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kent thum baith gey weillkisma faither an mei did
the wolf tae grip thumkissic trysts wur wrangous bot
wis wi thum at daykisthe mist kam doon an
can juist see masell greitinkisah didna mairrie a puddok
never mairrie ye soudna mairriekisit s sae borin chebutykin
country kirk hantin church hauntingkisbecause kist chest kittil stimulate
country kirstal a n crystalkisc because kist n chest
mag wuid bei richt eneuchkishei wuid hev sayed plenty
weill kent i the localitiekishei wurkit til his ain
the chisholm estate horseman ankiso his feet hei hed
anenst the big hoose gairdenkiso his manifest intelleck hei
ee come ben mrs scottkisthe meenister wuid lyke tae
ti git mairrit sumhou pairtliekisma lyfe haed wheicht past
no richt mairrit at awkisthe war nae priest thare
want ti keep yeir needlekisit wesna mynes wutch ah
didna want ti keep itkisit wesna mynes wutch guid
say she coudna help hirsellkisshe wesna verra weill she
the fowert verse i parteeklarkisee wull bei staundin i
nae ae torry ir eekisgif ee ir a ll
leap lat it be ankisthis is a magic place
ye hae spoken weill ankisthis is a magic place
a dreich view o lyfekiswe hae never kent hou
wes feart for ma mankishe wes a skuilmaister an
think ye daur luik backkisye ir feart for the
roderic maccodrum o the selkieskishe haed taen a selkie
thaim that haed daidilt ahintkishe wes sweir ti be
richt ken whuther ti lauchkishir dochter haed been sae
kent as merlin s craigkisthe namelie warlok haed aince
weil kent til oor faimliekiso ma muther an hir
romans aye enjoyed guid healthkisthey kent hou ti wurk
no lauchin lyke the lavekisah dinna lyke ti gie
by lyke days an pairtliekisah wes aye daft aboot
sae ye see g nomeskisma mither didna lyke me
the crowner gied mirren akisat semed a whein forritsum
mirren shae gied hir akisthan maistres stein the auld
eilidh moula didna deny itkisshona thraetent ti kill hir
luik the road o mekisah canna spin haivers said
soliony ah haena tastit itkisah canna thole the ming
an muin aye keeps movinkisthay canna finnd a saft
than ye canna be herekisye fancie me broun ogre
for naething at aw juistkisah wes thare pepper she
is everybody looks at himkisgin the station wes nearer
as he wes telt ankishe wes an eydent chiel
darg til his sheilin ankishis maister wes pleased wi
luikit at hir this weskisin thae days men war
wes a mukkil jessie juistkisye r big an strang
hoscote wur tae the forekisthar wudnae hae been onie
sleep eftir lunch the daykisah thocht ah d be
want that fleance killed himkisfleance ran awa eftir he
oniething that ails thaim juistkisah m a doctor but
for you irena an juistkisye happen ti be lousum
m gittin this sair heidkisah hae ti gang ti
an trummilt an at lestkisthe needle jaggit him sair
garage whit tyme is tkisa ve tae meet jean
o mulsintoun ferm ay mulsintounkiso the lang tyme faimlie
the auld byre stable itselkisma faither an mei whan
grat whan ye gaed awakisma faither says it is
ti cum near thaim ankiso this the kintrie fowk
the glif o hir lifekisyids vyce roared oot o
the r sumthing no richtkisshe s no here moula
an here ye r complaininkisye ken a lot o
prince ma vyce haes chyngedkisah haena got a puddok
thrang ye maunna fash mankisah m sweir ti gae
yerl thjorfinn an ye succeededkisah trummil aye afore yeir
awthegither ah think it skisah ve lost ma confidence
owre ti see ye pompitiekisah wantit ti thenk ye
day ah m fair dowiekisthis mornin the coorse wund
a wudnae hev thocht moniekisthe grazin fur sheep is
hamelt langage than ochts ensekiseet s i ma bluid
dae ye hate ma faithkisit is luiv an yours
ye aften roose me mankisye aye wul keep on
thorfinn peitied me orm aykisthe dule that lauchs is
in oor nain scots tungkisefter in aa isna ane
can sae this fur fakkismrs byres wis the kimmer
o buits fur nixt earkisit ull tak ye that
yid reponed it disnae maitterkisthev re ae been company
na pit yer teeth inkisyer nose end an chin
o the back syke cottageskisfrankie s ettle wis tae
scottis kintra dancin an ropelawsheilkiso it bein central tae
verses nynteen an twuntie tharatourkiso the nigh on complete
here ava nae mensedom aitherkishis flicht is senseless ross
wi uz it the haughkisthe borth ick waitter wis
expelled frae his fift yearkishe coudna gresp the ut
conneckions aareadies a say thiskisjimmy cook the gairdner it
pet tortoise wi a spadekishe peyed it ower mukkil

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