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be prepared 15 don tknow14 current protection for wild
your corpus i don tknowa clink is u-u- usually
like say i don tknowa football festival in e-
expen- well i don tknowa lot of bands i
quite a lot but youknowa lot of them don
know when you don tknowa place you should be
about god i don tknowabout four years ago or
m1019: well i don tknowabout in dundee but in
you don t have toknowabout sean connery to understand
how w- i don tknowabout sleeping f1144: well if
m1022: er i don tknowabout that but there s
farms unb i don tknowabout the farms but i
toilet f1025: i don tknowabout the northern district f1027:
with you i don tknowabout women s toilets or
deeper plan i don tknowabout yet as if in
considering it i don tknowall i do know is
s homes i don tknowall the ins and outs
m741: ehm i don tknowall the other thesis that
in life that other peopleknowan we don t know
how naturalistically i don tknowand i m not sure
f1150: but i don tknowand like as you say
of them i don tknowand perhaps i should presumably
alcohol problem i don tknowand then f963: oh right
did you m1146: don tknowany any real scots words
i mean i don tknowany asian people who have
lot of them don tknowany scots it s a
there and you don tknowanybody apart from your own
living room i don tknowanyfin now wot is more
t know i don tknowanyone before [censored: forename] f943: no
about frankenstein i don tknowanything about frankenstein m805: ehm
private ear i don tknowanything about mummy frog s
you m944: i don tknowanything else about bloody bridges
their nickname mmhm don tknowanything else about it but
you see i don tknowanything else f1025: uh huh
huh f1023: i don tknowanything else i just was
just don t really everknowanything until you can explain
beggars or i don tknowanyway but they played the
but eh i don tknowat least kilroy s not
don t really want toknowat the moment [laugh] erm
at f1122: i don tknowat the safari park f1121:
don t know f1155: youknowau naturale when you come
the bad [?]asses[/?] m642: youknowaye and left i don
mmhm m824: i don tknowaye eh [?]they're stuck noo[/?] [laugh] f823:
this time i don tknowbecause as you must remember
yeah m762: readers would youknowbecause frankly you don t
o that f1023: i justknowbeddies f1026: no i don
then m1106: i don tknow[blows bubbles in water] f1105: i see there
people will i don tknowboard the board the train
f746: oh wow f978: youknowbrandy an i don t
say n- i don tknowbubble gum m1132: yum yum
drugs for i don tknowbugs m608: sheep oh right
months years as you shouldknowbut don t and all
of circumstances i don tknowbut eh aye there were
t know i don tknowbut ehm f807: and you
i know i don tknowbut ehm m865: [laugh] i
know i really don tknowbut erm f963: mm [sniff]
even so i don tknowbut f1154: that s horrible
on him i don tknowbut he had that sword
that is i don tknowbut i definitely when i
[laugh] so i don tknowbut i i always feel
week m608: aye m1163: youknowbut i i don t
yeah oh i don tknowbut i mean i don
maybe bilin i don tknowbut it s definitely beelin
the train i don tknowbut it s just f806:
think f1027: i don tknowbut it s something everybody
so quickly i don tknowbut jimmy now leaves the
f806: no i don tknowbut maybe she was just
didn t really don tknowbut she was a nice
t know i don tknowbut she was f1006: no
are true i don tknowbut that was the f606:
until [tut] i don tknowbut then they lived in
a jumpin fish don tknowbut there was a fish
your achievements i don tknowbut they always tried tae
wonder m1022: i don tknowbut they used them till
eh f1089: i don tknowbut where s the bag
back so i don tknowbut you don t hear
f1049: ehm i don tknowbut you know how you
her m1132: i don tknowca- can i will i
the shopping f1089: don tknowcan you find it m1090:
s murder i don tknowcarole s reaction to it
the way i don tknowcathie dow mr murchison or
i do- i don tknowcause i don t drink
f1049: well i don tknowcause like the guy that
kind of sub darkness youknowcause then you don t
of [inaudible] m605: cause iknow[censored: forename] and sh- oh don
in your class do youknow[censored: forename] [censored: surname] i don t
[laugh] f963: [laugh] f965: iknowchildren now who don t
f745: well i don tknowcould be i suppose we
same as i don tknowdanny the now 3 best
quick i just don tknowdid you all manage to
know f1097: you don tknowdid you eat it m1098:
[laugh] oh i don tknowdid you find like quite
mm yeah i don tknowdo you ever find yourself
them f1129: i don tknowdo you know somebody that
from like i don tknowdo you see what i
or i don t evenknowdon t know erm [sniff]
m1092: [inaudible] doing that meknowdon t know f1091: you
nothing aye f1130: don tknowdon t know f1129: aye
m1132: mum i don tknowdon t know f1131: i
of artwork m815: don tknowdon t know if it
back m815: i don tknowdon t know m816: back
f746: mmhm f745: don tknowdon t know really what
them [laugh] f963: well youknowdon t litter here don
it is see you doknowdon t you m1090: [laugh]
i i don t reallyknowdundee words to say that
eyed me we don tknoweach other well but i
first you i don tknowehm i don t know
f958: [inhale] i don tknowehm m959: out edinburgh way
treat f1071: i don tknowehm you give them ham
you dinna you don tknoweither m1092: mm mm mm
er f718: i don tknoweither m734: but i don
any literature i don tknowenglish lit f1038: yeah f1037:
out f1154: i don tknower f1155: mm f1154: they
dodgy practices going on youknower i don t doubt
not sure i don tknower [inaudible] m734: i think
very er i don tknower there were people there
little like i don tknower what you d call
one m1092: i don tknower yellow f1091: is it
m1163: well i don tknowerm i m no being
t even know don tknowerm [sniff] but my mum
