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franklin s prologue colours neknowei none withouten drede but
wee houss bi the heuchieknowean thare pompitie sat in
common an near the heuchieknowehis wee houss haed twa
stern common near the heuchieknoweit haed twa gairdens ane
rocks an yonner climmin theknoweatween twa fig trees wi
menzies wis climmin up theknowetae jyne her tho minnie
v catch kintrie n countryknowen hillock kyth v appear
n crystal kist n chestknowen hillock kyth v appear
c because kist n chestknowen hillock kyth v appear
the tap o the heatheryknoweas far as the cauld
sappy sweetness atap a heatheryknoweminnie bruce the youngest hairster
gae owre near the ferlieknowean risk provokin the fairies
gaed strecht ti the ferlieknowean thare he fand that
no gang near the ferlieknowefor the wee fowk bydes
on the tap o aknowean gaun doun tae jyne
lay doun on a gressieknowean wi his pypes asyde
the tap o the greenknoweasyde the houss an swyth
nichert open open nou greenknowean lat you inby the
slippit doun inby inti theknowehe suin fand himsell in
green the cypress on theknowesiccar siccar the bowder in
frae the tap o theknowejist like minnie wis watchin
true the tap o theknowewes cowpit up lyke a
the houss ablo the greenknoweaince mair the horse chynged
the houss anaith the gressknowean aw the things that
staun you on the greenknoweforenent yeir houss syne as
at the heid o theknowegart minnie lowse the buttons
the haunds intil the greenknowewhaur thay bade he wes
thair meinits on a greenknoweabuin the whyte saunds o
thir riggs bi a greenknowethe war ane elf ring
horse cam til a greenknowewi the wund blawin aboot
by we traversed roun theknoweabune the thorntree tae see
blythe aroon ye on theknoweyer friens resume their lives
s hairt east lay theknoweo corrlichie far a gordon
s auldest dochter an theknowedid juist that the weidae
unkent neuks o the deidknowethat he kens the oots
muckle bunnet ye sclimm theknowealeen quittin the kirkyaird sclim
cock rig bavelaw edge cairnknowemuckle knock faw mount dun
for the openin ti theknowewhaur he cuid see the
da fud ta lizzie couttsknowesledges nyiggin at wir heels
ti be lippent til thisknowehe spak o wes a
spent the foreneen up thonknowesheetin fite hares an meg
the scrubby bit o aknowefar the davies grazed their
da laand every bicht everyknowea wird pictir in norn
said tam on this cinneryknowea bittie awa frae that
oot o sicht ahint aknowean as we crossed the
ower the back o theknoweo ledrach she wis blae

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