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of pandemics dr simpson nobodyknowsand nobody can predict when
in these slimming days nobodyknowsexactly the source of the
s a pity nobody reallyknowsin any detail what the
to this day nobody actuallyknowsit was me that done
the difficulty is that nobodyknowswhat sue ryder care s
they spirit it away nobodyknowswhere the king s body
obviously conspirators ride up nobodyknowswho they are but they
dig wals nooadays an godknowsda watter at comes fae
had rustled up god onlyknowshow a moussaka for us
ve probably got about godknowshow many ounces of tar
seemed to be manufacturing godknowshow many varieties of viruses
choice when she phoned godknowshow she managed that but
for the future so godknowshow we will pay for
semi literate and moronic godknowsmaybe they are i hit
long ll you be godknowssee you and she makes
long will she be godknowsshe said menacingly the monster
the fear of crime godknowsthey have earned that on
all at this rate godknowswe must learn something monday
drink i ken that godknowswe ve had some rare
god thought mr jones sheknowsweatherly that means she probably
library being taped and godknowswhat by the bbc with
radio signals messages and godknowswhat else we did try
and made from bronze godknowswhat it must have weighed
to take tantrums like godknowswhat [laugh] right [laugh] i
a broken window god onlyknowswhat the fire risk must
a paddle steamer god onlyknowswhat the russians made of
yeah f965: but erm godknowswhat they were going to
m734: kind of [laugh] godknowswhere i am er f718:
dead leaf blown only godknowswhere mother is saying you
erm and eh and godknowswhy em it must have
trust muppets ever god onlyknowswhy the goyle was looking
think ever- i think everyoneknowsabout it at home like
i know a princess alwaysknowseveryone seems to have forgotten
one of them as everyoneknowsi have been a member
bad o her f1155: everyoneknowsit s not her fault
oh but no but everyoneknowsthat [censored: forename] s lovely they
information for bsl users everyoneknowsthat the recognition of bsl
that is wrong but everyoneknowsthat they should not go
here all day as everyoneknowsthe agreement was very important
other committees because as everyoneknowsthe committee system is under
little boys like horses everyoneknowswhat a horse looks like
great advantage that kinda everyoneknowsyou and it s really
country m827: aye well whoknowsf826: or who knows yes
knows what he s doinknowshow tae make folk feel
er f718: mmhm m734: whoknows[laugh] [laugh] f718: who knows
a resort this guy obviouslyknowswhat he s doin knows
knows [laugh] [laugh] f718: whoknowsyeah mmhm erm so well
who knows f826: or whoknowsyes m827: um then it
a small community where everybodyknowseach other f965: [tut] mmhm
painter an aw that fuckknowseverybody changes i suppose i
[laugh] so [laugh] honestly everybodyknowseverything about you which can
everybody in the north eastknowsis half past four they
erm you know everybody thenknowsit s been remade and
to feel that [laugh] everybodyknowsyour name you know that
be told anyway she alwaysknowschrist said andy wiping his
and counting the pencils andyknowsfrom her strict voice that
a kind of dare andyknowsit s a dare because
smile on her face andyknowsthat it is not a
in the whole world andyknowsthat there has been trouble
at the the place andyknowswhat she s doing but
andy doesn t understand heknowswhere the biscuits are of
come about because the sheriffknowsa person who is involved
to have someone here whoknowsabout the case but having
small fiercely pugnacious and whoknowsan unconscious model for that
two after all then whoknowsanyway enough of my haverings
if they asked me whoknowsbut certainly nothing will be
give a helping hand whoknowsby the next news letter
makes it onto screen whoknowsf606: yeah and do you
beat up his wife whoknowsf963: mm mmhm f965: but
of millions of them whoknowsi wonder if someone has
but [laugh] i- f943: whoknowsi- it could have been
u k to settle whoknowsif i can t get
[audience laugh] [laugh] m954: and whoknowsif that ll happen but
be a cultural centre whoknowsif that would be a
weeks to complete so whoknowsit may be finished by
melted down for scrap whoknowsit might raise a thousand
of it er but whoknows[laugh] [laugh] f718: [laugh] ok
[laugh] f1148: [laugh] yeah whoknowsmmhm mmhm f1149: i think
pass out again no oneknowsmy name or who i
a great experience and whoknowsnext christmas maybe it ll
to contact other members whoknowsperhaps he is a distant