f1154: but i don tknowerm yeah but do you
f806: well i don tknowev- whatever possessed me but
dandy f1143: i don tknoweverything s just jim dandy
even if i don tknowexactly what i ll do
sprog f1026: i don tknowf1023: i ve heard it
handed but i don tknowf1025: mm f1026: [laugh] i
handed f1023: i don tknowf1027: mmhm f1054: interesting yeah
m1042: oh i don tknowf1041: i dinnae ken i
or a i don tknowf1053: so would a calf
eh just i don tknowf1054: ehm can you say
is it i don tknowf1054: maybe used there a
pat no i don tknowf1054: that s fine yeah
now m1090: i don tknowf1089: what colour s that
erm no me don tknowf1091: did you see m1092:
doing m1092: i don tknowf1091: he s saying percy
happened m1092: me don tknowf1091: he was playing wasn
m1092: no me don tknowf1091: i know that he
m1092: no me don tknowf1091: it s a trolley
m1092: no me don tknowf1091: [laugh] oh you re
er no me don tknowf1091: little worms m1092: little
[inaudible] no me don tknowf1091: mind we- you can
mm no me don tknowf1091: no me don t
m1092: no me don tknowf1091: oh you didna even
m1092: no me don tknowf1091: that s a rabbit
m1092: no me don tknowf1091: that s lots o
these m1092: i don tknowf1091: they re lions m1092:
erm no me don tknowf1091: this look m1092: no
that m1092: i don tknowf1091: trousers m1092: and that
m1092: no me don tknowf1091: [tut] [inhale] what s
name m1092: i don tknowf1091: you dinna you don
me no me don tknowf1091: you do so what
er no me don tknowf1091: you don t know
tha- no me don tknowf1091: you don t know
that me know don tknowf1091: you don t know
erm no me don tknowf1091: you don t know
that m1092: me don tknowf1091: you don t know
where m1092: me don tknowf1091: you don t know
m1092: no me don tknowf1091: you don t know
name m1092: no don tknowf1091: you don t know
erm erm i don tknowf1091: you don t know
that m1098: i don tknowf1097: [inaudible] m1098: [?]bog off[/?] f1097:
name m1098: i don tknowf1097: you do so what
m1098: i don t kn-knowf1097: you don t know
hae m1098: i don tknowf1097: you don t know
day m1098: i don tknowf1097: you don t know
m1098: erm i don tknowf1097: you don t know
all mam don t knowknowf1109: oh that s scruffy
hurt f1112: i don tknowf1111: mm f1112: i don
that f1111: i don tknowf1112: [inaudible] f1111: pardon [inaudible]
[laugh] f1113: i don tknowf1114: [inhale] that s an
that f1113: i don tknowf1114: it s a instrument
going f1113: i don tknowf1114: it s downstairs f1113:
that f1118: i don tknowf1117: [?]another there aye[/?] f1118: and wash
f1118: erm i don tknowf1117: barney does barney sing
called f1118: i don tknowf1117: bramble f1118: bramble f1117:
no f1118: i don tknowf1117: farr did you chuck
and f1118: i don tknowf1117: have a think tina
out f1118: i don tknowf1117: it s aa her
barney f1118: i don tknowf1117: there s tina and
is f1118: i don tknowf1117: you don t know
another one i don tknowf1121: look there s that
f1122: flowers pens don tknowf1121: that s finger puppets
there f1122: i don tknowf1121: that s flags isn
f1122: jump i don tknowf1121: you don t know
that f1121: i don tknowf1122: i did all that
know f1121: you don tknowf1122: no f1121: don t
know f1126: i don tknowf1125: is that nae roly
that f1126: i don tknowf1125: that s a chicken
go f1126: i don tknowf1125: what s the matter
that f1126: i don tknowf1125: you don t know
that f1126: i don tknowf1125: you don t know
that f1125: i don tknowf1126: i don t know
know f1125: you don tknowf1126: i don t which
whisk mm i don tknowf1126: it s in there
don t know don tknowf1129: aye nothing at aa
f1130: cause i don tknowf1129: cause it s spring
four f1130: i don tknowf1129: [inhale] i hope so
re off f1130: don tknowf1129: nothing aye f1130: don
f1130: er i don tknowf1129: och you never ken
pa- f1130: i don tknowf1129: pass the parcel and
granny s f1130: don tknowf1129: you don t know
aboot f1130: i don tknowf1129: you don t know
with them f1130: don tknowf1129: you don t remember
to draw m1132: don tknowf1131: can you remember what
in it m1132: don tknowf1131: farr did we dump
don t know don tknowf1131: i canna mind m1132:
need m1132: [inaudible] don tknowf1131: mm m1132: i don
mm m1132: i don tknowf1131: oh that s good
to draw m1132: don tknowf1131: you asked that remember
you say f1136: don tknowf1135: excuse me f1136: [laugh]
s that f1136: don tknowf1135: five f1136: five o
[inaudible] f1136: i don tknowf1135: the video s fallen
two f1136: i don tknowf1135: three f1136: three o
after eight f1136: don tknowf1135: you do so ni-
puppy f1140: i don tknowf1139: a baby cow s
i don t know yeknowf1144: [laugh] f1143: and bling
f1143: no i don tknowf1144: no f1054: they were
something el- i don tknowf1154: oh there s a
f1155: yeah i don tknowf1154: thin [laugh] f1155: kind
m going i don tknowf1154: yeah f1155: what i
muse if they don tknowf1155: mm f1154: but aye
as well i don tknowf1155: so how are you
near f1154: i don tknowf1155: you know au naturale
don t want to youknowf1187: [laugh] f66: and i
mmhm f890: i don tknowf606: mm so was it
depressin ye re in yeknowf606: mmhm m691: they don
polish aye i don tknowf606: yeah [laugh] i mean
s just my f689: iknowf631: bad mindedness f689: don
like that i don tknowf631: yeah if anyone knows
a click ye don tknowf638: in the winter time
s almonds eh do youknowf689: i don t know
[censored: forename] [censored: surname] i don tknowf745: oh erm f746: maybe
was f746: i don tknowf745: quite a small class
or danish i don tknowf746: mmhm yeah and i
[laugh] i don t reallyknowf806: no f807: hm f806:
it maybe i don tknowf806: yeah well it is
f806: well i don tknowf807: [laugh] f806: mm that
that m811: genuinely didn tknowf812: but then you don
[laugh] m811: i don tknowf813: and then like you
