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the bogles ceilidh at blethertounkirkyairdat the ghaists an bogles
the bogles ceilidh at blethertounkirkyairdlove bubble the castlegate unicorn
the mools in the canongaitkirkyairdbut his saul gaes stramplin
open the mools o thekirkyairdtae lat the warlock laird
he sterts aff wi hiskirkyairdhoast ah dout he canna
with a kirkyairder or akirkyairdhoast in the howe of
warlock laird beeriet in steenhillockkirkyairdat the verra back yett
lairs frae him in coullkirkyairdfar i beeriet ma faither
bit wit an virr throwkirkyairdsmirr are nocht bit stoor
spring frae ayr s auldkirkyairdechoes ring whit is it
wi clay ahin the dubbykirkyairddyke than yon gweed dominie
the knowe aleen quittin thekirkyairdsclim the braes o hame
died unkent and unlamented everykirkyairdis packed wi the banes
douce quate fowk in thekirkyairdminnie bruce passed by the
else attend it ti thekirkyairdaa the wey abune us
efter saw wullie at thekirkyairdwi aw sandy s ither
dug grave in the villagekirkyairdhard by the castle sic
win awa blythesome frae thekirkyairdlass yer faither winna lie
that lie in the macharkirkyairdthis nor east yule storm
s assisted passage intae akirkyairdlair sing aboot tifty s
howdie wife midwife or akirkyairddeserter very sick person if
o the heidsteens in itskirkyairdwar ordnar eneuch aa bar
ken to know kinlin kindlingkirkyairdchurchyard kirn harvest home meal
bonnet sabbath morn i thekirkyairdtoom tinnies a lassie s
fit the gangrel wi thekirkyairdsmit ben balquidder late yestreen
maun dee see the chunnerinkirkyairdwirm crawlin ben the blackie
hiz munt an inti thekirkyairdhe stuid him afoir a
crypt nor yet in thekirkyairddoon in the clachan fur
he wis in the weekirkyairdo sgian hard bi the
thay yirdit him i thekirkyairdan his graundbairns gaed ti
dreich an dreary the auldkirkyairdluiks awesome eerie i m
ablo the mouls i thekirkyairdis that aw she is
cannie tho thai veisitit thekirkyairdat aibercorn firstlins ti estaiblish
the smaaest steen in thekirkyairdwis vrocht in the shape
skeletons an banshees cross thekirkyairdgin ye daur zombie alien
on the geans by thekirkyairdplawed fite as brides in

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