warm and perhaps more whoknowssleeping policeman well this is
their personal care richard simpsonknowsthat not all pensioners who
one language to another whoknowsthat s another research project
is the only person whoknowsthat someone is a mason
teacher and student in scotlandknowsthat the man who has
on that the convener whoknowsthe committee might have quite
fact that the judge whoknowsthe law in scotland will
my vice president who alwaysknowsthe right answer and nancy
a former committee member whoknowsthe transport and the environment
important by a woman whoknowsthe value of everyday simple
ll sort of that heknowsthere are some people who
the contingency fund but whoknowswe are deciding on something
world a better place whoknowswe might just start a
and starts to live whoknowswhat chaotic forces might be
s just so natural whoknowswhat goes on inside men
ended up taking and whoknowswhat might have happened for
no rights f965: well whoknowswhat we d be doing
to your question however whoknowswhat will happen the odd
is my intention though whoknowswhen a book begins or
syd do his bit whoknowswhere they might have gone
i assume that angus mackayknowswho that source is said
place certainly the scottish executiveknowswho will be there and
now i m sure someoneknowswhere the pig stays up
weatherly that means she probablyknowsmy son mentally he reminded
place beside mozambique and heknowsthe territory and probably has
tricia marwick the member wellknowsthat that is not what
reach stranraer as the memberknowsthe north channel partnership discussions
lyon as the member wellknowswe started off with a
him about but he alwaysknowseverything every single thing without
the convener as mr russellknowsi am always more than
the singing voice the worldknowsso well i had a
put right the technical worldknowsthat and we will keep
fiona smiles as if sheknowsa secret she looks up
was in london so sheknowsabout the flat etc i
she sees somebody that sheknowsand one has just to
read as well as sheknowshe can fiona is sitting
she doesn t cause sheknowshow annoying i find it
ought to sound 2 sheknowshow it ought to sound
was there though cause sheknowshow to cook and i
that man she married sheknowsi ll be back sometime
t ever hit and sheknowsi never ever ever hit
bag looking for money sheknowsis not there sadie thirty
to agnes she thinks sheknowsit all sadie to agnes
it is clear that sheknowslittle about the voluntary sector
determined to go and sheknowsmore about it than me
of something fae aiberdeen sheknowsoh i ken my tracts
even though she sort ofknowspeople she s staying with
manager comes in and sheknowssomebody that she wants to
be ither loons angelica sheknowsthat but i could be
is not it because sheknowsthat the first minister is
or is it because sheknowsthat there is something rotten
on fire m1048: no sheknowsthat you can t [laugh]
like missing and if anyoneknowswhere she is or that
told anyone even fiona sheknowswithout having to be told
my anger surface again joeknowsexactly where he s going
people think as mike russellknowsgaelic varies where i live
been conjured out of lordknowswhere 31st december 1988 saturday
service minimarket that no oneknowswhere you can get fresh
certainly confused but every phonologistknowsthat rules of language are
every reader of spy storiesknowsthat the exact position of
be too complex every mspknowswhat is right and what
on local government when heknowsfine well that we have
the minister as he wellknowsis perfectly capable of lodging
just good pr señora ortigaknowsme well we come here
absolute nonsense as he wellknowssince the inception under his
tricia marwick cathie craigie wellknowsthat that is not what
levels as andrew wilson wellknowsthe local government settlement was
stories and pictures but heknowsthem all too well to
iain gray as christine grahameknowswell from previous exchanges we
thrilling as any and heknowshow in his own forthright
ought to sound 3 shoknowshow it ought to sound
you and chrissie and heknowshow jimmy is placed norrie
that anything previously seen goodnessknowshow many hundreds of rooms
middle of them and onlyknowsabout the falling falling falling
[laugh] f1149: [laugh] goodness onlyknowswhat you were [laugh] talking
more his head because heknowsa fearful fiend doth close
represents an urban area heknowsabout the urban dimension and
of being a plant heknowsall our cv s apparently
that s f- speyside heknowsall the different ones m815:
