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yeir mouser aff fiador ilyichkoolyghindinna yerp on aboot it
down ir ye sleepin fiadorkoolyghineh whit masha whitfor dae
ye no gae hame fiadorkoolyghinkisses her ye r wabbit
the ballroom chouk chouk choukkoolyghinbrightly yeir health colonel ah
room he s cum againkoolyghinhaes oor heidmistress no arrived
through the window oor heidmistresskoolyghinoor heidmistress haes arrived lat
into the ballroom with olgakoolyghinthe day is the sabbath
ma dear dinna enter koolyghinkoolyghinembarrassed never heed lat hir
everybody looks upset and embarrassedkoolyghinfancy brekkin sic a valuable
dinna ma dear dinna enterkoolyghinkoolyghin embarrassed never heed lat
awfu sae it is enterkoolyghinkoolyghin whaur masha it s
sae it is enter koolyghinkoolyghinwhaur masha it s tyme
greitin quickly embraces toozenbah andkoolyghinkisses irena s hand lyfe
m no greitin onie mairkoolyghinshe s no greitin onie
ready the r a piekoolyghinai olga ma dear lass
is lost in thought enterkoolyghinand olga followed by vershinin
listens olga whit is tkoolyghinthe doctor s gotten fou
and olga followed by vershininkoolyghinweill whit s aw this
ma lane goes out withkoolyghinwhistling olga ai ma heid
me ah m ower tiredkoolyghinyou spylt bairn olga the
hame irena ah believe saekoolyghinkisses irena s hand guidnicht
irena that s aneuch mashakoolyghingey lyke him ah think
dae ye no gang hamekoolyghinma darlin masha ma sweet
end up dae we nokoolyghinmasha ah wadna gie ye
they r aw gaen awakoolyghinmasha s gaen tae whaur
the uniform of a teacherkoolyghinapproaches irena congratulations ma dear
do irena irena serghyeevan dokoolyghinfiodor ilyich master at the
the drawing room is emptykoolyghinirena ye ken ah div
na deil a fears enterkoolyghinin the uniform of a
me this book lest aesterkoolyghinlaughs did ah really in
richt thenks combs his beardkoolyghinlaughs hauf seas ower ivan
amas amat amamus amatis amantkoolyghinlaughs whit an amazin wumman
ye no catching sight ofkoolyghinshreiks he laughs and takes
back rodé shouts hoy hokoolyghinshouts fare ye weill at
you daur aunsir me backkoolyghinthare she gaes again enter
they r a braw lotkoolyghinapproaches them whit tyme is
toun s speakin aboot itkoolyghinay the conference haes taen
wee man tae natalia ivanovnakoolyghinnatalia ivanovna haes a man
haes onie honesty at awkoolyghinwhit ir ye bringin this
sae ah canna please cumkoolyghinah m gey tired ah
thare a pause cheerio echokoolyghinah wadna be surprised an
latter wearing a straw hatkoolyghincrosses the stage calling yoo
music grows fainter and fainterkoolyghinhappily brings out the hat
on a tomb aw daykoolyghinah dout the r no
worryin me aw day langkoolyghindae ye ken we r
a richt skunner lies downkoolyghinweill we r no puir
fair genius for the ivorieskoolyghinye r richt thare baron
luggage in a wee whyliekoolyghinthat s aw verra weill
the by whaur maria serghyeevnakoolyghinshe s sumwhaur aboot in
awa the morn ye kenkoolyghinyesterday eftirnuin ah taen awa
dinna believe it goes outkoolyghinthrough the door again agitated
the pianae in ma opeinionkoolyghinay she s first cless
at aw ti appreciate itkoolyghinsighs ay but wad it
rest a wee whyle fyediakoolyghinah l gang in a
she said ma am makoolyghinit s true richt aneuch
paper it disna maitter onieweykoolyghinah hear tell that soliony
beir ti look at himkoolyghinhou no chebutykin if ah
allou me ti introduce masellkoolyghins the name ah m
it it s aw stytekoolyghina skuilmaister yince wrate styte
auld supersteitions dae ye laughterkoolyghinwhan therteen fowk sits doun
and goes into the housekoolyghinit happent forenent the theater
l never see ither againkoolyghinwha kens wipes his eyes
been guid here fedotik tokoolyghinhere a wee souvenir for
called away at any momentkoolyghinwith a decoration round his
alane the nou walks offkoolyghinan eftir the walk we

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