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he said that the intimateknowledgeof any country must form
s argument that the intimateknowledgeof any country must form
scholars with the most intimateknowledgeof dost those best able
d laughed contentedly their intimateknowledgeof each other signalling a
i confess to having intimateknowledgeof that matter i hope
james boyle with his intimateknowledgeof the sac and its
go any further into intimateknowledgethat we may have i
leaves them with only theknowledgeof lists of vocabulary items
culture hendry found that theknowledgeof north east scots vocabulary
with the subject matter buildingknowledgeof the field of vocabulary
hendry investigated the child sknowledgeof vocabulary this study probed
for the propagation of christianknowledgecommittee directors meetings register house
for the propagation of christianknowledgegeneral meetings iii 51 scottish
for the propagation of christianknowledgegeneral meetings register house edinburgh
happy christian rejoicing in theknowledgethat christ is your saviour
economy that is based onknowledgeand service to people there
the developing global economy whereknowledgeand skills are what matter
s most competitive and dynamicknowledgebased economy capable of sustained
and 19 touch on theknowledgebased economy which also relates
who can add to thatknowledgeeconomy 11 30 robert mooney
aberdeen are committed to theknowledgeeconomy and business to business
europe s place in theknowledgeeconomy and for ensuring that
underpin the transformation to theknowledgeeconomy council of the european
pursuing the creation of aknowledgeeconomy to put in place
take advantage of the experienceknowledgeand skills of the over
learning in order to gainknowledgedevelop skills and transfer these
gaining new skills and newknowledgeis a lifetime opportunity it
people with the skills andknowledgeneeded to thrive in the
want fully to utilise pharmacistsknowledgeskills and expertise in working
we need to build upknowledgeskills and understanding within the
should develop pupils skills andknowledgeso that they can realise
the transformation to the newknowledgebased society has the potential
address the challenges of theknowledgebased society that seems to
are based on the latestknowledgeit must put the needs
in norway based on hisknowledgeof scandinavian languages millar described
an estimate based on exactknowledgeof two thirds of plots
has been based on aknowledgethat people feel more confident
argument about expertise from myknowledgewhich is based on the
watson msp indicated that theknowledgeand experience of group members
that the 18 judges haveknowledgeand experience of the main
they give of their experienceknowledgeand time as carers volunteers
on my previous experience andknowledgebut the committee and its
their experience and first handknowledgehelpful and i was impressed
drawing on their experience andknowledgeof language change and variation
members have any experience orknowledgeof whether appeals have worked
doing so to contribute toknowledgeabout how language works to
handwriting and presentation and acquireknowledgeabout language 3 the message
sensitivity to how language worksknowledgeabout language and an increased
development of an in depthknowledgeabout language and how it
children in carter r edknowledgeabout language and the curriculum
reported in carter r edknowledgeabout language and the curriculum
teaching grammar but upon creatingknowledgeabout language as pupils meet
approach which has become theknowledgeabout language aspect of both
texts the question of explicitknowledgeabout language being imparted to
5 how do we teachknowledgeabout language describes some of
be used naturally and relevantlyknowledgeabout language expands to meet
an awareness of genre andknowledgeabout language for writing pupils
with english and i thinkknowledgeabout language is a crucial
of language learning is proposedknowledgeabout language is the right
into language classroom approaches toknowledgeabout language it may be
writing the main advantage forknowledgeabout language of this approach
carter 1994 who suggested thatknowledgeabout language requires a methodology
terms are outlined in theknowledgeabout language strands of english
not the essence of teachingknowledgeabout language teachers often ask
valid context for using theknowledgeabout language terminology of 5
how should scottish children gainknowledgeabout the structure of language
have in there details aboutknowledgefor language [cough] it will
nationality act 1981 specified thatknowledgeof gaelic satisfies the language
would be willing to incorporateknowledgeof language into the english
learning it has a formidableknowledgeof language issues in scotland
agree that the link betweenknowledgeof the first language and
uncompromising scots he she hasknowledgeof the language as a
distinguished competence our underlying idealisedknowledgeof the language from performance
and will have a developingknowledgeof two language systems english
of a much more explicitknowledgethan his pupils about language
explicit links between the pupilsknowledgeof english and of the
helping pupils gain a betterknowledgeof how both the first
upon these two areas ofknowledgethe pupils in s3 4
students to understand how thisknowledgecan be transferred to help
students have a sound basicknowledgeof the grammar of the
moral growth it gives studentsknowledgeof their cultural milieu and
students should apply this conceptualknowledgeto an investigation of linguistic
