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was unheard o a separatekitchenand a separate scullery f1040:
scullery and edging through thekitchenbecause of my father of
living room was called thekitchenf1043: scullery mmhm kitchen scullery
kitchen wasn t called thekitchenit was called the scullery
a typical farmhouse contained akitchenor scullery living room and
the kitchen f1043: scullery mmhmkitchenscullery m1042: an t- tae
called the kitchen an thekitchenwas called the scullery an
a living room an akitchenan a bathroom the kitchen
room was always called thekitchenan the kitchen was called
james laid tiles in thekitchenand papered the kitchen [laugh]
get wass- washed in thekitchenat the s- kitchen sink
tried the kitchen door thekitchencupboards the back door the
clean so he tried thekitchendoor the kitchen cupboards the
war furniture prices in 1938kitchendresser 21 to 30 kitchen
a kitchen just aye akitchenf1011: well nowadays it s
it was the kitchen thekitchenf1018: some of the- m1021:
kitchen sadie yip in thekitchenin the lobby in the
round handle on the rimkitchenitems wooden kitchen tables were
in it m1010: just akitchenjust aye a kitchen f1011:
the kitchen and papered thekitchen[laugh] and it s f606:
and a bathroom and akitchenm642: aye a kitchen that
that the coming of thekitchenrange was a real kitchen
kitchen range was a realkitchenrevolution the cast iron range
you do that in thekitchensadie yip in the kitchen
the kitchen at the s-kitchensink m1078: well you when
kitchen dresser 21 to 30kitchentable 5 to 15 chest
the rim kitchen items woodenkitchentables were scrubbed with sand
a kitchen m642: aye akitchenthat was the main thing
the house it was thekitchenthe kitchen f1018: some of
kitchen an a bathroom thekitchenwasn t called the kitchen
jist in front o ekitchenwindae aye e kitchen wis
e kitchen windae aye ekitchenwis e livin room as
kitchen you just had akitchenwith all the m1146: yes
tenements everything happened in thekitchenyou just had a kitchen
aunties it was just akitchenan livin room wi us
livin room was called thekitchenan then we d two
well we cried it wurkitchenbecause we didnae hae livin
room i wis in wiskitchenlivin room an bedroom tee
said well it s erkitchenlivin room and two bedrooms
tae be taken intae thekitchenwhich was our livin room
room and a bedroom akitchenand a bathroom but i
of two main rooms akitchenand bedroom with bathroom off
entrance f643: we had thekitchenthe bathroom and the back
its hearth ferns in itskitchennettles in its sink it
an get them oot makitchensink ah cannae staun the
think while slavin ower thekitchensink nae wunner weemin tak
ll tie you to thekitchensink wi the cla es
tae be teetin throwe ekitchenwindae fin i wis haein
is comin in through mykitchenwindae fit ll i dee
on e sill o ekitchenwindae it wis es bog
daein smashin your mither skitchenwindae noo jist you behave
sun streamed in at thekitchenwindae wi the faem as
in aid of the soupkitchen80 players took part and
in aid of the soupkitchenevery child had two parts
by bad weather the soupkitchenhad been most successful though
dinners from the school soupkitchenhad been stopped for the
of soup from the soupkitchenoften broth pea or tattie
sixty i stood in mykitchenthinking about soup lentil cullen
and barley when the soupkitchenwas not supplying meals children
album ripped up on akitchenfloor blue square from a
house had a rough cementkitchenfloor but ben the hoose
dishes and the now distantkitchenfloor detachedly turning he looked
of the century floor coveringskitchenfloors were normally concrete or
evening the electricity in thekitchenon floor 2 was still
that works in the communalkitchenon her floor the pace
the cooker in the squalidkitchenon the second floor had
oneythin okay sadie exits tokitchenagnes ironin to gordon does
again gordon enters from thekitchenand stops sadie damn damn
vital sadie goes on intokitchencarolanne we danced that s
thuds again sadie goes tokitchendoor calls gordon get in
road sadie moves towards thekitchengordon carolanne behind her as
then calls through to thekitcheni m away sadie see
her tae carolanne sadie thekitchenmaggie to sadie you ask
the proper room is thekitchennot the sitting room sadie
