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big fowk intae the fermkitchiefur a plate o yaval
yaval broth seein s thekitchiewis nippit fur space an
hoosie pretendin it wis akitchiean clappin berries an steens
chiel ye ll mairry thekitchiemaid cried lauchin an clappin
bruces thocht o skiffies andkitchiedeems fa fell wi a
among the ploughman lads andkitchiedeems they usually bitterly attack
wis meg ramsay steenhillock skitchiedeem and her mither janet
cheenge noo an aa thekitchiedeem continued ye mauna gie
s mither sally an thekitchiedeem meg ramsay cried aa
the past ye ken ehkitchiedeem or f1001: aye m1000:
hoose she wis intae thekitchiean greetin in meg ramsay
tae the safety o thekitchiemeg ramsay an her mither
tae the warmth o thekitchiemeg ramsay wis ower at
oot an ran tae thekitchiedoor loadit aimed an fired
hear that hunger s gweedkitchiekitchie meaning seasoning being the
that hunger s gweed kitchiekitchiemeaning seasoning being the same
sally bruce drew ower akitchiesteel an stude on t
a haa lounge sun loungekitchiedinin room maister bedroom wi
an dumped it in thekitchietakkin a quick snack afore
mither wis throwe in thekitchieironin steenhillock s best sark
grieve he come intae thekitchieclose at minnie s heels
lichtit the lamps an thekitchiewis dowie aa the licht
the fire in the fermkitchiebrunt wi a blue flame
pickit up in the fermkitchieit s nae guid news
lamp wis lit an thekitchiewis criss crossed wi shaddas
sink she teeted throw thekitchiewinnock an drappit the plate
treetled in ben the fairmkitchiean spak yon wird fur
harvest home meal kist chestkitchiesomething served as an addition
hens eggs doon on thekitchietable far s ma mither
jessie pared tatties in thekitchieand aunt florence timmered oot
no no wasn t erkitchiedame mmhm f1001: certainly f1053:
ootbye or ben in thekitchiematty wid hae tae brush
the lassie ben tae thekitchiein the mornin an showed
o worsit wis knottit thekitchiefire was dampit doon wi
inno the horsecheer bi thekitchiefire wi her clootie dally
glaiss wis teem forbyes thekitchiein shadda lowpin wi fire
bruce the parlour an thekitchiewar on the boddom fleer
style an there atap thekitchietable they seen her myra
ye ll aa ken fitkitchieis it s the north
anely things steerin in thekitchieapart frae the kittlin war
s tail tae draw thekitchiecurtains ticht shuttin oot the
o vegetables an fither ekitchiegairden bit got muckit or
an deintie in elly skitchiethe moosies sit an greet
glaid o a bit okitchiein the hard days o
mother and this was goodkitchieat teatime especially the summer

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