the author herself to portrayknowledgeand appreciaton of burns s
the beginning of germany sknowledgeof burns as opposed to
the epistle also demonstrates herknowledgeof burns s characteristic poetic
she also acknowledged burns sknowledgeof the psalms and the
procedure with tremendous energy andknowledgeon a spot where burns
at prior learning and priorknowledgeehm and reading that s
and progressive learning continuum whereknowledgegained in one section is
they will have a developingknowledgeabout two major european languages
me french she encouraged theknowledgeof other languages as well
which presently exists in ourknowledgeof scotland s languages and
is now well known thatknowledgeof two languages makes it
own and other languages thisknowledgethen is not merely relevant
tae the best o maknowledgeaa thaim ferms ir nou
to the best of yourknowledgeand belief what do you
tae the best o maknowledgebade wi nellie an hir
to the best of myknowledgeit didn t go on
tae the best o maknowledgewrocht aa his wurkin life
and a great deal ofknowledgeon many occasions without resorting
without the british government sknowledgeor authority it may be
centre training course without theknowledgeor involvement of the local
and a matter of commonknowledgewithout an appellant having to
to crystallise the learner sknowledgeabout how this aspect of
substantially expand the volume ofknowledgeabout income which is not
there was a lack ofknowledgeabout services and how to
simpson said it all theknowledgeabout the situation with the
name of the black shieldknowledgeabout this conspiracy had been
6 they bring with themknowledgeof english and of one
board that he has thatknowledgeof english which in the
board that he has thatknowledgeof english which in the
effect o- of erm [tut]knowledgeof gaelic on the english
third sector are almost commonknowledgecertainly most members are aware
i do not have sufficientknowledgeof the university sector to
analysis of lyndsay mcintosh sknowledgeof the voluntary sector i
voluntary sector and has littleknowledgeof what that sector was
and many with a substantialknowledgeof scots but we do
eh [laugh] where eh whereknowledgeof scots has never been
colloquial speech or a soundknowledgeof scots idiom and syntax
mm mm m762: obviously myknowledgeof scots is is fragmentary
to expand the children sknowledgeof scots the school had
work of rls are commonknowledgeto most scots at least
dowp druid dru oak widknowledgewid scots forest wirds war
s jist amazin foo muchknowledgeaabody his in their heids
small communities and their specialisedknowledgeand social practices the loss
should constitute part of theirknowledgeand understanding of where they
their expression 3 discourse competenceknowledgeof different linguistic genres together
speakers who would conceal theirknowledgeof doric f606: uh huh
the credibility perhaps to theirknowledgeof gaeldom m1007: yeah m1008:
share cultures and spread theirknowledgeof other cultures are doing
the marginalisation and resultant decliningknowledgeof song traditions and their
their written work against theirknowledgeof the grammar system in
have to draw upon theirknowledgeof the process being described
beyond my large audience sknowledgetheir bafflement was palpable and
freely of their time andknowledgeto help achieve the completion
notemaking and they imparted theirknowledgewillingly and with pleasure the
process children learn to assimilateknowledgeinternally through making notes in
information helping children to accessknowledgesuccessfully from informational texts involves
was not given for ourknowledgebut to change our lives
still strict limits to ourknowledgeconclusion it is inevitable that
still large gaps in ourknowledgeof its historical evolution that
us all in improving ourknowledgeof our culture and in
to some degree with ourknowledgeof police initiatives and changes
was a substantial time agoknowledgeof that might facilitate our
the present state of ourknowledgeof the bible we regret
is how to utilise thisknowledgeappropriately in such teaching it
the same time a soundknowledgeof how legislation would impact
been a surprising lack ofknowledgeamong local hoteliers of the
the stories of people andknowledgeand all that erm and
of endurance in love selfknowledgeand an understanding of fortune
2002 i write with theknowledgeand approval of mr [censored: forename]
i was impressed by theknowledgeand commitment of all those
brian is a fund ofknowledgeand has been a staunch
she had that kind ofknowledgeand if she had done
programmes and activities in promotingknowledgeand remembrance of the suffering
to enforce the idea ofknowledgeas a thing to be
kind of consolidates your ownknowledgebase as well because you
not for a lack ofknowledgebut because of her poor
an authoritative view of currentknowledgeby securing contributions from the
through initiatives aimed at improvingknowledgedeveloping exchanges of information and
the process of making suchknowledgeexplicit should not be imposed
place or the centre ofknowledgef606: mm f1067: then anyone
reasons but for reasons ofknowledgehistory and understanding that young
[?]not[/?] of a lot ofknowledgem608: aye m1163: i do
a lot of eh maybeknowledgeo tom leonard s work
individuals or organisations with specialistknowledgeof any of the devolved
could save you but theknowledgeof assurance filled you with
session will make this easierknowledgeof copyright issues will of
the levels of use andknowledgeof doric in the region
one approaches it from aknowledgeof europe i was head
t have any kind ofknowledgeof f1151: mmhm f1150: glasgow