and tea sadie to carolannekitchens free carolanne right sadie
retch and goes into thekitchensadie gordon oh i ll
s your go in thekitchensadie right will i fix
and bolted sadie enters fromkitchenwith a plate of food
and we had a properkitchenand a living room and
nodded into both our schoolhousekitchenand living room as she
my wee room three roomskitchenand shower room however the
was the spacie between thekitchenand the room the parents
the smaller cosier room thekitchenand toilets were replaced removing
stayed in a room andkitchenand we used to play
and everything happened in thekitchenbut there was the room
have a two room andkitchenf632: mm f646: and eh
erm a room and akitchenfive of us in that
brother tom s room andkitchenhouse across the landing her
pieces of furniture in thekitchenliving room there would be
living room which was thekitchenreally f1143: i would say
in their govan room andkitchenthen at a posh tiled
in a braw room nkitchenthey count out their bawbees
from a sit- from akitchento a sitting room m1055:
be a two room andkitchenup radnor park f632: uh
room we just had thekitchenwhere everybody sat m1008: where
yer main room was yerkitchenyer bedroom because ye had
we ken gordon enters fromkitchengordon agnes agnes och come
tea gordon heads for thekitchengordon great i m starving
gordon to go to thekitchengordon right mum upstairs agnes
tae pit this ben thekitchengordon takes bottle sure he
each other carolanne exits tokitchenagnes she goes fur an
just as she exits tokitchencarolanne to agnes how long
burgers as he exits tokitchencarolanne you sang in a
out to carolanne enters fromkitchenwith coffee and toast she
the other wall leads tokitchenagnes a plump women of
bottle sure he exits tokitchenagnes to beth ye need
need to do something thosekitchencupboards agnes naw naw ye
ben e passage throwe ekitchenan aa e wye till
the twa gaed ben thekitchenan geordie cuidnae help takin
through through through in thekitchenf1018: ben the hoose m1019:
whan a caw syne thekitchenloun brings ben a bowle
ben the hoose ben thekitchenthat you know that meant
ben the [inaudible] but thekitchenwas the place m1020: well
an his fish ben thekitchenwhaur he hid a guid
e passage an throwe ekitchenbye e table an ower
talkin was done in thekitchenf1018: round the table m1021:
i sit here at thekitchentable and think about your
ll go doon to thekitchentable and we ll dae
twelve lighted candles on thekitchentable are visible my evening
right come on to thekitchentable f1140: i ll write
your keys doon on mykitchentable gladys to the others
hand television we found akitchentable in the loft bobbie
churn she worked on thekitchentable though there was an
coffin or two maybe akitchentable wise up get a
8 communion stay in paintkitchencupboard cream paint doesn t
[child noises] mum where s thekitchen[inaudible] f1105: stay here it
your no stay in thekitchenplease m1106 : i don t
on there stay on thekitchenroll f1112: not on there
f1105: now stay in thekitchenwi your milkshake stay in
kittlin cam in inti thekitchenan sat hirsell doun bi
littil kittlin cam inti thekitchenan sat hirsell doun bi
sat wi it at thekitcheningil ti wesh hir fuit
the tallest glasses from thekitchenpress we sat outside legs
basically you just had thekitchenwhere you cooked and sat
cage wis hoidin ahint dakitchendoor as shön is smootie
as they walked in thekitchendoor but to her surprise
he is just inside thekitchendoor he puts his hands
heard a scraping ootside thekitchendoor he was big his
dirty dishes standing with thekitchendoor held open in his
our empty plates towards thekitchendoor how about a siesta
came to stand at thekitchendoor one arm encircling a
i began tae keep ekitchendoor shut tae haad em
did when he opened thekitchendoor the scene that greeted
balletically towards the ceiling thekitchendoor thumped shut as the
we left stannin at ekitchendoor till wir een got
anither door led frae thekitchenintil anither chaumer an in
back to work in thekitchenwith the door shut against
all the wide range ofkitchenequipment that we had never
into the oven in thekitchenrange and just left it
the house there was akitchenrange with an oven and
o the [inaudible] ablow thekitchenbed f1054: yeah f1011: when