[laugh] f834: [laugh] f835: yeknowf832: i don t know
know f832: i don tknowf834: no f833: [laugh] f834:
university but i don tknowf834: university f832: art an
it s i don tknowf835: but it must be
uni but i don tknowf835: what about like puttin
agricultural workers i don tknowf889: uh huh f890: but
narnia m941: don t youknowf940: oh m942: film in
it m941: i don tknowf940: you re no supposed
the prize i don tknowf963: mm f965: and sometimes
you know i don tknowf963: people are seeming to
closed doors we don tknowf963: right uh huh f965:
f963: mm i don tknowf965: a ball on a
were kids f963: don tknowf965: i can t remember
f832: [laugh] i don tknowfavoured f835: favoured f834: i
we having f1089: don tknowfitt do you want for
next f1091: i don tknowfitt next m1092: me know
history if you don tknowgeography or vice versa however
know just er don tknowgirlfriend f1005: fiancée fiancée girlfriend
d [?]fall[/?] i don tknowh- f1089: are you gonna
if we don t evenknowhalf the words that the
i don t want toknowhe d be a waste
shop [laugh] i don tknowhe s just amazin m1048:
f1150: yeah i don tknowhe said the interview i
don t know if youknowher f746: oh right yeah
don t know if youknowher m605: i think i
but i don t reallyknowhim and he s so
him oh i don tknowhis name [tut] so i
geography now how can youknowhistory if you don t
really f1043: i don tknowhow again that s a
i just i don tknowhow happy i d be
ehm people don t reallyknowhow he got rich and
don t i don tknowhow he justifies to himself
ehm but i don tknowhow how scottish it is
stop him don t youknowhow i feel inside i
and i don t quiteknowhow i m gonna do
yeah m605: i don tknowhow if that s just
m741: i i don tknowhow it would be interestin
true but i don tknowhow long he s gonna
care assistants i don tknowhow long she ll be
some time i don tknowhow long their waiting list
off all i don tknowhow long they have off
each other i don tknowhow long this went on
you know i don tknowhow long well the war
out and i don tknowhow many he had in
done like i don tknowhow many lessons like thirty
i say i don tknowhow many of them f606:
i mean i don tknowhow many words are in
well but i don tknowhow much it s the
m734: but i don tknowhow much of a conscious
subconscious because i don tknowhow much of a subconscious
band but i don tknowhow much of it s
kindly professor i don tknowhow much of that s
now is i don tknowhow much time i ll
civil war i don tknowhow people don t know
got cause i don tknowhow poets are really the
don t i don tknowhow quite to put it
sorry hen ah don tknowhow tae tell you but
you know i don tknowhow to do that but
stop them i don tknowhow to do that sadie
its stump i don tknowhow to draw a squirrel
squirrel m1070: you don tknowhow to draw a squirrel
it cause you don tknowhow to fill it just
re stupid you don tknowhow to row a boat
stop and people don tknowhow to stop them f963:
highly suspect i don tknowhow tony blair sleeps at
s f010: i don tknowhow we ever lived without
last year i don tknowhow we got this way
f1154: cause i don tknowhow what right what what
f1155: oh i don tknowhow you do that f1154:
don t know but youknowhow you have to apologise
you know i don tknowhow you pr- i mean
s quite cheeky but youknowi ca- i don t
duck f1115: i don tknowi canna s- i can
oh [inhale] i don tknowi could maybe have another
i don t want toknowi creep back into the
know i i don tknowi d [?]fall[/?] i don
i wouldnae i don tknowi d need tae ask
[laugh] f958: i don tknowi d read the book
yeah i was thinking youknowi don t have time
some lsd or something youknowi don t i don
don t i don tknowi don t know anyone
[laugh] f806: i don tknowi don t know but
bit m1004: i don tknowi don t know but
f948: [laugh] [laugh] yeah iknowi don t know but
turkey s kind of youknowi don t know f963:
for a lo- for youknowi don t know how
me- well i mean youknowi don t know how
extra stuff on it youknowi don t know how
mong mum ye know yeknowi don t know i
now m605: i don tknowi don t know if
well but i don tknowi don t know if
i eh i don tknowi don t know it
f1154: yeah i don tknowi don t know what
mean is i don tknowi don t know what
they wanted some things youknowi don t know what
it s i don tknowi don t like being
was like some f812: iknowi don t like that
has been done before youknowi don t see the
i do- i don tknowi don t think my
i mean i don tknowi don t think th-
say annoyed f1040: don tknowi don t think there
m741: yeah i don tknowi don t think they
f963: mmhm yeah f965: youknowi don t think we
wi the kids like yeknowi don t want any
rooted so i don tknowi find i find that
so erm i don tknowi found it was more
don t think m605: youknowi hate that m741: it
[exhale] ah i don tknowi i don t know
don t i don tknowi i don t know
don t i don tknowi i m not really
there m741: i don tknowi i think it s
huh m1163: for a youknowi just don t go
nice but i don tknowi just don t think
like and i don tknowi just found it maybe
m1090: [sniff] i don tknowi ll it wasn t
coming here i don tknowi ll see how finances
no erm i don tknowi m i m actually
yes f746: i don tknowi m imagining it would
s more i don tknowi m not like an
yeah yeah i don tknowi m605: yeah m741: think
like m819: i don tknowi mean em no he
er well i don tknowi mean er [censored: companyname] that
that but i don tknowi must have been quite
efter huh carolanne don tknowi never had one before
i c- i don tknowi never really thought aboot
ye know i don tknowi presume it s from
came f963: i don tknowi really don t know
true f965: i don tknowi really don t know
are like i don tknowi remember someone telling me
f963: mm yeah don tknowi suppose if they were
f965: yeah i don tknowi suppose it was always