research and action to ensureknowledgeof food safety matters s1w
a very very good headknowledgeof gaelic erm f606: mmhm
concise oxford dictionary denied allknowledgeof hellery i looked at
personal freedom but carrying theknowledgeof her mother and grandmother
ago scottish employers lack ofknowledgeof it was mentioned time
with people who had noknowledgeof it what was the
contact with the tenants tenantsknowledgeof licensing was not bad
10 15 dr murray myknowledgeof mscs is that they
test of the child sknowledgeof north east phonemes e
end insert and as havingknowledgeof relevant mental health legislation
sufficient to assume a partialknowledgeof sentences and non sentences
masts the council might haveknowledgeof some of the research
members have experienced my fullknowledgeof spanish and farsi or
role and showed an excellentknowledgeof stagecraft and real talent
other members have more detailedknowledgeof such work than i
t have before and myknowledgeof that and my use
lines with only my elementaryknowledgeof the alphabet good dinner
authorities given the committee sknowledgeof the area i would
roosevelt said this a thoroughknowledgeof the bible is worth
a college education a thoroughknowledgeof the bible is worth
taken christine grahame your backgroundknowledgeof the case is certainly
would be expected to demonstrateknowledgeof the following grammatical points
the important role played byknowledgeof the grammar system is
provide one enabled by theknowledgeof the law he was
any person who to theknowledgeof the managers of the
form part of the tacitknowledgeof the market and are
formed part of the tacitknowledgeof the market place known
shown considerable interest in andknowledgeof the matters under discussion
benefits local authorities lacked solidknowledgeof the numbers and locations
speculation perhaps assumes too muchknowledgeof the poet s mental
the bill i had noknowledgeof the process of undertaking
these activities we require aknowledgeof the sizes of these
take it that you haveknowledgeof the statement can i
deep though not necessarily wideknowledgeof the subject the pamphleteer
right mmhm mm m762: myknowledgeof urdu is er basic
is a great encyclopedia ofknowledgeout there just waiting to
powers of expression wide rangingknowledgepenetrating originality of thought and
account of advances in scientificknowledgesince being published is there
for the application of theknowledgeso generated to improvements in
insatiably at the well ofknowledgestevenson as we know had
indicates the level of priorknowledgethat a student should bring
that a lot of herknowledgewas to do with the
presiding officer i have noknowledgewhatever of the point that
reading the book cells ofknowledgewhich i d been looking
s part of culture andknowledgeyeah f639: yeah even if
can use to gain newknowledgeand access to the internet
cutting out a path toknowledgeundefiled with use or usufruct
doesn t have any gardeningknowledgeeither there is a clump
brain s the tree whereknowledgesits and sings in the
had meant ye tae haeknowledgea wid hae sent ye
the scottish parliament on informationknowledgeand enlightenment dinner we had
if we had had suchknowledgebut had failed to apply
had to submit to hisknowledgein that area an that
that the person permitting hadknowledgenot only that something was
man is outwith my directknowledgei understand that the relevant
the north east to myknowledgequarterers survived till between the
long term care to myknowledgethat figure has never been
kid i have to myknowledgeyou used to call him
to know that but theknowledgeis not much comfort to
have access to the newknowledgeand those that are marginalised
the universe being evermore selfknowledgethis poem is arguably the
has not been made publicknowledgeor is that just the
to display her wide worldlyknowledgeshe discusses with the dreamer
citizens with confidence in theknowledgethat we will tackle the
have nearly disappeared from allknowledgeby the younger folk yet
a m741: yeah m605: goodknowledgebase and she m741: yeah
yursel an turns writin andknowledgeintae objects t be consumed
functions respectively knowledge transforming andknowledgetelling the australian approach to
further excerpts from a generalknowledgetext and various ballads which
anywhere in scotland in theknowledgethat national regulations and standards
internal and external functions respectivelyknowledgetransforming and knowledge telling the
s impressed at your movieknowledgenever pictured you wi a
m608: uh huh to yourknowledgewas this the first er
o wisdom whar der isknowledgeda rooms is weel plenished
is taking to create aknowledgeenvironment in local government integrating
bliss ye ve got theknowledgenoo but this is aw
decision is made in theknowledgethat it is in the
decision making castrated by hisknowledgeas well as by his
yearning in desire to followknowledgelike a sinking star beyond
me to succumb to theknowledgethat jimmy choos were stupidly
i lie i haud theknowledgeo delicht o fa daur
give three prizes for scriptureknowledgeone for each division the
they d sookit in theknowledgethat man s chief eyn
the conference in the fullknowledgethat the organisation was a
the teacher s own linguisticknowledgethe scce bulletin claimed that
that again it s probablyknowledge[inaudible] translating gerard manley hopkins
t enforce d idea oknowledgeas a ting t be
snippetie till e store oknowledgeaboot e north east so
tae gether lear an classicknowledgebefore gaun on tae embro

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