captured the duke of albanyknowsbut he s not telling
still cant talk but heknowseverything your saying to him
his favour is that heknowshe s one dimensional what
their paper covering so heknowshe will get his hands
told him either but heknowsi ll go with him
to 70 yet but heknowsits a lot more than
will ask craig if heknowsprecisely what information we have
with her after all heknowsthat he can run faster
stiff it was sore heknowsthat me and my daddy
teachers and young people heknowsthat when i visited his
of superiority as if heknowsthat with out him we
the current position as heknowsthe deal that was reached
is important that an mspknowsthe grounds on which he
done what he s doneknowsthe reason he does what
hud following orders doll heknowsthe reason he s done
from the reserve as heknowsthe reserve is not a
them this morning my newsagentknowsthem he says that hercules
nods aye maggie then heknowsthis address agnes a doctur
much around there f1071: heknowsthis [banging] but he needs
would accept that sir stewartknowswhat he is talking about
his early seventies so goodnessknowswhat he would have been
man sent the flooers heknowsye re here visibly distressed
get into trouble cause heknowsyou ve been put out
it then [censored: forename] m939: fuckknows[laugh] [laugh] m942: [laugh] f940:
don t think the publicknowsthat [laugh] m642: i mean
and ask whether the registrarknowsanything about or what they
in the front line andknowswhat is required ben seeks
given inappropriate care lewis macdonaldknowsa lot about free bus
so and the whole townknowsabout it there deana that
ensure that the prospective appellantknowsabout that right of appeal
cent thirdly if mr russellknowsanything about scottish arts and
whereof the memory of manknowsnot the beginning reid wigtownshire
wo man on the streetknowsthat manolo blahnik is a
been no downgrading mr lochheadknowsthat because of a strict
flexibility but as the ministerknowsfrom our consideration of other
all the average north americanknowsburns s version of auld
nicol stephen as donald gorrieknowswe seek to tackle all
george lyon of all peopleknowswith his background and the
those changes as the executiveknowsand it could be useful
been used as the parliamentknowscomplaints brought in relation to
long distances as george lyonknowsfrom his constituency means that
mr stone as mary scanlonknowsi am keen on the
budget which as the committeeknowsincorporates the oas was 29
have as mr iain smithknowsit is impossible for ministers
edinburgh boy such as iknowsthat glasgow can readily see
of them as the convenerknowsthe minister for parliamentary business
my friend john farquhar munroknowsthe statistics as does the
as jylers thae mcgintys guidnessknowsthey ve had eneuch experience
save me peter no oneknowshis exact words the words
wee one so the wifeknowsi m talkin aboot the
secret ingredient and unless oneknowsthe secret the dish will
is apparent that no oneknowswhen that decision will be
doubt that although no oneknowswhen the election will be
hugh remembers and no oneknowswhether this was accident or
westward and northwards no oneknowswhy they left their original
s zeb pause my heartknowsgreater pain silence zeb now
my 30 year old palknowsthat either ian brady is
know f631: yeah if anyoneknowsof any impediment f689: it
their undoubted burdens frank mcaveetyknowsthat i am interested in
fur us then sadie naebodyknowswe re here carolanne maybe
the back then afore aknowswher a um ma troosers
in the community sort ofknowshim f745: right so is
spray their conversation with youknowsand things like that m1055:
think that the government reallyknowsi do not say that
is into conceptual art andknowsthat painting per se is
glide on withered withers silkknowsthat soon its wearer will
council and parliament the councilknowsthat the parliament may vote
are high risk properties englandknowsthat too we have hundreds
the problem almost immediately goodnessknowswhen we would be able
chamber for free personal careknowsno bounds there is support
catches sight of kens isknowsspiks is speaks un éclair
to tackle international crime whichknowsno boundaries the problem with
masters of the draghounds associationknowsof no drag hunts operating
didn t call me backknowsit s a waste of
the unfettered free market whichknowsthe cost of everything and
from the walls somebody bobbieknowswas getting new kitchen cupboards
against you quite capacious devilknowsthe lasses bake the lasses

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