f1150: which i don tknowi suppose there is kind
f948: ehm i don tknowi suppose your glaswegian s
know m741: i don tknowi th- i think it
oh right i don tknowi think cause erm i
s like i don tknowi think he s i
[cough] f958: i don tknowi think i think i
f746: yeah i don tknowi think i was going
i don t think youknowi think in areas that
o och i don tknowi think it s since
i i i don tknowi think the principle s
is typical i don tknowi think the year i
only about i don tknowi think there s only
band f810: i don tknowi think well i think
people f958: i don tknowi think yeah i know
i mean i don tknowi ve heard the wife
together but i don tknowi ve never been abroad
at all i don tknowi ve never been in
comes from i don tknowi ve never known an
is it i don tknowi ve never read it
to break i don tknowi ve never tried it
i just really don tknowi ve never understood it
i don t mind youknowi ve said it i
yeah i i don tknowi w- wondered if it
f833: yeah i don tknowi want to go to
mornin gordon i don tknowi was rushing sadie late
i mean i don tknowi well i ve never
f835: oh i don tknowi went over it or
even more i don tknowi whispered as you worked
mm m827: i don tknowi would have thought i
end up i don tknowi would like to take
few but i don tknowi would probably class them
with translation i don tknowif any of you have
mean [exhale] i don tknowif any research has been
t it i don tknowif anybody else uses it
recognisably different i don tknowif anybody has studied it
mean but i don tknowif anyone else does f940:
hear i still don tknowif he has really gone
just now i don tknowif he ll be back
to that i don tknowif i actually said in
tae empty carolanne don tknowif i can afford it
about 40 i don tknowif i can get round
agnes oh jings don tknowif i can mind oneything
bad boy i don tknowif i can write the
m830: weel i don tknowif i grew up i
situation here i don tknowif i ll manage to
[tut] [inhale] i don tknowif i m so keen
lifestyle here i don tknowif i prefer it or
erm oh i don tknowif i ve got them
sàilleabh f1159: i don tknowif it is a barra
don t know don tknowif it s art deco
f947: but i don tknowif it s just a
not m1163: i don tknowif it s maybe memories
never heard i don tknowif it s scots or
t know i don tknowif it s so much
yeah f1154: i don tknowif it s still [?]i'm looking[/?]
oh right f1151: don tknowif it s technically maryhill
would keep i don tknowif it was just habit
f1024: flaky i don tknowif maybe that s an
maximum and i don tknowif my ears can bear
[laugh] f809: i don tknowif my mother expects me
danish sorta i don tknowif norn was originally danish
anyway or i don tknowif she actually got them
s post- i don tknowif she s got a
yeah [censored: forename] i don tknowif she s living with
yeah oh i don tknowif she s post- i
mm f1112: i don tknowif somebody s hurt or
language erm i don tknowif that brings with with
t know i don tknowif that has any currency
sense i i don tknowif that makes sense yeah
i do- i don tknowif that s a perth
things so i don tknowif that s changing now
for weapons i don tknowif that s f963: so
[tut] f963: i don tknowif that s happening more
as a i don tknowif that s the case
know i i don tknowif that was me being
from there i don tknowif the visa office will
camp because i don tknowif there s a really
i mean i don tknowif there s a word
s interestin i don tknowif there s any truth
it s i don tknowif there s anything on
of greaseproof paper don tknowif they always did that
but f718: i don tknowif they do i think
[inaudible] f965: i don tknowif they do it in
songs that i don tknowif they do that now
in the corridor don tknowif they know we re
tho so i don tknowif they ll come out
indulge them i don tknowif they ll come up
bohemian types i don tknowif they they truly m608:
true actually i don tknowif they were all f963:
i mean i don tknowif they would want tae
been h- i don tknowif this is a n-
for it i don tknowif we re really quite
year seriously i don tknowif you approve of that
[sniff] f809: i don tknowif you can really enjoy
take it i don tknowif you d call it
universal grammar i don tknowif you did you do
[censored: placename] farm i don tknowif you f1154: mm on
re irish i don tknowif you get that f746:
colour studies i don tknowif you heard about it
a job i don tknowif you heard that brother
like [censored: forename] i don tknowif you know her f746:
[censored: forename] [censored: surname] i don tknowif you know her m605:
in scots i don tknowif you know this yeah
western isles i don tknowif you know where that
at all i don tknowif you ll have heard
long ago i don tknowif you m762: yeah f963:
mmhm m605: i don tknowif you ve come across
with you i don tknowif you ve ever ehm
in shetland i don tknowif you ve ever heard
all [audience laugh] i don tknowif you ve ever translated
where ehm i don tknowif you ve heard about
next year i don tknowif you ve heard of
cable channels i don tknowif you ve s- watched
i mean i don tknowif you ve seen it
farms but i don tknowif you would have really
na f1150: i don tknowin some ways the fees
sprinkles f1126: i don tknowin the in the box
rectangle [inaudible] m1094: don tknow[inaudible] i hid that for
we were i don tknow[inaudible] m816: how on earth
that f1118: i don tknow[inaudible] them f1117: when you
here f1135: i don tknow[inaudible] to play like you
really dull i don tknow[inhale] like i know it
was f1154: i don tknow[inhale] so f1155: oh god
know f1125: you don tknowis it green f1126: ye-
f1091: no me don tknowis it noah m1092: noah
t know all i doknowis that i definitely don
ma f1089: i don tknowis that what you ve
nice [sigh] i don tknowis there anything else you
know och i don tknowit could do wi jazzed
was like god don tknowit d manage to stay