i ve cleaned ablow thekitchenbed [laugh] i didnae hic
it was aw ablow thekitchenbed [laugh] m1013: beet polishes
dread tae clean ablow thekitchenbed o aa the jobs
bun in bed in ekitchenin ablow wis darkness haad
a box bed in thekitchenthat jutted back into the
e the bed in thekitchenthe lassies were in the
we go out through thekitchenand into the garden we
a tiny wee sort ofkitchenarea you went through that
it off through in thekitchencan you erm do you
book s through in thekitchencause mum forgets aa the
through imagery of farm andkitchengarden the love affair is
and walked through to hiskitchenhumming the melody of the
towel back through to thekitcheni ll get playstation and
your towel through to thekitchenm1098: i did clean up
and went through tae thekitchenma auntie pauline wis sittin
we came through to thekitchenthe place was thick with
she clumped through to thekitchento chop the vegetables it
and toddles through to thekitchenwhere mother is at the
of pure tangerine through thekitchenwindow behind your head they
as he goes back intokitcheni was there for the
the pan goes f1103: [inaudible]kitchenisn t it f1104: yeah
that in turn goes withkitchenranges it s a stage
s not allowed goes tokitchenreturns with glass of water
fae e back o ekitchenalang wi a smaa roomie
in the development of thekitchenan aafa lot o e
d get back till ekitchenan intill e crack aboot
didna aften come intill ekitchenan mary the deem wis
roupit oot o arnhead ekitchendresser wis bocht for broonhill
jarrie o seerup aside ekitchenfire durin e day so
d been sittin in ekitchenhaein a fly cup ere
a fine yoam in ekitchenhere s a fyow mair
sheddie at e eyn erkitchenhid a steen flagged fleer
e took s intill eezkitchenit wis gey plain nae
s stibble jist e plainkitchensoap an e cut throat
the changed smell o ekitchenthere wis nae jist the
sake she s in thekitchenyou ll ha e to
house aabody ate in thekitchenafter dinner which was in
your new house had akitchenand two bedrooms and was
in binny house including thekitchenmaintenance and office staff does
the house though in thekitchenwhether that was father or
lyin throuby in the backkitchenah m gaun up nou
you doun ti the backkitchenan tell tibbie ah said
the guidwyfe back inti thekitchenan whit soud she finnd
upstairs will i check thekitchenand make sure the back
the sheep in the backkitcheninti littil bits wi the
in at the back thekitchens the same as the
drink it in the backkitchenseein ye hae poured it
she came back intae thekitchenshe hid ronald bricky wi
she wan back ti thekitchenthare wes the littil kittlin
for ye in the backkitchenthe r a pikkil cauld
gae oot throu the backkitchenthey go out a bell
gaed back up til thekitchenti mak reddie the prince
the little closet off thekitchenand in the two rooms
and two glasses from thekitchenchuckling now at the twinge
two rooms and a akitchenm635: yes that s right
teeth fridge in the blackkitchenmidnight is two red dots
then we looked at thekitchenthree stoves two of them
says lord come into thekitchenan get a bite o
a visitor coming into thekitchenand being asked to sit
she takes me into thekitchenand gives me a glass
f1099: come on into thekitchenand help me dae the
so we went into thekitchenas we used to in
visitors came in into thekitchener summer and winter it
first time later in thekitchenpouring sugar into a pot
and see out into hiskitchenthe formerly traumatic stacks of
in auchterless came into thekitchenwith the bottom part of
ours was always just thekitchenan then there wa- was
got an oven in thekitchenand just an open peat
you re just in thekitchenf1054: ccause i would tend
in the firmament of thekitchenjimmy just knew always had
she found me in thekitchenjust now she was dragging
it was just generally thekitchen[laugh] m1012: aye m1010: aye
being the same word askitchennor that he was just
all things growing in thekitchenshe was just as painstaking
barmen or one of thekitchenstaff just havin a ciggie
made it seem like hiskitchenwas growing just like happened
it now f1040: just akitchenyou re just in the
on how to get startedkitchenand garden waste is an
get something turns for thekitchenand stops reluctant to go
