekindaer the weight trainin shop
mean i know it skindahalfway in between geographically so
i don t know whatkindahappens for new year there
hangin out with the wrongkindapeople you know at the
well it s certainly m827: kindabalance it out it s
plump and well fed andkindacheery and [laugh] red faced
or do you feel yourselfkindadistinct fae aberdeen m1042: well
mumps a bit peely wallykindadown in the dumps well
junior school i mean whatkindaf638: well then it was
to that one makes mekindafeel [inaudible] f951: well i
well doesn t it thiskindasorta type o music we
o fock against this youkindathey say the well i
[laugh] but basically i justkindaafter a couple of months
but it s just thatkindaan the way we pronounce
dad f832: have they justkindabeen merged and we speak
the wheelie bins and justkindaf826: oh right m827: half
please what we listen tokindajust a- affects our mood
and that in just taekindaquieten them doon oh everything
words or are you justkindathinkin about ones that m1022:
just go along and youkindayou can see them from
way they the way theykindaspoke to you an i
more interesting that i dkindadone interviews and done my
f948: so it s morekindagaelic is more the west
yes f1054: an is thatkindamore common than foamin m1012:
play about the beaches [inaudible]kindacold f1136: [note: nearly a minute's silence] f1135: oh
we don t see anykindagovernment papers written in the
to do it but onlykindaafter interviewing other people and
o yon mobiles but wiskindaamused whin i wis doon
think it s it skindablue but it s green
i widnae be on thiskindacoach but me an the
nice woman but she waskindacool f940: [laugh] m942: [cough]
it but they were f1054: kindagusset isn t it m1015:
comes by but i stillkindahanker for alec mcphee so
[inhale] [yawn] but hmm alsokindapretty much everybody s called
wadder wise but mercifilly wirkindasheltered here under da lea
that does seem a bitkindastupid encouragin the scottish but
de street but up akindaup a stair fae de
hall so i hae takindahae ta go or gie
we put about a cringingkindahuman so a skeevlo is
everythin alright so the- thatkindainformality gets back into the
s the that wa- thekindawe have these big snow
people are known by theirkindafather s name and their
war years brought a differentkindapeople in too and a
people that are there arekindas- generations o i suppose
is a right expressive [laugh]kindaword isn t it [laugh]
they didn t bother goingkindaany longer to school because
s a great advantage thatkindaeveryone knows you and it
[exhale] f958: mm m959: youkindafeel safe when you go
her size at smootie tochtkindapersonal my you are a
though did you find itkindastrange moving from shetland to
rest o it they werekindateds they kin- you ll
f1040: no f1054: or evenkindawords that you hear folk
then m608: mm f643: ikindaforgot about it for a
s i suppose it skindai would say scottish highlands
over and it was akindajolly place to work i
s funny it s akindaleft ower isn t it
ye jist as i saykindalet it flow let it
pronunciation s quite distinct therekindapal isn t it rather
idea m952: weel it skindatae me when the tv
pink it washed out ankindawent m944: it actually looks
they would come up andkindaleer at the bus queue
wa- that was a realkindaconfusion as for me as
else was going to bekindashe thought she d wait
someone else though i waskindawanting to go by myself
critical f948: that s akindaiffy one that i m
is here there s twokindamidgies the right and the
that s a singy songykindaspeak in a singy songy
there s still ye yekindastill pit in the odd
at fitba an ye werekindaaccepted by if ye played
young man that ye sortakindafancied ye hoped he would
and ye had tae s-kindatry and see in that
m818: to admit i dokindago for the qm ones
thingabe or me [inaudible] m1012: kindainterchangeable thingame or be m
me i ken aboot thaekindastairs fiona had to help
located image o me akindawistful shetlander on video a
i grew up there andkindakids are kids are genuine
da states an aa datkindaplaces i reckon i raelly
a couple of months ikindathought er this is a
guid doon at he wiskindatowtful himsel i guid oot
be okay is she nokindaauld tae be havin an
yell unst an fetlar arekindadescribed as the north isles
good an we had thiskindarecalcitrant boy called [censored: forename] and
waited an waited an gotkindascunnered an hit wis aa
elect to do a dialectkindablock m865: right u1028: [inaudible]
is there any o thatkindaphrases or that locally that
that at all f1054: nothingkindatorry though is there f1040:
get seen tae wurser akindasat up straight in ma
is this ki- is thiskindamo- is this a modern
wistful shetlander on video akindatinkin lang sowl makkin of
and dad are both deadkindapolitical and everythin has to
sorta no the full shillinkindageneral english ken the twae
on caird drive which iskindanear the dumbarton road and
hoscote sheil hed been aekindasma haudin on its ain
treis cept fur the wheenkindasma haudins roond aboot the

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