that game i don tknowit hmm i dinna ken
the west coast don tknowit i mean i knew
one m1106: i don tknowit must have fallen in
[cough] [inhale] i don tknowit quite appealed to me
know f1091: you don tknowit s a crane m1092:
i d- i don tknowit s a shame that
kind of i don tknowit s a twelve a
know f689: i don tknowit s an italian thing
[laugh] f806: i don tknowit s awful i still
t know i don tknowit s ehm i think
mm f807: i don tknowit s erm it kind
the kinna i don tknowit s gettin a better
[laugh] but i don tknowit s it s cleaning
too och i don tknowit s just a bunch
rock f1144: i don tknowit s just a sayin
actually means i don tknowit s just a word
or m1015: i don tknowit s just eh i
this time i don tknowit s just over ma
the wife i don tknowit s just what comes
ah f948: i don tknowit s just y- i
f948: [laugh] i don tknowit s kinda difficult one
s like i don tknowit s like her first
with but i don tknowit s me an mam
be quite m815: don tknowit s probably just a
about m944: i don tknowit s re- we re
but like i don tknowit s really small m959:
ll think i don tknowit s really weird like
f958: but i don tknowit s such m959: what
yes [laugh] m1048: don tknowit was an empty bottle
don t i don tknowit was an x reg
f1049: ah i don tknowit was like the night
maybe [laugh] i don tknowit-it-it- it s it s
gone f1116: i don tknowit's- f1115: what do you
well just i don tknowjust a comfort thing and
that f1093: i don tknowjust a crumb or something
f1144: [laugh] i don tknowjust a hingy [laugh] that
don t i don tknowjust don t [inaudible] f1111:
know f1129: you don tknowjust two seconds or ages
this all mam don tknowknow f1109: oh that s
a row i don tknowkyle s like not kyle
mmhm f835: i don tknow[laugh] ehm friday i m
alcoholic friend with her iknow[laugh] f1049: i don t
merk f1144: i don tknow[laugh] f1143: you know about
was very good don tknow[laugh] f746: [laugh] [laugh] i
i don t want toknow[laugh] f806: cause mines just
a car boot sale iknow[laugh] [inaudible] f809: i don
just don t think youknow[laugh] it would be highly
[laugh] f1049: i don tknow[laugh] m1048: there s two
from where i don tknow[laugh] m1146: uh huh [inaudible]
think f835: i don tknow[laugh] no it s a
yammals [laugh] i don tknow[laugh] no no it did
must be i don tknow[laugh] nobody else has ever
the child i don tknow[laugh] well f947: that s
as yeah i don tknowlauren bacall or or ava
huh m811: i don tknowlike a temporary kind of
m741: cause i don tknowlike being sort of i
out though i don tknowlike certain types of sweets
just thought i don tknowlike going into f1037: yeah
really exciting i don tknowlike i ve heard of
all in m811: don tknowlike lo- you had to
m741: yeah i don tknowlike m605: because that s
don t mention sectarianism youknowlike m741: yeah m605: and
but i don t reallyknowlike what it like what
don t you don tknowlouder he can get a
fae that i don tknowm1002: got nae weel as
an m1020: i don tknowm1022: i don t know
there f1049: i don tknowm1048: but obviously it s
your brother i don tknowm1048: er [laugh] maybe in
ehm ehm ehm don tknowm1070: i th- i think
ehm ehm i don tknowm1070: nuts f1071: [scribbling sounds] yes
f1071: ehm i don tknowm1070: you do know what
know f1091: you don tknowm1092: er no me don
f1091: because i don tknowm1092: [exhale] f1091: but his
eat f1091: i don tknowm1092: no me don t
know f1091: you don tknowm1092: no no no no
know f1091: you don tknowm1092: uh uh f1091: did
know f1091: you don tknowm1092: uh uh f1091: nee
know f1091: you don tknowm1092: uh uh i turn
seat sure i don tknowm1092: who him then f1091:
be f1093: i don tknowm1094: all houses all houses
going f1093: i don tknowm1094: away out for a
m1094: here f1093: don tknowm1094: here f1093: get him
does this knife go youknowm1094: no f1093: don t
juice mm i don tknowm1094: uh huh f1093: you
h- f1093: i don tknowm1094: we do f1093: no
go i know f1093: youknowm1094: yeah f1093: don t
is that f1097: don tknowm1098: maybe somebody pick it
erm m1183: i don tknowm1182: ermeh [another speaker says 'yes, he can' ] oh yes
yeah but i don tknowm605: but i think actually
glasgow well i don tknowm605: i think it depends
drink i don t youknowm608: mmhm mmhm m1163: erm
in m741: yeah m605: youknowm741: i don t know
yeah definitely m605: [laugh] youknowm741: i i don t
side of the thing youknowm741: mmhm m605: i don
then i m605: don tknowm741: suppose they probably should
think like m605: purposes youknowm741: the whole i don
ethnically we don t reallyknowm741: yeah m605: instead of
don t know don tknowm816: back to descartes [laugh]
scots f950: i don tknowm865,: [laugh] f950: i just
mm f948: but don tknowm865: mm have you ever
for that i don tknowm865: mm so well i
f948: i really don tknowm865: you could say that
bridges i honestly don tknowm944: mm er bridges f943:
or something i don tknowm964: why would they include
carolanne but he can tknowmaggie don t worry beth
know f1097: you don tknowmam might hae that mam
this but i don tknowmany details and i just
yes [laugh] f809: don tknowmaybe his mum [laugh] f810:
f1155: well i don tknowmaybe housing or something el-
[laugh] f806: i don tknowmaybe i ve i don
physical violence i don tknowmaybe not just a a
all that i don tknowmaybe she was just trying
feet f1091: i don tknowmaybe that s mam s
their way to get toknowme at the academy don
too exotic rubella don tknowmeasles m816: mmhm m815: it
so but i don tknowmm f806: cause i i
know f1097: you don tknowmm m1098: i don t
know bbc1 or something youknowmmhm f689: i don t
quite fancy i don tknowmo- moving somewhere bigger m959:
a s- i don tknowmuch aboot fife but i
but i don t reallyknowmuch about it or anything
picts we don t reallyknowmuch about them m741: mmhm
you don t have toknowmuch old english to recognise