get the cups up fromkitchenbut is not sure whether
get a different set ofkitchenequipment and that was when
find een then in thekitchenneil sighing i ll get
come on then to thekitchensoon get nice warm milk
were tryin tae get thekitchensorted out andye know what
d get up when thekitchenwas warm but they also
wis open sae intae thekitchena flew a golloped enough
o ma chaos in thekitchenan he wis able tae
o being late for thekitchenclock wis kept a quarter
nae radio on in thekitchenma mammy wis sittin on
the cream o aw herkitchenwis her elderberry wine the
slept in the well thekitchenbecause they had m1042: in
had left it in thekitchenby mistake rest of the
they had a tiny weekitchenf718: mmhm m1078: mm so
was under control in thekitchenjimmy had crushed garlic zested
they had been in thekitchenof the somerville apartment he
even to sit in thekitchenso i had to induce
of coffee from the officekitchensomebody had stolen her mug
rooms and one was thekitchenand the other was the
cause it was a diningkitchenarea erm so yeah she
s place was in thekitchenas members can imagine i
recess so it was yerkitchencause that was far ye
them go a long gonekitchenchore was the equivalent of
ll come at eight thekitchenclock was saying 4 30
bobbie knows was getting newkitchencupboards built in and they
roberts flat he painted thekitchenfor him while he was
at a time across thekitchenfrom the lum there was
wooden chimney pinned against thekitchengable there was a time
was getting smaller not hiskitchengetting bigger dirty dinner plates
i was in the farmkitchenone night and the butter
was in like in thekitchenright so i mean it
you carried them in thekitchenthere was a recess in
bubble that half filled hiskitchenwas that the bubbles he
stranger thought jimmy from thekitchenwas the phoney are you
that s m1007: and thekitchenwas used for everything m1008:
garden was visible from thekitchenwhere alice served me tea
if i was sharing akitchenwith a bunch of strangers
the television was in thekitchenyes m1008: did it smell
m642: eh f643: where mykitchenis now used to be
mrs thane s aggressively spotlesskitchenor outside where she becomes
tut a boiler in ourkitchenwhere we boiled the clothes
whyle she bade in thekitchenan rowed the same baw
of her scent flowered thekitchenbefore she reached it herself
aw the road ti thekitchenbut whan she wan inti
gien coorse darg in thekitchenhelpin the cuiik but she
whan she gaed intil thekitchenshe fand hir mither haed
frae the haw intil thekitchenshe haed nae tyme ti
the strainer out to thekitchenshe pauses at the exit
auld kies lyin on thekitchentaibil she tryit thir kies
whan she wan inti thekitchenthare on hir richt fuit
hear her voice from thekitchenbut i m brakin oot
stick it up in herkitchenf1134: aye f1133: aye f1134:
with her to the farmkitchenfor a glass of fresh
her entrance tae her bonniekitchenfor i pit in the
her luxurious and well equippedkitcheni ve realised how hard
on her way to thekitchenin her slippers screamed long
residence in her domain herkitchenjist is it s my
that ye were in thekitchenwi her when he cam
listen your mummy is thekitchenmaid and my daddy is
you were squatting on ourkitchensteps picking your nose and
to throw in your oldkitchenwaste its an idea to
indoors a surprisingly small brickkitchenabout a mile from the
to be complicated in mykitchenfrom today onwards i will
our tilley lamp in thekitchenhung from a hook in
like consultation school board ankitchenpeople from stirling council and
from the wireless in thekitchenunderneath the lamplight by the
throw up beth enters fromkitchenwith a bowl of food
and appearance enters from thekitchenwith an ironing board and
discusses heating advises boiler inkitchen3 radiators plus hot water
all his meals in thekitchenalong with the loon who
haein thaim in hir ainkitchenan thaim wurkin thair weirdrie
in it caw it thekitchenan well this isnae the
the same as yourselves thekitchenand everything happened in the
the men ate in thekitchenbut in mabel smith s
farm servants getting meals inkitchenchackie linen bag for carrying
f1054: aff it and thekitchencooking stuff in it m1146:
nou faithers plowter in thekitchendaein aa the cairryin an
like mm polly in thekitchendoing some stitching in comes
