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streks is stretches smoorichs arekissescaresses syne is next forby
thorfinn caresses gunlöd s hairkissesher forehead then presses valgerd
yeir mammie a kiss moragkissesher and the queen takes
sleep guidnicht mammie the queenkissesher queen guidnicht queen leaves
irena ah believe sae koolyghinkissesirena s hand guidnicht we
quickly embraces toozenbah and koolyghinkissesirena s hand lyfe hae
m late areddies deeply movedkissesolga s hands then embraces
i m okay and shekissesme on the forehead i
an chrissie my bonniest auntiekissesher cheek an look at
got your colour back hekissesher cheek she dislikes it
ye re lookin swell makissesher cheek she isn t
thank you thank you hekissesher on the cheek she
or ither fareweill ma dearestkissesher hands yeir papers the
this forenicht fareweill ma darlinkissesirena an aince mair ah
yeir mynd at rest shekissesthe queen s hand fareweill
hou ir ye irenushka anfisakissesirena ai ma bairn whit
ye ah didna see yekissesirena s hand ah m
no lyke ti meet againkissesirena s hand thenks for
goes behind the screen ankissesirena sleep weill guidby andrey
be tired ma puir lasskissesirena ye soud git ti
no gae hame fiador koolyghinkissesher ye r wabbit lass
forgie me dear forgie mekissesher olga onie cruel or
cause you re doin thekissesf1139: [inaudible] sorry i forgot
i wanted to dae thekissesf1139: oh ye dae ye
and you can do thekissesokay f1140: okay f1139: right
i want to do thekisses[sob] f1139: oh well you
well you dae some mairkissesunderneath f1140: [sob] f1139: sorry
i want to do thekisses[sob] no cause you re
daddy swing me up andkissesme with his soft lips
at bannockburn an fa iverkissesthe blarney steen is blessed
forever give me a thousandkissesthen a hundred another thousand
gift o the gab faiverkissesyon steen is gien the
gled ti see ye shekisseshim that gled malcolm ye
her in his arms andkissesher gunlöd tearing herself away
ai ye are bonnie hekissesher l macduff looking at
still carrying the invalid cupkissesher awkwardly the queen pulls
feel a daur speak tilkissesher hand dinna be roosed
whaur is it aw noukissesher hand the r tears
whyles vershinin that s funnykissesher hand ye really ir
aye maist embarassin for mekissesmasha s hand ma dear
know lest any think ourkissesill and grudge how many
be back wi you againkissesher hands ma treisur gazes
him onto her knee andkisseshim vigorously thare a bonnie
greedy burn thit yi urkissesthe burn dimps get that
name [censored: forename spelt out] and dae somekissesand then you can maybe
wul dae for me hekissesher again this is the
dae without mony things deanakissesher but you will never
and then you dae yerkisseslast will i write from
you ve tae dae yerkisseslast ye neep [laugh] right
it [child noise] f1095: you okaykissesand aa [inaudible] i love
ah ve never luived oniebodiekissesher enter two officers and
she cums ti ma bedsydekissesme pits a magic brecham
d never be finished withkissesinstead she has a man
from tube socks to chocolatekissescarole sent me a shirt
implorin ye quine for slabberykissesricht up t the hilt
is no exchange of goodnightkissesor any soppy nonsense of
new life wi oor youngkissesablow the faas o catawba
abuin a pine tree wundkisseshis sleeves an coat a
and we blew each otherkissesand my catherine wheel started

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