really f1049: i don tknowmum started it [laugh] m1048:
now f1122: i don tknowmum what else [inaudible] f1121:
[click] erm i don tknowmy brains are totally melted
mrs beaumont i don tknowmy husband seems to have
me missing you don tknowmy parents sir i added
route growled the goyle iknowmy route but i don
seen me richard i didnaeknowmyself same as i don
this whole i don tknownational treasure thing like scots
whit happened i don tknownext thing i was in
s quite f1151: yeah iknowno don t worry totally
something like i don tknowno f1154: yeah it doesn
strongly oppose 4 don tknowno opinion 6 total support
team [laugh] [laugh] f689: iknowoch i don t know
be housing or don tknowoh there s something about
m1098: er i don tknowokey dokey f1097: do you
don t know some iknowone big queen fan and
i i just don tknowone for annoyed f1043: mmhm
m1016: well i don tknowone one s only one
m1022: oppo i don tknowoppo is one buddy er
pregnant [laugh] i wouldn tknowother f1005: no don t
you don t erm youknowpeople are not fixed in
huh f829: you don tknowpeople in orkney i think
f978: i i don tknowpig had any connection to
while but i don tknowquite like it here m816:
restaurant so i don tknowreally i i guess there
of ehm i don tknowreally the grassy area where
don t know don tknowreally what it would be
whalsay mm i don tknowreally where else and of
happening so i don tknowreally where she wants to
coming off i don tknowright what you going on
hoosie now i don tknowright you draw the hoosie
oww sadie i don tknowsae much you couldnae huv
she maggie i don tknowshe just stopped like i
my god i don tknowshe left the house to
alright f1049: i don tknowshe looks grumpy but i
m1048: i i don tknowshe seems quite happy to
that point i don tknowshe was f631: [laugh] f689:
but sh- i don tknowshe was nice and when
m1161: [laugh] i don tknowsome i know one big
[tut] oh i don tknowsome kind of boots sometime
don t know do youknowsomebody that s got them
f1154: how f1155: don tknowsomething wrong with it [sniff]
f963: mmhm f965: because youknowsometimes you just don t
do- oh i don tknowthat does seem a bit
don t know f1091: iknowthat he like kanga s
m1048: [laugh] f1049: okay youknowthat i don t actually
grade for her essay iknowthat i don t know
i don t do youknowthat i ve never f1027:
said before i don tknowthat i want to get
aye [inaudible] i don tknowthat one at all f1144:
fetch a you don tknowthat one m1090: [inhale] f1089:
of f- f718: don tknowthat one m734: er four
the son i don tknowthat one otherwise i would
a a dyin language yeknowthat people just don t
that s i don tknowthat s definitely my subject
way well i don tknowthat s just totally my
that m1048: i don tknowthat s kinda that s
know f1091: you don tknowthat s the little mermaid
look you don t evenknowthat s there f1136: i
with just random people youknowthat way i don t
m804: yeah [tut] okay iknowthat you don t have
kin sit here and noknowthe answers i don t
it and you don tknowthe best of it not
arrow song i don tknowthe bow and arrow i
an och i don tknowthe clutha s got air
i m i don tknowthe curriculum doesnae really support
jetty the they don tknowthe de- the depth of
i mean i don tknowthe details of their contracts
there but i don tknowthe ga- everyone seems to
crocodiles m1092: me don tknowthe name f1091: ken fitt
absolutely gorgeous i don tknowthe name of that one
i don t know youknowthe official speeches an that
you don t like youknowthe one i dyed and
gay guy no don tknowthe only one i remember
i mean i don tknowthe quality of this isn
don t we we weknowthe song and [inaudible] head
i d- i don tknowthe studies themselves were quite
yey f1114: i don tknowthe the next part there
burn it i don tknowthe thing is that i
can t you don tknowthe things my dad agnes
f1071: ehm i don tknowtheir name m1070: ehm there
half the school don tknowtheir real dads neither do
[?]i got[/?] f807: i don tknowthem yet which is true
aw if you don tknowthem you have to make
go f1093: i don tknowthen means we ve lost
to m1090: i don tknow[?]the pies[/?] f1089: oh that s
i don t know youknowthere s not so many
myself and i don tknowthere was something about that
bit too i don tknowthere was something dead cheesy
jack but i don tknowthese thousands of folk and
they come frae porty youknowthey don t come frae
cities and so on youknowthey don t erm f963:
that they don t youknowthey had thought it was
they don t [laugh] youknowthey haven t used the
sort o i don tknowthey just become like wee
they [laugh] i don tknowthey [laugh] f809: i c-
you get i don tknowthey they you know a
any f746: mm f978: youknowthing else i don t
while erm you don tknowthis f643: [laugh] m608: [laugh]
f1118: erm i don tknowthis one f1117: do you
it so you don tknowthis one f1122: aye or
don t know if youknowthis yeah there there are
they m741: yeah m605: youknowth-th-th-th- they don t need
well i don t reallyknowto be honest when i
f1023: well i don tknowto play a game f1025:
about what i don tknowto turn the the cliché
else somebody i don tknowtoo well even now just
i ve i don tknowtripped up or something and
f961: oh i don tknowtrying to grow onything in
i was i don tknowtwelve or something so i
mmhm m1078: mmhm don tknowuh huh f1077: aye i
of that i don tknowunderstand what it s about
something that they don tknowusually it s to express
yeah oh i don tknowvery much about it [laugh]
know f1097: you don tknowwas it m1098: mm f1097:
f965: i i don tknowwe always had turkey er
because we re delighted youknowwe don t want to
really like food but youknowwe eat don t we
erm i i don tknowwe had some kind o
phone f1111: i don tknowwe ll just leave it
to him we don tknowwe ll let you know
m741: but i don tknowwe ll wait i think