the female worker in thekitcheneh did aa the rough
and put that in thekitchenf1103: mmhm f1104: this is
then became polly in thekitchenf963: uh huh f965: doing
at the fuit o oorkitchengairden in the beild o
top vainly searching in thekitchenhe realised the futility of
the north east form ofkitchenin the sense of something
mother moving about in thekitchenis not at all clear
the window sill in thekitchenit all gives me something
pikkil cauld mutton in thekitchenjuist mynd nanse this is
a rock climbing class inkitchenm1048: [laugh] f1049: and they
if it s in thekitchenm1106 : got it f1105: see
the cow s in thekitchenmoo f1116: no i press
in the holie o thekitchenreddin up helpin oot i
because you didn t havekitchenroll in those days brown
his youth worked as akitchenscullion in his wicked uncle
cuid be put in onykitchentae the test awa went
d cry things in thekitchenthat might be typically glaswegian
if they re in thekitchenthey can easily have the
fireplace beyond that in thekitchenthough something burned in the
to all hide in thekitchenwith the lights off f1154:
you d call in thekitchenyou d cry things in
f1104: yeah that s thekitchenand i ll go and
else ll work neil trykitchenroll and see how you
a stey stair frae thekitchenan fand masell up ti
cum you up ti thekitchenfor ti mak reddie the
an awa doun ti thekitchengaed he an unsteikit the
thay pat hir intil thekitchenti serr as a wallie
marble and white of thekitchenaccommodates us well and baby
the food m1004: [inaudible] f1005: kitchenwell it used to it
every bedroom circulation area andkitchenthey prevailed because people are
fittit a chaumer aff thekitchenah gaed inby an fand
follaed the cannibal intil thekitchenan it gied a loud
tend tae think nooadays thekitchenas bein the place ye
an polished the hoose ankitchenaye an yi set the
dregs ah luik til thekitchenbut nae reik ryses poems
broken lightning kneeling on thekitchenchair beside the largest window
of the man s narrowkitchendeciding he couldn t be
o clock drag as thekitchenextractor fan started itself up
f1113: what a mess thekitchenf1114: [cough] f1113: [inhale] and
within easy reach of thekitchengeraniums planted last year were
no duster reached under thekitchengrill a pool of frozen
forfochen frae the huntin thekitchenhaed been aw redd up
ve nae dealins wi thekitchenhere as i ate we
mmhm f1104: this is thekitchenhere f1103: i think there
ablo the dresser asyde thekitcheningil an happit up amang
tae help oot aroon thekitchenkneadin the dough for their
often be jined tae thekitchenm999: aye fit did you
roond the girnwood ferm hoosekitchenmeltith buird n the bryden
a woodburning stove and akitchenoverlooking the olive terraces my
hankil o kies on thekitchentaibil an aane o thaim
wine he went towards thekitchento exercise further the privileges
chasing maverick steers around thekitchenuntil the ding of a
settle i the ferm hoosekitchenwhaur hei lay doon an
good job of papering thekitchenwhen we first took it
couldn t see out thekitchenwindows didn t care not
couldn t see out thekitchenwindows never washed them at
frog rushes out of thekitchenwith a glass of orange
mm mm mm mm f1099: kitchenhalf decent wait wait wait
with pantomime and mock historicalkitchencomedy there is no good
forest replaced it with akitchendon t tell us you
clean with shared wc showerkitchenfacilities and even washing machine
me he hits me withkitchenutensils and if i am
provided but there is akitchenwith refrigerator etc and there
a photograph teen inside akitchenwi an aal farrant camera
s five people sharing onekitchenf1151: how many people did
gave us a couple ofkitchenchairs i got a bargain
and we ve got akitchenmicrowaves and a fridge and
neen o yer feedin onkitchenorrals like a lot o
ironing board to take tokitchenupstairs a baby cries and
you ve won a freekitchenyou re like that f813:
to suit every size ofkitchenand pocket they were sold
never washed them at allkitchenwindows were filthy i mean
such as grass clippings andkitchenwaste plus autumn leaves which
clever to gladys hey usekitchenroll instead its more absorbent
lay hands on but nowadayskitchenroll would be better gladys

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