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lokkit tae houanever whan shekuisthir een about hir she
hir god god god dinnakuistme inti purgatorie for this
o feinishin hir speil shekuistawa the roke an ran
wanchancie fier wesna luikin hekuistit inti the ingil an
princess goaved an whyle shekuisthir een aboot hir hir
ship foundert an ah weskuistup on the rocks ma
maskit a fell puzzin ankuistan unco glaumerie on the
dang aff his heid ankuistit awa as a wairnin
this laird s naig haedkuista shae an he stertit
the ettin wes sleepin hekuisthis een aroun an saw
wheisht nou the spell iskuistenter macbeth and banquo macbeth
the ither hairs hae benkuistowre the horse an the
the hawk whan the ladkuistthaim inti the ingil as
the heid an corp ankuistthaim in amang the ither
wad mairrie the auldest princesskuisthir heid hie an says

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