ll get the boxes youknowwe re do- we don
don t know if theyknowwe re there or not
f809: ehm i don tknowwe were gonna go to
well i don t reallyknowwe- well basically it s
something i don t reallyknowwell he was away for
[laugh] f943: i don tknowwell here here s a
f810: uh huh don tknowwell james and rory were
say stirlin i don tknowwh- it must hae came
know ehm i don tknowwh- trav- travel guides would
darlin f1112: i don tknowwhat a busy bee i
f965: oh you don tknowwhat a chinese burn is
just [laugh] i don tknowwhat a that s aboot
like i i don tknowwhat age i was but
m944: no i don tknowwhat but eh she even
any more i don tknowwhat catatonic means but it
f010: no f122: and youknowwhat cibuls is don t
four mm i don tknowwhat does that say f1122:
you f1054: i don tknowwhat either of those things
brandy an i don tknowwhat else there an so
folk wo- i don tknowwhat else they would call
re expectin i don tknowwhat else you would say
know that i don tknowwhat exactly but i remember
silicone and i don tknowwhat f1111: so he used
really i don t reallyknowwhat f1154: [sniff] f1155: i
vague i really don tknowwhat f963: mm yeah m762:
response oh i don tknowwhat happened carolanne joining in
m827: no i don tknowwhat happened cause he essentially
mmhm mmhm m762: happen youknowwhat happens when you don
ear and they don tknowwhat has caused it he
f1121: right i don tknowwhat have you done with
the moment i don tknowwhat he s going to
the time i don tknowwhat he says talks too
loanheid so i don tknowwhat i am m1019: my
very hopeful i don tknowwhat i ll do i
there tomorrow i don tknowwhat i m doin m1048:
saying i don t reallyknowwhat i m doing this
drawing f1136: i don tknowwhat i m drawing look
f1155: i don t reallyknowwhat i m going i
cause i really don tknowwhat i m gonna do
university but i don tknowwhat i m gonna study
suet and i don tknowwhat in it f963: mmhm
but do you want toknowwhat it all means don
just a i don tknowwhat it is it s
flu or something don tknowwhat it is m816: no
half the kids don tknowwhat it means it makes
f965: yeah i don tknowwhat it s like in
well i don t reallyknowwhat it was called something
name [laugh] i don tknowwhat it was i didn
kinda things i don tknowwhat it was ki- not
it s i don tknowwhat it will look like
about it i don tknowwhat it wis but i
nice smell i don tknowwhat its called another one
eat [scribbling sound] i don tknowwhat kind of food they
you know i don tknowwhat kind of things they
having f1093: i don tknowwhat kind would you like
don t [laugh] don tknowwhat my other subject will
it we just don tknowwhat my school focused on
ago f1154: i don tknowwhat night f1155: two weeks
dear andy i don tknowwhat on earth to make
the book i don tknowwhat page it s on
warming but i don tknowwhat proceeding means it sounds
know whether i don tknowwhat s built round houses
f1093: [laugh] i don tknowwhat s coming out next
blissful ignorance i don tknowwhat s going on in
it but i don tknowwhat s happening f1155: how
t know i don tknowwhat s happening i ve
m1163: and we don tknowwhat s happening the new
know how people don tknowwhat s right and what
but i don t reallyknowwhat s that s got
name f1125: i don tknowwhat s the dolly s
m1110: no mam don tknowwhat s this all mam
but erm i don tknowwhat she ll be like
be nice i don tknowwhat she meant by that
but i really don tknowwhat sort of condition they
so i i don tknowwhat that means but anyway
[laugh] m811: i don tknowwhat that means f812: [laugh]
it f1135: i don tknowwhat that noise is [inaudible]
possibly i don t reallyknowwhat that s called yeah
side thing i don tknowwhat that was for was
that f689: i don tknowwhat thats about they didnae
wi trainers i don tknowwhat the current trainers are
weakling really i don tknowwhat the girl or girls
or whatever i don tknowwhat the hell it is
for me i don tknowwhat the students they they
t know i don tknowwhat the true scottish accent
play either i don tknowwhat they re after there
and eh don t reallyknowwhat they re doing some
f746: mm f978: don tknowwhat they re made of
holier than thous don tknowwhat they re talking about
for authority i don tknowwhat they thought was going
this one i don tknowwhat they ve used to
and stu- i don tknowwhat they you know what
[inhale] aw you don tknowwhat this is m1090: [scratching noise]
and self employed so youknowwhat to do don t
oh but i don tknowwhat to do with you
did she i don tknowwhat to say harriet what
going well i don tknowwhat to say let s
but er i don tknowwhat we were saying about
due to i don tknowwhat what happened but erm
tryin to i don tknowwhat what they re gonna
then f1093: i don tknowwhat would you like m1094:
i think this is youknowwhat you don t realise
thingies f1135: i don tknowwhat you re speaking about
did that i don tknowwhat you re talking about
lucrezia borgia i don tknowwhat you ve been reading
[laugh] yeah i don tknowwhat you would call her
true but i don tknowwhat you would call that
know m1022: i don tknowwhe- where it comes from
of wholeness i don tknowwhen i broke beyond redemption
qualification but i don tknowwhen i was just when
know an we don tknowwhen i was learnin tae
i m i don tknowwhen i was workin at
s i think don tknowwhen it was released but
stop f965: they don tknowwhen to stop and people
a boundary f963: don tknowwhen to stop f965: they
holiday but i don tknowwhen yet violets girl was
years now and just youknowwhen you don t know
connection during the war youknowwhere ehm i don t
at all i don tknowwhere fiona gets that smack
f1089: i just don tknowwhere he is do you
that so i don tknowwhere he s been [laugh]
route but i don tknowwhere hyndland parish church is
maybe more i don tknowwhere i like in [?]tigh a' gearraidh[/?]
a way i don tknowwhere i m608: mm m078:
s just i don tknowwhere i ve picked that
t know i don tknowwhere i will be obviously
use it f1025: don tknowwhere it came from but
f1027: yeah i don tknowwhere it came from either
stony broke i don tknowwhere it comes fae i
means but i don tknowwhere it comes from but
it i don t actuallyknowwhere it is and the
uh huh i don tknowwhere it is m1048: you
it is i don tknowwhere it is that s
m1015: mmhm m1017: don tknowwhere it s fae the
it gone i don tknowwhere it s gone m1090:
f1049: i don t evenknowwhere largs is no i
going tomorrow i don tknowwhere s dad goin m1094:
know i really don tknowwhere that came from f965:
just f1145: i don tknowwhere that comes from [laugh]
don t know if youknowwhere that is [laugh] f745:
f746: people don t evenknowwhere the western isles is
please if i don tknowwhere they are i can
social ser- i don tknowwhere they come from social
macchu picchu i don tknowwhere they started counting but
them maybe t- don tknowwhere they took the troops
breasts because you don tknowwhere they ve came from
just erm i don tknowwhereas i think a lot
suppose er i don tknowwhether english is maybe because
though cause i don tknowwhether he s gonna do
f810: so we don tknowwhether he s gonna stay
doesn t i don tknowwhether it s cause i
thing so i don tknowwhether it would be any
anything like i don tknowwhether it would like just
yesterday f1049: i don tknowwhether she d had it
coming yet i don tknowwhether she s out working
anyway [laugh] i don tknowwhether that s totally accurate
[laugh] f965: i don tknowwhether that s true or
something there i don tknowwhether there is or not
[exhale] f807: i don tknowwhether there s any club
day f1049: i don tknowwhether they just had like
do but i don tknowwhether they ll have me
f965: because i don tknowwhether they ve been introduced
like a i don tknowwhether they ve changed it
text but i don tknowwhether they ve counted towards
or not i don tknowwhether they would but then
cruder expressions i don tknowwhether this is their usual
one o them f1111: iknowwhich one i don t
aye so i don tknowwhich video it is f1121:
ll grow i don tknowwhit dat ll be but
like and i don tknowwho daniel kayleigh m1048: on
that f1091: i don tknowwho did that m1092: [censored: forename]
ll fin- i don tknowwho did that who did
it f1111: i don tknowwho do you think should
biscuit but i don tknowwho funded that before the
hit you i don tknowwho hit me so please
and left i don tknowwho i don t know
know f1091: you don tknowwho is it that s
come but i don tknowwho s gonna watch the
know who i don tknowwho the guy is in
point we still don tknowwho the other man is
car f1089: i don tknowwho who does emily belong
and erm i don tknowwho wrote it i ll
that means you don tknowwho your dad was right
way that would exclude youknowwhoever you don t want
the door i don tknowwhose throat is to be
right m1161: i don tknowwhy actually i m no
i i really don tknowwhy because people would assume
mmhm f950: i don tknowwhy but if it had
clock m804: i don tknowwhy did the skeleton go
s m804: i don tknowwhy did the stick go
clothes off i don tknowwhy dressed you look like
mmhm m734: i don tknowwhy er cause i don
that i can don tknowwhy er mhm f718: do
to a drunk don tknowwhy f1054: mmhm m1004: i
[laugh] m845: i don tknowwhy f606: depends what age
wisnae f638: i don tknowwhy f637: good tae ye
reason i don t reallyknowwhy f806: mm f807: [inhale]
rain but i don tknowwhy i call it sheep
at the academy don tknowwhy i didn t make
second year but don tknowwhy i didn t think
on eh i don tknowwhy i dinnae ca them
one f1122: mummy do youknowwhy i don t like
a lot i don tknowwhy i pick up beastie
f958: no i don tknowwhy i wanted braces and
cyber universe i don tknowwhy it s a compulsion
huh f689: ehm don tknowwhy it s almonds though
us [laugh] don t reallyknowwhy it was alright it
laughing and i don tknowwhy it was either that
but i i don tknowwhy it was so hard
stuff f689: i don tknowwhy [laugh] aye it s
[censored: forename] [censored: surname] i don tknowwhy [laugh] she normally f1154:
which is i don tknowwhy most people have more
as beastie i don tknowwhy my daddy horse cuddles
the thing i don tknowwhy people want f746: [cough]
huh f810: i don tknowwhy she d want to
paisley so i don tknowwhy she wants to stay
an excellent i don tknowwhy they changed the po-
was just i don tknowwhy they let this women
right hand i don tknowwhy they they had a
dad but i don tknowwhy they were different [laugh]
left handed i don tknowwhy where it come from
dead quick an don tknowwhy you wanted it in
like ehm i don tknowwomen s days of maybe
cause relationships don t youknowwork like that f943: no
know f1117: you don tknowwould you like to know
i don t know youknowy- you make your own
shell suit i don tknowye know f1144: [laugh] f1143:
oh ming mong mum yeknowye know i don t
to gordon i don tknowye ve been packin it
teaching so i don tknowyeah f1150: and don t
of the positives f835: iknowyeah f833: i just don
f746: [inhale] i don tknowyeah it s something i
box f1103: i don tknowyeah the ain wi aa
it you know likes youknowyeah yes you don t
with ehm i don tknowyeats and heaney and something
f1117: well they don tknowyet until it comes right
often really i don tknowyou always see people you
know f1129: you don tknowyou can t remember at
it s just li- youknowyou carry that you don
you get more experienced youknowyou don t do certain
about it he said youknowyou don t have to
so f807: yeah but youknowyou don t you don
doing m1092: me don tknowyou f1091: he s he
f010: oh i don tknowyou have to ask donald
to hiv i don tknowyou know the official speeches
eh well i don tknowyou know there s not
yeah yeah i don tknowyou know y- you make
zebra f1091: i don tknowyou ll need to look
know f1091: you don tknowyou re just making up
dear rosie don t youknowyou should have stayed in
that f1091: i don tknowyou tell me m1092: no
first f1093: i don tknowyou tell me m1094: erm
character and you don tknowyou ve constructed it yet
about like i don tknowyou went to see a
s terrible you don tknowyour own bloody route growled

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